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July 29, 2011

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3.55 Creating chemical or biological weapons – easier than creating explosives

Poisoned bullets or arrowheads have been used in warfare for thousands of years. Archers understood the effect of dragging their arrows through dirt or feces in the medieval period. This would cause infections as there were no antibiotics at the time.

For those Justiciar Knights who feels it would be simply too risky or unrealistic to successfully manufacture explosives of the appropriate or required quanta there are other just as efficient methods of shock attacks that are available to us. Shock attacks or more precisely armed assaults, involving assault rifles or pistols, on concentrations of category A and B traitors, should be combined with the application of poison bullets. A relatively simple process will convert hollow point and even standard ammunition – lead or other alloy bullets into hollow bullets. These hollow projectiles are then injected with a biological or chemical toxin. After the injection the hole is plugged with a self-made plastic or rubber cap. The purpose of using chemical or biological rounds is to inflic fatal poisoning should the target fail to die from external or internal bleeding from the projectile itself. A relatively simple procedure and manufacturing technique converts your projectile weapon into a chemical or biological weapon. I will explain in depth how this is done for the manufacture of the chemical and biological toxin itself and for converting standard bullets into chemical and/or biological rounds.

Toxicity – LD50

The term toxicity is used to express how poisonous a chemical is. Scientists distinguish between two kinds of toxicity: acute and chronic. Acute toxicity refers to the amount of damage caused by a chemical after a short-term exposure to a large dose of the chemical.

Scientists have various ways of measuring the acute toxicity of a chemical. Perhaps the most common is called LD50 . The abbreviation LD50 stands for "lethal dose, 50 percent." It is the amount of the chemical required to kill one-half of a population of organisms in a short period of time.

In order for a toxin to be useful as a weapon with lethal effect it is required that the LD50 dose physically fits inside a hollow projectile. This excludes the great majority of toxins as most poisons have an LD50 of more than 500 mg.

Projectile capacity vs. caliber:

7.62 – 300 mg

5.56 – 100 mg (too small)

9 mm – 150 mg

How to create chemical/biological bullets

For this you will need a rifle/pistol hollow point bullet. Hollow point ammo is impossible to aquire for pistols in most countries and hard to acquire for semi-automatic rifles in some. If acquiring hollow point ammo is not an option for you, you have two options:

  1. Buy hollow point bullets (JHP) and use a syringe to inject the toxin. Plug the hole when done. If necessary, use the thinnest of drill heads to make the hollow area bigger before injection and plugging.

  1. I haven’t actually bothered to test the following method, since i have access to hollow point ammo for my Ruger Mini-14. But theoretically, this should work: set up an improvised work bench, fasten the projectile (I don’t think it will work if the projectile is still inside the bullet) and drill out a hollow chamber in each projectile from the top down (you first cut of the tip with a metal clipper). It may be easier to use FMJ (full metal jacket) bullets as it consists of a lead projectile with a metal layer. When you clip the edge it should be easy to drill out enough lead to form an appropriate hollow chamber which can be plugged. This will require some practice and expect to fail on your first few projectiles. As soon as you have successfully drilled out a hollow chamber inside the desired number of projectiles you must self load these projectiles to produce bullets. As soon as you have created the bullets only the injection and plugging remains. Choose an injection method based on the toxins substance form. For liquids use a syringe with needle, for powder use a mini funnel. As you have injected the desired amount of toxin (60-150 mg) you seal the chamber by placing a small circle of aluminum foil (created by using a paper hole puncher. You put the circle in place with a pincer and place a drop or two of superglue to seal the chamber. You then place another circle of aluminum foil above the layer of superglue followed by a drop or two of melted tin to complete the job. alternatively, you may create plastic/rubber improvised plugs and f example add a little bit of super glue. You end up with a chemical/biological projectile with a relatively a smooth projectile tip.

  1. Bullet casting: order a hollow point custom mould from a US/Euro company and cast your own projectiles

Intro to bullet abreviations:

Jacketed Hollow Point = JHP (common)

Jacketed Hollow Core=JHC (rare)

Hollow-Cavity Bullet=HCB (rare)

Cavity Bullet=CB (rare)

Full Metal Jacket=FMJ (common)

Cavity bullet mold:


Can also order custom moulds


Youtube – how to mould


Starting the Bullet Casting Project:




Preparing the Bullet for Re-Loading


Common Mistakes when Casting


Lubing bullets – How to Pan Lube Cast Bullets




Equipment required:

1 x Electric furnace (Lee precision furnace)

2 x bullet mould

Long steel spoon with wooden handle (to gather impurities in the fluxing process)

1 x leedle (furnace spoon for molten lead)

20 x bullet lead bars (melted in the furnace)

1 x piece of wood to tap open the mould.

1 x full face respirator with toxic vapor filters (f example 3M 6800), since lead is a toxic substance and will cause fumes to form. The safety glasses component of your full face respirator will prevent any lead splatter in case water accidentally touches molten lead.

Step 1:

Fluxing: You need to make sure your lead is clean before you cast it into the mould. Thus, you need to start with a simple lead purification process which is required to ensure lead purity after you melt your bullet lead bars.

  • Take a bullet lead bar and melt it in your electric furnace.

  • Take a small spoon size of fluxing compound and put it in the molten lead. I do not know the exact ratio; probably 5 g per lead bar, although this is probably indicated on the box.

  • Stir the molten lead until the fluxing compound (f example: a box of frankford Arsenal – CleanCast Lead Fluxing Compound) is completely dissolved and impurities start to gather on the surface.

  • Spoon out the impurities until the surface is completely “silvery”

  • Your lead is now purified and you can start on the actual moulding process.

Step 2:

  • Have your mould and your ledle warmed up

  • Fill the mould with lead, wait 10-20 sec, then hit the mould with a tree stick over a bucket filled with water (at least 2 meters away from furnace). The lead projectiles will come out of the mould and be cooled in the bucket of water. This will instantly harden the lead projectile so you avoid any lead particles in the barrel. Avoid getting any water close to the molten lead as it will cause a reaction which will lead the lead to splash (steam explosion).

Step 3:

Preparing the Bullet for Re-Loading

  • You need to put the projectiles from the bucket of water into a sizer. it will size the bullet to the exact diameter of the bore

  • You then have to treat the projectiles with a lubrication liquid. You may put 100 projectiles in f example a milk jug and mix it around in a liquid lubricant. Let sit overnight in the liquid lubricant. This will ensure that the projectiles are completely lubricated and will prevent lead from being shaved off the bullet as it goes down the bore of your weapon. Ignoring this aspect will result in the projectile leaving a considerable amount of lead particles in your barrel and make it an inaccurate bullet.

Potential mistakes during bullet casting

Not all projectiles created will be usable. Estimate a 50% failure rate where the projectiles will be significantly flawed and have to be “redone”.

  • Frosted bullets (rugged surface) is a result of the molten lead being too hot. Try to lower your temperature a bit.

  • Impartial base on bullet: not enough lead poured in

  • Large marks/voids in bullet: mould wasn’t hot enough or molten lead being too hot, or mould wasn’t filled in one motion

  • Flawed lube bands, void in base or minor marks/voids on the side, top base: is caused by either having garbage/impurities in the mix, or whacking the sprue plate before it has cooled enough. If the lead is still very hot, the sprue plate will take some lead from the base with it.

Safety precautions:

Ensure good ventilation

Lead content in the blood at only 50 micro grams per deciliter is enough to kill you. Good ventilation and a 3M, 6800 with appropriate toxic fume filters is your best protection.

PS. There are other and even better guides out there.

Chemical/biological HP rounds against soft targets (traitors), AP/FMJ ammo against hard targets (system protectors)

You use a standard round for every chemical/biological round. A clip of 30 (28) bullets would contain 15 (14) poison rounds and 15 (14) standard rounds. You budget 2 bullets per targeted individual which will ensure at least one lethal chemical/biological hit per person. Hollow point bullets are superior for soft targets (targets lacking armour) as the projectile mushrooms immediately after penetration of the skin. This results in optimal tissue damage and prevents the projectile from exiting the body. As such, the chemical or biological toxin is dispersed in and around the wound.

If you bring a total of 10 extra large clips – 28 bullets per clip (5 for your 9 mm side arm and 5 for your semi-automatic assault rifle) you will require a total of 140 chemical/biological rounds.

You should always bring a couple of clips containing ammunition designed for defeating system protectors (with level IIIA body armour). Hollow point ammo is worthless against such armour as it fails to penetrate the Kevlar. For defeating system protectors you must bring AP ammo, alternatively brass bullets or FMJ. However, an alternative strategy is to set up your “system protector clip” in such a way that every other bullet is chemical/biological. In an optimal setting you could be able to aim for the legs/arms/face every other shot. Because if the word is out that KT is using lethal chemical/biological rounds against system protectors again, it will contribute to sow terror into their hearts and will thus contribute to defection or as a deterring factor.

Reviewing appropriate toxins

Poison Availability LD50 for a 75 kg person

Tetrodotoxin (globefish toxin) Hard 0,75 mg

Hydrogen cyanide Hard 30 mg (1 drop)

Sodium cyanide Hard 40 mg (1 drop)

Potassium Cyanide Hard 60 mg (1-2 drops)

Ricin Moderate 60 mg (1-2 drops)

Nicotine 100% pure Easy 60-80 mg (2 drops)

Saxitoxin (shellfish poison) N/A 60 mg (1-2 drops)

Diarsenic Pentoxide N/A 600 mg (not enough room)

Carbofuran (a pesticide) N/A 750 mg (not enough room)

Heroin (50-75% pure) Easy 1 g (not enough room)

LSD Easy 1,2 g (not enough room)

Phosphamidon (an insecticide) N/A 1,8 g (not enough room)

Arsenic Moderate 57 g (not enough room)

Potassium Chloride Moderate 190 g (not enough room)

Note: Unfortunately, cyanide is extremely difficult to come by due to its popularity among suicidal individuals.

Other Poisons LD50 for rats

Cobalt chloride rat, oral 80 mg/kg

Cadmium oxide 72 mg/kg

Strychnine 16 mg/kg

Arsenic trioxide 14 mg/kg

Metallic Arsenic 13 mg/kg

Sodium cyanide 6,4 mg/kg

White phosphorus 3,03 mg/kg

Mercury(II) chloride 1 mg/kg

Beryllium oxide 0,5 mg/kg

Aflatoxin B1 (from Aspergillus flavus) 0,48 mg/kg

Venom of the Inland taipan (Australian snake) 0,25 mg/kg

Dioxin (TCDD) 0,20 mg/kg

Note: rats usually have a higher resistance to toxins so smaller amounts per kg are required to kill a human.

Safety precautions

Lab equipment needed:

  • Hazmat suit (inhaled or skin-absorbed pure nicotine fumes can kill you)

  • Full facemask with correct toxin filters

  • A box of latex gloves

  • Proper ventilation

Exercise great care when purifying and handling pure nicotine or ricin. You need to set up a lab and ensure that you have proper ventilation. Buy a hazmat suit. Lakeland Dupont Tychem F suits with hoods and boots are available for as low as 11 USD on Ebay (I got mine for this price). Buy a face mask; f example a 3M 6800 full face respirator with appropriate filters (choose Organic Vapor/Organic Vapor-Acid/Organic Vapor-Acid-Gas filters) depending on the chemicals you will be working with. You can buy this facemask with filters from Ebay for as low as 100 USD (I got my mask with filters for 130 USD incl. shipping.

Ricin bullets, biological rounds – Death by diarrhea

Ricin is produced easily and inexpensively, is highly toxic, is stable in aerosolized form, and has no treatment or vaccine. It is extracted from the castor bean by using a specific purification method.

Source 1: A single castor bean contains a few micrograms of ricin. 5-20 castor beans worth of ricin would be enough to kill a person.

Source 2: According to the Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals (1997), a dose of ricin weighing only 70 micrograms (size of 1 salt grain) will kill a person.

Source 3: Ricin is one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances known to man. As little as one milligram of ricin can kill an adult.

Source 4: 1-2 granules will kill a person

Ricin is even more toxic than strychnine and cyanides. Ricin also has the ability to accumulate in the body until a lethal dose is reached. Symptoms of ricin poisoning are stomachache, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting, bloody diarrhea, cold sweat, sleepiness, disorientation, shortage of breath, seizures, and death. Ricin if inhaled or even touched can kill in a day or two.

A few decades ago, a Soviet assassin, in Western Europe, killed an anti-Communist using an umbrella weapon. Georgi Markov was a Bulgarian journalist who had spoken out against the Bulgarian government. While waiting for a bus near Waterloo Station in London, in 1978, Markov was murdered, stabbed in the leg with a poisoned umbrella. A perforated metallic pellet stuck in his leg was found to contain the deadly ricin toxin.

The mottled seeds of castor bean, which are about the size and shape of large pinto beans, contain two powerful poisons, the alkaloid ricinin and the toxalbumin ricin.

Common uses include lubricants in oil.

Guide 1: How to Extract Poison From Castor Beans

This guide will teach you how to extract ricin from your chosen bean. Be forewarned, however; these chemicals are highly toxic and have a high chance of killing you if you are not careful.

Difficulty: Moderate


  • Castor beans

  • 10 ounces of water

  • 2 tablespoons of lye

  • Blender

  • Acetone

  • Covered Jar

  • Hazmat suit with 3M 6800 full face mask with organic vapor filter (VERY iMPORTANT)

  • Surgical Gloves

  • Coffee filter

1. Soak 2-3 ounces of your chosen bean in 10 ounces of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of lye for one hour. You will have to weigh the beans down with something- gravel and rocks from outside should do the trick.

2. Remove the beans, let them dry, and remove the hulls from the beans.

3.Place the beans in a blender with 8-12 ounces of acetone and grind the beans like you would with coffee beans.

4.Pour the mixture into a covered jar and let it stand for about three days.

5.Wearing the hazmat suit, gloves and full face mask, pour it into another jar using the coffee filter, removing as much acetone as possible.

6.Repeat steps 4-5 to filter it a bit more. What you have left will be nearly-pure ricin.

Read more: How to Extract Poison From Castor and Precatory Beans | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6013787_extract-poison-castor-precatory-beans.html#ixzz10sUe9G8d

Guide 2: How to extract ricin

Here’s the formula for Ricin. The reason I place this on here is because if you try to make this poison (kills in 4 days, no good cure and the cure is rare) you will probably get some on your skin and die. I wanted the formula just so I could know it. This stuff is extraordinarily poisonous — arsenic takes 100 granules to kill someone, ricin takes 1-2 granules.
1. Obtain some castor beans from a garden supply store.
2. Put about 2 ounces of hot water into a glass jar and add a teaspoon full of lye. Mix it thoroughly.
3. Wait for the lye/water mixture to cool
4. Place 2 ounces of the beans into the liquid and let them soak for one hour.
5. Pour out the liquid being careful not to get any on exposed skin.
6. Rinse the beans off with cool water and then remove the outer husks with tweezers.
7. Put the bean pulp into a blender or coffee grinder with 4 ounces of acetone for every 1 oz. of beans.
8. Blend the pulp/acetone until it looks like milk.
9. Place the milky substance in a glass jar with an airtight lid for three days.
10. At the end of three days shake the jar to remix everything that’s started to settle then pour it into a coffee filter. Discard the liquid.
11. When no more liquid is dripping through the filter, squeeze the last of the acetone out of it without losing any of the bean pulp.
12. Spread the filter out on a pan covered with newspaper and let it dry stand until it is dry.
13. The final product must be as free of acetone and other contaminants as possible. If it is not powdery but still sort of moist and pulpy it must be combined with the appropriate amount of acetone again and let sit for one day.
14. Then repeat steps 9-12 again until a nice dry powder is produced.
Don’t ask me where to get the beans I don’t know but it’s a semi-common plant (as in a large greenhouse will have it)

"Ricin is easily purified from castor-oil manufacturing waste. The aqueous phase left over from the oil extraction process is called waste mash. It contains about 5-10% ricin by weight. Separation requires only simple chromatographic techniques.
Patented extraction process
A process for extracting ricin has been described in a patent.[25] The described extraction method is very similar to that used for the preparation of soy protein isolates.
The patent was removed from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database sometime in 2004, but it is still available online through international patent databases.[26][27] Modern theories of protein chemistry cast doubt on the effectiveness of the methods disclosed in the patent.[28]"

Does anyone know how to actually extract ricin without killing themselves? Wiki doesn’t make it seem too hard.

Use gloves and mask or you die, It’s pretty easy to die from it while making it (goes through the skin).

I found some better info


Castor bean: http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/afcm/castor.html

Nicotine bullets, chemical rounds – Death by respiratory failure

Pure nicotine is one of the most deadly poisons on earth. Pure nicotine (99%-99.5%) from China is typically solvent extracted from tobacco leaves and is described as a clear to yellowish oily liquid. This is generally sold by Kg (weight) as opposed to volume (L). However from all I’ve seen, these liquids have the same density as water 1kg=1L.

Handling techniques

It is important that you make sure that proper handling techniques are applied as two drops of this on your skin will kill you, and I’m sure the vapors would do the same.

Quantity required and price

You really won’t need more than 30 ml per Justiciar Knight. 30 ml is equivalent to 600 drops. As two drops is equivalent to 50 mg (you should inject 4 drops per bullet just in case) this will be enough for exactly 150 bullets. 4 drops (0,05 ml per drop) is equivalent to 100 mg per bullet which is 40% more than the LD50 for humans with a weight of 75 kg.

Market price is currently 150 USD for 1Kg of 99% pure liquid nicotine + 160 USD DHL shipping = 310 USD total. I just ordered a sample batch of 50 ml for a total of 80 USD including shipping. If it doesn’t get through customs I will have to extract nicotine from tobacco as described in another section.

Effects of nicotine poisoning

Nicotine initially causes a burning sensation in mouth and throat, then salivation, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Then systemic effect inclagitation, headache, sweating, dizziness, auditory and visual disturbances, confusion, weakness and incoordination. At first respirations are deep and rapid, blood pressure is high and pulse is slow. Intense vagal stimulation may cause transient cardiac standstill or paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Pupils are generally constricted. Central nervous excitation is also evidenced by tremors and sometimes by clonic-tonic convulsions. As depression develops, the pupils dilate, the blood pressure falls and the pulse becomes rapid and often irregular. Faintness, prostration, cyanosis and dyspnea progress to collapse. Death from paralysis of respiratory muscles, usually only a few minutes after collapse.

There is a cure, but it has to be injected within 5-20 minutes after nicotine overdose. Dying from nicotine overdose is considered a horrible and painful death.

Cigarette content of nicotine – average size/average strength tobacco

1 cig = 10mg nic (approx)
1 pak cig = 20 cigs x 10mg = 200mg nic
1 carton cigs = 10 paks x 200mg nic = 2000mg nic
1lb tobacco yields about 3 cartons cigs x 2000mg = 6000mg nic
1oz eJuice = 30ml x 36mg nic per ml = 1080mg nic per 1oz bottle
1lb tobacco = 6000mg nic divided by 1080 mg nic per 1 oz eJuice = 5.5 1oz bottles eJuice

Snus content of nicotine:

Mini portion is usually 4mg/portion
Standard portion is usually 8mg/portion
Strong portion is usually 12-17 mg/portion

  1. Thunder portionssnus contains 16 mg PER GRAM (Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion), the strongest snus available. (either Thunder or Odin snus)

  2. General Ekstra Sterk contains 15 mg per pouch.

A roll (10 boxes) of portion weighs 390 g whereas 240 g is snus

A roll of loose weighs 620 g whereas 450 g is snus

Price – one pack of snus:

Snus 20 pack portion: 35 SEK (16 mg/g): = 384 mg per box

Snus 20 pack loose: 35 SEK (16 mg/g): = 720 mg per box

Smoke 20 pack 100s 35 SEK (12 mg per): 240 mg per pack

Extracting nicotine from tobacco or snus?

In theory, snus seems like the most cost efficient alternative when is extraction of nicotine. However, it is allegedly a lot easier to extract nicotine from tobacco so choosing snus as the source for extraction is not recommended. At least, this is according to 4 individuals who apparently tried 20 different methods for extracting nicotine from snus (found sources on e-cig forum). I will make an attempt myself on extracting from both snus and tobacco to confirm this, if my Chinese parcel is seized.

But if I am unable to order pure nicotine from Asia, I will probably end up selecting tobacco (and not snus) as the source for extraction.

Decoction as extraction method

Decoction is a method of extraction by boiling of plant material. The method of extraction is very simple:

From snus:

Put loose snus in tea bags, boil, then filter, then boil again etc (Similar to tobacco approach). I’ve also heard that microwave-boiling snus in water for a two-three minutes will yield even better results.

From tobacco:

Guide 1: How to extract nicotine from tobacco:

Water alone will do the job. Just add tobacco to hot water, heat it to boiling, strain off solids, and then filter the stuff.
Boil down the remaining water until it is supersaturated. Then, let it cool slowly. Add a seed crystal or scrape the sides of the smooth container with a glass stirring rod (or a spoon if nothing else is available).
Filter the crystals that form in the solution with vacuum filtration. A good way to do this is by putting a coffee filter in a funnel, then putting the funnel spout-down in a running wet/dry vac.

Guide 2:

This entire process took about 3-4 hours to complete. I would recommend a gas stove or be very careful and patient with an electric stove top. Get some distilled water and a measuring cup. Also filters for a drip coffee machine.

Put the tobacco in a sauce pan (1 quart).

Add two cups of the distilled water. Bring this to a slow rolling boil, stirring about every 3-4 minutes.

Simmer until you have about a 1/3 cup of liquid remaining. It is very important to not turn the heat up to high or you have a bunch of sticky thick useless stuff, or so I have heard.

Let cool about 10 mins.

I taped my coffee filter around the outside lip of a 12oz ceramic coffee cup and poured this mixture into the filter. Some of the juice seeped through, most did not.

I finally, after about a half hour, untaped the filter, being careful to not dump the tobacco into my juice. I folded the filter up and squeezed the remaining juice into the cup. Take the tobacco left in the filter and eat it. (just kidding:P).

Place the left over tobacco back into the sauce pan, add 2 cups of the Distilled water and repeat the procedure.

This time slow bowl until you have a bit less juice (about a quarter cup). Remember to watch this, do not let it boil down too long or you have a thick sticky mess.

Strain it again in a separate container.

Combine the two containers of liquid.

Strain this again back into the sauce pan.

Slow boil again until you have a quarter cup or a bit less.

Strain one more time.

Guide 3:

I myself have been using PGA (95% pure grain alcohol) and a soxhlet extractor to mimic this type of extraction.

I then vacuum filter to .22um while it is still in about 250ml PGA (Started with 20gm of cigar tobacco)

I use vacuum distillation to recover most of the PGA.

I use warm bottom heat to evaporate more of the liquid. It will precipitate out some of the oils.

Re-dilute, re-filter, re-recover and re-evaporate. A lot of tars come out at the filtering step.
You end up with very dark but low solids

Guide 4:

Buy e-juice (liquid with 10% nicotine) and boil down. E-Juice is pretty inexpensive even at $20. per ounce.

Guide 5:





Nicotine fumes last about half an hour in air environment

In its pure form, which is called "freebase nicotine", it reacts chemically with oxygen in the air, with water, and most other living tissues, destroying them instantly.

Freebase nicotine is highly poisonous and is sometimes used as an insecticide. It makes a good insecticide because it only lasts about half an hour in the environment, being so unstable in the presence of air. In very small amounts, freebase nicotine can be injected into a person’s bloodstream and has an effect almost identical to cocaine.

Safety precautions when working with pure nicotine

  • 3M 6800 full face mask with toxic/chemical vapor filter

  • Hazmat suit

  • Gloves

  • Good ventilation

  • Nicotine fumes will stay active in the air for aprox 30 mins so don’t remove your respirator and suit until you are sure the air has acceptable quality

  • Some swear to laboratory fume hoods (glass boxes with direct ventilation) but I don’t think this is necessary as long as you have the above

Take the necessary precautions even when handling lower % nicotine liquids. Basics like gloves, pipettes, funnels, graduated cylinders, beakers, storage bottles of various sizes, goggles, and even a proper respirator from paint supply if dealing with high nic juice.

Buying pure nicotine (nicotine USP)

You may buy pure nicotine from the following suppliers:


Also, check the several hundred Asian suppliers through Alibaba.com


In the UK, 7% is the max legal content. Similar percentages probably apply in some other EU countries as well.

Another alternative to ordering online is to make an arrangement with a supplier, then travel to china and smuggle the pure nicotine in your briefcase. Nicotine is not considered as a narcotic so if you get caught you will only get a fine.

How much of 99% pure nicotine do you need for each hollow point bullet?

Given that 2 drops (I would probably go with 3 or 4 if enough room in projectile) is enough for each lethal dose/bullet you would need :

10 magazines (28 bullets whereas 14 are chemical): 14 x 10 magazines = 140 bullets

140 bullets x 2 drops = 280 drops

A "metric" drop = 0,05 ml (50 μL)

280 drops x 0,05 ml = 14 ml

0,10 ml = aprox 50 mg of pure nicotine which is almost the LD50 doze for a 75 kg individual (40-60 mg).

In other words; in order to create 140 nicotine bullets containing 50 mg of nicotine you would need to aquire 14 ml of pure 99% nicotine. You then inject 0,10 ml of nic using a 1 ml syringe w. needle and then plug the bullet.

However, you should probably use at least 0,20 ml (4 drops) per bullet which is aprox 100 mg (almost twice the lethal dose for a 75 kg individual). You would then need to acquire 28 ml/0,028 liters of pure liquid nicotine.

Tips when ordering chemicals from other EU countries or from Asia

Nicotine is categorized as a pharmaceutical compound and not as narcotics in most European countries so if customs seize your package; they will usually just ship it back to sender and you will most likely not have to worry about them pressing charges. They might even allow the shipment if you seem like a credible receiver with a registered company.

Factors which will increase your chances for successfully ordering/receiving pure nicotine and other chemicals:

Register a company; not necessarily a corporation, but a less significant/expensive judicial entity. The name of the company should be chosen based on a tactical assessment. F example something with geo, farm, pharmaceutical, laboratories, research or perhaps something relating to mining etc. I chose a hybrid for my company (Geofarm) as it eased my efforts when starting the process of acquiring large quantities of AN fertilizer as well. Few if any “red flags” will be raised if you “appear to be” a legit organization. The name will help you when ordering chemicals from foreign companies and in relation to customs procedures.

You may even consider acquiring a research permit from your government to further the justification and easing the process of acquiring chemicals. Always act in a formal and polite manner when contacting companies.

3.56 Evaluating the possibilities for acquiring and employing nuclear weapons in phase 1

Page under construction (midle-age style) - Page en construction (style médiéval)

PCCTS, Knights Templar “franchise” operations, lead by autonomous/ independent cells, will continue to emerge around Europe in the coming decades.

There are cells that are already in the process of attempting to acquire chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear materials although it will be literally impossible to create a small nuclear bomb (0,1-0,2 kt) in phase 1 of the European civil war.

Efforts to clandestinely build a nuclear device require a coherent and consistent investment measuring in the billions (if not tens of billions) of dollars over a period likely spanning a decade or more. We would require large, fixed, well-powered and vulnerable installations for a variety of aspects of the effort. These installations represent an enormous risk and opportunity cost for PCCTS, Knights Templar. The cultural Marxist hegemony (USASSR/EUSSR) closely monitors some of the equipment we will need to acquire and they will concentrate an enormous investment of intellectual, financial and material resources into just the sort of target that they can bring their air power to bear upon.

Though the history of the use of advanced chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in guerilla warfare is limited, the fact of the matter is that in most cases where groups have considered pursuing these capabilities have ultimately led to them being abandoned in favor of more obtainable and efficient tactics. They simply fall well short of the destruction wrought by simpler and more conventional explosive devices. Pound for pound, euro for euro and hour for hour of effort, high explosives are far more effective at inflicting massive category A and B casualties.

The innovation of using certain civilian infrastructure as destructive devices is far more in line with a guerilla organisations operational thinking than concepts of concentrating resources on building vulnerable secret facilities. Doing so runs in the face of basic operational security considerations for any liberation movement. However, it should be noted that essential components can be acquired from surprising locations. F example fissle material can be stolen from any major hospital (at least enough to create a nasty little dirty bomb) and other components may be acquired from the Russian mafia. Furthermore, there may open up windows of opportunities such as that of Russia in the 90s.

But what about acquiring a nuclear weapon that has already been built? The security of nuclear weapons is and has long been an important concern for the cultural Marxist hegemony.

However, the effort involved in actually trying to steal a British or French nuclear warhead would entail a significant dedication of resources and an immense intelligence effort beyond the reach of almost any liberation organisation. Indeed, the odds of a failure are high, no matter how careful and meticulous the planning. The nuclear weapons facilities in the UK, France and Germany (owned by the US) are obviously not as hardened as others, but taken as a whole, they are some of the hardest targets on the planet, and the personnel better vetted than almost any other institution. As of now, we do not have enough insiders working in the French, British and German facilities although we might have enough in phase 2.

Even the lightest attempt for a Justiciar Knight cell to begin probing runs the risk of not only failing to acquire a bomb, but setting off a series of alarms and red flags that brings such an aggressive investigative and law enforcement/military response down on the that particular cell that it could be completely wiped out before it ever attempted to target its true objectives.

And even if one could be stolen or otherwise acquired, modern nuclear weapons have been designed to include a series of highly sophisticated safety features. Though all nuclear weapons are not created equal, these range from permissive action links without which the device cannot be armed (a feature even Pakistani warheads are now thought to employ) to configurations that will actually render the fissile core(s) useless if improperly accessed. Furthermore, the theft would be difficult to carry off without setting off the same alarms and red flags that would leave little opportunity for the device to be smuggled particularly far.

Nuclear weapons are complex devices that require considerable care and maintenance — especially the small, modern and easily transportable variety. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, fears arose of a series of Soviet suitcases containing sophisticated nuclear devices were somehow lost. These fears persisted into the 21st century, well after the fissile and radioisotope materials in the design would have decayed significantly enough to effect the performance of the weapon, in addition to the diminished functionality of its other components after being handled roughly over the years.

Evaluating Nuclear Weapons and Proxies

Another suggestion would be attempting to acquire nuclear components from North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or India. A couple of these regimes might hand off a nuclear weapon to a non-state actor or proxy of some sort, one that would detonate it at a mutually-agreeable target as soon as possible. One of these countries may use a shipping container or some other clandestine means, cooperating with a proxy, to carry out an attack on a target, the deniable use of nuclear weapons.

Three factors must be considered when addressing the above scenario. The first is an issue of trust and control. Non-state, militant proxies like the PCCTS, Knights Templar would rely on patrons, a country, for support and training. But we have our own interests as well and we hold them close. Furthermore, there is no central hierarchy in the PCCTS, Knights Templar as we are the sum of autonomous and completely independent cells. It is therefore not a monolithic, unified entity but an extremely distributed network. A majority of cells are not yet advanced enough to competently handle a large operation like this.

This of course assumes that a capable regime would ever hand over a nuke to us in the first place. Proxies must be kept dependent; otherwise they cease to be proxies. We do not share some deep bond of trust with any of these regimes. Handing over even a crude nuclear device is anathema to a potential relationship and would destroy the dynamics by which that country enforces its will as a patron. It would have provided an organisation that it can never fully trust with the one true guarantor of sovereignty.

Second, the nuclear device is the product of an immense, expensive national effort. Each individual weapon or device, especially early on, represents an enormous investment of national resources. By handing one over to an outside group, the country not only has no assurance of it being employed in the way they want, but opens itself to the prospect of that immense investment being wasted or misused.

Finally, there is the issue of risk. A nuclear weapon used in a terrorist attack against any of the cultural Marxist EUSSR regimes will be followed by the most intense, broad and meticulous investigation in human history. The fissile material that made it possible will be traced ruthlessly to its source. The necessary investigative processes are not only possible and well understood, but work to improve and further refine them has only intensified and received additional funding after 9/11. Indeed, a country providing a nuclear weapon to the PCCTS, Knights Templar could not have reasonable assurances that it would not come back to haunt them, either through investigation or interrogation of those that carried out the attack.

That country would be opening itself up to responsibility and accountability for our actions. Again, the material will almost certainly be traced back to that country. And it would be them that suffered the consequences.

The closest historical use of a nuclear proxy was North Koreas attempt to share some civilian technology with Syria (dual-use precursor technologies). It quickly decided that the entire idea was too risky and sold Syria out to Israel and the United States, resulting in Israeli airstrikes in Western Syria in 2007. So while the concern about technology sharing is real (and validated by the now infamous network of A.Q. Khan), there are also limitations to how much one country is willing to risk for an autonomous Crusader movement. The Israeli bombing and North Korea’s betrayal of Syria will not be soon forgotten.

But most importantly, the PCCTS, Knights Templar are currently unwilling to detonate a nuclear warhead above 0,1-0,2 kt device as the civilian casualties would be too great. A large warhead (several kilotons) would be worthless to us. Furthermore, we currently lack the resources and competence to successfully reverse engineer large nuclear warheads and creating small nuclear devices (briefcase size devices). We may re-evaluate these options at a later time.

3.57 Using European nuclear power plants as a weapon of mass destruction

Page under construction (midle-age style) - Page en construction (style médiéval)

There are no limitations but those we inflict on ourselves…!”

Chernobyl, an accident or the most successful anti-Marxist attack in recorded history?

Many political analysts claim that the Chernobyl accident was one of two primary factors (Chernobyl + Afghanistan) which broke the back of the Soviet Union. This is perhaps true, at least it contributed significantly to the fall of this Marxist terror regime. But what if it wasn’t an accident at all but rather the actions of a Ukrainian nationalist military cell which had successfully infiltrated the plant? These brave anti-Marxist operatives might have infiltrated the facility and posed as plant-workers. They sabotaged the facility and caused the accident well knowing how much damage it would cause to the Soviet Union. As this scenario seems farfetched it is still hard to completely rule out the possibility. Obviously, it was not in the interest of the Soviet Union to admit to such a “military” defeat and it was not in the interest of the armed Ukrainian nationalist movement to take credit for the attack. Taking credit for such a devastating attack would prompt the Soviet tyrants to completely wipe out all Ukrainian nationalists and patriotic sympathisers as a result. How many millions did the Soviet Union massacre; 40-60 million? And how many more would it have massacred had it not been for this brave Ukrainian nationalist cell? They inflicted massive civilian suffering, tens of thousands dying of cancer (a majority was caused by a significant delay in evacuation though and cannot be blamed on the cell). However, at the same time they may have actually saved millions from certain death.

Morally justifiable?

This also raises an important question. Would it be morally justifiable to initiate an attack of this magnitude in order to end a genocidal and evil regime committed to wiping out everything European? It is important to understand how much power we, the National Resistance Movements of Europe possess over human life. A Justiciar Knight has a lot of responsibility to make just choices based on pragmatical evaluations and considerations. A Justiciar Knight must never act blindly and based on hate alone. Hate will drive you to the most disproportionate actions resulting in excessive and unnecessary suffering.

Thorough pragmatical estimations must be made in order to make our decisions as judges:

With our current regimes, over the next 5 decades:

  • How many of our sisters have and will be raped by Muslims?

  • How many Europeans will be ravaged, robbed, beaten, terrorised or killed by Muslims?

  • How many of our brothers and sisters will commit suicide due to these atrocities?

  • How many Europeans will die in the future Christian-Muslim war on European soil? Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions?

  • Can we afford to speculate in the outcome of the coming Christian-Muslim war? What if we lose? How many Europeans will be massacred or enslaved by Islamic forces on European soil if we lose? Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions just like in Anatolia or India?

  • How many patriotic oriented individuals will be ridiculed and persecuted by our multiculturalist oppressors?

See all charges 1-8 for a complete overview of atrocities committed directly or indirectly by the current cultural Marxist regimes.

Expected Muslim atrocity report for the next 10 years (see: Muslim atrocities committed against Western Europeans 1960-2010 (2020)):

  • 1 million+ of our sisters raped.

  • 3-4 million+ of our brothers and sisters ravaged, robbed, beaten, terrorised

  • 30 000-40 000+ murdered directly/indirectly (suicide due to atrocities)

When you compare these numbers to the casualty report of a future Chernobyl attack it is obvious that the above numbers would be equivalent to 10-50 Chernobyl attacks.

Considerations and evaluation of strike

The European Resistance Movements will have to re-evaluate our future assault methods closely and based on our ideological success as a result of using conventional weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

What if a majority of our future cells are annihilated by EUSSR agents or if they somehow manage to pacify us through harsh monitoring laws? What if they succeed in their pursuit to suppress and persecute us? Based on our success or failure in using conventional weapons, we might end up in a situation where we will have to consider the possibility to use drastic measures in order to financially devastate our enemies. Pragmatical operational reasoning involves using methods which will yield the maximum results for a minimum of invested resources (euro by euro, hour by hour, requiring a minimal number of sacrificed martyrs).

If we are unsuccessful in achieving concession from them and they continue with the indirect ongoing genocide of Europeans we will have to consider using methods which were deemed too extreme in the past.

The Chernobyl disaster broke the back of the Soviet Union. A new Chernobyl disaster in the heart of Western Europe will break the back of the EUSSR, have no doubt. Causing a new Chernobyl disaster on a multiculturalist regime would completely cripple them and might eventually lead to the collapse of the EU altogether or any targeted individual regime. However, it would potentially cause massive civilian suffering and/or hundreds of thousands or even millions of internally displaced individuals (refugees). A new Chernobyl disaster in the heart of the EU will not be as devastating (civilian suffering) as that in Ukraine/Belarus. Western European regimes will not wait a week before informing and evacuating the public so the number of individuals affected will be significantly less (estimated to less than 10 000-50 000).

It may be required to make such sacrifices in order to end this experimental multiculturalist nightmare and genocide. Sometimes, the situation requires us to be cruel and kill a limited number of civilians (indirect casualties in shock/sabotage attacks) in order to prevent much more severe long term atrocities against our peoples. In fact, from a pragmatical viewpoint, it would be inhuman not to act in a cruel manner when the alternative is much worse. Just focus on targets that can be morally justified and accept casualty numbers that are far from exceeding the alternative future atrocities.

The resettlement of millions, mass building of new housing units, financial compensation for up to several millions will bankrupt any multiculturalist European country and will force them to halt all Muslim immigration. Furthermore, it will cause the regime to cut all funding of minority groups and foreign aid and instead focus on rebuilding. The costs will be astronomic and in today’s currency amount to as much as 1000-5000 billion Euro which is enough to bankrupt any regime. The regime will have no choice but to drastically reduce their over-inflated public sector resulting in hundreds of thousands of unemployed. All Western European countries will be forced to immediately halt all Muslim immigration as they are forced to help the internally driven European “refugees”.

People who are already suffering will finally be freed from the ideological shackles (political correctness) that prevented them from standing up and fight for what they believe in. Standing up for their ideals will involve suffering. However, at this point the suffering is already prevalent so they will have nothing to lose. These conditions will be favourable for further consolidation and for the creation patriotic armed militias. Eventually, the conditions will be there for a military coup and we will fully take advantage of this window of opportunity.

If we successfully manage to seize political and military control of at least one Western European country in phase 1 (as a result of a regime collapse caused by the nuclear power plant attack) we may actually manage to deport all Muslims before they become a majority, and by doing so we potentially save millions of European lives from the war that most certainly awaits us when the Muslims in any given country become the dominating force and grow overconfident. Inflicting cruel cancer deaths on 1000 – 10 000 Europeans (in P1) might actually be the most humane thing we do, if their sacrifice contributes to prevent a bloody Christian-Muslims civil war (in P3) resulting in millions of deaths. And what if we lose the Christian-Muslims civil war in P3? A worst case scenario will be a repetition of the Hindu Kush genocides (80 million massacred Hindus, 100 million enslaved) resulting in the massacre and enslavement of an equivalent amount of Europeans should the Muslims dominate us one day.

Deadline – January 1st, 2020

The PCCTS, Knights Templar will allow all Western European regimes to capitulate to our demands and we are hereby giving them a deadline which is January 1st, 2020. We will not initiate any nuclear power plant attacks until the deadline has passed (we will instead focus on non-nuclear attacks until then). However, if the Western European multiculturalist regimes do not fully implement our demands – stop the European genocide, deport all Muslims from Europe and ban multiculturalism as an anti-European hate ideology – by this date, we are committed to effectuate ALL necessary measures in order to stop them from annihilating everything European (see complete overview of demands in another chapter). This decision is not mine to make but must be decided by future Justiciar Knight Commanders based on several factors. At that point, diplomatic and conventional military efforts will have been exhausted. The following overview is to prepare all current and future European PCCTS, Knights Templar cells for what lies ahead. I have included an overview over potential targets. The planning phase should be initiated at least 5-10 years prior to the execution of the attack (as we might rely on insiders), which will happen after the deadline at earliest. All committed individuals will have ample time to take a relevant education granting them access to W. European Nuclear facilities. At that point, given that the Western European multiculturalist regimes ignore our demands; operation “Regime Ender” can be justified and will be implemented.

3.58 Nuclear power plant assault strategy: “Operation Regime Ender”

Page under construction (midle-age style) - Page en construction (style médiéval)

Minimum requirements:

  • Assault team: 2-3 man cell (1 Justiciar Knight Commander, 1-2 JK operatives)

  • Extraction/exit strategy: martyrdom operation, no chance of survival due to massive radiation

  • Minimum funding required: 50 000 – 300 000 Euro

  • Primary WMD: 1 x 2-7 ton “barrack buster” WMD, depending on strength of containment building. A smaller charge (50-200kg charge) may have to be transported inside the containment building to the secondary containment structure (if that facility has one) as the blast from a large single source detonation may be unable to destroy the reactor inside the containment building due to the fact that a secondary containment structure shielded against the initial blast. Not all nuclear power plants use a secondary containment structure (see other approaches).

  • Method of delivery: aerial or ground vessel, alternatively smaller charges are brought inside the facility and placed near reactor. A small scooter vehicle that has a carrying capacity of 100-500kg may be used to transport the charge(s) from the truck outside.

  • Equipment required: 2 trucks (one for the primary WMD and one for the secondary freight vehicle, the smaller secondary mobile bomb, the makeshift bridge and the load of gasoline/rubber/tar mix), full body armour, assault rifles, grenades, armour penetration rounds. The assault team will bring extra equipment for any infiltrators already at the facility.

  • Operation description: containment building and all containment barriers must be destroyed, reactor must be destroyed (optimally while online and before the Reactor Protective System has been activated), the load of gasoline/rubber will be placed and lit inside and close to the reactor to ensure the development of significant plumes (further studies required)

Potential obstacles: multiple armed guards, 1-2 checkpoints with armed personnel, each with anti-vehicle barriers (either tire puncturing devices or other anti-vehicle barriers). The compound is likely to be encircled by at least one concrete wall.

Assault strategy 1 (no insiders): An assault team of three Justiciar Knights, depending on plant security, might be enough to neutralise the checkpoint guards (based on the number of armed guards). Some facilities will have many; others will have no armed guards at all. Deception might prove valuable. F example by posing as representatives from the fire authorities, forging IDs, insignia and uniforms. Bomb truck may be modifies so it mimics a fire truck.

Assault strategy 2 (no insiders): An assault team of three Justiciar Knights. Two fights their way inside, forces the plant workers to take the reactor online and deactivates the interior bomb shield, then detonates a smaller charge (50 kg) destroying the reactor. One Knight should study the safety systems and learn how to turn the reactor online, unless restricted by keys, password, etc. As soon as this is done the third Knight (who is outside waiting in the “barrack buster truck”) detonates the load and tears a hole in the containment building. A truck containing gasoline/rubber with a bridge device might be required to ensure that the required plumes are generated inside which will transport the radiation to the athmosphere. It is likely that the interior bomb shield is likely to activate automatically as soon as the first explosion detonates. In this case, a total of 3 bombs will be required (1 large, 2 smaller).

Assault strategy 3 (1 insider+2): An assault team of two Justiciar Knights might be enough to neutralise the checkpoint guards given that one Justiciar Knight works at the checkpoint undercover. The undercover guard can easily neutralise the other checkpoint guards, deactivate security measures and open the gates.

Assault strategy 4 (insider assault – similar to the Chernobyl attack): An assault team of 2 armed Justiciar Knight insiders might be enough to shut down/sabotage the Reactor Protective System (ECCS and SLCS) by f. example sabotage certain reactor emergency systems so that the system cannot initiate an automatic SCRAM procedure and: 1. sabotage the emergency diesel generators and 2: rupture a large coolant pipe in the location that is considered to place the reactor in the most danger. However, due to the airtight containment building this insider assault would need an external Justiciar Knight to blow a hole in the building or cause the structure to collapse. The outside Knight would need to be heavily armed and successfully manage to place a load of 4000-7000 kg of explosives close to the containment building in order for the leakage to reach the atmosphere.

Assault strategy 5 (aerial assault): A civilian aircraft with enough carrying capacity to hold 2-5 ton of cargo may be used. The detonation has to be timed perfectly as the blast radius has to be able to destroy the containment bulding. Testing shows that many containment buildings can withstand a direct hit by both fighter jets and even civilian airliners. However, it is uncertain how a civilian aircraft loaded with explosives would cause. There is a no-fly-zone surrounding the facility. Any ground to air missile devices (if any) placed close to the facility may pose a threat to the aircraft.

Assault strategy 6 (aerial assault): Not a very realistic scenario but in any case: at least two of the cell members infiltrate a military compound (the closest one to the power plant) and uses a fighter jet loaded with a bunker buster missile to destroy the reactor. I am not even sure if bunker buster missiles exist though or if there are any jet fighter missiles which has the potency to penetrate a containment building (they are sometimes constructed to withstand missile attacks). Justiciar Knights already working within the air force may serve this purpose as well as long as one of them can operate a fighter jet and the other one has the competence to fuel and arm it. Unlikely scenario.

End note: for plants with a containment building and a secondary containment structure (fully or partly submerged underground), a secondary or even a tertiary explosive device may be required based on the damage inflicted by the primary blast. 100 kg for the secondary and tertiary bomb should be enough. The problem here is that the carrying capacity of an individual is 50 kg at best which reduces the possibilities to transport a secondary bomb inside the facility. However, based on the size and shape of the crater after the initial blast (and whether the structure collapsed or not), a larger secondary bomb (200-500kg) can be transported inside the facility using a transportation device such as a snow-mobile or a re-designed scooter. Components to create/deploy a makeshift bridge over the crater may be necessary in order for the vehicle to safely cross the crater. A study of the target facility is required in order to evaluate the desired attack strategy.

Our reliance on plumes[1]

Let’s imagine the following scenario:

  1. The containment building and all containment barriers were breached by the primary “barrack buster” (4000-7000 kg)

  2. The reactor was successfully destroyed while being in an on-line state

As our primary goal is not to destroy the reactor alone but to ensure a significant release of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area, we rely on plumes caused by fire (momentum) as the “transportation method”. We may have to consider including a third truck loaded with a mix of gasoline and tar/rubber and detonate it as close to the reactor as possible (optimally inside the containment building). Alternatively a load of 2000 litres of gasoline/rubber/tar mix may be included in the second truck and placed strategically inside and close to the reactor by the scooter/snow-mobile prior to or after we destroy the reactor. This would result in the development of significant plumes transporting highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and would thus drastically increase the estimated “Exclusion zone”.

At this point in time 1 Justiciar Knight may already be dead and the two others severely contaminated. The final goal for the contaminated Knights will be to prevent all rescue personnel from:

  1. Sealing the blast hole in the containment building (depending on the radius of the whole)

  2. Putting out the fires for the next 60 minutes

The regime will counter this strategy by sending in an assault team (with hazmat suits). These suits will prevent them from fighting efficiently. The Knights final stand will cause a significant delay of the regimes counter-measures.

Financial losses and human suffering relating to the successful implementation of: “Operation Regime Ender”

Financial losses for the multiculturalist regime:

  • Resettlement of everyone within the exclusion zone: 30-50 (100) km radius (300K – 2 million people)

  • Causing all infrastructure within the exclusion zone: 30-50 (100) km radius to be abandoned for the next 200 years due to the release of highly radioactive fallout.

  • All businesses within the exclusion zone (thousands of small to medium businesses) will be paralyzed resulting in a massive loss of taxes for the regime

  • A large proportion of the 300k – 2 million “internally displaced individuals” (refugees) will be pacified for a long period resulting in a massive loss of taxes for the regime.

  • Continuing and substantial decontamination and health care costs

  • National stock market will collapse as everyone will panic sell and attempt to salvage their funds

  • Pan-European stock markets will take a severe blow and are likely to crack as the panic spreads

  • International stock markets will take a severe blow and are likely to crack as the panic spreads

  • The national currency (or Euro) will be significantly weakened as currency investors will sell their positions and stay out

  • Such a blow is likely to cause a chain reaction causing foreign governments to dump government issued bonds which will further weaken the currency

The costs will be astronomic and in today’s currency amount to as much as 1000-5000 billion Euro which is enough to bankrupt any regime.

Such a devastating blow is calculated to break the budget, jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock, and bring the system crashing down. Fear, turmoil, violence and economic collapse would accompany such a breakdown (after the successful implementation of “Operation Regime Ender”) providing perfect conditions for fostering radical change (coup d’état).

Innocent human suffering/casualties

The 2005 report prepared by the Chernobyl Forum, led by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and World Health Organization (WHO), attributed 56 direct deaths (47 accident workers and nine children with thyroid cancer) and estimated that there may be 4000 extra cancer deaths among the approximately 600 000 most highly exposed people. Although the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and certain limited areas remain off limits, the majority of affected areas are now considered safe for settlement and economic activity due to radioactive decay.

Many will claim that polluting our own lands is an unacceptable cost. However, 200 years of infertile ground in the exclusion zone is absolutely nothing compared to the fact that our ancestors have ruled this land for the last 10 000 – 12 000 years and will continue to rule it for the next 10 000 years.

Inaccuracies in the estimated casualty report

A majority of individuals were exposed to radiation as a direct result of the Soviet Union’s unwillingness to evacuate (one week delay) and their unwillingness to prevent contaminated agricultural products from being distributed. Furthermore, the dictatorship in Belarus deliberately continued to distribute agricultural products from badly contaminated areas to their people (this is the case even today). I have been in Belarus myself and can personally attest to this as I have spoken to tens of people who has no choice but to consume contaminated food. 60% of the fallout landed in Belarus and the dictatorship is still deliberately feeding their own population with contaminated agricultural products.

The real future casualty numbers (attributed to a future attack cell) must therefore be considerably reduced:

Estimated casualty report for “Operation Regime Ender”

  • Less than 50 direct deaths

  • Less than 1000 future deaths cause by cancer

  • Less than 10 000 exposed people.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plume_%28hydrodynamics%29

Understanding Nuclear reactor technology

A nuclear reactor is a device in which nuclear chain reactions are initiated, controlled, and sustained at a steady rate.

The most significant use of nuclear reactors is as an energy source for the generation of electrical power (see Nuclear power) and for the power in some ships (see Nuclear marine propulsion). This is usually accomplished by methods that involve using heat from the nuclear reaction to power steam turbines.


The key components common to most types of nuclear power plants are:

  • Nuclear fuel

  • Nuclear reactor core

  • Neutron moderator

  • Neutron poison

  • Coolant (often the Neutron Moderator and the Coolant are the same, usually both purified water)

  • Control rods

  • Reactor vessel

  • Boiler feedwater pump

  • Steam generators (not in BWRs)

  • Steam turbine

  • Electrical generator

  • Condenser

  • Cooling tower (not always required)

  • Radwaste system (a section of the plant handling radioactive waste)

  • Refuelling floor

  • Spent fuel pool

  • Reactor Protective System (RPS)

  • Emergency core Cooling Systems (ECCS)

  • Standby Liquid Control System (emergency boron injection, in BWRs only)

  • Containment building

  • Control room

  • Emergency operations Facility

The people in a nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plants typically employ just under a thousand people per reactor (including security guards and engineers associated with the plant but possibly working elsewhere).[citation needed]

  • Nuclear engineers

  • Reactor operators

  • Health physicists

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Resident Inspectors

Reactor types


Nuclear Reactors are classified by several methods; a brief outline of these classification schemes is provided.

Classification by type of nuclear reaction

  • Nuclear fission. Most reactors, and all commercial ones, are based on nuclear fission. They generally use uranium and its product plutonium as nuclear fuel, though a thorium fuel cycle is also possible. This article takes "nuclear reactor" to mean fission reactor unless otherwise stated. Fission reactors can be divided roughly into two classes, depending on the energy of the neutrons that sustain the fission chain reaction:

  • Thermal reactors use slowed or thermal neutrons. Almost all current reactors are of this type. These contain neutron moderator materials that slow neutrons until their neutron temperature is thermalised, that is, until their kinetic energy approaches the average kinetic energy of the surrounding particles. Thermal neutrons have a far higher cross section (probability) of fissioning the fissile nuclei uranium-235, plutonium-239, and plutonium-241, and a relatively lower probability of neutron capture by uranium-238 compared to the faster neutrons that originally result from fission, allowing use of low-enriched uranium or even natural uranium fuel. The moderator is often also the coolant, usually water under high pressure to increase the boiling point. These are surrounded by reactor vessel, instrumentation to monitor and control the reactor, radiation shielding, and a containment building.

  • Fast neutron reactors use fast neutrons to cause fission in their fuel. They do not have a neutron moderator, and use less-moderating coolants. Maintaining a chain reaction requires the fuel to be more highly enriched in fissile material (about 20% or more) due to the relatively lower probability of fission versus capture by U-238. fast reactors have the potential to produce less transuranic waste because all actinides are fissionable with fast neutrons,[7] but they are more difficult to build and more expensive to operate. overall, fast reactors are less common than thermal reactors in most applications. Some early power stations were fast reactors, as are some Russian naval propulsion units. Construction of prototypes is continuing (see fast breeder or generation IV reactors).

  • Nuclear fusion. Fusion power is an experimental technology, generally with hydrogen as fuel. While not currently suitable for power production, farnsworth-Hirsch fusors are used to produce neutron radiation.

  • Radioactive decay. Examples include radioisotope thermoelectric generators as well as other types of atomic batteries, which generate heat and power by exploiting passive radioactive decay.

Containment building

A containment building, in its most common usage, is a steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor. It is designed, in any emergency, to contain the escape of radiation to a maximum pressure in the range of 60 to 200 psi ( 410 to 1400 kPa). The containment is the final barrier to radioactive release (part of a nuclear reactor’s defence in depth strategy), the first being the fuel ceramic itself, the second being the metal fuel cladding tubes, the third being the reactor vessel and coolant system.

The containment building itself is typically an airtight steel structure enclosing the reactor normally sealed off from the outside atmosphere. The steel is either free-standing or attached to the concrete missile shield. In the United States, the design and thickness of the containment and the missile shield are governed by federal regulations (10 CFR 50.55a).

While the containment plays a critical role in the most severe nuclear reactor accidents, it is only designed to contain or condense steam in the short term (for large break accidents) and long term heat removal still must be provided by other systems. In the Three Mile Island accident the containment pressure boundary was maintained, but due to insufficient cooling, some time after the accident, radioactive gas was intentionally let from containment by operators to prevent over pressurization. This, combined with further failures caused the release of radioactive gas to atmosphere during the accident.


Containment systems for nuclear power reactors are distinguished by size, shape, materials used, and suppression systems. The kind of containment used is determined by the type of reactor, generation of the reactor, and the specific plant needs.

Suppression systems are critical to safety analysis and greatly affect the size of containment. Suppression refers to condensing the steam after a major break has released it from the cooling system. Because decay heat doesn’t go away quickly, there must be some long term method of suppression, but this may simply be heat exchange with the ambient air on the surface of containment. There are several common designs, but for safety-analysis purposes containments are categorized as either "large-dry," "sub-atmospheric," or "ice-condenser."

Some facilities have an advanced containment/protection system

The ultimate safety system inside and outside of every BWR are the numerous levels of physical shielding that both protect the reactor from the outside world and protect the outside world from the reactor.

There are five levels of shielding:

  1. The fuel rods inside the reactor pressure vessel are coated in thick Zircalloy shielding;

  1. The reactor pressure vessel itself is manufactured out of 6 inch thick steel, with extremely temperature, vibration, and corrosion resistant surgical stainless steel grade 316L plate on both the inside and outside;

  1. The primary containment structure is made of steel 1 inch thick;

  1. The secondary containment structure is made of steel-reinforced, pre-stressed concrete 1.2–2.4 meters (4–8 ft) thick.

  1. The reactor building (the shield wall/missile shield) is also made of steel-reinforced, pre-stressed concrete 0.3 m to 1 m (1–3 feet) thick.

If every possible measure standing between safe operation and core damage fails, the containment can be sealed indefinitely, and it will prevent any substantial release of radiation to the environment from occurring in nearly any circumstance.

Varieties of containment/protection measures

As illustrated by the descriptions of the systems above, BWRs are quite divergent in design from PWRs. Unlike the PWR, which has generally followed a very predictable external containment design (the stereotypical dome atop a cylinder), BWR containments are varied in external form but their internal distinctiveness is extremely striking in comparison to the PWR. There are five major varieties of BWR containments:

  • The "pre-modern" containment (Generation I); spherical in shape, and featuring a steam drum separator, or an out-of-RPV steam separator, and a heat exchanger for low pressure steam, this containment is now obsolete, and is not used by any operative reactor.

  • the Mark I containment, consisting of a rectangular steel-reinforced concrete building, along with an additional layer of steel-reinforced concrete surrounding the steel-lined cylindrical drywell and the steel-lined pressure suppression torus below. The Mark I was the earliest type of containment in wide use, and many reactors with Mark Is are still in service today. There have been numerous safety upgrades made over the years to this type of containment, especially to provide for orderly reduction of containment load caused by pressure in a compounded limiting fault. The reactor building of the Mark I generally is in the form of a large rectangular cube of reinforced concrete.

  • the Mark II containment, similar to the Mark I, but omitting a distinct pressure suppression torus in favour of a cylindrical wetwell below the non-reactor cavity section of the drywell. Both the wetwell and the drywell have a primary containment structure of steel as in the Mark I, as well as the Mark I’s layers of steel-reinforced concrete composing the secondary containment between the outer primary containment structure and the outer wall of the reactor building proper. The reactor building of the Mark II generally is in the form of a flat-topped cylinder.

  • the Mark III containment, generally similar in external shape to the stereotypical PWR, and with some similarities on the inside, at least on a superficial level. For example, rather than having a slab of concrete that staff could walk upon while the reactor was not being refuelled covering the top of the primary containment and the RPV directly underneath, the Mark III takes the BWR in a more PWRish direction by placing a water pool over this slab. Additional changes include abstracting the wetwell into a pressure-suppression pool with a weir wall separating it from the drywell.

  • Advanced containments; the present models of BWR containments for the ABWR and the ESBWR are harkbacks to the classical Mark I/II style of being quite distinct from the PWR on the outside as well as the inside, though both reactors incorporate the Mark III-ish style of having non-safety-related buildings surrounding or attached to the reactor building, rather than being overtly distinct from it. These containments are also designed to take far more than previous containments were, providing advanced safety. In particular, GE regards these containments as being able to withstand a direct hit by a tornado of Old Fujitsa Scale 6 with winds of 330+ miles per hour. Such a tornado has never occurred. They are also designed to withstand seismic accelerations of .2 G, or nearly 2 meters per second in any direction.

Pressurised water reactors

As the cold war ended in 1991, newer nuclear power plants often have spherical design while pre-1991 reactors are often “can shaped” with a much more robust and massive missile shield.

For a pressurised water reactor, the containment also encloses the steam generators and the pressuriser, and is the entire reactor building. The missile shield around it is typically a tall cylindrical or domed building designed to withstand a moderate missile attack.

A large, 4000-7000 kg barrack buster (WMD), should have no problem destroying the structure and the reactor inside.

PWR containments are typically large (up to 10 times larger than a BWR) because the containment strategy during the leakage design basis accident entails providing adequate volume for the steam/air mixture that results from a loss-of-coolant-accident to expand into, limiting the ultimate pressure (driving force for leakage) reached in the containment building.

Early designs including Siemens, Westinghouse, and Combustion Engineering had a mostly can-like shape built with reinforced concrete. As concrete has a very good compression strength compared to tensile, this is a logical design for the building materials since the extremely heavy top part of containment exerts a large downward force that prevents some tensile stress if containment pressure were to suddenly go up. As reactor designs have evolved, many nearly spherical containment designs for PWRs have also been constructed. Depending on the material used, this is the most apparently logical design because a sphere is the best structure for simply containing a large pressure. Most current PWR designs involve some combination of the two, with a cylindrical lower part and a half-spherical top.

Modern designs have also shifted more towards using steel containment structures. In some cases steel is used to line the inside of the concrete, which contributes strength from both materials in the hypothetical case that containment becomes highly pressurized. Yet other newer designs call for both a steel and concrete containment, notably the AP1000 and the European Pressurized Reactor plan to use both, which gives missile protection by the outer concrete and pressurizing ability by the inner steel structure. The AP1000 has planned vents at the bottom of the concrete structure surrounding the steel structure under the logic that it would help move air over the steel structure and cool containment in the event of a major accident (in a similar way to how a cooling tower works).

If the outward pressure from steam in a limiting accident is the dominant force, containments tend towards a spherical design, whereas if weight of the structure is the dominant force, designs tend towards a can design. Modern designs tend towards a combination. In other words;

can” shaped containment buildings are much more effectively protected from explosive blasts than spherical designs which is often designed to prevent leakage accidents.

Typical examples are:

  • Three Mile Island was an early PWR design by Babcock and Wilcox, and has a “can” containment design that is common to all of its generation

  • A more detailed image for the ‘can’ type containment from the French brennilis Nuclear Power Plant

  • The twin PWR reactor containments at the Cook Nuclear Plant in Michigan

  • German plants exhibits a nearly completely spherical containment design, which is very common for German PWRs

  • Modern plants have tended towards a design that is not completely cylindrical or spherical, like the Clinton Nuclear Generating station.

The Russian VVER design is mostly the same as Western PWRs in regards to containment, as it is a PWR itself.

Old RBMK designs, however, did not use containments, which was one of many technical oversights of the Soviet Union that contributed to the Chernobyl accident in 1986.

Boiling water reactors

In a BWR, the containment strategy is a bit different. A BWR’s containment consists of a drywell where the reactor and associated cooling equipment is located and a wetwell. The drywell is much smaller than a PWR containment and plays a larger role. During the theoretical leakage design basis accident the reactor coolant flashes to steam in the drywell, pressurizing it rapidly. Vent pipes or tubes from the drywell direct the steam below the water level maintained in the wetwell (also known as a torus or suppression pool), condensing the steam, limiting the pressure ultimately reached. Both the drywell and the wetwell are enclosed by a secondary containment building, maintained at a slight sub-atmospheric or negative pressure during normal operation and refuelling operations. The containment designs are referred to by the names Mark I (oldest; drywell/torus), Mark II, and Mark III (newest). All three types house also use the large body of water in the suppression pools to quench steam released from the reactor system during transients.

From a distance, the BWR design looks very different from PWR designs because usually a square building is used for containment. Also, because there is only one loop through the turbines and reactor, and the steam going through the turbines is also slightly radioactive, the turbine building has to be considerably shielded as well:

This leads to two buildings of similar construction with the taller one housing the reactor and the short long one housing the turbine hall and supporting structures.

Typical examples are:

  • A representative one – Kernkraftwerk Krummel, unit German BWR has containment around both the turbine and reactor buildings

  • A typical two-unit BWR at the Brunswick Nuclear Generating Station

CANDU plants

CANDU power stations make use of a wider variety of containment designs and suppression systems than other plant designs. Due to the nature of the core design, the size of containment for the same power rating is often larger than for a typical PWR, but many innovations have reduced this requirement.

Many multiunit CANDU stations utilize a water spray equipped vacuum building. All individual Candu units on site are connected to this Vacuum building by a very large pipe and as a result require a small containment themselves. The Vacuum building rapidly condenses any steam from a postulated break, allowing the unit’s pressure to return to subatmospheric conditions. This minimizes any possible fission product release to the environment.

Additionally, there have been similar designs that use double containment, in which containment from two units are connected allowing a larger containment volume in the case of any major incident. This has been pioneered by one Indian HWR design where a double unit and suppression pool was implemented.

The most recent Candu designs, however, call for a single conventional dry containment for each unit.

Typical examples are:

  • The bruce A Generating Station, showing a large vacuum building serving 4 separate units that have a BWR-like shielding around them individually

  • The Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is two-unit site where the containment system is autonomous for each unit

  • A single unit of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, showing a slightly different shape from a typical PWR containment, which is mostly due to the larger footprint required by the Candu design

Design and testing requirements

Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 50, Appendix A, General Design Criteria (GDC 54-57) or some other design basis provides the basic design criteria for isolation of lines penetrating the containment wall. Each large pipe penetrating the containment, such as the steam lines, has isolation valves on it, configured as allowed by Appendix A; generally two valves. For smaller lines, one on the inside and one on the outside. For large, high-pressure lines, space for relief valves and maintenance considerations cause the designers to install the isolation valves near to where the lines exit containment. In the event of a leak in the high-pressure piping that carries the reactor coolant, these valves rapidly close to prevent radioactivity from escaping the containment. Valves on lines for standby systems penetrating containment are normally closed. The containment isolation valves may also close on a variety of other signals such as the containment high pressure experienced during a high-energy line break (e.g. main steam or feedwater lines). The containment building serves to contain the steam/resultant pressure, but there is typically no radiological consequences associated with such a break at a pressurized water reactor.

During normal operation, the containment is air-tight and access is only through marine style airlocks. High air temperature and radiation from the core limit the time, measured in minutes, people can spend inside containment while the plant is operating at full power. In the event of a worst-case emergency, called a "design basis accident" in NRC regulations, the containment is designed to seal off and contain a meltdown. Redundant systems are installed to prevent a meltdown, but as a matter of policy, one is assumed to occur and thus the requirement for a containment building. For design purposes, the reactor vessel’s piping is assumed to be breached, causing a "LOCA" (loss Of coolant accident) where the water in the reactor vessel is released to the atmosphere inside the containment and flashes into steam. The resulting pressure increase inside the containment, which is designed to withstand the pressure, triggers containment sprays ("dousing sprays") to turn on to condense the steam and thus reduce the pressure. A SCRAM ("neutronic trip") initiates very shortly after the break occurs. The safety systems close non-essential lines into the air-tight containment by shutting the isolation valves. Emergency Core Cooling Systems are quickly turned on to cool the fuel and prevent it from melting. The exact sequence of events depends on the reactor design.

Containment buildings in the US are subjected to mandatory testing of the containment and containment isolation provisions under 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix J. Containment Integrated Leakage Rate Tests (Type "A" tests or CILRTs) are performed on a 15 year basis. Local Leakage Rate Tests (Type B or Type C testing, or LLRTs) are performed much more frequently both to identify the possible leakage in an accident and to locate and fix leakage paths. LLRTs are performed on containment isolation valves, hatches and other appurtenances penetrating the containment. A nuclear plant is required by its operating license to prove containment integrity prior to restarting the reactor after each shutdown. The requirement can be met with satisfactory local or integrated test results (or a combination of both when an ILRT is performed).

In 1988, Sandia National Laboratories conducted a test of slamming a jet fighter into a large concrete block at 481 miles per hour (775 km/h). The airplane left only a 2.5-inch deep gouge in the concrete. Although the block was constructed like a containment building missile shield, it was not anchored, etc., the results were considered indicative. A subsequent study by EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute, concluded that air planes, even commercial airliners did not pose a danger as long as they didn’t carry an explosive WMD.

The Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station was hit directly by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Turkey Point has two fossil fuel units and two nuclear units. Over $90 million of damage was done, largely to a water tank and to a smokestack of one of the fossil-fuelled units on-site, but the containment buildings were undamaged.

Reactor Protective System

A Reactor Protective System (RPS) is a set of nuclear safety components in a nuclear power plant designed to safely shutdown the reactor and prevent the release of radioactive materials. The System can "trip" automatically (initiating a Scram), or it can be tripped by the operators. Trips occurs when the parameters meet or exceed the limit setpoint. A trip of the RPS results in full insertion (by gravity in pressurized water reactors or high-speed injection in boiling water reactors) of all control rods and shutdown of the reactor.

There are different RPS system and procedures for 1. Pressurized water reactors

and 2 Boiling water reactors (BWR).

There are several RPS systems for the BWR:

1. Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS)

  • High Pressure Coolant Injection System (HPCI)

  • Reactor core Isolation Cooling System (RCIC)

  • Automatic Depressurization System (ADS)

  • Low Pressure Core Spray System (LPCS)

  • Low Pressure Coolant Injection System (LPCI)

  • Depressurization Valve System (DPVS)/Passive Containment Cooling System (PCCS)/Gravity Driven Cooling System (GDCS)

2. Standby Liquid Control System (SLCS)

The safety systems in action: the Design Basis Accident

The Design Basis Accident (DBA) for a nuclear power plant is the most severe possible single accident that the designers of the plant and the regulatory authorities could imagine. It is, also, by definition, the accident the safety systems of the reactor are designed to respond to successfully, even if it occurs when the reactor is in its most vulnerable state. The DBA for the BWR consists of the total rupture of a large coolant pipe in the location that is considered to place the reactor in the most danger of harm—specifically, for older BWRs (BWR/1-BWR/6), the DBA consists of a "guillotine break" in the coolant loop of one of the recirculation jet pumps, which is substantially below the core waterline (LBLOCA, large break loss of coolant accident) combined with loss of feedwater to make up for the water boiled in the reactor (LOFW, loss of proper feedwater), combined with a simultaneous collapse of the regional power grid, resulting in a loss of power to certain reactor emergency systems (LOOP, loss of offsite power). The BWR is designed to shrug this accident off without core damage.

The description of this accident is applicable for the BWR/4, which is the oldest model of BWR in common service.

The immediate result of such a break (call it time T+0) would be a pressurized stream of water well above the boiling point shooting out of the broken pipe into the drywell, which is at atmospheric pressure. As this water stream flashes into steam, due to the decrease in pressure and that it is above the water boiling point at normal atmospheric pressure, the pressure sensors within the drywell will report a pressure increase anomaly within it to the Reactor Protection System at latest T+0.3. The RPS will interpret this pressure increase signal, correctly, as the sign of a break in a pipe within the drywell. As a result, the RPS immediately initiates a full SCRAM, closes the Main Steam Isolation Valve (isolating the containment building), trips the turbines, attempts to begin the spinup of RCIC and HPCI, using residual steam, and starts the diesel pumps for LPCI and CS.

Now let us assume that the power outage hits at T+0.5. The RPS is on a float uninterruptable power supply, so it continues to function; its sensors, however, are not, and thus the RPS assumes that they are all detecting emergency conditions. Within less than a second from power outage, auxiliary batteries and compressed air supplies are starting the Emergency Diesel Generators. Power will be restored by T+25 seconds.

Let us return to the reactor core. Due to the closure of the MSIV (complete by T+2), a wave of backpressure will hit the rapidly depressurizing RPV but this is immaterial, as the depressurization due to the recirculation line break is so rapid and complete that no steam voids will probably flash to water. HPCI and RCIC will fail due to loss of steam pressure in the general depressurization, but this is again immaterial, as the 2,000 L/min (600 US gal/min) flow rate of RCIC available after T+5 is insufficient to maintain the water level; nor would the 19,000 L/min (5,000 US gal/min) flow of HPCI, available at T+10, be enough to maintain the water level, if it could work without steam. At T+10, the temperature of the reactor core, at approximately 285 °C (550 °F) at and before this point, begins to rise as enough coolant has been lost from the core that voids begin to form in the coolant between the fuel rods and they begin to heat rapidly. By T+12 seconds from the accident start, fuel rod uncovery begins. At approximately T+18 areas in the rods have reached 540 °C (1000 °F). Some relief comes at T+20 or so, as the negative temperature coefficient and the negative void coefficient slows the rate of temperature increase. T+25 sees power restored; however, LPCI and CS will not be online until T+40.

At T+40, core temperature is at 650 °C (1200 °F) and rising steadily; CS and LPCI kick in and begins deluging the steam above the core, and then the core itself. First, a large amount of steam still trapped above and within the core has to be knocked down first, or the water will be flashed to steam prior to it hitting the rods. This happens after a few seconds, as the approximately 200,000 L/min (3,300 L/s, 52,500 US gal/min, 875 US gal/s) of water these systems release begin to cool first the top of the core, with LPCI deluging the fuel rods, and CS suppressing the generated steam until at approximately T+100 seconds, all of the fuel is now subject to deluge and the last remaining hot-spots at the bottom of the core are now being cooled. The peak temperature that was attained was 900 °C (1650 °F) (well below the maximum of 1200 °C (2200 °F) established by the NRC) at the bottom of the core, which was the last hot spot to be affected by the water deluge.

The core is cooled rapidly and completely, and following cooling to a reasonable temperature, below that consistent with the generation of steam, CS is shut down and LPCI is decreased in volume to a level consistent with maintenance of a steady-state temperature among the fuel rods, which will drop over a period of days due to the decrease in fission-product decay heat within the core.

After a few days of LPCI, decay heat will have sufficiently abated to the point that defueling of the reactor is able to commence with a degree of caution. Following defueling, LPCI can be shut down. A long period of physical repairs will be necessary to repair the broken recirculation loop; overhaul the ECCS; diesel pumps; and diesel generators; drain the drywell; fully inspect all reactor systems, bring non-conformal systems up to spec, replace old and worn parts, etc. At the same time, different personnel from the licensee working hand in hand with the NRC will evaluate what the immediate cause of the break was; search for what event led to the immediate cause of the break (the root causes of the accident); and then to analyze the root causes and take corrective actions based on the root causes and immediate causes discovered. This is followed by a period to generally reflect and post-mortem the accident, discuss what procedures worked, what procedures didn’t, and if it all happened again, what could have been done better, and what could be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again; and to record lessons learned to propagate them to other BWR licensees. When this is accomplished, the reactor can be refueled, resume operations, and begin producing power once more.

The ABWR and ESBWR, the most recent models of the BWR, are not vulnerable to anything like this incident in the first place, as they have no liquid penetrations (pipes) lower than several feet above the waterline of the core, and thus, the reactor pressure vessel holds in water much like a deep swimming pool in the event of a feedwater line break or a steam line break. The BWR 5s and 6s have additional tolerance, deeper water levels, and much faster emergency system reaction times. Fuel rod uncovery will briefly take place, but maximum temperature will only reach 600 °C (1,100 °F), far below the NRC safety limit.

It must be noted that no incident even approaching the DBA or even a LBLOCA in severity has ever occurred with a BWR. There have been minor incidents involving the ECCS, but in these circumstances it has performed at or beyond expectations. The most severe incident that ever occurred with a BWR was in 1975 due to a fire caused by extremely flammable urethane foam installed in the place of fireproofing materials at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant; for a short time, the control room’s monitoring equipment was cut off from the reactor, but the reactor shut down successfully, and, as of 2009, is still producing power for the Tennessee Valley Authority, having sustained no damage to systems within the containment. The fire had nothing to do with the design of the BWR – it could have occurred in any power plant, and the lessons learned from that incident resulted in the creation of a separate backup control station, compartmentalization of the power plant into fire zones and clearly documented sets of equipment which would be available to shut down the reactor plant and maintain it in a safe condition in the event of a worst case fire in any one fire zone. These changes were retrofitted into every existing US and most Western nuclear power plants and built in to new plants from that point forth.

Further studies

I have not been able to research all aspects regarding what potential effects the activation of the Reactor Protective System will have in case of an attack, a single source blast destroying the reactor.

What will happen if the plant workers manage to activate the RPS system and successfully shut the reactor down before it is destroyed? Will it severely hinder the potential damage caused (leakage)? What is the effect of a blast that destroys an on-line reactor vs. an off-line reactor?

See more information about various nuclear reactors:




Consequences of a nuclear power plant assault

Radioactive contamination

Radioactive contamination, also called radiological contamination, is the uncontrolled distribution of radioactive material in a given environment.

Surface contamination

Surface contamination is usually expressed in units of radioactivity per unit of area. For SI, this is becquerels per square meter (or Bq/m²). Surface contamination may either be fixed or removable. In the case of fixed contamination, the radioactive material cannot by definition be spread, but it is still measurable.

In practice there is no such thing as zero radioactivity. Not only is the entire world constantly bombarded by cosmic rays, but every living creature on earth contains significant quantities of carbon-14 and most (including humans) contain significant quantities of potassium-40. These tiny levels of radiation are not any more harmful than sunlight, but just as excessive quantities of sunlight can be dangerous, so too can excessive levels of radiation.

Low level contamination

The hazards to people and the environment from radioactive contamination depend on the nature of the radioactive contaminant, the level of contamination, and the extent of the spread of contamination. Low levels of radioactive contamination pose little risk, but can still be detected by radiation instrumentation. In the case of low-level contamination by isotopes with a short half-life, the best course of action may be to simply allow the material to naturally decay. Longer-lived isotopes should be cleaned up and properly disposed of, because even a very low level of radiation can be life-threatening when in long exposure to it.

High level contamination

High levels of contamination may pose major risks to people and the environment. People can be exposed to potentially lethal radiation levels, both externally and internally, from the spread of contamination following an accident (or a deliberate initiation) involving large quantities of radioactive material.

Radioactive iodine is a common fission product; it was a major component of the radiation released from the Chernobyl disaster, leading to nine fatal cases of pediatric thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism.

Ionizing radiation

The biological effects of radiation are thought of in terms of their effects on living cells. For low levels of radiation, the biological effects are so small they may not be detected in epidemiological studies. The body repairs many types of radiation and chemical damage. Biological effects of radiation on living cells may result in a variety of outcomes, including:

  • Cells experience DNA damage and are able to detect and repair the damage.

  • Cells experience DNA damage and are unable to repair the damage. These cells may go through the process of programmed cell death, or apoptosis, thus eliminating the potential genetic damage from the larger tissue.

  • Cells experience a nonlethal DNA mutation that is passed on to subsequent cell divisions. This mutation may contribute to the formation of a cancer.

  • Cells experience "Irreparable DNA Damage." Low level ionizing radiation may induce "Irreparable DNA damage" (leading to replicational and transcriptional errors needed for neoplasia or may trigger viral interactions) leading to pre-mature aging and cancer.

Understanding radiation

Radioactive decay/half life

It is estimated that 90% of the current exclusion zone can be utilized again within 200 years due to the constant radioactive decay. Radioactive decay is the process in which an unstable atomic nucleus spontaneously loses energy by emitting ionizing particles and radiation. This decay, or loss of energy, results in an atom of one type, called the parent nuclide transforming to an atom of a different type, named the daughter nuclide. For example: a carbon-14 atom (the "parent") emits radiation and transforms to a nitrogen-14 atom (the "daughter"). This is a stochastic process on the atomic level, in that it is impossible to predict when a given atom will decay, but given a large number of similar atoms the decay rate, on average, is predictable.

A more commonly used parameter is the half-life. Given a sample of a particular radionuclide, the half-life is the time taken for half the radionuclide’s atoms to decay.

Means of contamination

Radioactive contamination can enter the body through ingestion, inhalation, absorption, or injection. For this reason, it is important to use personal protective equipment when working with radioactive materials. Radioactive contamination may also be ingested as the result of eating contaminated plants and animals or drinking contaminated water or milk from exposed animals. Following a major contamination incident, all potential pathways of internal exposure should be considered.

Long term effects – radiation levels

Ionizing radiation includes both particle radiation and high energy electromagnetic radiation.

The associations between ionizing radiation exposure and the development of cancer are mostly based on populations exposed to relatively high levels of ionizing radiation, such as Japanese atomic bomb survivors, and recipients of selected diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedures.

Cancers associated with high dose exposure include leukemia, thyroid, breast, bladder, colon, liver, lung, esophagus, ovarian, multiple myeloma, and stomach cancers.

It is also suggested a possible association between ionizing radiation exposure and prostate, nasal cavity/sinuses, pharyngeal and laryngeal, and pancreatic cancer.

The period of time between radiation exposure and the detection of cancer is known as the latent period. Those cancers that may develop as a result of radiation exposure are indistinguishable from those that occur naturally or as a result of exposure to other chemical carcinogens.

Although radiation may cause cancer at high doses and high dose rates, public health data regarding lower levels of exposure, below about 1,000 mrem (10 mSv), are harder to interpret. To assess the health impacts of lower radiation doses, researchers rely on models of the process by which radiation causes cancer; several models have emerged which predict differing levels of risk.

Limiting exposure

There are four standard ways to limit exposure:

Time: For people who are exposed to radiation in addition to natural background radiation, limiting or minimizing the exposure time will reduce the dose from the radiation source.

Distance: Radiation intensity decreases sharply with distance, according to an inverse square law. Air attenuates alpha and beta radiation.

Shielding: Barriers of lead, concrete, or water give effective protection from radiation formed of energetic particles such as gamma rays and neutrons. Some radioactive materials are stored or handled underwater or by remote control in rooms constructed of thick concrete or lined with lead. There are special plastic shields which stop beta particles and air will stop alpha particles. The effectiveness of a material in shielding radiation is determined by its halve value thicknesses, the thickness of material that reduces the radiation by half. This value is a function of the material itself and the energy and type of ionizing radiation.

Containment: Radioactive materials are confined in the smallest possible space and kept out of the environment. Radioactive isotopes for medical use, for example, are dispensed in closed handling facilities, while nuclear reactors operate within closed systems with multiple barriers which keep the radioactive materials contained. Rooms have a reduced air pressure so that any leaks occur into the room and not out of it.

In a nuclear war, an effective fallout shelter reduces human exposure at least 1,000 times. Other civil defence measures can help reduce exposure of populations by reducing ingestion of isotopes and occupational exposure during war time. One of these available measures could be the use of potassium iodide (KI) tablets which effectively block the uptake of radioactive iodine into the human thyroid gland.

The Chernobyl attack (accident)

Two widely studied instances of large-scale exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation are: atomic bomb survivors in 1945; and emergency workers responding to the 1986 Chernobyl attack.

Longer term effects of the Chernobyl attack have also been studied. There is a clear link (see the UNSCEAR 2000 Report, Volume 2: Effects) between the Chernobyl attack and the unusually large number, approximately 1,800, of thyroid cancers reported in contaminated areas, mostly in children. These were fatal in some cases. Other health effects of the Chernobyl attack are subject to current debate.

The attack resulted in a severe release of radioactivity following a massive power excursion that destroyed the reactor. Most fatalities from the attack were caused by radiation poisoning.

Further explosions and the resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area, including the nearby town of Pripyat. Four hundred times more fallout was released than had been by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The plume drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Northern Europe. Rain contaminated with radioactive material fell as far away as Ireland. Large areas in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia were badly contaminated, resulting in the evacuation and resettlement of over 336,000 people. According to official post-Soviet data, about 60% of the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus.

The countries of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus have been burdened with the continuing and substantial decontamination and health care costs of the Chernobyl accident. It is difficult to accurately quantify the number of deaths caused by the events at Chernobyl, as over time it becomes harder to determine whether a death has been caused by exposure to radiation.

The attack

On 26 April 1986 at 1:23 a.m., reactor 4 suffered a massive, catastrophic power excursion due to “human error”. This caused a steam explosion, followed by a second (chemical, not nuclear) explosion from the ignition of generated hydrogen mixed with air, which tore the top from the reactor and its building and exposed the reactor core. This dispersed large amounts of radioactive particulate and gaseous debris containing fission products including cesium-137, strontium-90, and other highly radioactive reactor waste products. The open core also allowed atmospheric oxygen to contact the super-hot core containing 1,700 tonnes of combustible graphite moderator. The burning graphite moderator increased the emission of radioactive particles, carried by the smoke. The reactor was not contained by any kind of hard containment vessel (unlike all Western plants, Soviet reactors often did not have them). Radioactive particles were carried by wind across international borders.

Slow evacuation

The nearby city of Pripyat wasn’t fully evacuated until a week after the disaster.

Only after radiation levels set off alarms at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden did the Soviet Union admit that an attack had occurred, but authorities attempted to conceal the scale of the disaster. To evacuate the city of Pripyat, the following warning message was reported on local radio: "An accident has occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. One of the atomic reactors has been damaged. Aid will be given to those affected and a committee of government inquiry has been set up." This message gave the false impression that any damage or radiation was localized.

Exclusion zone

There is a 30 km Exclusion Zone around Chernobyl where officially nobody is allowed to live, but people do.

It is estimated that the land can be utilized for industrial purpose within 60 – 100 years and it can eventually be utilized for farming or any other type of agricultural industry within 200 years.

The Exclusion Zone is now so lush with wildlife and greenery that the Ukrainian government designated it a wildlife sanctuary in 2007, and at 488.7 km2 it is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Europe.

According to a 2005 U.N. report, wildlife has returned despite radiation levels that are presently 10 to 100 times higher than normal background radiation. Although they were significantly higher soon after the attack, the levels have fallen because of radioactive decay.


Target countries with operational reactors


Construction on the Zwentendorf Nuclear plant finished in 1978, however a referendum was passed that did not allow startup. Nuclear power is illegal.


Power station reactors

  • Nuclear Plant Doel – 4x PWR reactors, total power of 2839 MWe

  • Nuclear Plant Tihange – 3x PWR reactors, total power of 2985 MWe

The Doel Nuclear Power Station is one of the two nuclear power plants in Belgium. The plant lies on the bank of the Scheldt, near the village of Doel in the Flemish province of East Flanders. The Belgian energy corporation Electrabel is the plant’s largest stakeholder. The plant employs 800 workers and covers an area of 80 hectares.

The plant consists of four second-generation pressurised water reactors with a total capacity of 2839 MWe, making it the second largest nuclear power plant in Belgium, after Nuclear Plant Tihange. Its four units are rated as follows:

  • Doel 1 : 392 MWe

  • Doel 2 : 433 MWe

  • Doel 3 : 1006 MWe

  • Doel 4 : 1008 MWe

The Tihange Nuclear Power Station, along with Doel Nuclear Power Station, is one of the two large-scale nuclear power plants in Belgium. It is located on the right bank of the Meuse River in the Belgian deelgemeente of Tihange, part of Huy municipality in the Walloonian province of Liège. The primary stakeholder in the plant is the Belgian energy company Electrabel.

The plant has three pressurised water reactors, with a total capacity of 2985 MWe and makes up 52% of the total Belgian nuclear generating capacity.[1] Its units are rated as follows:

  • Tihange 1: 962 MWe

  • Tihange 2: 1008 MWe

  • Tihange 3: 1015 MWe

Research Reactors

  • Mol (BR-1) – Research reactor

  • Mol (BR-2) – Research reactor

  • Mol (BR-3) – PWR reactor (shut down)


Research Reactors

  • Risø – DR-3 DIDO class experimental reactor (shut down permanently in 2000)

  • Risø – DR-2 experimental reactor (shut down in 1975)

  • Risø – DR-1 experimental reactor (shut down permanently in 2001)


Power station reactors

  • Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant – 2 × 488 MWe – VVER reactors

  • Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant – 2 × 860 MWe – BWR reactors, under construction: 1 × 1650 MWe – EPR (expected in 2012)

Research reactor:

  • Espoo – TRIGA Mark II, State Institute for Technical Research (installed 1962)

Total 4 currently operating commercial reactors, further one under construction: the first European Pressurised Reactor facility at Olkiluoto,


Power station reactors

  • Belleville Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1310 MWe PWR reactors

  • Blayais Nuclear Power Plant – 4 910 MWe PWR reactors

  • Bugey Nuclear Power Plant – 4 PWR reactors: 2 at 910 MWe, 2 at 880 MWe

  • Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant – 4 1300 MWe PWR reactors

  • Chinon Nuclear Power Plant – 4 905 MWe PWR reactors

  • Chooz Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1500 MWe PWR reactors

  • Civaux Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1495 MWe PWR reactors

  • Cruas Nuclear Power Plant – 4 reactors: 2 at 880 MWe, 2 at 915 MWe

  • Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant – 4 890 MWe PWR reactors

  • Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant – 2 880 MWe PWR reactors – oldest operating commercial PWR reactors in France

  • Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1330 MWe PWR reactors

  • Golfech Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1310 MWe PWR reactors

  • Gravelines Nuclear Power Plant – 6 910 MWe PWR reactors

  • Nogent Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1310 MWe PWR reactors

  • Paluel Nuclear Power Plant – 4 1330 MWe PWR reactors

  • Penly Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1330 MWe PWR reactors

  • Phénix Nuclear Power Plant – 1 233 MWe FBR reactor

  • Saint-Alban Nuclear Power Plant – 2 1335 MWe PWR reactors

  • Saint-Laurent Nuclear Power Plant – 2 PWR reactors: 1 at 880 MWe, 1 at 915 MWe

  • Tricastin Nuclear Power Center – 4 915 MWe PWR reactors

Under construction – 1 total

  • Flamanville – 1 1630 MWe PWR reactor – EDF is building the second EPR reactor there.

Under planning – 1 total

  • Penly – 1 1630 MWe PWR reactor – EDF is planning a EPR reactor there.

Decommissioned Power Reactors – 12 total

  • Bugey – 1 540 MWe GCR reactor

  • Chinon – 3 GCR reactors

  • Chooz-A – 1 310 MWe PWR reactor – reactor managed by SENA (Société d’énergie nucléaire franco-belge des Ardennes).

  • Marcoule – 3 38 MWe GCR reactors

  • Brennilis – 1 70 MWe reactor – EL-49, heavy water reactor, only one of its kind in France, in Brittany

  • Saint Laurent des Eaux – 2 GCR reactors

  • Superphénix, creys-Malville – 1 1200 MWe FBR reactor


  • Le carnet

  • Plogoff

  • Thermos, a 50-100 MW reactor for the urban heating of Grenoble

Research reactors

  • Institut Laue-Langevin, currently the world’s most intense reactor source of neutrons for science

  • Rhapsodie

  • Zoe, first French reactor (1948)


Power station reactors

  • Biblis Nuclear Power Plant – Biblis-A and Biblis-B

  • Brokdorf Nuclear Power Plant

  • Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant

  • Emsland Nuclear Power Plant

  • Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant

  • Grohnde Nuclear Power Plant

  • Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant – Gundremmingen-B and Grundremmingen-C, A is defunct

  • Nuclear Power Plant Landshut Isar I + Isar II

  • Krümmel Nuclear Power Plant

  • Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant

  • Philippsburg Nuclear Power Plant Block A and Block B

  • Unterweser Nuclear Power Plant

Research Reactors

  • BER iI (Berliner-Experimentier-Reaktor II, Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin; rating: 10 MW, commissioned 1990)

  • FRG-1 (GKSS Research Center Geesthacht; rating: 5 MW, commissioned 1958)

  • FRM iI (Technische Universität München; Leistung: 20 MW, commissioned 2004)

  • FRMZ (TRIGA of the University of Mainz, institute of nuclear chemistry; continuous rating: 0.10 MW, pulse rating for 30ms: 250 MW; commissioned 1965)

Shut Down

  • Research nuclear plants in Jülich and Karlsruhe

  • Greifswald Nuclear Power Plant located in the former GDR. Shut down in 1990 (Greifswald-1 to Greifswald-4, and the unfinished Greifswald-5 reactor),Type: WWER-440

  • Gundremmingen-A (shut down 1977)

  • Hamm-Uentrop,THTR 300, shut down in 1988

  • Lingen, shut down in 1977

  • Mülheim-Kärlich Nuclear Power Plant, completed, operated briefly and then shut down in 1988 because of potential hazards

  • Niederaichbach, shut down in 1974

  • Obrigheim, shut down in May 2005

  • Rheinsberg, shut down in 1990, Type: WWER-70

  • Stade, shut down in 2003

  • Würgassen, shut down in 1994

  • Kalkar, never finished

  • Wyhl, famous planned nuclear plant that was never built because of long-time resistance by the local population and environmentalists.

  • Kahl Nuclear Power Plant


GRR-1 – 5 MW research reactor at Demokritos National Centre for Scientific Research, Athens. The reactor was upgraded a few years ago to 10 MW.


Phased out nuclear power after Chernobyl; no reactors operating right now, but considering 10 new reactors

Power station reactors (phased out)

  • Garigliano – BWR, 1 unit of 150 MWe, 1964-1982.

  • Latina – Magnox, 1 unit of 160 MWe, 1963-1987.

  • Caorso – BWR shut down following Italian referendum on nuclear power.

  • Trino Vercellese – shut down following Italian referendum on nuclear power.

  • Alto Lazio – 1964-1982.

Research reactors

  • Pavia – TRIGA Mark II, University of Pavia Mark II (installed 1965)

  • Rome – TRIGA Mark II, ENEA Casaccia Research Center (installed 1960)


Power station reactors

  • Borssele nuclear power plant – 481 MWe PWR

  • Dodewaard nuclear power plant – 58 MWe BWR (shut down 1997)

Research reactors

  • Delft, Reactor Institute Delft, part of the Delft University of Technology

  • Petten nuclear reactor in Petten

  • Biologische agrarische Reactor Nederland, part of the Wageningen University, shutdown in 1980

  • Athena, at the Eindhoven University of Technology, shut down

  • Kema suspensie Test Reactor, test reactor at KEMA, Arnhem, disassembled


Research reactors

  • Kjeller reactors

o NORA (activated 1961, shut down 1967)

o JEEP I (activated 1951, shut down 1967)

o JEEP II (activated 1966)

  • Halden reactor

o HBWR – Halden boiling water reactor (activated 1959)


  • Portuguese Research Reactor – 1 MWt pool type, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear


Power station reactors

  • Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant

o Almaraz-1 – 1032 MWe

o Almaraz-2 – 1027 MWe

  • Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

o Ascó-1 – 930 MWe

o Ascó-2 – 930 MWe

  • Central nuclear José Cabrera (Zorita) (shut down 04-30-2006)

  • Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant – 994 MWe

  • Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant – 460 MWe

  • Trillo Nuclear Power Plant – 1.066 MWe

  • Vandellòs Nuclear Power Plant Tarragona

o Vandellòs-1 UNGG (shut down after fire, 1989)

o Vandellòs-2 – 1080 MWe PWR

Research reactors

  • Argos 10 kW Argonaut reactor – Polytechnic University of Catalonia, barcelona (shut down 1992)

  • CORAL-I reactor


Power station reactors

  • Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant (operational)

  • Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant (operational)

  • Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant (operational)

  • Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant (shut down)

Power station reactors

Power station


Net MWe

Est closure

Barsebäck 1



Shut down

Barsebäck 2



Shut down

Forsmark 1




Forsmark 2




Forsmark 3




Oskarshamn 1




Oskarshamn 2




Oskarshamn 3




Ringhals 1




Ringhals 2




Ringhals 3




Ringhals 4




Research reactors

R1, KTH, Stockholm – Research – 1 MW – 1954–1970 – dismantled

R2, Studsvik – Research – 50 MW – 1960–2005 – shut down

R2-0, Studsvik – Research – 1 MW – 1960–2005 – shut down

Ågestaverket (R3), farsta, Sthl – Heating – 80 MW – 1963–1973 – shut down

Marviken (R4), Marviken, Norrköping Research, abandoned in 1970

FR-0, Studsvik, Research, zero-power fast reactor low – 1964–1971 – dismantled

Sweden has ten commercial reactors at three different locations (Forsmark, Ringhals and Oskarshamn). There are no longer any plans to phase out nuclear power in Sweden. The current centre-right government wants to make it possible to replace the current rectors in the future. If the leftwing parties win the elections in September 2010, it will however not accept new reactors replacing the current ones, but the reactors will not shut down either.

The ten reactors produce about 45% of the country’s electricity. The nation’s largest power station, Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, has four reactors and generates about a fifth of Sweden’s annual electricity consumption.

Sweden used to have a nuclear phase-out policy, aiming to end nuclear power generation in Sweden by 2010. On 5 February 2009, the Swedish Government announced an agreement allowing for the replacement of existing reactors, effectively ending the phase-out policy.


Power station reactors

  • Beznau Nuclear Power Plant – 2 identical PWR power reactors. Commissioned in 1969 and 1970.

  • Goesgen Nuclear Power Plant – PWR power reactor, commissioned 1979.

  • Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant – BWR power reactor, commissioned 1984.

  • Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant – BWR power reactor, commissioned 1970.

Research reactors

  • SAPHIR – Pool reactor. First criticality: April 30, 1957. Shut down: End of 1993. Paul Scherrer Institut

  • DIORIT – HW cooled and moderatred. First criticality: April 15, 1960. Shut down: 1977. Paul Scherrer Institut

  • Proteus – Null-power reconfigurable reactor (graphite moderator/reflector). in operation. Paul Scherrer Institut

  • Lucens – Prototype power reactor (GCHWR) 30 MWth/6 MWe. Shut down in 1969 after accident. Site decommissioned.

  • CROCUS – Null-power light water reactor. In operation. École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

United Kingdom

Nuclear Power in the United Kingdom generates a fifth of the country’s electricity (19.26% in 2004). The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate oversee all nuclear power installations and, as of 2006, the United Kingdom operates 24 nuclear reactors. The country also uses nuclear reprocessing plants, such as Sellafield.

A number of stations have been closed, and others are scheduled to follow. The two remaining Magnox nuclear stations and four of the seven AGR nuclear stations are currently planned to be closed by 2015. This is a cause behind the UK’s forecast ‘energy gap’, though secondary to the reduction in coal generating capacity. However the oldest AGR nuclear power station was recently life-extended by ten years, and it is likely many of the others can be life-extended, significantly reducing the energy gap.

All UK nuclear installations in the UK are overseen by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate.

Although the Government of the United Kingdom has recently given the go-ahead for a new generation of nuclear power stations to be built, the Scottish Government, with the backing of the Scottish Parliament, has made clear that Scotland will have no new nuclear power stations and is aiming instead for a non-nuclear future. As of 2007, there have been some significant developments towards nuclear fusion being implemented to solve the predicted energy crisis, most significantly and recently the drawing-up of plans to build one fusion power station, that will ‘supply power to the National Grid within 20 years.’ The JET facility at Culham, Oxfordshire indicates that Britain has both the industry and workforce for nuclear fusion.

In January 2009, British Energy was bought for approximately £12 billion by EDF Energy (a subsidiary of Electricite de France (EdF) SA)

Operating nuclear power stations

Power station


Net MWe

Est closure









Dungeness b




Hinkley Point B




Hunterston b








Heysham 1




Heysham 2








Sizewell b




Since 2006 Hinkley Point B and Hunterston B have been restricted to about 70% of normal MWe output because of boiler-related problems requiring that they operate at reduced boiler temperatures. This output restriction is likely to remain until closure.

Non-operating nuclear power stations

Power station


Net MWe

Est closure









Dungeness b




Hinkley Point B




Hunterston b








Heysham 1




Heysham 2








A number of research and development reactors also produced some power for the grid, including two Winfrith reactors, two Dounreay fast reactors, and the prototype Windscale Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor.

Power station reactors

  • Berkeley, Gloucestershire 2 x 276MW, de-commissioned

  • Bradwell, Essex (Generation ceased in 2002, defuelled by September 2005)

  • Calder Hall, Sellafield, Cumbria – 4 x 50MWe (Generation started in 1956 and ceased in 2003)

  • Chapelcross, Dumfries and Galloway – 4 x 180MW(th) (Generation ceased in June 2004)

  • Dungeness a, Kent 2 x 223MW. BNG owned Magnox station (Entered decommissioning January 2007)

  • Dungeness b, Kent 2 x 550 MW(e). British Energy owned AGR

  • Hartlepool, Hartlepool 2 x 600MW(e). British Energy owned AGR

  • Heysham nuclear power stations, Lancashire – 4 x 600 MW(e)

  • Hinkley Point A, Somerset (Ceased operations in 2000, defuelled by September 2005)

  • Hinkley Point B, Somerset 2 x 570MW(e). British Energy owned AGR

  • Hunterston a, North Ayrshire (Generation ceased 1990)

  • Hunterston b, North Ayrshire 2 x 570 MW(e) British Energy owned AGR

  • Oldbury, Gloucestershire – 2 x 435MW. (Generation due to cease July 2011 or when Cumulative Mean Core Irradiaton reaches 31.5 MWd/te (R1) and 32.7 MWd/te (R2))

  • Sizewell a, Suffolk BNFL owned Magnox station (Entered decommissioning January 2007)

  • Sizewell b, Suffolk 1 x 1195MWe. British Energy PWR

  • Torness, East Lothian 2 x 625 MW(e). British Energy owned AGR

  • Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd BNG owned Magnox station (Generation ceased 1991)

  • Winfrith, Dorchester, Dorset – SGHWR (ceased operation in 1990)

  • Wylfa, anglesey – 2 x 490MW magnox reactors. (Generation due to cease at end of 2010)

Research reactors

  • Aldermaston – VIPER – Atomic Weapons Establishment

  • Ascot – CONSORT reactor, Imperial College London, Silwood Park campus

  • Billingham – TRIGA Mark I reactor, ICI refinery (installed 1971, shut down 1988)

  • Culham – JET fusion reactor

  • Derby – Neptune – Rolls-Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd, Raynesway

  • Dounreay

o VULCAN (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine)

o PWR2 (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine)


o Dounreay Fast Reactor – Fast breeder reactor (shut down 1994)

o Prototype fast reactor

  • East Kilbride – Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre (deactivated 1995, fully dismantled 2003)

  • Harwell aERE

o GLEEP (shut down 1990)

o BEPO (shut down 1968)

o LIDO (shut down 1974)

o DIDO (shut down 1990)

o PLUTO (shut down 1990)

  • London

o Greenwich – JASON PWR reactor (dismantled 1999)

o Stratford Marsh – Queen Mary, University of London (fully dismantled)

  • Risley – Universities Research Reactor (shut down 1991 decommissioned-land released 1996)

  • Sellafield (named Windscale until 1971)

o PILE 1 (shut down 1957 after Windscale fire)

o PILE 2 (shut down 1957)

o WAGR (shut down 1982)

  • Winfrith – Dorchester, Dorset, 9 reactors, shut down 1990, including

o Dragon reactor

10 new nuclear sites

In November 2009, the Government has identified ten nuclear sites which could accommodate future reactors

  • Bradwell in Essex

  • Braystones

  • Kirksanton

  • Sellafield in Cumbria

  • Hartlepool

  • Heysham in Lancashire

  • Hinkley Point in Somerset

  • Oldbury in Gloucestershire

  • Sizewell in Suffolk

  • Wylfa in North Wales. (However, the Welsh Assembly Government remains opposed to new nuclear plants in Wales despite the approval of Wylfa as a potential site)

Most of these sites already have a station, the only new sites are Braystones and Kirksanton.

3.59 Radiological Dispersal Devices, RDDs; creating, deploying and detonating radiological bombs in Western European capitals

Page under construction (midle-age style) - Page en construction (style médiéval)

The term radiological bomb (dirty bomb) refers to a radiological weapon which combines radioactive material with conventional explosives. Though a radiological dispersal device (RDD) would be designed to disperse radioactive material over a large area, a bomb that uses conventional explosives would likely have more immediate lethal effect than the radioactive material. At levels created from most probable sources, not enough radiation would be present to cause severe illness or death. A test explosion and subsequent calculations done by the United States Department of Energy found that assuming nothing is done to clean up the affected area and everyone stays in the affected area for one year, the radiation exposure would be "fairly high", but not fatal. Recent analysis of the Chernobyl disaster fallout confirms this, showing that the effect on many people in the surrounding area, although not those in close proximity, was almost negligible.

Since a dirty bomb is unlikely to cause many deaths, many do not consider this to be a weapon of mass destruction. Its purpose would be to create psychological, not physical, harm through mass panic, and terror. For this reason dirty bombs are sometimes called "weapons of mass disruption". Additionally, containment and decontamination of thousands of victims, as well as decontamination of the affected area will require considerable time and expense, rendering areas partly unusable and causing devastating economic damage.

The term has also been used historically to refer to certain types of nuclear weapons. Due to the inefficiency of early nuclear weapons, only a small amount of the nuclear material would be consumed during the explosion. “Little Boy” had an efficiency of only 1.4%. “Fat Man”, which used a different design and a different fissile material, had an efficiency of 14%. Thus, they tended to disperse large amounts of unused fissile material, and the fission products, which are on average much more dangerous, in the form of nuclear fallout. During the 1950s, there was considerable debate over whether "clean" bombs could be produced and these were often contrasted with "dirty" bombs. "Clean" bombs were often a stated goal and scientists and administrators said that high-efficiency nuclear weapon design could create explosions which generated almost all of their energy in the form of nuclear fusion, which does not create harmful fission products.

But the Castle Bravo accident of 1954, in which a thermonuclear weapon produced a large amount of fallout which was dispersed among human populations, suggested that this was not what was actually being used in modern thermonuclear weapons, which derive around half of their yield from a final fission stage. While some proposed producing "clean" weapons, other theorists noted that one could make a nuclear weapon intentionally "dirty" by "salting" it with a material, which would generate large amounts of long-lasting fallout when irradiated by the weapon core. These are known as salted bombs; a specific subtype often noted is a “cobalt bomb”.

Practical use in history

There have only ever been two cases of caesium-containing bombs, and neither was detonated. Both involved the global Jihad against Russia. The first attempt of radiological terror was carried out in November 1995 by a group of Chechen Jihadists, who buried a caesium-137 source wrapped in explosives at the Izmaylovsky Park in Moscow. A Chechen rebel leader alerted the media, the bomb was never activated, and the incident amounted to a mere publicity stunt. In December 1998, a second attempt was announced by the Chechen Security Service, who discovered a container filled with radioactive materials attached to an explosive mine.

There have been several other cases where a few organizations including al-Qaeda planned to detonate a radiological bomb in the US. In 2002, an al-Qaeda cell operative; José Padilla aka. Abdulla al-Muhajir, was arrested after his cell commander, Abu Zubaydah, revealed sensitive information during interrogation. He revealed that his cell was close to constructing a radiological bomb. Although Padilla had not obtained radioactive material or explosives at the time of arrest, law enforcement authorities uncovered evidence that he was on reconnaissance for usable radioactive material and possible locations for detonation. There are approximately 5 similar stories involving al-Qaeda but also two European nationalist cells (on Ukrainian and one European-American).

PCCTS, Knights Templar and radiological weapons

The PCCTS, Knights Templar intend to include radiological weapons in our arsenal as they are quite easy to create and relatively easy to acquire for those individuals with basic knowledge. However, we do not intend to detonate radiological weapons before the capitulation deadline given to the criminal multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe which is; Jan 1st, 2020. Preparations to acquire enough caesium and other radiological components should however begin immediately so that we are well positioned to effectuate attacks after the deadline. Our radiological attacks (RDDs) will cause minimal to no civilian casualties but will create devastating ideological, physiological and economical damage on the targeted cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime.

Protection when handling radiological material

Let there be no doubt; the cost and complexity of using protective systems needed to protect the handler from radiation is not realistic. Our goal is therefore to use protective systems (hazmat suits, improvised and relatively inexpensive lead containers) that allow the builder/transporter of the bomb to survive long enough in order to successfully deploy and detonate it. Ensure that you have drugs against radiation sickness available prior to initiation of operation. These drugs will treat damaged organs, reduce symptoms and manage pain. Decontamination is the removal of as much external radioactive particles as possible. Removing clothing and shoes eliminates about 90 percent of external contamination. Gently washing with water and soap removes additional radiation particles from the skin. Decontamination prevents further distribution of radioactive materials and lowers the risk of internal contamination from inhalation, ingestion or open wounds.

Treatment for internal contamination includes treatments to reduce damage to internal organs caused by radioactive particles. These treatments include the following:

  • Potassium iodide is a nonradioactive form of iodine. Because iodine is essential for proper thyroid function, the thyroid becomes a "destination" for iodine in the body. If you have internal contamination with radioactive iodine (radioiodine), your thyroid will absorb radioiodine just as it would other forms of iodine. Treatment with potassium iodide may fill "vacancies" in the thyroid and prevent absorption of radioiodine. The radioiodine is eventually cleared from the body in urine.

  • Prussian blue, a type of dye, binds to particles of radioactive elements known as cesium and thallium. The radioactive particles are then excreted in feces. This treatment speeds up the elimination of the radioactive particles and reduces the amount of radiation cells may absorb.

  • Diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA) is a substance that binds to metals. DTPA binds to particles of the radioactive elements plutonium, americium and curium. The radioactive particles pass out of the body in urine, thereby reducing the amount of radiation absorbed.

Supportive treatment

If you have radiation sickness, you should take additional medications or interventions to treat:

  • Bacterial infections

  • Headache

  • Fever

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Dehydration

Long term exposure of radiation may damage your bone marrow. However, it is unlikely that any Justiciar Knight will expose himself to radiation over a longer period, unless he is seeking radiological sources over a period of several months, so a scenario where you experience damage to your bone marrow is not realistic. In a context where this is a problem, a protein called granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, which promotes the growth of white blood cells, may counter the effect of radiation sickness on bone marrow. Treatment with this protein-based medication, which includes filgrastim (Neupogen) and pegfilgrastim (Neulasta), may increase white blood cell production and help prevent subsequent infections.

End-of-life preparations

A Justiciar Knight who has absorbed large doses of radiation (8 Gy or greater) has little chance of recovery and will die. Depending of the severity of illness, death can occur within two days or two to three weeks. Justiciar Knights with a lethal radiation dose should ensure that he has medications to control pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. He should also receive psychological encouragement from fellow Knights if possible.

Hazmat suit and lead containers

Be extremely careful when handling radiological material. One example we can learn from is the radiological accident occurring in Goiânia, Brazil, between September 1987 and March 1988: Two metal scavengers broke into an abandoned radiotherapy clinic and removed a teletherapy source capsule containing powdered caesium-137 with an activity of 50 T Bq. They brought it home to one of the men to take it apart and sell it as scrap metal. Later that day both men were showing acute signs of radiation illness with vomiting and one of the men had a swollen hand and diarrhoea. A few days later one of the men punctured the 1 mm thick window of the capsule, allowing the caesium chloride powder to leak out and when realizing the powder glowed blue in the dark, brought it back home to his family and friends to show it off. After 2 weeks of spread by contact contamination causing an increasing number of adverse health effects, the correct diagnosis of acute radiation sickness was made at a hospital and proper precautions could be put into procedure. By this time 249 people were contaminated, 151 exhibited both external and internal contamination of which 20 people were seriously ill and 5 people died.

The Goiânia incident to some extent predicts the contamination pattern when an explosion spreads radioactive material, but also how fatal even very small amounts of ingested radioactive powder can be. The goal must be to acquire and use powdered alpha emitting material (or equivalently potent material), that if ingested can pose a serious health risk. This was also the case of deceased former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who either ate, drank or inhaled polonium-210. "Smoky bombs" based on alpha emitters might easily be just as dangerous as beta or gamma emitting dirty bombs.

Justiciar Knight Commanders or Operatives should take the required security measures and at least provide and use secure lead containers. I have not yet researched portable, anti-radiological containers, but it is likely we will have to design and build them ourselves as we need to properly add camouflaging effects to the item for transportation purposes. The containers, perhaps designed as briefcases, must be used in order to prevent alerting your surroundings. When approaching a source, you should equip your anti-radiological hazmat suit and secure the material in your container. When you are at a safe distance you must then un-equip your suit (and transport it in a separate bag) in order to avoid raising red flags from your surroundings.

Obtaining material for a radiological bomb

When evaluating sources for the acquirement of radiological material a good measurement should be to focus on material with an activity potential of at least more than 5 T Bq. The latest government security overview published in 2010 estimates that more than 2000 tons of radiological material remains unsecured around the world in the strangest of places. Material lies unsecured in thousands of locations such as Russian light houses, abandoned radiotherapy clinics, national industrial or military dumping grounds, abandoned plutonium mines, abandoned military vessels, sunken military vessels (material available to divers) etc.

In order for us to construct and detonate a radiological bomb, we must acquire radioactive material by stealing it or buying it through legal or illegal channels. Possible RDD material could come from the millions of radioactive sources used worldwide in the industry, for medical purposes and in academic applications mainly for research. Of these sources, only nine reactor produced isotopes stand out as being suitable for radiological terror:

  • Americium-241 (widely used in smoke detectors, 1 milligram per)

  • Californium-252

  • Caesium-137 (cesium)

  • Cobalt-60

  • Iridium-192

  • Plutonium-238, 239

  • Polonium-210

  • Radium-226

  • Strontium-90

Of these materials, radium-226 and polonium-210 are considered the least potent. Of these sources the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has estimated that within the US, approximately one source is lost, abandoned or stolen every day of the year. Within the European Union the annual estimate is 70. There exists thousands of such "orphan" sources scattered throughout the world, but of those reported lost, no more than an estimated 20 percent are classified as a potential high security concern if used in a RDD. Especially Russia is believed to house thousands of orphan sources, which were lost following the collapse of the Soviet Union. A large but unknown number of these sources probably belong to our Russian nationalist brothers or sympathisers or the Russian mafia networks. Noteworthy are the Russian very strong beta emitting strontium-90 sources used as radioisotope thermoelectric generators for beacons in lighthouses in remote areas. These were recently (2009) secured by Russian authorities but many were stolen or “lost” prior to this campaign. It is likely that such emitters are still widely available in ex-Soviet republics. In December 2001, three Georgian woodcutters stumbled over such a power generator and dragged it back to their camp site to use it as a heat source. Within hours they suffered from acute radiation sickness and sought hospital treatment. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) later stated that it contained an amount of strontium equivalent to pose a huge risk if ever used with a RDD.

It should be considered relatively easy to acquire at least one of these materials if you have a minimum of information in regards to appropriate sources. It is therefore likely that any Justiciar Knight cell attempting to acquire radiological material will be successful. We, the PCCTS, Knights Templar or any allied liberation organization is likely to obtain radioactive material through the "black market" or by going directly to the sources ourselves. Due to the nature of our hierarchical structure it is unlikely that we can afford purchasing it from criminal organization as the prize would simply be too steep. In any case, the black market remains as one viable option for acquirement. There has been a steady increase in illicit trafficking of radioactive sources from 1996 to 2004. However, these recorded trafficking incidents mainly refer to rediscovered orphan sources without any sign of the criminal activity being linked to patriotic liberation movements.

Challenges and considerations for the Justiciar Knights cell

In addition to task consisting of obtaining usable radioactive material, there are several requirements or considerations we have to evaluate:

  1. The source should be "sufficiently" radioactive to create direct radiological damage at the explosion or at least to perform societal damage or disruption.

  1. The source should be transportable with enough shielding to protect the carrier, but not so much that it will be too heavy to manoeuvre. Loading enough material in a truck together with a small to medium fertilizer bomb would seem to be the most pragmatical approach.

  1. The radiological material must be sufficiently dispersed during detonation to effectively contaminate the area around the explosion. creating a solid dispersal strategy is required which should involve the inclusion of f example designed hollow/soaked projectiles made from metal/steel which are included as “carriers”. Metal shrapnel, or perhaps specifically designed steel balls with small internal chambers (containing radioactive material), either designed to be dispersed at impact location or specifically designed metal balls/shrapnel for aerial dispersal from detonation site to impact site. If designed correctly, the material inside the ball will be dispersed in relation to the velocity of the projectile vs. design size and air pressure. If you cover the bomb with thousands of these metal carrier shrapnel/balls, depending on detonation site, it may contaminate an area up to 3 square kilometres. If you add enough of these balls, it will result in a scenario where it will literally “rain radioactive balls” over a big portion of the city contributing to the ideological, psychological and economical devastation.

  1. Suitable locations: Western European capitals preferably close to or on top of the most popular inner city tourist attractions/parliament building/city hall or any other location of symbolic/economical value to cause maximum ideological, psychological and economical damage. Just imagine how much ideological, psychological and economical damage it would cause the criminal French cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime if they had to abandon the Eiffel tower and create a 1 km containment zone around it for several decades to come. The total sum of damage converted into economical losses for the regime would amount to as much as hundreds of billions of Euros and would perhaps cause a chain reaction leading to the fall of the regime.

An example of a best case scenario is when a Justiciar Knight cell (1-3 individuals) possessing a source of highly radioactive material, e.g. a strontium-90 thermal generator, with the ability to create an incident comparable to the Chernobyl accident. The detonation of a radiological bomb using such a source would be optimal and would not prove to be too difficult or unrealistic. These light house thermal generators were until recently readily available in Russia and are still available in ex-Soviet republics. We would assemble the bomb in a safe location using protective gear and transport the bomb by truck to the detonation location. The Justiciar Knights involved in this operation would be subject to severe radiation exposure during assembly and transportation. However, the exposure would not be fatal immediately and the Justiciar Knights involved would be able to function properly with the provided meds until detonation. During transportation, the device has to be sealed or at least covered in a large lead capsule/cover in order to prevent too much radiation to the Knights transporting it. It is however worth noting; shielding the source effectively would make it almost impossible to transport and a lot less effective if detonated. The Justiciar Knights involved in the assembly and/or transport (1-2) are therefore sacrificing themselves and will die as martyrs for the cause.

Considering an alternative dispersal approach

Instead of or addition to a blast, for the intention of effective dispersal, it should be considered to simply use a gasoline/rubber mix as the primary dispersal method. In this context, a Justiciar Knight has to go to the back of the truck and remove the lead containment shell (the protective measures), ensuring that all the radiological material is unshielded. He will then have to ignite the 5-20 barrels of gasoline/rubber mix either via remote detonation or by dead man switch. At that point he will have no chance of long term survival due to severe radiation poisoning. It would therefore be most efficient if he used a remote detonation and established a sniper post close to the fire, and thus effectively preventing the fire corps from putting out the fire for up to a period of 60 minutes (until he is neutralised by a system protector snipers). The fire will generate significant radioactive fumes (radioactive particles carried by the fumes) and the resulting fume-clouds will act as the “dispersal device” transporting highly radioactive particles up to several hundred kilometres away and would be likely to contaminate neighbouring countries and thus causing an international crisis.

Estimating the consequences of a Knights Templar RDD attack

The fear of radiation is not always logical. Although the exposure might be minimal, many people find radiation exposure especially frightening because it is something they cannot see or feel, and it therefore becomes an unknown source of danger. The Western European multiculturalist regimes will have great challenges in dealing with public fear after a RDD attack. This public fear of radiation also plays a big role in why the costs of an RDD impact on a major metropolitan area might be equal to or even larger than that of the 9/11 attacks. Assuming the radiation levels are not too high and the area does not need to be abandoned such as the town of Pripyat near the Chernobyl reactor, an expensive and time consuming cleanup procedure will begin which will cost the regime anything from 500 million up to 2000 billion Euros. This will mainly consist of tearing down highly contaminated buildings, digging up contaminated soil/asphalt/concrete and quickly applying sticky substances to remaining surfaces to adhere the radioactive particles before radioactivity penetrates the building materials. These procedures are the current state of the art for radioactive contamination cleanup, but many experts say that a complete cleanup of external surfaces in an urban area to current decontamination limits would be impossible. As such, it is likely that the regime will have no choice but to create a containment zone on a smaller scale than that of Chernobyl. This policy of abandonment will result in a scenario where up to 1 square kilometre in an urban environment is contained/restricted for up to 100 years. The infrastructure “lost” for this period might amount to as much as 1000 billion Euros. In addition there will be massive loss of working hours as the working force in the specified sector is “relocated”. Even if the regime manages to cleanup parts of the area there will still be devastating psychological and economical impact. Because even if they manage to reduce the radiation levels to an acceptable level, there will be residual public fear of the site including unwillingness to conduct business as usual in the area. Tourist traffic is likely not to resume for at least several decades.

Manipulative proxy attacks

Involves all devastating attacks against Muslim groups with the purpose of provoking a collective response or manipulate individual Muslims to choose the path of Jihad.

See other chapter.

Communication and Logistics

Page under construction (midle-age style) - Page en construction (style médiéval)

Issues relating to Overseer tasks such as insignias, commendations and uniforms communicate our sovereignty and contribute to establish the consensus that we in fact represent a realistic independent political alternative from the current Western European multiculturalist hegemony. We want to communicate that we are not merely tools of the ongoing European civil war but that we are and indeed represent a realistic and independent future political government to the existing EUSSR regimes. As such, these topics are included under Communication and Logistics. A Justiciar Knight uniform with insignias, badges and commendations communicates quite effectively our accomplishments (ribbon by ribbon), our unwavering determination and our responsibility to carry the struggle forward with specific goals for the future, this for everyone to see during a trial. Our Justiciar Knight tombstone communicates our cause message after the individual Justiciar Knight has perished. As such, all tasks and areas relating to the Overseer is a part of our deliberate communication strategy and must be regarded as such.

3.60 European resistance fighters and the importance of an appealing image and ideology – efficient marketing techniques

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A Justiciar Knight is not only a valorous resistance fighter, a one man army; he is a one man marketing agency as well.

We are selling the promise of a better future for our people and our children. Resistance fighters are in many ways sales representatives. They are marketers and ambassadors to not only their specific organisations and movements but to the future we wish to create. As such, it is important that all resistance fighters learn the basics of sales and marketing. Failing to understand basic primary concepts of sales and marketing will significantly limit the impact and efficiency of the message we wish to send.

When we blow up a building full of category A and B traitors it is not only for the purpose of killing. An important part of the operation is to force awareness of our movement and our ideology. The ideology we represent is the product we want to sell to the European peoples.

It is essential for all cultural conservative resistance fighters to understand that we are in the middle of a war of perceptions. Our objective is to portray our enemies in the worst possible light – as cultural Marxist traitors who wishes to sell their own peoples into Muslim slavery. They, on the other hand, have the exact opposite objective. They are doing everything to tell the people that they have no political opposition whatsoever and that the occasional attack is only committed by backwater, brain damaged and inbred freaks. They are effectively “selling” the perception that we are nothing more than a bunch of pedophile and criminal scum of society, who has somehow escaped from the local insane asylum. They ALWAYS illustrate their definition of heroic icons of society using all factors to improve their looks and appeal. And they ALWAYS illustrate the nationalist resistance fighters in the worst possible light, without makeup, in bad lighting, without editing, and often in unfortunate postures. And these often appalling photos correlate with the above description. This is not coincidental but a deliberate aspect of their psychological warfare against us. They deliberately portray us as the anti-thesis of the ideal person so that we achieve a minimum of impact when it comes to appealing to the average European. We must counter this psychological warfare campaign by making it harder for them to use this weapon against us.

We must learn the basics of sales and marketing and apply this knowledge to our own benefit. We must learn to incorporate marketing/sales aspects in our operations. How can we do this?

In marketing

Sexy projections of females sell and inspire, in peacetime and during war. There will primarily be men taking most of the risks so it should be a priority to appeal to a broadest selection of European males. Resistance leaders/cell commanders or individual cell operatives must prioritise to arrange and book a professional photo session prior to operation for one or all involved. Resistance leaders of larger networks should also arrange photo sessions with female patriotic models to use in online marketing/recruitment campaigns. It is essential that enough resources are invested into marketing material in order to create a professional and appealing image of our struggle. It is essential that cell commanders and/or cell operatives budget at least a portion of their operational budget to photo sessions and remember to delete all other unfortunate photos from the past. This is to prevent the media/police from getting access to them and exploit them for their own propaganda. The police usually “leak” “retarded looking” photos to the press after raiding the cells apartment after an operation. By removing and deleting all “negative” photos, and by making available the professional, photo shopped photos prior to the operation; we make their job significantly harder.

General marketing tips

  • Use modern, stylish mainstream logos and material that will appeal to a maximum of targets (poor material that looks unappealing will not benefit our cause)

  • Use professional graphic designers (poor graphic/material will not benefit our cause)

  • All models should be styled to look their best (a person who looks like a caveman (ref: Osama) will have little appeal)

  • Use professional makeup artists and use make up on both female and male models. Yes, this sounds gay, but looking “attractive” will significantly benefit the impact of our message as it will act as a force multiplier

  • Use professional editing (photoshop) on all digital photos (You can hire a programmer on f example: http://www.scriptlance.com to photoshop your pictures for less than 50 Euro).

Preparations required before a photo shoot

As a Justiciar Knight you will go into history as one of the most influential individuals of your time. So you need to look your absolute best and ensure that you produce quality marketing material prior to operation.

Prepare for the photo session;

  • Take a few hours in a solarium to look fresher.

  • Train hard (work out) at least 7 days prior to photo session

  • Cut your hair shave

  • Visit a male salon if possible and apply light makeup. Yes, I know – this might sound repulsive to big badass warriors like us, but we must look our best for the shoot

  • Use your best clothing – you can f example bring 3 different sets of clothing to the shot location – 1. Dress, tie etc. 2. casual wear 3. Sporty wear 4. Militaristic wear (obviously, you can’t bring your guns or anything indicating that you are a resistance fighter). You should always order the photo session in a foreign country to avoid that the personnel alerts authorities. always pay in cash and do not sign any receipt with your own name.

End note: Be very careful to have military shots lying around. Be very careful if you decide to use pictures with guns. People who see these photos might alert the authorities. Carefully consider the use of symbols as it might backfire. Cross of the martyrs is fine (St. George) but avoid any symbol associated with Nazism.

Battlefield Wikipedia – an important tool to market resistance fighters/resistance movements and our world view

Members of the European Resistance Movements on all 8 political fronts must prioritise contributions in Wikipedia as a primary method for presenting our world view, our political doctrines and our definition of history.

As for members, sympathizers or anonymous contributors of the European armed resistance:

You may create a Wikipedia description prior to operation and make it “indirectly” available to sympathisers. If no Wikipedia profile has been created for the resistance fighter, any sympathiser should contribute to create one. Furthermore, we must create an article that has the potential to indirectly appeal to anyone reviewing it. If you choose to create one yourself prior to an operation you obviously can’t include ANY incriminating information. Details concerning the operation, goals, motivations and interviews and/or other info must be added by sympathisers after an operation. It is essential to describe our 70 year goal and specific goals for phase 1, 2 and 3 of the European civil war. 1-2 photos from the photo shoot should be included in the Wikipedia entry.

Keep in mind that our enemies (cultural Marxists, humanists) may try to use Wikipedia to ridicule or discredit these resistance fighters. They may also attempt to sabotage existing Wikipedia entries. All sympathisers should therefore keep an eye out for these wiki attacks.

Wikipedia should not be underestimated as a primary source for contributing to create “established truths”. We must strive to present our views in the most favorable way while at the same time discredit our enemies. It is an arena we should focus on.

3.61 After a successful operation – countering the misinformation campaign from the multiculturalist government – martyrdom or prison

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When an operative of any of the European Resistance Movements manages to deal a newsworthy blow to the regime (a blow big enough to penetrate censorship), the natural response from the multiculturalist regime will be to protect its ideology from any and all ideological damage. This is usually done by labeling the enemy as a madman or discrediting him as a victim in some twisted way (character assassination). They will usually claim the individual was not a cultural conservative resistance fighter but rather a pathetic victim who was bullied or discriminated against by someone at some point in his past. We see that the multiculturalists use this very efficient psy. war method again and again when they face a lethal terrorist attack of any sort.

No, no, he was not a Jihadist. He was just a misunderstood individual, a psychologically unstable victim abused/misguided by someone etc.

According to them, there is only a small core of evil Muslim fanatics in the world sitting in caves somewhere and are recruiting through the internet (through wireless satellite broadband) “vulnerable angry individuals”, victimised by society in the past, as suicide bombers. They will also claim that any European resistance fighter is just as pathetic, that all are “poor white trash psychotics, with a medieval mentality, who are making a fuss because we failed in the materialistic hierarchy”. According to their logic there are just a handful of us trying to recruit vulnerable individuals, when in fact the truth is anything but what they are trying to project.

Now, normally you would think the MSM or the government is just incredible naive for claiming this. But in fact, this deliberate strategy is everything but naive. It’s a highly sophisticated psychological warfare countermeasure designed to limit any and all ideological damage which might have been caused by the attack. Because you see, if the multiculturalist regime can prove without a reasonable doubt that the attacking force (usually a single individual cell) is a random irrelevant madman and not in fact a threatening political adversary they will successfully achieve a position where they do not have to explain to the public why said individual would want to cause ideological damage to them. It is a deliberate strategy to avoid revealing the truth, and the attackers political motives. Admitting that the attacker has some valid points would contribute to undermine the system they have chosen to protect. This strategy of ridiculing their political enemies also prevents other nationalists from pursuing the same course.

So, in any situation where an attacking force is defeated (and we will all, most likely, be defeated in phase 1) they will cling to this strategy of discredit and ridicule. Alternatively they will use censorship to silence the story to death as is the common weapon of choice in France. A countermeasure would be for the resistance fighter to actually survive the operation and attest to his political agenda. That his objective was in fact part of a larger, long term strategy to cause ideological damage to the EUSSR/USASSR multiculturalist regime as part of a 100 year plan to completely seize power through military means and replace the system. The problem, however, with allowing capture is that the regime will use all means to break the subject. They are not allowed to torture so they will have the Muslims do it for them (by placing the resistance fighter together with Muslims). They may say; we can’t torture you so we will let the Mujahedeen in our prison systems rape/torture you until you reject your beliefs. If you do not reject them after that we will let them kill you. It would be an overwhelming success for them if they managed to make a resistance fighter reject his political beliefs.

Countering the misinformation campaign

Likely counter attacks (propaganda/ideological counter attacks) should be expected. The classical approach is to first character assassinate every individual involved in the operation branding them as freaks: racists, fascists, Nazis, paedophiles, nut-cases etc., secondary to claim that we are representing a monster-ideology. They will claim that we represent an ideology that would stigmatise and de-legitimise us in the eyes of the people. The multiculturalists will claim that we are right wing extremists who seek to form a totalitarian/un-democratic racist/fascist/Nazi society/structure based on hate. Obviously this is as far from the truth as imaginable. Therefore, we must be prepared to explain to the people at any given time and in a few words what kind of society they can expect when we successfully gain power.

What kind of society/political platform are we seeking to build/restore. What does a cultural conservative/nationalist/monocultural society constitute?

The closest similarity you will find and a good comparison is especially the Japanese and South Korean societies and to a certain degree the Taiwanese model. These three models contain a majority of all the political principles we seek to restore. They represent many of the European classical conservative principles of the 1950’s (culturally) with modern twists; in other words a monocultural, scientifically advanced, economically progressive society with an exceptional level of welfare but which will not accept multiculturalism or Cultural Marxist principles. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are today the most peaceful societies due to their monocultural model. Crime is more or less non-existent and you can travel freely everywhere without the constant fear of getting raped, ravaged, robbed or killed. They have embraced many positive aspects of globalism but have rejected many of the negative aspects. The fundaments of the patriarchal structures and family values are very strong in these three countries as the wave of feminism lacked several catalyst components (which made it a lot less potent) due to the rejection of multiculturalist/cultural Marxist thought during the 60s and 70s. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are today our role models for the conservative movement. They are peaceful and anti-imperialistic just like we have aspirations to be.

When listening to Marxist propaganda, the typical claims are all based on lies. It is a falsehood to claim that the cultural conservatives in Europe are imperialistic and violent by nature. We do NOT want to copy the failed aggressive totalitarian fascist dictatorships like Nazi Germany, far from it. We hate everything Nazi Germany stood for, in fact we view the current EUSSR/Multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe as totalitarian Nazi regimes. We condemn imperialistic thought and we condemn genocide and violence in general. Our current struggle is based on a pre-emptive struggle (self defence). We have no territorial claims that will violate any sovereign European or other civilised country, the exception being our Middle Eastern foreign policy plan. This involves a Crusade, or to use a more modern phrase; an anti-Jihad campaign, preventing the continuation of the genocides against the Maronite, Assyrian, Coptic and other Middle Eastern Christian peoples and restoring parts of Anatolia under Greek and Armenian rule once again. Launching crusades to counter ongoing Jihads (there are 20+ Jihad fronts around the world) is acceptable, but under no circumstances shall we attack or annex territory belonging to our fellow Christian brothers and sisters, or our Buddhist or Hindu allies. Hindus and Buddhists are considered brothers in our common fight against Jihadi imperialism, atrocities and genocides.

Any cultural conservative Christian country/state declaring war against another Christian state (such as the former Serbian-Croatian war) will be regarded as the enemy of the future cultural conservative political alliance (European Federation) and will be punished severely.

3.62 Grand Master Overseer – the Overseer Organisation

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An Overseer, Master Overseer or the Grand Master Overseer (for phase 1) is a volunteer who serves the PCCTS, Knights Templar as a civillian administrator, care-taker and logistical officer.

The Overseer’s primary task will be to handle certain practical, logistical or administrative tasks for the PCCTS and for any fallen Christian Martyrs.

Primary tasks include:

  • Running an informational website/announcement portal

  • Contribute to provide proper legal defence for any apprehended Justiciar Knight after a failed or successful operation

  • Award commendations to Justiciar Knights

  • Provide the military uniform with the appropriate insignia for any apprehended Justiciar Knights

  • Provide the Justiciar Knight tombstone for any fallen members

  • Finance the above activities by donations and gifts etc.

Creating the organisation

The Grand Master Overseer cannot have any ”official” ties with an ”illegal liberarion/military/terrorist organisation”. The name of the organisation should therefore not be PCCTS, Knights Templar but something completely objective such as f. example:

Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the European Resistance Movement

Establish and administrate one or several PCCTS, Knights Templar websites – communication portal (Justiciar Knight logs)

The Website will be an informational (educational) site which in no way must violate European law. Its primary function is to forward information about historical Christian European knights such as Martel/Sobieski and current fallen Justiciar Knights (Commemorating Martyrs). The site will present the organisations principles, codes, insignia, commendations, rules of conduct and describe political goals (objectively). It is essential that all information on the website is in compliance with European law.

The website must also contain an area where incarcerated Justiciar Knights can publish national, pan-European or international announcements (these will be available for all to see, including the press etc). An overseer must contact incarcerated Justiciar Knights from time to time and forward any post any announcement on the website if requested. As such, the website functions as a communication channel to the world.

Due to the nature of the PCCTS, Knights Templar, no Overseer is allowed to have any ties to operational cell operatives or commanders (and vice versa) as it may incriminate them. However, Knights who are already incarcerated (non-operational cell members) pose no potential legal challenges and announcements they make may be forwarded as long as it doesn’t include information which might incriminate the Overseer or the Overseer organisation (direct threats etc).

The announcement pages should be categorised by country. There will be a separate announcement page for pan-European/international announcements.

Rules for incarcerated Justiciar Knights posting announcements:

F example a French Justiciar Knight can make an announcement and forward it to the national or pan-European Overseer if he feels the message will contribute to our cause or if it can improve the situation for himself or fellow Knights in prison.

A Justiciar Knight making a political announcement must obviously follow our principles and avoid issues that may be controversial within our military order. Personal views should be avoided if they violate our primary principles.

The Overseer organisation must contribute to the future election of a non-operational, pan-European Grand Master Knight

Any individual Justiciar Knight may be elected as a national or pan-European spokesperson at any given time. The individual will be elected based on f example rhetorical skills, social/military status/fame/accomplishments or other essential skills or virtues. As the number of incarcerated Knights increase in the future it will be appropriate to elect an official pan-European spokesperson or a so called non-operational, pan-European Grand Master Knight. Candidates from France, the UK or Germany will be favoured in any election due to the importance of these countries. The candidate must be fluent in English. The leading incarcerated Justiciar Knight in any country will be appointed as the non-operational, National Grand Master Knight and will have the right to cast one vote when electing a non-operational, pan-European (intln) Grand Master Knight. The National Grand Master Knight from France, the UK and Germany has a double vote in elections. A non-operational Grand Master Knight (may be appointed in P1) must not be confused with the future “operational” National/pan-European Grand Master Knight Commander (P2/P3).

Any Overseer/Master Overseer/Grand Master Overseer must be approved by the National Grand Master Knight.

A Master Overseer/the Grand Master Overseer may take the initiative to develop the Overseer organisation into a “political wing” in the future. It is essential that a future political wing is set up and organised in a manner which ensures that it does not violate European law.

An appropriate name would f. example be: The Conservative Revolutionary Movement or The pan-European Conservative Revolutionary Movement.

Identifying PCCTS, Knights Templar, Justiciar Knights

The most important task of the Grand Master Overseer (Master Overseer) will be to identify old and new fallen/incarcerated Justiciar Knights. In other words, the Overseer will basically have to research, evaluate and approve new individuals. New candidates are added into the registry and will be supported by the organisation. This can be done by reviewing/researching media events or by receiving tips (suggestions) via email or web. All fallen Martyrs, under consideration, must follow the primary guidelines of the PCCTS, Knights Templar in order to be approved for official knighthood.

Evaluation committee, Phase 2

Decide in accordance with other Overseers which new individuals are to be knighted. Processing applications/researching candidates.

Finding suppliers of commendations, uniforms and tombstone

Future production and design

For future design of medals and insignia, the Overseer should consider using international suppliers as it will be the most cost efficient production option:

Supplier market places such as http://www.alibaba.com/ or similar should be used for this purpose.

More information about commendations and uniforms is covered in another chapter.

A future Overseer organisation must localise a tombstone carver/supplier

A future Overseer organisation should provide and subsidise a standard edition of the Justiciar Knight tombstone.

A European tombstone carver, preferably specialised in traditional tombstone architecture, is likely to charge more than 5000-10 000 Euro in order to create the stone. As such, producers in low cost countries should be contacted for the task of creating one or multiple stones in the future. Generally, countries with vast experience in traditional tombstone ornaments would be Southern European countries f. example Malta or Cyprus. Perhaps Armenia and even China or India should be considered as well. Creating unique accessories (such as commendations, medals, tombstones etc.) in India or China will allow us to save up to 80% of estimated cost. I realise that this might sound hypocritical considering the fact that cultural conservatives in general oppose Indian or Chinese membership in WTO and the fact that we generally prefer in sourcing as many industries as possible. However, conserving our funds is a central part of our struggle, especially in phase 1 and 2.

Contacting the Justiciar Knights next of kin to present commendations and tombstone

A representative from the Overseer organisation should contact the fallen Justiciar Knights next of kin in order to present the earned commendations and the tombstone. There is a chance that some or all of the family members of the Justiciar Knight opposed him ideologically or perhaps are just too scared to accept the commendations and tombstone as they fear the potential stigma attached. They may also fear that the Justiciar Knight tombstone will be destroyed by the regime, Marxist extremists or Muslims. An agreement/ understanding with the next of kin is therefore required before the tombstone is produced. Post-mortem commendations such as the medals and the tombstone are mostly symbols of honour but are also indirect political statements. The Overseer should therefore be mentally prepared for rejection by next of kin.

Overseer guidelines for awarding commendations to non-JK patriotic resistance fighters and civilian contributors (right wing intellectuals etc.)

Future Overseer leadership must consider and decide whether awarding certain commendations to other individuals than Justiciar Knights might be beneficial to the cause.

There are a minimum of requirements that must apply for the candidate:

The candidate must acknowledge the PCCTS, Knights Templar as a just liberation movement working for the interests of all Europeans and must agree with at least all non-violent principles of the PCCTS.

The candidate must oppose all hate-ideologies; communism, cultural Marxism/multiculturalism, Islam and national socialism.

The candidate must not be a Nazi-sympathiser or support white supremacy ideologies as those are considered hate ideologies.

If it is revealed, in retrospect, that an individual propagate or defend hate ideologies, the commendations given to that individual will be nullified and the individuals name will be deleted from the registry.

A candidate of certain civilian commendations may belong to any denomination of Christendom and can also be a Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, agnostic and atheist.


Aqcuiring funds for the organisation via donations from individuals or organisations throughout Europe are a top priority. Also, there are several individuals throughout Europe who testaments their wealth to organisations who work for anti immigration/Islamisation. An overseer should research European countries by contacting the Bar organisation in given countries and claim these contributions with the purpose of financing any practical or administrative tasks (honourary tombstones, commendations, uniforms or website costs etc). Receipts and other documentation will have to be presented.

An Overseer should not profit from these activities.

Requirements to become the Grand Master Overseer

The individual needs a track record of non-military cultural/Christian conservative (anti-Jihad) activism. The individual has to be a Christian European and thus must support Judeo Christian traditions. In other words, the individual has to oppose the Islamisation of Europe/European multiculturalism. The individual must also support the PCCTS, Knights Templar territorial claims in the Balkans and in the Middle East. The individual must not have a track record involving racism or support for Racial Conservatism.

Who will approve the first Grand Master Overseer?

The individual has to claim the position. This will be done by creation and administration of a website, following the given guidelines. Furthermore, he has to pay the costs for the first commendation and tombstone for the first martyred Justiciar Knight. As soon this is done, and if he fulfils all the requirements, he may indirectly announce himself as the official Grand Master Overseer of the Knights Templar and can and should take the initiative to develop the non-military organisation according to guidelines. It should be noted, that due to legal limitations concerning the support for ”so called terrorism” he cannot openly support the activities of any fallen Knight. He must use deceitful approaches, speak with ”two tongues” in order to ensure that he doesn’t incriminate himself in any way.

Why the position of a Grand Master Overseer has not been filled prior to first spectacular attack?

Obviously, this would have implicated and incriminated the individual. Therefore, the position will only be available after the first spectacular attack.

3.63 Why bother with honouring fallen Martyrs and living Heroes of our struggle?

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It is essential and extremely important to honour living heroes of our struggle and to ensure that fallen martyrs are commemorated. How can we expect to re-found the ancient European traditions of Martyrdom if no one is honouring our living and fallen heroes? The Muslim world is a good example. Honouring and commemorating Jihadists have been institutionalised for centuries and even involves economic compensation to the family of each Martyr. Iraq, Iran and several countries have willingly contributed with millions of dollars to ”Martyr Commemoration funds”. Every single Jihadi martyr who dies in the struggle against Christendom or the Jews (and historically, many other wars) have received financial support (given to the Martyrs family) and other commendations. We must do the same.

Learning from the Muslims

The following text describes one of these commemoration groups:

The organisation calls itself, the Committee for the Glorification of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement (Setad Pasdasht Shohadaye Nehzat Jahani Islam). Spokesman for the group Mohammad Mohammadi (Mohammad-Ali Samadi, according to Iran Focus) said: "Every six months we sign up volunteers. Now we have 55,000 of them. Then we choose the volunteers and divide them up into battalions."

Mohammadi said his latest battalion numbered 500, with 30% of these being women. He claims his group is independent of the Islamist regime, but anything which is public in Iran is never independent.

The volunteers can choose either to blow up Salman Rushdie, or blow up Israel or "the infidels occupying Iraq" (America), a sign that the group exists more for confidence-building among Iranian young people, who currently suffer high unemployment, rather than realistic military strategy.

Meghdad Hamedinia. a 27-year old suicide recruit said: "I want to defend Islam, so I signed up for all three. All the American presidents are rascals. I’ll give my life for Islam."

3.64 Knights Templar orders, commendations, uniform, title, tombstone and relevant information

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All Justiciar Knights (self appointed in P1, approved by the Grand Master Overseer in P2/3) will have the opportunity to earn the following commendations:

As long as an “Overseer organisation” has not yet been created (in P1), it is up to each Justiciar Knight to follow the specific commendation regulations and guidelines in regards to taking credit for specific efforts. Until an Overseer organisation has been established (P1), it is up to each and every Justiciar Knight cell commander to provide his cell operatives with the commendations earned. These commendations should not be acquired until after a successful operation has been executed. Just ensure that you have the necessary order information available and your lawyer (or friend/family member) will be able to order the commendations for you.

Justiciar Knight Military Orders

A Justiciar Knight will become a member of one of the three Orders depending on the outcome of his operation:

Justiciar Knight Military Order of the Martyrs

A fallen Justiciar Knight (fallen in the line of duty) is awarded with the Cross of Martyrdom regardless of the the outcome of his operation.

Red cross with gold outline.

This breast jewel is awarded for heroic and exceptional service, through martyrdom, by defending the indigenous peoples of Europe, European identity, culture, traditions and European Christendom. Post-mortem award.

Justiciar Knight Military Order of Battle

Justiciar Knight Cross of Battle, Injury (successful) – Red cross with silver outline.

Justiciar Knight Military Order of Service

Justiciar Knight Cross of Service, Service (unsuccessful) – Red cross with bronze outline.

This breast jewel is awarded to all Justiciar Knights regardless of success of the operation.

Knight of Malta Breast Jewel

The Knight of Malta Breast Jewel is awarded to all Justiciar Knights who have earned at least 10 commendations (the 5 primary commendations are included, the breast jewels are not).

Red Cross of Constantine Breast Jewel

The Red Cross of Constantine is awarded to all Justiciar Knights who have earned at least 15 commendations (the 5 primary commendations are included).

The three breast jewels can be ordered from the following store:


Name: Knights Templar Breast Jewel

Name: Masonic Knight of Malta Breast Jewel

Name: Red Cross of Constantine Breast Jewel

Medals for Exceptional Military and Civilian Service

A medal is awarded to a person as a form of recognition for organisational, intellectual or military achievements.

Earning a medal should not be restricted and limited to Justiciar Knights but to all individuals who are (and have been) committed to the struggle of liberating Europe from Marxism and from our cultural Marxist regimes. This will involve everyone who contributes as armed resistance fighters and civilians who have done an exceptional effort.

A short history of military medals and decorations

The first known instance of a medal being awarded comes from the historian Josephus who, writing long after the event, accounts that in the fourth century BCE the High Priest Jonathan led the Hebrews in aid of Alexander the Great, and that in return for this, Alexander "sent to Jonathan… honourary awards, as a golden button, which it is custom to give the king’s kinsmen." Another early example of medals is found used by the Roman Republic, which adopted an elaborate system of military awards that included medals called phalerae to be issued to soldiers and units for a variety of achievements.

Medals made to commemorate specific events, including military battles and victories, continued to be commissioned and awarded in the Roman fashion, and from this grew the practice of pinning such military medals onto one’s uniform.

Many military decorations are often mistakenly referred to and confused with true medals. ‘Military decoration’ is an all-encompassing term that includes medals, but is generally applied to the other types of awards that do not meet the qualification of a true medal. The technical difference is that these other decorations take on a different shape, such as a cross or star, other than the generally circular one that is required. This difference does not necessarily imply any lessened honour for military decorations, as the Victoria Cross demonstrates, which is technically a decoration, as it is the highest British award for bravery in war.

An order tends to be the most elaborate of military decorations, typically awarded for distinguished services to a nation or cause. Orders are distinguished from other forms of decoration in that they often imply membership in an organisation or association of others that have received the same award. This practice originates with the mediaeval fraternities of knighthood, some of which even exists into the present and are still awarded to persons. While most of these modern orders no longer have roots in true knighthood, they still tend to carry over the terms of their historic counterparts, and terms such as knight, commander, officer, members and so on are still commonly found as ranks. A military order may use a medal as its insignia, however, most tend to have a unique badge or a type of plaque specifically designed for an emblem.

3.65 Military awards and commendations – decorations of the Knights Templar (armed and civilian efforts)

The following commendations – decorations, medals are awarded to Justiciar Knights and civilians involved in the efforts to liberate Europe from cultural Marxism.

The three primary distinguished military commendations of the PCCTS, Knights Templar are:

  • Distinguished Destroyer of cultural Marxism (DCM) commendation

  • Distinguished Saboteur Master (SM) commendation

  • Distinguished Wielder of the Furious Scimitar (WFS) commendation

Earning one of the above commendations entitles the candidate to the following 5 base commendations:

  • National Defence Service Medal

  • Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

  • Honourable Crusader Medal

  • Legacy of Charles Martel & John III Sobieski Medal

  • Defender of Christendom Medal

1. Distinguished Destroyer of cultural Marxism Commendation

The “Distinguished Destroyer of cultural Marxism Commendation” is awarded to personnel who have confirmed kills/executions of category A, B or C cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist traitors.

Sub category:

DCM – Gold sword

DCM – Gold sword, three gold stars: Participated in an operation where an international top 4 primary category A traitor was executed (head of state of either the US, Germany, France or the UK)

DCM – Gold sword, two gold stars: Participated in an operation where at least 10 international category A traitors or at least 1 category A, European head of state was executed (includes the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).

DCM – Gold sword, one gold star: Participated in an operation where at least 10 national category A traitors were executed

DCM – Gold sword: Participated in an operation where at least 1 national category A traitor was executed

DCM – Gold sword, two bronze stars: Participated in an operation where an international top 4 primary category A traitor was injured (head of state of either the US, Germany, France or the UK)

DCM – Gold sword, one bronze star: Participated in an operation where at least 1 category A, European head of state was injured

DCM – Silver sword

DCM – Silver sword, two silver stars: Participated in an operation where at least 100 national or international category B traitors were executed

DCM – Silver sword, one silver star: Participated in an operation where at least 10 national or international category B traitors were executed

DCM – Silver sword: Participated in an operation where at least 1 national or international category B traitor was executed

DCM – Bronze sword

DCM – Bronze sword, two bronze stars: Participated in an operation where at least 100 national or international category C traitors were executed

DCM – Bronze sword, one bronze star: Participated in an operation where at least 10 national or international category C traitors where executed

DCM – Bronze sword: Participated in an operation where at least 2 national or international category C traitors were executed

2. Distinguished Saboteur Master Commendation

The “Distinguished Saboteur Master Commendation” is awarded to personnel who have successfully caused a minimum of 1 million Euro of property/ infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc. It is preferred that the infrastructure/services affected are in some way directly connected to the regime.

Sub category:

SM – Bronze sword

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 1 million Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Bronze sword, one bronze star

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 10 million Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Bronze sword, two bronze stars

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 50 million Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Silver sword

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 100 million Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Silver sword, one silver star

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 250 million Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Silver sword, two silver stars

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 500 million Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Gold sword

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 1 billion Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Gold sword, one gold star

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 2,5 billion Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Gold sword, two gold stars

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 5 billion Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

SM – Gold sword, three gold stars

Property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 10 billion Euro. This includes secondary losses due to halt in production/services provided etc.

3. Distinguished Wielder of the Furious Scimitar Commendation

The “Distinguished Wielder of the Furious Scimitar Commendation” is awarded to personnel who have initiated a manipulative and destructive attack against an Islamic cultural center or mosque inflicting at least 10 casualties to worshippers/employees. The secondary effects of this attack will be significant as many Muslims will set out on a short or long term Jihadi rampage campaign causing significant and additional destruction and chaos.

Sub category:

WFS – Bronze sword

10 direct casualties

WFS – Bronze sword

50 direct casualties

WFS – Gold sword

100 direct casualties

Secondary effects:

  • Violent city wide Islamic reaction: one star

  • Violent Nationwide Islamic reaction: two stars

  • Violent Pan European or international Islamic reaction: three stars

4. Distinguished Cross Medal

Three variations indicating if the cell is land, sea or aerial based.

Sub category:

  1. Distinguished Infantry Cross Medal: Awarded for participation in an exceptional infantry/land-based military operation.

  1. Distinguished Navy Cross Medal: Awarded for participation in an exceptional sea-based military operation.

  1. Distinguished Air Cross Medal: Awarded for participation in an exceptional aerial military operation.

5. Lord of War Commendation

The candidate has successfully built and used a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) executing/killing at least 10 category A, B or C traitors in the process.

Sub category:

LW – Bronze sword

Involving a conventional WMD, usually a “barrack buster” (fertiliser bomb).

LW – Silver sword

Involving a biological or chemical WMD.

LW – Gold sword

Involving a nuclear WMD.

6. Commendation of Clandestine Logistical Excellence

Awarded for the use and implementation of exceptional logistical skills in a military operation. The candidate has bought the required weaponry, armour and wmd components, preferably in the black market of another European country, and smuggled it across the national border. Furthermore, the candidate has established at least two well hidden/underground armour/explosive/equipment caches preferably in the neighbouring country and used them for storage of his wmd components, weaponry, armour and other essential equipment until he was ready to execute his operation.

Sub category:

CCLE – Bronze sword

Involving conventional weapons/armour without a WMD.

CCLE – Silver sword

Involving conventional weapons/armour with a conventional WMD, usually a “barrack buster” (fertiliser bomb).

CCLE – Gold sword

Involving conventional weapons with an unconventional WMD, biological, nuclear etc.

7. Commendation of the Financier

Sub category:

Commendation of the Financier – Bronze sword

Fund your own cells military operation by your own acquired funds, external capitalisation, credit or through a fund raiser held for a “good cause”; requires funds of at least 10 000 Euro

25 000 Euro

+ 1 bronze star

50 000 Euro

+ 2 bronze stars

75 000 Euro

+ 3 bronze stars

Commendation of the Financier – Silver sword

100 000 Euro

250 000 Euro

+ 1 silver star

500 000 Euro

+ 2 silver stars

750 000 Euro

+ 3 silver stars

Commendation of the Financier – Gold sword

1 million Euro

2,5 million Euro

+ 1 gold star

5 million Euro

+ 2 gold stars

7,5 million Euro

+ 3 gold stars

8. Commendation of Intellectual Excellence

Awarded for the contribution to the PCCTS, Knights Templar or for the National or Pan-European Resistance Movement through significant and long term efforts involving intellectual contributions;

  • Patriotic strategy/essay/article writing (intellectual works) for specific nationalist orientated organisations or to media companies, news sites, media sites etc.

  • Develop political, rhetorical, organisational or military strategies etc for at least one of the 8 political fronts.

Sub category:

CIE – Bronze sword

Recognised nationally.

CIE – Silver sword

Recognised in several European countries and at least in either the UK, Germany or France.

CIE – Gold sword

Recognised internationally; in several European countries and at least in either the UK, Germany or France + the US + and at least in either Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

9. Recruiter Training Commendation (military and civilian)

Recruit training is the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new or potential civilian or military contributors. The candidate has contributed significantly to recruit sympathisers of the cause and coached them in such a fashion that they are contributing directly to the National or Pan-European Resistance Movement in the 8th political front (armed resistance). The process of transforming civilians into soldiers has been described as a form of conditioning in which inductees are encouraged to partially submerge their individuality for the good of the cause. Conditioning is essential for military function because combat requires people to endure stress and perform actions which are simply not present in normal life. Recruit training is absolutely essential in this context.

10. Purple Cross Medal

Awarded to personnel who have been wounded in combat.

Sub category:

Purple Cross – Bronze sword

Light wounds

Purple Cross – Silver sword

Severe wounds

Purple Cross – Gold sword

Crippling wounds – involving amputation of limb, severe burns or severe damage to face.

11. Prisoner of War Medal (military and civilian)

The Prisoner of War Medal may be awarded to any person who was or is a prisoner of war. It is awarded to any person who was or is taken prisoner or held captive while engaged in an action against a category A, B or C traitor or against one of the criminal European multiculturalist regimes.

12. Foreign Campaign Medal

Awarded for exceptional military contributions to members of a cell operating on foreign ground (European countries only). The operation itself must be executed on foreign ground (not just the planning phase).

13. Multi-National Force Medal

Awarded for exceptional military contributions in direct cooperation with foreign nationals (Limited to European cooperation). One of the cell members must be a foreign national.

The 5 basic civilian and military commendations

The 5 basic commendations are awarded as default to all Justiciar Knights who have earned one of the three primary commendations:

  • Distinguished Destroyer of cultural Marxism Commendation (DCM)

  • Distinguished Saboteur Master Commendation (SM)

  • Distinguished Wielder of the Furious Scimitar Commendation (WFS)

4 of these commendations can also be earned for civilian efforts (more on this later).

14. National Defence Service Medal (military)

Awarded for exceptional military contributions against category A, B and C individuals (or their interests) who directly/indirectly propagated or facilitated the general implementation of multiculturalist/cultural Marxist doctrines.

15. Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (military and civilian)

Awarded for exceptional voluntary contributions for the defence of European identity, culture, traditions, European Christendom (European civilisation) and for efforts against the implementation of Multiculturalist doctrines and ongoing Islamisation. The Justiciar Knight is required to have earned a DCM, SM or WFS Commendation unless he qualifies for non-military efforts.

16. Honourable Crusader Medal (military and civilian)

Awarded for significant contributions/efforts to liberate Europe from Islam. Furthermore, it is awarded for the indirect (P1) efforts to liberate and defend Jerusalem, Constantinople, Coptic Christians, Assyrian Christians, Maronite Christians, Various other Christian/Jewish minorities worldwide (including efforts to drive out Islam from the Balkans, Anatolia or any other Christian territory where Islam is currently the occupational force). Can be awarded to contributors on all 8 fronts (non-PCCTS military or civilian). The Justiciar Knight is required to have earned a DCM, SM or WFS Commendation unless he qualifies for non-military efforts.

17. Legacy of Charles Martel & John III Sobieski Medal (military and civilian)

Awarded for exceptional efforts against the implementation of multiculturalism and therefore against the ongoing Islamisation of Europe. The Justiciar Knight is required to have earned a DCM, SM or WFS Commendation unless he qualifies for non-military efforts.

18. Defender of Christendom Medal (military and civilian)

Awarded for exceptional efforts against the implementation of cultural Marxism (which involves the deconstruction of European Christendom) and therefore for the preservation of European Christendom. The Justiciar Knight is required to have earned a DCM, SM or WFS Commendation unless he qualifies for non-military efforts.

Future Military Service Medals (during and/or after phase 2/3)

19. Multi-Cultural Force Medal (most likely in phase 2 and 3)

Awarded for military cooperation with nationalist Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and/or atheist forces (non-European) on Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish territory. These efforts must be directed against Jihadi or cultural Marxist forces, personnel or interests.

After phase 3


  • Liberation of the Balkans Service Medal: Awarded for assisting to drive out Islam from occupied territory belonging to Serbia and Croatia (Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina).

  • Liberation of Macedonia Service Medal: Awarded for assisting to drive out Islam from Macedonia.

  • Liberation of Albania Service Medal: Awarded for assisting to drive out Islam from Albania.

  • Liberation of Southern Russia Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Russian forces to drive out Islam from southern Russia.


  • Liberation of Anatolia Service Medal: Awarded for assisting to drive out Islam from occupied territory belonging to Greece and Armenia.

  • Liberation of Constantinople Service Medal: Awarded for assisting to drive out Islam from the occupied city of Constantinople.

  • Liberation of India Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Indian nationalist forces to drive out Islam from Indian territory.

  • Liberation of Thailand Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Thai nationalist forces to drive out Islam from Thai territory.

  • Liberation of the Philippines Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Philippino nationalist forces to drive out Islam from the Philippines.

  • Liberation of China Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Chinese nationalist forces to drive out Islam from China.


  • Liberation of Southern Sudan Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Southern Sudanese Christian/animist forces to drive out Islam from Southern Sudan.

  • Liberation of Ethiopia Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Ethiopian nationalist/Christian forces to drive out Islam from Ethiopia.

  • Liberation of Kenya Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Kenyan nationalist/Christian forces to drive out Islam from Kenya.

  • Liberation of Southern Nigeria Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Southern Nigerian nationalist/Christian forces to drive out Islam from Southern Nigeria.

Temporary adoption of readily available commendations/accessories

Considering the fact that there has not yet been established a European Overseer organisation, we have not been able to focus our resources on uniform and commendation (medal/ribbon) design and production. As such, we are left with no choice but to temporarily adopt readily available existing designs from regular armies. Considering the fact that the most readily available commendations are from the US army we will have to adopt some of their military accessories until we have the capacity, organisational structure and funding to design our own. Hopefully, a well funded civilian Overseer organisation will be established by 2020 which will allow us access to authentic and original uniforms with decorations specifically designed for our accomplishments.

Until we are in a situation where we have access to authentic and original medals we will have no choice but to restrict/limit our full size decorations to illustrative ribbons for mounting in ribbon racks.

Ribbon bar mounted on a ribbon rack

Ribbon bars are small decorations that are usually worn by military, police, and fire service personnel or by civilians. Ribbon bars are mainly used when wearing either full decoration, or when wearing medals is considered inappropriate or impractical. Each military force has its own rules on what ribbons are worn in which order of precedence. Some awards are "ribbon only", having no associated medal. Ribbon bars are worn in rows on the chest. The collection of bars is collectively referred to as a "ribbon rack".


The ribbon bar for a particular medal usually matches the ribbon on the medal. For example, the ribbon for the Purple Heart medal is purple with a white bar down the two side edges, and its ribbon bar is similarly purple with a white bar at each end.


Ribbon bars are today mounted on what is known as a pin backing (three bars per row), which can then be pushed through the fabric of a uniform shirt and secured, with fasteners, on the inside edge. Ribbons may either be individually secured, and then lined up on the shirt, or mass-mounted to a single fastener. Previously, ribbons were sown to individual garments; individual militaries authorised the ribbons for wear on certain uniforms only; for example, on dress shirts but not on working clothing.


Ribbon bars are normally not worn on utility or combat uniforms, but instead for office or dress occasions. Some countries (such as Cuba) maintain a standard practice of wearing full ribbon bars on combat utility clothing. In other militaries, this is strictly prohibited as the wear of ribbons on combat gear could make higher ranking officers more noticeable as targets, and also negate the effect of camouflage.

3.66 Knights Templar offer 19 different commendations

Ribbons (mounted in a ribbon rack) – illustrating and symbolising our 19 different medals (see our name in relation to original name for ordering purposes)

1. Distinguished Destroyer of cultural Marxism Commendation

1. Army Meritorious Unit Citation

2. Distinguished Saboteur Master Commendation

2. Air Force Distinguished Presidential Unit

3. Distinguished Wielder of the Furious Scimitar Commendation

3. Saudi Liberation of Kuwait With Palm

4 a. Distinguished Infantry Cross Medal

4a. Navy Cross

4 b. Distinguished Navy Cross Medal

4b. Coast Guard Expert Riffleman

4 c. Distinguished Air Cross Medal

4c. Coast Guard Expert Pistol Shot

5. Lord of War Commendation

5. Air Force Combat Action

6. Commendation of Clandestine Logistical Excellence

6. Coast Guard Arctic Service

7. Commendation of the Financier

7. Silver Lifesaving

8. Commendation of Intellectual Excellence

8. Broadsword

9. Recruiter Training Commendation

9. Recruiter Training

10. Purple Cross Medal

10. Purple Heart

11. Prisoner of War

11. Prisoner of War

12. Foreign Campaign Medal

12. Air Force Small Arms Expert

13. Multi-National Force Medal

13. South West Asia Service

14. National Defence Service Medal

14. Valorous Unit Citation

15. Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

15. Bronze Star

16. Honourable Crusader Medal

16. Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

17. Legacy of Charles Martel & John Sobieski Medal

17. Legion of Merit Ribbon

18. Defender of Christendom Medal

18. Vietnam Presidential Unit

19. Multi-Cultural Force Medal

19. WW1 Victory

Ribbons, ribbon bars and accessories can be ordered from one of the three sites (or any other):




Please take precautions and order through your lawyer (or family/friends) after apprehension. Note: order a 20 slot pin rack if possible. You may then cut out as many slots as you need. The following ribbons are slightly larger and come with clips:

Air Force Distinguished Presidential Unit

Army Meritorious Unit Citation

Valorous Unit Citation

Vietnam Presidential Unit

You can see how the ribbons will look using this rack builder:


See other related sites:


Blazer/military uniform badges






UK medal and insignia supplier



India – accessories: buttons, badges, crests, emblems etc.











Price estimate on all orders required (shipping included):

  • Ribbons, white gloves and required accessories etc. including and tax: 120 USD

  • 3 breast jewels: 35 British pounds (60 USD)

  • USMC dress blues jacket: 80-350 USD

  • USMC black Sam Browne belt: 130-200 USD

  • 2 collar crosses (pins) and 7 large, 14 small buttons: 100 USD

  • Creation of hand sown badge (India): 200-300 USD

  • Gold aiguillette: 70-100 USD

  • Epaulettes (shoulder boards): 50-120 USD

  • Tailoring services: 200 USD

Total: 1010-1650 USD for complete uniform jacket with decorations and insignias.

Wear and Appearance of Military or Civilian Insignia

Medals are traditionally awarded in standard size and miniature size together with a diploma.

Miniature medals are replicas of regular size medals, made to a scale of one-half the size of the original. The only exception is the Justiciar Knight Order and two other breast jewel commendation, for which there is no miniature. Full size medals are usually too large to be worn. As we do not have access to our original designs we wear ribbons instead.

Medal/ribbon/apparel manufacturers (customisation available for larger orders):







3.67 Knights Templar uniform

The general public is used to seeing police or military personnel in uniform. There are sports uniforms, religious robes, academic gowns, and once there were formal black jackets and striped trousers for stockbrokers and members of the financial community. The original Knights Templar also had its modes of attire, though rarely paraded in public but donned at Lodge meetings to the extent that one of the military officers had the duty “to see the brethren properly clothed”.

A uniform is a set of standard clothing usually worn by members of an organisation while participating in that organisation’s activity. Modern uniforms are worn by armed forces and paramilitary organisations such as police, emergency services, security guards, in some workplaces and schools and by inmates in prisons.

In the case of uniforms worn by military personnel or civilian officials, there are generally several kinds of uniforms:

  • Battledress, khakis (typical camouflaged war uniforms);

  • Dress uniform: worn at ceremonies, official receptions, and other special occasions; medals are typically worn.

  • Everyday work uniform, where earned medals are typically replaced by ribbon bars;

Justiciar Knights and the PCCTS, Knights Templar uniform

Due to the clandestine nature of our military order and operations during phase 1, Justiciar Knights do not normally use typical battle dresses (battle uniforms). Instead we adopt our enemy’s uniforms (usually police “battle uniforms/armour”) and copy their exact insignias and IDs in order to cause confusion and sow hesitation. By doing this we increase each Justiciar Knights chances to effectuate his operation successfully before he is apprehended, is killed or can escape.

Furthermore, even if we where to use our own battle uniforms, wearing a camouflage suit in an urban environment would be pointless. Also, using a battle uniform in an urban area (or anywhere else) would only raise suspicion and alert our enemies and thus nullify the element of surprise.

The uniform of the PCCTS, Knights Templar is therefore a dress uniform which will be used during special occasions. Our dress uniform during phase 1 will be used for the sole purpose of representing the authority of our military order and tribunal during trial. The likely destiny of any Justiciar Knight in phase 1 is either death through martyrdom or apprehension. In the latter scenario we use our uniform with decorations during our trial to show clearly that we do not acknowledge the illegal regimes operating in Western Europe. After all, the PCCTS, Knights Templar is the highest political and military authority in Western Europe. During trial, we clearly demonstrate this by demanding a full capitulation from the criminal multiculturalist regime to our patriotic forces. Obviously, this is not likely to happen during phase 1. Nevertheless, it is still an important formality required from all Justiciar Knights in phase 1.

End note: you may see a picture of the Knights Templar dress uniform at the last pages of the compendium.

PCCTS, Knights Templar ranks – insignias

A Justiciar Knight Commander wears epaulettes (shoulder boards) with a gold cross on red background and a gold aiguillette. The use of an aiguillette is reserved for officers only (commander and grand master).

A Justiciar Knight Operative wears epaulettes with a gold cross on purple background.

Justiciar Knight Operative:

Justiciar Knight Commander:

National Grand Master Knight Commander:

Future rank – P1/P2/P3

Pan-European Grand Master Knight Commander:

Future rank – P2/P3

Note: apprehended individual(s) may gain a tactical advantage during an investigation or during a trial using incorrect rank distinction. An apprehended Justiciar Knight may therefore pose as a commander or vice verca to confuse and fool the system protectors (police) if somehow desired.

The dress uniform of the PCCTS, Knights Templar consists of the following parts:

  • A stripped USMC dress blues jacket – dark blue/black (remove buttons and other insignias as we will apply our own)

  • Dark blue/black dress pants

  • Black dress shoes

  • White gloves (preferably leather)

  • A USMC version Sam Browne belt (black)

  • Gold aiguillette, British officer version (worn on the left side, opposite side of decorations), for officers only

Decorations/specific PCCTS, Knights Templar insignias:

  • Knights Templar Commander Epaulettes (shoulder boards) – gold cross on red background (commander), gold cross on purple background (operative)

  • Badge of the Justiciar Knight (cross of the martyrs impaling a skull) worn on your right upper arm

  • Your national flag, worn on your left upper arm (your family coat of arms may be applied below the flag)

  • 2 x red Knights Templar collar crosses

  • Knights Templar gold buttons – IHSV with a cross, 6 large, 12 small

  • Ribbons on rack, worn on the right side of your chest (slightly above your heart)

  • The “Justiciar Knight Military Order breast jewel”, Knight of Malta breast jewel and the “Red Cross of Constantine breast jewel” are worn just bellow your ribbon rack

Describing the individual parts of the Justiciar Knight uniform

USMC dress blues jacket

The uniform jacket is an elaborate uniform worn for formal or ceremonial occasions. Its basic shape and form is a copy of older European versions and dates back to the 18th century British and French army uniforms. The PCCTS, Knights Templar has adopted the stripped version of the USMC dress blues jacket due to the classic design and availability. When you order the jacket, you strip it of accoutrements (buttons and insignias) and apply our own.

The US size may be followed by a letter designation S = Short, R = Regular, L = Long.































A USMC dress blues jacket can easily be bought on eBay or in one of many stores:


Cost varies from 45 USD for a used jacket to 250 USD for a new set. You do not need the hat, the belt and the pants so you obviously do not have to order a full set.

USMC version Sam Browne belt (black)

The Sam Browne belt is a wide belt, usually leather, which is supported by a strap going diagonally over the right shoulder. It is most often seen as part of a military or police uniform.


Sam Browne was a British army officer serving in India in the 19th century. In those days officers always carried a sword into battle. It hung from a little strap on the waistbelt, called a ‘frog’. However, the scabbard tended to slide around a lot when they charged the enemy, meaning that it had to be steadied with the left hand. During the mutiny of 1857 in India, Captain Sam Browne received two sword cuts, one on the left knee and one which severed his left arm at the shoulder. He survived the injuries but without a left hand, he found that he was now unable to control his sword. He came up with the idea of wearing a second belt which went over his right shoulder and held the scabbard in just the spot he wanted. Other officers began wearing the extra belt themselves, and soon it became part of the standard uniform.


Due to its former use as equipment for carrying a sword, it is traditionally only worn by those to whom a sword would historically have been issued, i.e., officers. Throughout most of its modern history, however, its main function has been to carry a pistol, and it was found to be particularly useful with the heavy pistols typically used during the first part of the 20th century.

The Sam Browne belt is today used by many national armies, the British and US army being the most notable. In addition it is used by many police forces around the world.


Sam Browne belts have been criticised as unsafe during a close physical altercation. An assailant can easily grab hold of the belt and throw the wearer off balance, throw the wearer to the ground, or even choke the wearer by ripping one end of the belt from its mooring and quickly wrapping it around the neck. Some criminals became so adept at using a police officer’s Sam Browne belt against him that police departments began ordering it discontinued as part of patrol gear. It remained, however, as a ceremonial/decorative piece of gear.

The USMC version Sam Browne belt can be ordered here (or in several other stores):


EBay usually offers cheaper versions. Price varies from 80-150 USD.

Gold aiguillette on Justiciar Knight Uniform

A gold aiguillette is a feature on the Justiciar Knight officer uniform (for commanders and grand masters only).

An aiguillette is an ornamental braided cord most often worn on uniforms where it will denote an honour. Originally, the word "aiguillette" referred to the lacing used to fasten plate armour together. As such, a knot or loop arrangement was used which sometimes hung from the shoulder.

Aiguillettes should not be confused with lanyards, which are cords also worn from the shoulder (or around the neck), but do not have the pointed aiguillette tips (see Aiguillette (ornament)) and are usually of fiber rather than gold or silver wire, and often not braided.

A series of legends has developed about the origin of aiguillettes. One account relates that when certain European troops behaved reprehensibly on the field of battle, their commander decided to hang certain of them. The troops asked to be given a chance to redeem themselves and started wearing a rope and spike about their shoulders with the promise that if they ever behaved badly again, they were ready to be hanged on the spot. It is further related that these troops covered themselves with glory thereafter.

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1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aiguillette

Knights Templar epaulettes (shoulder boards)

Epaulettes are a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations. Colloquially, the word has also come to refer to some types of shoulder strap.

Epaulettes are fastened to the shoulder by a shoulder strap, a small strap parallel to the shoulder seam and the button near the collar, or by laces on the underside of the epaulette passing through holes in the shoulder of the coat. The placement of the epaulette, its color and the length and diameter of its bullion fringe are used to signify the wearer’s rank. At the join of the fringe and the shoulderpiece is often a metal piece in the form of a crescent. Although originally worn in the field, epaulettes are more common today on dress or ceremonial uniforms. Shoulder straps are also found on civilian clothing that derives from military uniforms such as the trench coat, the safari jacket and other garments.

The PCCTS, Knights Templar use hand embroidered epaulettes on our uniform with golden bullion threads on red velvet background (commander or purple velvet background (operative). A golden templar cross is embroidered in the middle of a frame. There is black fabric on the back with Velcro (hook and loop). One part of Velcro is sewn on the back of the patch and the other part is free.

Length: 10,2 cm, width: 5,1 cm (2 x 4 inches)

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Jacket Buttons

Jacket buttons are applied illustrating the following: IHSV (under this sign conquer) with a cross, gold buttons – 6 large, 12 small

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White Gloves

The PCCTS, Knights Templar have included white gloves as a feature to our uniform.

Symbolically, white gloves represent an important aspect in our efforts. Gloves are a necessary part of our wear to protect our hands and the hands are critical to our work. The hands are the source of our labour and represent the builder within us. Not only to protect the hands are gloves needed, they are to preserve the cleanliness of the hands, thus insuring the perfection of the work. The White Gloves are to represent the innocence of the acts performed and purity and attention to detail in action.

Beyond that expression of innocence is a deeper lesson for us. Our hands are the source of our actions and we should guard them accordingly. The left hand serves as a constant reminder of equity and justice toward all. Always maintaining a true and sincere freedom from bias, we should strive to be fair in all of our actions. The right hand is recognised as the seat of fidelity and, since fidelity means a strict faithfulness to an obligation, trust, or duty, we must pay due attention to the protection of the right.

The White Gloves should always remind us of dignity and obligation and that we should always strive to carry out our work with extreme attention to detail.

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The badge of the Justiciar Knight

The badge of the Justiciar Knight illustrates a white skull, marked with the symbols of communism, Islam and Nazism on the forehead, impaled on the cross of the martyrs. The background is black. The badge of the Justiciar Knight illustrates our patriotic struggle/ opposition against all three primary hate ideologies of our time: Islam, Multiculturalism (Communism) and Nazism.

The badge of the Justiciar Knight is worn on the left upper arm while the national flag is worn on the right upper arm.

Our military uniform with commendations, insignia and badges should be worn during the trial after a successful operation in cases where the Justiciar Knight survives. The commendations and insignias should be provided post-operation by an Overseer.

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Title: Sir Knight

The title: Sir Knight (Lady for females) will be awarded to any and all individuals who have martyred themselves for the cause, the principles of the PCCTS, Knights Templar. The title is a post-mortem award.

3.68 Knights Templar honourary tombstone

The PCCTS, Knights Templar honourary tombstone is created to honour certain martyrs of the European Resistance Movement. It is usually the Overseers task to award, produce, distribute and handle logistical arrangements in regards to the Knights Templar tombstone.

The overseer will take the initiative to create the Justiciar Knight tombstone and ensure that it is offered to the next of kin.

The Western European regulations concerning the violation of graves protect any grave stone and prevent the government from removing/alter the text on any stone. As such, it is a great way to tell the world exactly what you feel(felt), statements otherwise not possible to display.

Front side of the tombstone

The front side of the tombstone may be decorated with the following text:


Back side of the tombstone

The back side of the tombstone has a motif or sculpture of a knight’s armour (this may also be replaced with a shield) displaying three numbers, three significant years marking the two most important battles of Europe (732 and 1683) and includes a prophecy of the third (2083). The back side may be decorated with the following text:


The quote “never surrender” is from a statement made by Winston Churchill.

IHSV or IN HOC SIGNO VINCES means “under this sign, you will conquer” and was coined by the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine I in 312 AD.

Describing the primary features of the Justiciar Knight tombstone

The Doric base

The simple Doric base of the stone symbolises the Justiciar Knights voluntary path consisting of struggle, poverty and suffering. He ignores the path of decadence and instead chooses the difficult path of sacrifice because serving his people and the sovereignty of his country is more important to him than a life of self-centeredness.

Corinthian columns

The rich and slender Corinthian columns (either 2 or 4) represent our collective and societal pursuit for perfection. The pursuit for perfection should always be the primary individual, societal and civilisational goal.

The sword impaling the tombstone

Generally, the sword symbolises a high ranking, or otherwise significant military person. The sword should represent your region/country and should be a high quality replica from an important epoch in your national history. Every sword should be distinctive and correlate to the national historical traditions of the Justiciar Knight in question.

Distinctive symbols may be added

Distinctive national, regional, cultural or religious symbols may be added to de base design of the tombstone. F example; an individual who would like to emphasise Odinistic cultural traditions may add runes or other related symbols on the back side of the tombstone. Justiciar Knights should make requests such as these in their will/testament. Nationalist symbols can be selected but any political symbols related to Nazism are strictly prohibited.

Common gravestone symbols:

  • Angel – Flying it would mean rebirth or resurrection; Trumpeting means resurrection; Weeping symbolises grief and mourning. An angel is the messenger between god and man.

  • Arches – Victory in death.

  • Arrow – Mortality; martyrdom.

  • Bird – Eternal life. If it’s flying, it stands for eternal life.

  • Bugles – Resurrection; the military.

  • Columns – Heavenly entrance.

  • Crown – Glory of life after death; righteousness.

  • Eye of God – God sees all.

  • Grim Reaper – Death personified.

  • Hand on the neck – Sacrifice.

  • Laurel leaves and branches – represent special achievement and distinction.

  • Laurel branch and leaves – Special achievement, distinction; success; heroism.

  • Lion – Courage.

  • Pyramid – Eternal life, resurrection

  • Scythe – Death; the divine harvest.

  • Shield – Strength and courage. May indicate military service.

  • Skull – Mortality.

  • Skull/Crossed bones – Death.

  • Skeleton – Life’s brevity.

  • Snake(tail in mouth) – Everlasting life in heaven.

  • Winged Skull – Flight of the soul from mortal man.

  • Wreath – Victory.

  • Wreath on Skull – Victory of death over life.

3.69 Background information – symbolism of insignia

History of the Red Cross of Constantine – IHSV, the Labarum

The PCCTS, Knights Templar awards the Red Cross of Constantine award under the name;

Constantine I

Caesar Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus[3] (27 February c. 272[2] – 22 May 337), commonly known in English as Constantine I, Constantine the Great, was Roman emperor from 306, and the sole holder of that office from 324 until his death in 337. He is best known for being the first Christian Roman emperor.

The Byzantine liturgical calendar, observed by the Eastern Orthodox Church and Eastern Catholic Churches of Byzantine rite, lists both Constantine and his mother Helena as saints. Although he is not included in the Latin Church’s list of saints, which does recognise several other Constantines as saints, he is revered under the title "The Great" for his contributions to Christianity.

Constantine also transformed the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium into a new imperial residence, Constantinople, which would remain the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire for over one thousand years. His most famous building projects include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem and Old Saint Peter’s Basilica. Old Saint Peter’s Basilica was the building that once stood on the spot where the Basilica of Saint Peter stands today in Rome

Red Cross of Constantine

The Red Cross of Constantine is one of the earliest Christian symbols of Knighthood and was introduced by the Roman emperor Constantine I in the year 312. It originates from the labarum[1] which was a vexillum (military standard) that displayed the "Chi-Rho" symbol, formed from the first two Greek letters of the word "Christ" – Chi (χ) and Rho (ρ). Since the vexillum consisted of a flag suspended from the crossbar of a cross, it was ideally suited to symbolise crucifixion.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him”

Isaiah 59:19

By tradition the Labarum was ordered to be carried before the legions of Constantine after he had a vision in the heavens of a "cross of light" and the Greek words EN TOUTO NIKA (conquer by this) and a subsequent nocturnal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ who told him to conquer under His sign. Constantine directed that a spear be covered in gold with a crosspiece representing a cross, and that the image of the chi-rho, the first two Greek initials in the name Christ, be placed above the crosspiece encircled by a crown/wreath. A banner hung from the crosspiece of imperial (Tyrian) purple and gold cloth. Constantine had this Labarum carried before his legions as he defeated a much larger pagan Roman force outside of Rome. He directed some of his men to place the chi-rho on their shields and he wore it on his helmet. Constantine selected 50 men, called the Praepositi Laberorum, to form a colour guard to protect the Labarum. Constantine later recognised these men and organised them into the Golden Chivalry – Torquati (so named for their gold collars) and Perfectissimi (Most Perfect Knights).

IHSV – In Hoc Signo Vinces

In hoc signo vinces is the rendition in Latin of the Greek phrase "ν τούτ νίκα", en toutōi nika, meaning "with this as your standard you shall have victory".

According to legend, Constantine I adopted this phrase, as a motto after his vision of a chi rho on the sky just before the Battle of Milvian Bridge against Maxentius in the year 312. In later periods the christogram "IHS" both stood for the first three letters of "Jesus" in Latinised Greek (Latinised IHSOVS) and "in hoc signo" from the legend.

The initials "IHSV" is thus taken from the Latin phrase "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES" (Under this Sign Conquer).

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labarum

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_hoc_signo_vinces

3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constantine_I

Explaining columns – classical order – the primary ancient styles of classical architecture

A classical order is one of the ancient styles of classical architecture, each distinguished by its proportions and characteristic profiles and details, and most readily recognisable by the type of column employed. From the sixteenth century onwards, architectural theorists recognised five orders. Each style has its proper entablature, consisting of architrave, frieze and cornice.

Ranged in the engraving from the stockiest and most primitive to the richest and most slender, they are: Tuscan (Roman) and Doric (Greek and Roman, illustrated here in its Roman version); Ionic (Greek version) and Ionic (Roman version); Corinthian (Greek and Roman) and composite (Roman). Initially, there were just three ancient and original orders of architecture, the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, which were invented by the Greeks. To these the Romans added the Tuscan, which they made simpler than the Doric, and the Composite, which was more ornamental than the Corinthian.

The order of a classical building is like the mode or key of classical music, or the grammar and rhetoric of a written composition.

There are three parts of a column. A column is divided into a shaft, its base and its capital. In classical buildings the horisontal structure that is supported on the columns like a beam is called an entablature. The entablature is commonly divided into the architrave, the frieze and the cornice. To distinguish between the different Classical orders, the capital is used, having the most distinct characteristics.


Military salutation of the PCCTS, Knights Templar

The military salutation of the PCCTS, Knights Templar is the clenched fist salute. The raised fist salute consists of raising the right arm with a clenched fist (preferably with a white glove). The clenched fist symbolizes strength, honour and defiance against the Marxist tyrants of Europe while the white glove symbolizes purity, duty, kinship and martyrdom. Using the right arm symbolizes the tradition of the “Right Opposition”. The salutation is in line with traditional usage, as we regard the present ruling multiculturalist elites in Western Europe as left wing fascists. Our military salutation has nothing to do with the so called “white power” salutation or the “Roman Salute” (Saluto Romano), where the palm is faced down with fingers touching, often known as the Hitler Salute used by National Socialists.

3.70 Court/trial statements for Justiciar Knight and other patriotic resistance fighters after an operation

These statements are meant to be used after a successful operation. If you are arrested during the planning or acquisition phase then, obviously, ignore the following approaches and rather focus on getting acquitted so you may implement your operation B.

A trial is an excellent opportunity and a well suited arena the Justiciar Knight can use to publicly renounce the authority of the EUSSR/USASSR hegemony and the specific cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime. After all, this hegemony is nothing more than a global criminal network consisting of fundamentally undemocratic, anti-national dictatorships. The individual countries in this cultural Marxist/multiculturalist criminal network are not democracies and have not been real democracies since perhaps the 1950s. Instead they are dictated by a small elite of political and cultural leaders who deliberately use the state institutions and media companies to indoctrinate and control their own people. The accused should use this opportunity to present all available documentation, illustrations and proof included in this compendium (2083 – A European Declaration of Independence) to claim his innocence. However, he should also at a later stage in the trial demand freedom on behalf of his people and demand that the regime in question immediately and without hesitation capitulates to the pan-European tribunal – PCCTS, represented by the accused, the Justiciar Knight and the national patriotic forces he indirectly controls. The Justiciar Knight must demand the right to form a cultural conservative tribunal consisting of the 20 most dedicated and trustworthy cultural conservative/patriotic leaders in the country. Furthermore, he must demand that that the national parliament immediately transfers all political powers to this newly established tribunal/cabinet. The Justiciar Knight must also demand at least 20 hours of unrestricted access to the national broadcasting company in order to consolidate and rally an initial and loyal patriotic military force (2000 should be a benchmark depending on the size of the country). The Justiciar Knight and the newly established tribunal will then appoint one trustworthy individual in his newly appointed cabinet to be the new national military commander with control of the national regular military forces. Martial law must be declared in this transitional period. (See relevant phase 3 strategies for more detailed descriptions).

By the time you are done presenting your demands, the judges and the trial audience will probably laugh their asses off and mock you for being ridiculous. Nevertheless, it is important to ignore the ridicule and remain firm and focused. After all, it is what we in fact expect to happen one day. If we truly believe that, then more people will as well. It might sound completely ridiculous and funny to most people today. But by presenting the following accusations and demands in all seriousness we are indirectly conditioning everyone listening for the conflicts and scenarios ahead. They will laugh today, but in the back of their minds, they have an ounce of fear, respect and admiration for our cause and the alternative and authority we represent. Because they know that it is not completely unlikely that the scenario you just described will in fact happen one day in a not too distant future.

So the key word is “conditioning”, through indirect psychological warfare, directed at our enemies by presenting them with given scenario. We are thus indirectly preparing not only our enemies but our people for what lies ahead. Do not whisper these accusations and demands but tell them out loudly and proudly.

Opening statement – Knights Templar trial

An opening statement is an introductory statement made by the attorneys for each side at the start of a trial. The opening statement, although not mandatory, is seldom waived because it offers a valuable opportunity to provide an overview of the case to the jury and to explain the anticipated proof that will be presented during the course of the trial.

The primary purpose of an opening statement is to apprise the trier of fact, whether jury or court, of the issues in question and to summarise the evidence that the party intends to offer during the trial. The Supreme Court has characterised an opening statement as "ordinarily intended to do no more than to inform the jury in a general way of the nature of the action and defence so that they may better be prepared to understand the evidence"

Most practitioners and legal scholars agree that an effective opening statement is vital to the trial process. The importance of an opening statement has been established by studies that showed that 80 percent of jurors’ ultimate conclusions with respect to the verdict corresponded with their tentative opinion after opening statements. This is because an effective opening statement establishes the facts of the case and sets forth a legal theory and explanation for why the attorney’s client should prevail.

Using the court proceedings as a platform to further our cause

The goal for the European resistance fighter is not to win the trial but to present all available evidence, presented in this compendium, and his cause in the most favourable way in order to help generate a maximum amount of sympathisers and supporters for the national and/or European patriotic resistance movement. The judges will not be sympathetic towards you because they are, after all, representatives of the regime we wish to defeat. After a successful operation, allowing capture and the subsequent court proceedings may presents several propaganda opportunities. The trial itself may not end up as anything else than a formality where the goal can be to change the law, forcing the parliament of that country to introduce the death penalty, or harshen the penal laws in other ways. Indirectly forcing the parliament of your country to change the laws will be an indirect victory to our movement because it will provide significant media coverage of our cause and thus will contribute to future recruitment efforts. Devastating attacks will develop into an existential conflict between the regime and the resistance movement where the regime ultimately will lose or will be forced to use Stalinist methods. In both cases, they will eventually lose.

Example – opening statement for Justiciar Knights or other European resistance fighters:

To the jury and/or members of the court; I am standing here today as a Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar, a pan-European organisation which is a part of the patriotic National Resistance Movements in all Western European countries. I represent the highest national military and political authority considering the fact that we are the only military force in this country that represents the free patriotic people, as we are not on the pay roll of the category A and B traitors that you refer to as your superiors. When I speak, I speak on behalf of millions of Europeans who does not want to see their culture and territorial rights taken from them, who does not want to live under current or future dhimmitude and who does not accept that their own leaders are selling them against their will to Islamic slavery.

The current multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe are not at all democratic, this country is not democratic. They haven’t been democratic since the 1950s. There is no basis for democracy when all state institutions including schools, universities deliberately use advanced brainwashing techniques (as will be described later) to condition the people from resisting their own annihilation through the implementation of cultural Marxism/multiculturalist doctrines. Furthermore, there is no basis for democracy when 99% of all journalists support and propagate multiculturalism. There is no basis for democracy when all patriots and nationalists are ignored, ridiculed or persecuted. Factors such as these and many more have resulted in the Marxist tyranny we live under today. The political and cultural elites are deliberately selling their own people into Islamic slavery by allowing demographical warfare.

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and the author of the US Declaration of Independence, stated;

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

He also wrote:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organising its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. […] It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Refreshing the tree is now long overdue as our countries are in a rapid state of disintegration. The intention of the National Resistance Movement is to refresh the tree of liberty, and obviously not to cut it down. Refreshing the tree of liberty involves a coup supported by a significant portion of European patriots. Many of us will have to sacrifice our life for the cause in order to destroy the tyrants of our time. It is impossible to guarantee a democratically sanctioned coup as we have to keep in mind that Europeans have been brainwashed now for two generations. Many will oppose us for our stance and call us fascist. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge and understand that we are not.

All coups involve the temporary suspension of the constitution. Thomas Jefferson himself knew that. However, the goal of the coup is as I said not to chop down the tree of liberty but to refresh it.

I would like to begin by saying that of all our attainments, the freedom of our people is the most precious and the most vulnerable. Preserving our freedom and sovereignty is what many of our forefathers dedicated their lives to and what so many thousands of our people have given their lives for. Our freedom, national identity and our culture in this country is the fruit of centuries even millennia’s of struggles. It is the result of a history that has no equal and has brought us to where we are today. I will present evidence proving that the freedom of our people, our culture, our traditions, our Christendom and our national identity is in the process of being deconstructed by cultural Marxists and multiculturalists in our country.

Before I continue I would like to read a quote from John Stuart Mill, a former English Member of Parliament and influential British thinker:

A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”

I will prove that these cultural Marxists infiltrated our state institutions after WW2, especially our schools, universities and the media. I will prove that our political system referred to as a democracy has over the last 6 decades developed into a cultural Marxist dictatorship controlled by a group of multiculturalist elites whose plans consist of the deconstructing our country’s traditions, national identity and even our nation state. The most influential of these individuals are referred to as category A and B traitors. This traitorous elite now controls a majority of our state intuitions, including the media and our courts. I will prove that they have deliberately and systematically undermined this country and their day to day betrayal continues to weaken the cultural defences of our country.

By deconstructing our cultural defences, these category A and B traitors have laid the foundation for cultural conquest, but it doesn’t end there. These category A and B traitors continue to facilitate and allow the ongoing Islamic colonisation of our country, a process better known as Islamic demographic warfare. This Islamic demographic warfare will eventually lead to the enslavement of our people under the Islamic Ummah. Due to the actions of these category A and B traitors we will end up as the persecuted Christian minority in Lebanon. Didn’t you know that Lebanon was once a Christian country with 80% Christians in 1911? I expect that you knew that. However if you were unfamiliar with the successful Jihad in Lebanon I will present 10 other historical examples later on.

The following statement was written by Karl Popper, a philosopher at the London School of Economics:

If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.

We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.”

I will prove that the only pragmatical approach, the only hope our people have of preventing the future enslavement of our people and preventing the ongoing cultural and demographical genocide is for every European to do what is required of him. Every European has not only a right but a duty to contribute to the efforts of our National Resistance Movement through armed struggle against all category A and B traitors. The PCCTS and the Justiciar Knights represents the highest military authority in this country because we are the only military force that acts in the interest of our people. We are the true manifestation of the will of our people which cannot be said about our regular national army as they are controlled by the multiculturalist category A and B traitors we wish to defeat.

The individuals I have been accused of illegally executing are all category A and B traitors, guilty of high treason and condemned to death by the highest legal authority in Europe and our country. This authority is known as the military and criminal tribunal; PCCTS. All the individuals I have been accused of illegally executing have deliberately used their influence in a way which makes them indirectly or directly guilty of charges 1-8 which will be presented later.

The evidence I will present will prove not only that I am innocent of the crimes I have been accused of. It will prove that we, as the highest military authority in this country have the right to temporary suspend the constitution and to seize political and military control of our country until all category A and B traitors have been hunted down and executed. There are approximately xxxx category A and B traitors operating freely within the borders of our nation. I will get back to this point later.

The question that many now ask themselves is the following:

Am I a Sitting Bull or a Hitler of our time? As you already know, Sitting Bull was a celebrated hero, a Native American Chief who fought on behalf of his people against General Armstrong Custer and the US force. Ask yourself, who is the Hitler of the two? Sitting Bull or General Custer? Was Sitting Bull a terrorist because he fought for the indigenous rights of his people or was he a hero? That is the question that you will decide during this trial.

We, the armed European Resistance Movements, are in fact fighting for our indigenous rights (compared to the Islamic terrorists who are fighting for world domination – a global Caliphate based on Sharia law). An individual fighting for his indigenous rights is NOT a terrorist as history clearly proves. We are no more terrorists than the indigenous Brits who fought against the imperialistic Roman invaders, or the Americans who fought against English rule. We are no more terrorists than Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse or Chief Gall who fought for their people against the imperialist General Armstrong Custer.

WE are the Sitting Bulls, Crazy Horses and Chief Galls of our time and the imperialistic Custer’s of our time are called Barroso, Blair, Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy.

We, the PCCTS, Knights Templar and the Justiciar Knights of Europe and this country have dedicated our lives to defend and sacrifice ourselves for the freedom of our people, our culture, Christendom and our nation. We know what the risks are and we willingly pay the price for that every day. We do not complain about it; it is our own decision. It is my duty, as a Justiciar Knight of the European Resistance Movement to defend my people, my country and my culture from gradual systematic and deliberate genocide and this is the reason why I am standing here today. I know that the truth I represent is tough and hard to comprehend and accept in our politically correct times. But the majority of free and patriotic Europeans will learn that what I say here today is the truth. We have the people on our side; we have the truth on our side. What do you have?

It is every Europeans duty to defend their people and country against the ideology of genocide, conquest and destruction known as Islam.

I have nothing against individual Muslims. The problem is that Islam is a political ideology and the fact that the ongoing Islamisation of our country will eventually be the end of our freedom. Future generations will wonder how we, in 2010, at this location, in this room, served our most precious asset.

Will you condemn the patriotic heroes of the Resistance Movement for contributing to save their people and country from slavery and tyranny? Isn’t it the most basic human right to save your own people and culture from deliberate genocide and extermination?

The answer to that is immediately also the answer to the question whether individuals in this country are actually free or if they have already been reduced to slaves of the multiculturalist traitor elites.

Mark Twain once wrote:

During a time of change, the patriot is a scarce man. He is hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him. For then it costs nothing to be a patriot. “

Mark Twain

According to you, this trial is about whether I, as a member of the National Resistance Movement also known as the National Indigenous Rights Movement, have the right to defend myself, my people and my culture by executing the category A and B traitors who are deliberately allowing the Islamic colonisation of our country.

But this trial is also about finding the truth. The statements I have made, the comparisons I have drawn – are they true? Because, if something is true, how can it be illegal? Therefore I ask you, not only to grant my request for presenting all available evidence and documentation listed in the compendium: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence, but also to allow the hearing of witnesses and experts in the field concerning the ongoing colonisation of Europe and who can attest to the fact that the traitors I have executed where facilitating and deliberately contributing to this process. I ask that this is done in full publicity.

I am not only referring to Witness 1and Witness 2 but also on the expert witnesses from Country 1, Country 2, Country 3 and other countries. Preferably, all. I must have the ability to defend myself. I must be allowed to prove to you and to the people of this country that I have acted in the only rightful manner, in self defence through a pre-emptive attack. I must be allowed to prove that I executed these traitors in order to prevent them from continuing to contribute in the ongoing processes of cultural and demographical genocide and extermination. Please do not obstruct me from doing that. Because without this documentation and the mentioned witnesses, I cannot defend myself in a proper way and in my view it will this will not be a fair trial. Thank you.

Trial hearings

Present the relevant documentation from the compendium; 2083.

Closing statement – last day of trial, after judgment (guilty):

I would like to begin by stating the obvious. I would like to begin by stating the truth, a truth that has been deemed illegal according to the Marxist tyrants of our time. Multiculturalism is an anti-European hate ideology which has been designed to exterminate European culture, traditions, our identity and even our nation state.

The individuals I have been accused of illegally executing are all category A and B traitors. They are supporters of the anti-European hate-ideology known as multiculturalism, an ideology that facilitates Islamisation and Islamic demographic warfare. The category A and B traitors I executed were killed in self defence through a pre-emptive strike. They have been found guilty of high treason and condemned to death by the highest legal authority in Europe and our country. This authority is known as the military and criminal tribunal; PCCTS, Knights Templar. All the individuals I have been accused of illegally executing have deliberately used their influence in a way which makes them guilty of charges 1 through 8 which was presented earlier.

The evidence I have present has not only proven that I am innocent of the crimes I have been accused of. It has been proven that we, the PCCTS, Knights Templar, and the rest of the National Resistance Movement are in fact the highest military authority in this country, and we have the right and a duty to temporarily seize political and military control of our country until all category A and B traitors have been hunted down and executed and all Muslims have been deported. There is currently approximately xxxx category A and B traitors operating freely within the borders of our nation and these individuals continue to undermine and weaken our country every single day. Trust me when I say, every single one of them will be hunted down and executed by my brothers and sisters, the National Resistance Movement, the free people of our country.

The current multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe are not at all democratic, this country is not democratic. They haven’t been democratic since the 1950s. This country is a multiculturalist dictatorship run by tyrants. There is no basis for democracy when all state institutions including schools, universities deliberately use advanced brainwashing techniques (as has been described ) to condition and manipulate the people from resisting their own annihilation through the implementation of cultural Marxism/multiculturalist doctrines. Furthermore, there is no basis for democracy when 99% of all journalists support and propagate multiculturalism. There is no basis for democracy when all patriots and nationalists are ignored, ridiculed or persecuted. Factors such as these and many more have resulted in the Marxist tyranny we live under today. The political and cultural elites are deliberately selling, us, their own people into Islamic slavery by allowing Islamic demographical warfare.

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and the author of the Declaration of Independence, stated;

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

He also wrote:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organising its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. […] It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

I suggest you memorise these two quotes as many patriots will stand here in the future as I stand here today. Refreshing the tree of liberty is now long overdue as our countries are in a rapid state of disintegration. The intention of the National Resistance Movement is to refresh the tree of liberty and we will eventually succeed even if it takes us 70 years. Many of us will have to sacrifice our life for the cause in order to destroy the tyrants of our time. Many will oppose us for our stance and call us terrorists or fascist. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge and understand that we are not.

The question that many now ask themselves is the following:

Due to your twisted logic, by judging me here today, all the history books in the world has to be re-written. Because you have essentially condemned the Native American resistance hero: Sitting Bull as a murderer and a terrorist and you have thus exonerated General Custer, the butcherer who annihilated the indigenous peoples of America. According to your logic, the UN declaration of human rights has to be changed, because it is no longer allowed to fight against the annihilation of one’s culture and traditions. An individual fighting for his indigenous rights is NOT a terrorist as history clearly proves. We are no more terrorists than the indigenous Brits who fought against the imperialistic Roman invaders, or the Americans who fought against English rule. We are no more terrorists than Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse or Chief Gall who fought for their people against the imperialist General Armstrong Custer.

WE are the Sitting Bulls, Crazy Horses and Chief Galls of our time and the imperialistic Custer’s of our time are called Barroso, Blair, Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy. You have clearly proved here today that you are nothing more than a cheap tool to these dictators. You are clearly collaborating with these traitors, which makes you personally guilty of high treason.

We, the PCCTS, Knights Templar and the Justiciar Knights of Europe and this country have dedicated our lives to defend and sacrifice ourselves for the freedom of our people, our culture, our traditions, for Christendom and our nation. We know what the risks are and we willingly pay the price for that every day. We do not complain about it; it is our own decision. It is my duty, as a Justiciar Knight of the PCCTS and the European Resistance Movement to defend my people, my country and my culture from gradual, systematic and deliberate genocide and this is the reason why I have been convicted today. I know that the truth I represent is tough and hard to comprehend and accept in our politically correct times. But the majority of free and patriotic Europeans will learn that what I say here today is the truth. We have the people on our side; we have the truth on our side. We have time on our side. What do you have?

It is every Europeans duty to defend their people and country against the ideology of genocide, conquest and destruction known as Islam.

You have condemned a member of the National and pan-European Resistance Movement for the actions of contributing to save their people and country from current and future oppression, tyranny and slavery. You have therefore disallowed the people of this country the most basic human right; to save their own people and culture from deliberate genocide and extermination.

You have therefore not only condemned me but you have condemned every individual in this country to future dhimmitude, slavery and death. You have shown that you are not working for the interests of the people but that you are simple puppets and tools of the multiculturalist traitor elites. You are puppets and tools of the Global Islamic Ummah.

I will be so bold and guarantee you one thing. You will lose this European civil war sooner than you imagine. Your regime will fall within 2083 and we, the peoples of Europe, will be free once more. We will be free to determine our own future, free to preserve our traditions and culture, free to secure prosperity and the safe and peaceful existence of our people. All multiculturalist category A and B traitors will be executed and Islam will be expelled from Europe for a third time. Islam was thrown out of for the first time in 1492 marking the end of the reconquista in Spain. Islam was thrown out from Western Europe once again after the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Islam will be thrown out of Europe within 70 years for a third time, of that you can be certain.

You may judge me today, but history will judge you. History will show that you condemned an innocent here today, a member of the National Resistance Movement. History will show that you condemned a protector of freedom, a protector of our country, a protector of our culture, a protector of our identity, a protector of Christendom and a protector of our people. History will show that you soaked your hands in blood here today. May my brothers and sisters, all the current and future individual members of the European Resistance Movements and the rest of the patriots of this country show you compassion and forgiveness for what you have done here today. I forgive you, because I truly believe that you do not know what you are doing.

3.71 Finding the right defence attorney/legal counsel for your trial

A Justiciar Knight must be prepared to actively search for a nationalistic oriented (patriotic) lawyer /legal counsel before his trial starts. DO NOT accept a random appointed public defender offered by the regime. Chances are too great that this individual will be either incompetent or not willing to work for you interests (which is to further the cause, and not provide the most optimal defence). The nationalistic orientated defence lawyer you are searching for should provide his services pro bono (free of charge as an investment in a good cause). If you managed to execute a relatively “spectacular” operation many so called “high profile” attorneys will contact you and offer their services discounted or for free. Understand that a large majority of these individuals will not be willing to cater for your demands but are only interested in the publicity surrounding the case. They are so called “legal prostitutes” who just wants their face on TV. Ignore these requests and continue your search for a patriotic oriented defence attorney who is willing to accept your three primary demands.

You will be restricted from doing effective research from jail so you may have to ask anyone you know on the outside to assist you in searching for this candidate. Very few patriotic defence attorneys will be willing to flag their political views publicly as it may have devastating effects on their career so finding a good candidate may prove to be a challenging task. On the bright side, a defence attorney flagging his views may actually benefit that individual as well as he will literally have a monopoly on that niche market in future related cases.

There are three primary tasks your defence attorney must be willing to assist you with:

Initial briefing of your defence attorney

The candidate must be explaining that this trial is not about you but about the future of Europe. Your participation in the trial is merely a formality and a Justiciar Knight expects no mercy/leniency whatsoever, as we offer no mercy/leniency to our enemies. The candidate must be informed that the purpose of your defence is not to ensure the lowest possible sentence but rather to further the cause of saving Europe from Marxism and the subsequent manifestations (Islamisation etc.) which is the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar).

This approach (as your defence attorney will point out) will guarantee that you will not be shown any leniency whatsoever.

The three primary tasks expected from your defence attorney

  1. Willingness to facilitate you logistically

The candidate must be willing to order the components that make out the Justiciar Knight uniform for you and he/she must then compensate a tailor to assemble it. This task will take him several hours so he should be prepared to invest that time. He must understand that wearing our uniform during trial is an essential aspect of furthering our cause and he must be willing to facilitate you.

  1. Willingness to facilitate you ideologically

The candidate must be willing to contribute to assist you to further the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar which is the cause to free all Europeans from cultural Marxist/multiculturalist tyranny. You must be allowed to defend yourself, at least allow you to read the opening/closing speech, unless you prefer him to read your statement for you. Obviously, the candidate isn’t required to support the methods of the PCCTS, Knights Templar (mass killings, terror etc.), but he must support the primary ideological principles and the legal defensive strategy presented.

  1. Willingness to facilitate you to build a case against the regime

The candidate must be willing to contribute (facilitate you) to build the case against the regime (as the primary defensive strategy) based on the documentation presented in the compendium; 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence. Remember, this trial is (from our point of view), not against you but rather a trial against the regime. The climax of the trial will be after all arguments/documentation and accusations have been presented. You will then make a demand the unconditional surrender of the regime to the armed forces of the National Resistance Movement. After all, you are not only a Justiciar Knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar but one of several commanders of the National Resistance Movement by default.

Finding a candidate that will be willing to assist you with the primary tasks will be difficult. However, it is essential that you try as hard as you possibly can to acquire the appropriate legal counsel. It will be absolutely necessary in order to provide you with a sufficient defence.

Various topics

3.72 The PCCTS, Knights Templar Oath – Ordination Rite

Due to the nature and hierarchical and logistical limitations of our clandestine and extremely distributed organisational structure it is the responsibility of the individual (during phase 1 – 2010-2030) to ensure that he performs the initiation ritual. The rite is somewhat similar to the ancient and original ritual of the Knights Templar. This ritual has been partly adopted and kept alive by the Freemasons and similar “chivalric orders” the last centuries. The following ritual is a requirement and must be performed by all aspiring Justiciar Knights of the PCCTS, Knights Templar in phase 1. You are likely to be alone when performing the rite so you will not undergo the full magnitude of the experience. The candidate is normally surrounded by Justiciar Knights under a normal initiation ceremony.

Symbolicism of the ritual

The purpose of the rite is to create and formalise your commitment to the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar. You are also literally making a blood pact with the other side; with your ancestors, with past martyrs and with God. You are offering them a central part of your very being in exchange for the gift of immortality and a place in the eternal kingdom. You pledge allegiance to the principles of the PCCTS, Knights Templar, to fellow Justiciar Knights, to your people, the wishes of your ancestors and to God. Your oath will commit you to act selflessly as you offer them devoted service to the death.

As a holy Knight fighting for your people and the preservation of Christendom, the Templar’s, as the Justiciar Knight candidate, are willing to put aside the usual temptations of ordinary secular life for an arduous and dedicated life of service and sacrifice. As soon as you have completed the rite your life will consist of reaching a pious state, embracing voluntary poverty, devoted service and unwavering dedication and loyalty to the principles of the Knights Templar. Your burdens will be lifted as you cast of the chains that influence you negatively in your day to day life and prevents you from doing the right thing for yourself, your family, your countrymen and your country.

The rite is in many ways a death ritual where you will break the chains that burden you and you will rise as an immortal as you become fully prepared for the afterlife.

The intention of the rite is to formalise or create an unbreakable commitment where the candidate commits to:

  • Purge his traditional career/secular ambitions – you are embracing your destiny as a martyr for the cause of the PCCTS, Knights Templar

  • Purge or distance yourself from worldly influences (including friends, family)

  • Seek a pious lifestyle and voluntary poverty as all your worldly resources will go to the operation/cause from now on

You will rise up as a Justiciar Knight and gain:

  • Partial immortality (an individual who has embraced martyrdom and death cannot be killed, all martyrs in protection of Christendom are granted a place in heaven)

  • Ideological confidence

  • Military/operational confidence

  • Fearlessness

  • Unwavering dedication

Preparation – items required to perform the initiation rite:

Specific items required:

  • A candle

  • A skull (replica, or an item resembling a skull)

  • A sword

  • Dimly lit surroundings (the temple), a room or the wilds

Surroundings: as you obviously do not have access to the Temple of Solomon (as it currently lies in ruin bellow the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem), you will need to use the second best option, a solid rock (shaped somewhat as a cubic altar) resembling an actual stone altar. Prior to the rite, you, as a Justiciar Knight candidate, are described as a “poor candidate”, in a burdened state of darkness, which is figurative of being in a state of the darkest ignorance surrounded by negative influences (chains/burdens) preventing you from being a Knight and doing the right thing. The properties of stability and strength of the stone altar is being communicated to the oath contributing to making it inviolable. Furthermore, you are to print out the text (the oath) and sign it with your own blood, and subsequently burn it on the “altar”.

Lighting: the ritual should be performed in a dimly lit environment (a room or in the wilds during dusk or dawn) and you will use one candle light. The candle is placed on the altar. The candle symbolises and represents the light of God or, specifically, the light of Christ and is, as we all know, common in Christian rituals. This liturgical candle must be made of at least 51% beeswax, the remainder may be paraffin or some other substance (a paschal candle may be used).

A skull: a skull or an object resembling a human skull. The skull is placed in the centre of the altar next to the candle. The skull figuratively represents the afterlife/death, and the fallen heroes of our cause, our dead or martyred ancestors or brethren who died for their people and for Christendom in the past (former Knights Templar’s and nationalist/patriotic fighters of past struggles). You face the skull while reading the oath.

Attire: the candidate will wear his best clothing while performing the initiation rite (normally the modern European suit). A traditional European dinner suit is the most optimal attire but not required. The use of similar attires symbolises that there is no distinction between Justiciar Knights.

The Justiciar Knight attire illustrates the dignity and nobleness of the Justiciar Knight office as judge, jury and executioner. The purpose of the Justiciar Knight is to heed the call of his people in an unselfish manner. He is the protector of his people, culture, country, of European Christendom and civilisation.

White gloves: the gloves stand for dignity and purity (note that the good person is described in Psalm 24 as having “clean hands and a pure heart”).

A sword: the sword symbolises aggression, protection, courage, strength, action, unity, justice, leadership and decision – all important characteristics of the nature of a Justiciar Knight. If you are performing the rite alone, you must provide a sword, preferably a good replica of a battle ready European sword from an epoch of your national history (f example a broad Viking sword for Scandinavians, a Roman sword for Southern Europeans etc (this sword may be utilized later as it will be an aspect of the tombstone – see chapter about Overseer).

Under normal circumstances (phase 2), there will be several Justiciar Knights present encircling the candidate in a crescent on one side of the altar. They will all raise their swords against the candidate while he reads the final part of the oath. As this may not be possible during phase 1, the candidate must make the best out of the situation. The shaft of the sword is placed on the altar while you place it in such a way that the tip of the sword faces your heart.

Here we experience the metaphorical sword cleanly piercing the spiritual soul of man. This symbolic action sacrifices physical bondage to release a path to the ethereal (enlightened) freedom of our struggle. Should the candidate ever knowingly and deliberately violate his oath he will have his body severed in two, his bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered before the four winds of heaven by fellow Justiciar Knights.

The candidate kneels during the ritual.

The PCCTS, Knights Templar Oath – Initiation Rite

[The candidate kneels in front of the altar, while reading the oath out loudly]

I, ________, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God, the spirits of my ancestors and past martyrs, do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, from now and forever, that I will hail, respect and obey the principles of the PCCTS, Knights Templar. I furthermore promise and swear that I will stand to and abide by all laws, rules and regulations of the Military Order and Criminal Tribunal – PCCTS, Knights Templar. Further, that I will always aid and assist fellow Justiciar Knights, their widows and orphans, knowing them to be such, as far as their necessities may require, and my ability permit, without material injury to myself and family. Further, that I will keep a brother Justiciar Knight secrets inviolable, when communicated to and received by me as such.

I declare to take freely and solemnly this oath of obedience, this pledge of voluntary poverty and commitment.

With this oath I state my strong and irrevocable intent:

To pledge my sword, my forces, my life and everything that I own to the cause, defence, honour of my country and of Europe, my people, the Christian religion, of the PCCTS, Knights Templar and of my companions in arms; to the rescue of my country and of Europe as a whole from the tyranny of Marxist and Islamic oppression.

To love my brothers the Knights and my Sisters the Ladies and help them, their children and their widows with my sword, my advice, means and wealth, my credit and everything in my power, and will favour them, with no exception, over those who are not members of the order.

To fight the infidels and the non-believers with my example, virtue, charity and convincing arguments; and to fight with the sword the infidels and non-believers who attack the Cross with their own sword.

I will not aid, nor be present at, the initiation, passing, or raising of a madman, traitor or fool, knowing him to be such.

I will not converse with outsiders on the subjects related to my operation or any issue that may contribute to incriminate myself or fellow Justiciar Knights.

I will not cheat, wrong, nor defraud a fellow Justiciar Knight, knowingly, nor supplant him in any of his laudable undertakings, but will give him due and timely notice, that he may ward of all danger.

I will not knowingly strike a brother Justiciar Knight, or otherwise do him harm or personal violence in anger, except in the necessary defence of my family.

I acknowledge that I have the intellectual capacity required to develop a sufficient strategy and the initiative, courage and discipline to see it through.

I acknowledge that I have the mental strength to maintain good spirits, motivation and moral at the necessary level until my mission has been completed.

I acknowledge that I am a person who carries within me the virtue of patience and I will therefore not act prematurely but plan accordingly.

I acknowledge that I have or will be able to acquire the required finances which will allow me to fund my military operation.

I swear to follow the appropriate training programs and to acquire the appropriate knowledge, weaponry, armour, equipment and transportation required to execute my mission.

I acknowledge that I have understood the basic principles of war; that sometimes cruelty must be applied to prevent an even greater evil. I accept the fact that sometimes, innocent individuals have to perish in order to serve the greater good.

I acknowledge that I possess the qualities of initiative, patience, creativity, devotion to the cause and the ability to command any situation that might arise.

I acknowledge that I understand that my duty is to act, to find and develop adequate solutions for each problem I might face. Because I understand that without initiative, there is no resistance.

I acknowledge that in the light of the authority of my office as a jury, judge and executioner – as a Justiciar Knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar, I am representing the highest military and political authority in Western European countries during all phases of the civil war. I will act as a representative for all free indigenous Europeans and I will always act in the best interest of the people, with a long term perspective. I must contribute to explain to the people that sometimes, short term pain will be necessary to ensure the long term survival and prosperity of our people. I will not misuse the authority of my office but always serve the people who count on our resolve, pragmatic mindset, unwavering determination and timely action. Although we, as a Justiciar Knights, have the power to influence millions, we will never be blinded by hate or greed but must instead adhere to the principles of the PCCTS, Knights Templar.

I acknowledge and agree to follow and embrace the road of ultimate sacrifice and martyrdom should the situation require it. Under such circumstances I will not fear death but I will embrace it. I agree to this in order to secure the sovereignty of my country, the freedom of my people, my family and my friends, for their children and grandchildren’s sake, for the preservation of my culture, for Christendom and for the preservation of everything I hold dear.

I will strive to be truly a fearless knight and secure on every side, for my soul is protected by the armour of faith, the truth, ideological confidence and a just cause, just as my body is protected by the armour of steel. I am thus doubly armed and need fear neither demons nor men.

Whether I live or whether I die, I have the truth on my side, our struggle is survival and to fight for our freedom from slavery. What a glory to return in victory from such a battle! How blessed to die there as a martyr! How secure is life when the conscience is unsullied! How secure, I say, is life when death is anticipated without fear; or rather when it is desired with feeling and embraced with reverence!

When the battle is at hand, I will arm myself interiorly with faith, truth and confidence, and exteriorly with steel rather than decorate myself with gold.

I will seek out horses which are strong and swift, rather than those which are brilliant and well-plumed; I will set my mind on fighting to win rather than on parading for show. I think not of glory and seek to be formidable rather than decadent.

No matter how outnumbered I am, I will never surrender, for victory in war is not dependent on a big army, but on the bravery, cleverness and the determination of the Knight.

In a wondrous and unique manner I will appear gentler than a lamb, yet I will prove to be fiercer than a lion.

[The Justiciar Knights raises their swords against the candidate. if alone; the candidate places the sword in such a way that the tip of the sword faces his heart]

All this I most solemnly, sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steady resolution to perform the same, without any hesitation, myself, under no less penalty than that of having my body severed in two, my bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered before the four winds of heaven, that no more remembrance might be had of so vile and wicked a wretch as I would be, should I ever, knowingly, violate my obligations. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.

This oath I pronounce loudly, and is witnessed by the Knights present, the spirits of my ancestors, past martyrs and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I sign this pledge and confirm it by my blood.

[If the candidate is alone with no other Justiciar Knights present; he makes a small cut in his finger, and from the drops of blood (a few drops is sufficient), signs the document, and then burns it using the flame from the candle.]

[The candidate may rise; for he is now a Justiciar Knight.]

3.73 Future compensation arrangements for European members of the resistance movement

We live in a time of excessive consumerism where the acquisition of wealth and prestige is the driving force in our lives. So in a world where cash is king, how can we expect anyone to champion the correct ideals and truth?

I’ve discussed this so many times with my sister and so many others. My sister Elisabeth lives in Los Angeles btw. and has chosen a life where… you guessed it: the acquisition of wealth is the driving force in her life. Well, this is not entirely true. She only wants financial security to live a life without worry and to be able to do what she wants when she wants. She and her husband has done well and makes aprox 150 000 USD annually. That doesn’t really sound too bad. I used to be just like that so I know where she and millions of other Europeans are coming from. In fact, we are indoctrinated from early age to think this way. The only problem when everyone chooses this path is that we don’t have any idealists left who actually cares about the greater good and the protection of our liberties.

If everyone chooses to be egotistical opportunists then who will be left who maintains integrity and will selflessly oversee and protect the rights of the people?

The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

If there are absolutely no incentives to do the right thing how can we expect enough individuals to sacrifice themselves for the greater good? I know a lot of people think this way. I’ve had this discussion with some of my best friends. They say:

Why the hell do you care so much when the people you are trying to serve doesn’t care at all about you. They even detest you for trying to tell them the truth and think you are a moron. Why not conform like us and enjoy all the benefits while we still can. Why not enjoy life now? Who gives a shit what happens in 100 years?”

This is the core problem on the political right and explains somewhat why the Marxists are superior when it comes to organisation and implementation. The political right simply lacks a fundamental idealistic mindset to a much larger degree than the political left.

In light of this new reality we have no choice but to adapt and create incentives to the individuals willing to act selflessly.

Compensation program to all voluntary political members/activists of the European resistance movements – phase of dialogue and phase 1 (1950-2030)

Does not apply if individuals are/have been already compensated financially by a second or third party.

Redistribution policies in phase 2 or 3

Category A, B and C traitors (politically active cultural Marxists, multiculturalists, capitalist globalists and suicidal humanists) will have their property and funds expropriated by the new cultural conservative regime. The property and funds will be redistributed to individuals based on previous efforts, sacrifices and results:

Priority list

  • Voluntary armed resistance fighters and martyrs (8th front) active in phase 1 (the family of martyrs). Many of these individuals have voluntarily gone through much hardship included state and MSM persecution, ridicule, torture, imprisonment, psychological trauma etc. Many have been killed and many more driven to suicide the last 40 years. In cases where individuals are dead compensation must be forwarded to the closest family given that they have supported the cause ideologically.

  • Voluntary members of front 1-7: Voluntary journalists, essay/article writers, teachers, coaches, lecturers, professors, politicians, community voices such as NGO leaders/members, artists, intellectuals and other community debaters. Also bloggers and various online activists, church leaders and street activists. Voluntary investors who funded various related projects will have their investment refunded with interest.

Already compensated individuals will be compensated appropriately based on results and general efforts made.

All members of the 8 different fronts in Europe should and must work actively to free political cultural conservative prisoners (from all fronts, front 8 included) in all phases of the civil war (1, 2 and 3). This includes Serbian war heroes in international prisons (condemned in the International Criminal Court in the Hague).

Also, keep in mind that there will be thousands of housing units available after the deportation of the Muslims begins in phase 3.

The long term goal of the redistributive policies should include creating incentives for procreation (degree depending on how many Europeans succumbed during the civil war).

Since I am one of the first to present this compensation programme it can be argued that I am incompetent on the mature. As such, I hereby refuse to accept any future compensation (on behalf of myself or my family) in order to strengthen the argument. Protecting the justification of a future compensation programme for voluntary service is logical and necessary and will result in more recruits from otherwise opportunistic and unwilling right wing candidates. Creating incentives is always a good idea.

National incentive programmes in an international context

When we, the cultural conservatives, again control Western Europe within 50-90 years the plan to liberate Serbia and Croatia (Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, the Muslim controlled Assyrian Nation, Muslim controlled Lebanon, the Egypt controlled Coptic Nation, Syrian controlled Israel and Turkish occupied Greece and Armenia will commence. This will obviously be a beneficial venture for Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Greece and Armenia. Furthermore the Christian Azzyrians, the Christian Lebanese, the Christian Copts and the Romani People will finally get their much deserved homeland.

But why should Western Europe send tens of thousands of soldiers when we don’t get anything in return?

We will initiate this Crusade to protect eastern Christendom and to honour our friends and brothers, not because we profit from it but because we know that they would do it for us. Think of it as a European solidarity project. It will be a celebration of solidarity among European Christian brothers. We will collectively grow stronger as we head out to undue something that should have been done in 1453 during the siege of Constantinople.

3.74 Right of Revolution

A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves… And include all men capable of bearing arms.”


In political philosophy the right to revolution (or ‘right of rebellion’ or ‘right to resistance’) is first articulated by the Monarchomachs in the context of the French Wars of Religion, and is essentially the natural right of preservation. It was later taken up by John Locke in
Two Treatises of Government as part of his social contract theory. Locke wrote that the people could instigate a revolution against the government when it acted against the interests of citizens and replace it with another. The right to revolution was cited in the US Declaration of Independence:

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is in the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organising its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

The right to revolution helps explain the purpose of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees the right of "the people" to bear arms as part of a well regulated militia. It follows that if the people have a right to overthrow a despotic government then they have a right to possess the practical means to do so. The great advantage of a well armed and regulated militia is the deterrent effect, which greatly reduces the likelihood that the people will ever need to exercise their right to revolution, thus preserving liberty without bloodshed.

Duty of Disloyalty

Like Locke and Thoreau, Gandhi believed that the quest for freedom incurs an obligation to oppose an oppressive government, which he called the "duty of disloyalty", when the state fails to represent the people’s interests and needs: "Disobedience of the law of an evil state is therefore a duty". Gandhi moved beyond Thoreau by contending that the freedom struggle demands active participation in community action to stop said evil, primarily through non-violent action as he believed citizens had a duty to preserve order and peace to prevent bloodshed.

A revolt every 50-100 years keeps the government from stagnating and societies from deteriorating. Why the US Founding Fathers gave the Americans the Second Amendment.

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Thomas Jefferson

The Founding Fathers gave Americans the Second Amendment not to protect them from criminals, but by allowing them to rebel against their government should it be necessary.

People are almost always susceptible to corruption or egotism. So in any state, cultural Marxist/multiculturalist or not, leaders can deviate from the defined path, and manipulate laws and the state in order to fit their personal agenda. That is why the people must take it upon themselves to topple oppressive regimes through force and reinstate a functional government.

George Washington himself supported the stance that armed revolts every so often were necessary to keep the government from stagnating, being corrupted or deteriorating.

3.75 Non-violent resistance – civil disobedience/economical sabotage

Every patriotic European has a duty to contribute to the fall of the current cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime through any and all means necessary. Unfortunately, the great majority of European patriots will, however, not be willing to consider armed resistance at this point (phase 1). Nevertheless, there are still ways that ordinary people can contribute to weaken the regime.

  • Avoid paying more tax than you have to, if you see a loophole – use it. If you have the possibility to prevent taxation through illegal means – do it (as long as you know you will get away with it of course). If you have the opportunity to burden the system, even if your situation does not require it, do it.

These approaches are known as economical resistance methods. They represent methods ordinary patriots can use to contribute to burden and thereby weaken the system whenever an opportunity arises.

Do whatever you can to avoid unnecessary taxation, even it means breaking the law. Because if you are contributing to sustain the system you are basically funding and facilitating the multiculturalist elites agenda allowing them to continue to sell their people into Islamic slavery.

The system itself, as long as it is controlled by the multiculturalist criminal network – he regime, is the enemy and the very least everyone should do is to make it as hard for them to collect taxes for their “war chest” as humanly possible.

3.76 National Intelligence Agencies

United Kingdom – The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI5/MI6)

France – DCRI: Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur)

Germany – Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz

Netherlands – Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) (General Intelligence and Security Service)

Belgium – Staatsveiligheid / Sûreté de l’État (SV/SE) (State Security Service)

Luxembourg – Service de Renseignement de l’Etat (State Intelligence Service)

Sweden – Säkerhetspolisen (SÄPO) (Security Service)

Denmark – Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET) (Danish Security and Intelligence Service)

Norway – Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste (PST) (Police Security Service)

Finland – Suojelupoliisi (Supo) (Security Police, literally "Protection Police")

Spain – Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI) (National Intelligence Centre)

Portugal – Serviço de Informações de Segurança (SIS) (Security Intelligence Service)

Italy – Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Interna (AISI): "Agency for Internal Information and Security" (domestic intelligence agency).

Greece – Ethniki Ypiresia Pliroforion (NIS) (Hellenic National Intelligence Service)

Switzerland – Dienst für Analyse und Prävention (DAP) (Analysis and Prevention Service)

Austria – Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung (BVT) (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism)

Iceland – Greiningardeild Ríkislögreglustjóra (GRLS) (National Security Agency)

Ireland – Special Detective Unit of the Garda Síochána

Other relevant Intelligence Agencies

US – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


– Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti (FSB) (Federal Security Service)

– Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie (GRU) Genshtaba (Main Intelligence Directorate of General Staff – external military intelligence service, subordinate to the Army)

– Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR) (Foreign Intelligence Service)

Serbia – Bezbednosno Informativna Agencija (BIA) Security Information Agency (under Government and Parliamentary control)

Israel – ha-Mossad le-Modiin u-le-Tafkidim Myukhadim (Mossad) (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations)

Armenia – National Security Service (NSS)

National Intelligence Activity

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in your country are annually surveilling as many as 1000 per million individuals who are flagged (on so called watch lists). These individuals are usually well known right wing (NS and/or other nationalists) or left wing (Communist/Anarchist/Islamist) individuals, which are considered a threat against the government and/or constitution.

Collection is the gathering of information using methods such as:

Open source intelligence – the assembling of openly available information, such as that provided in the media and academic journals.

Human intelligence – information collected from agents, defectors, informants, diplomats; or from reports from counterintelligence operations, interrogations, discussions with foreign personnel, etc.; and

Technical intelligence – data and information collected through:

  • Intercepts

  • Monitoring and localising of radio, microwave, radar and other means of electromagnetic emission

  • Communications intelligence

  • Electronic intelligence

  • Telemetry intelligence

  • Foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

  • Cryptology intelligence

  • Measurement and signatures intelligence

  • Imagery intelligence

  • Photographic intelligence

  • Computer network exploitation

International and national terrorist databases – The TIDE register[1]

Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) is the US governments central repository of information on international terrorist identities. TIDE supports the US governments various terrorist screening systems or “watchlists”. The Terrorist Identities Group (TIG), located in NCTCs Information Sharing & Knowledge Development Directorate (ISKD), is responsible for building and maintaining TIDE.

The TIDE database includes the identities of individuals known or suspected to be or have been involved in activities constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to politically motivated violence, with the exception of Purely Domestic Terrorism information.

The database contains 564 000 names, (500 000) separate identities due to aliases/name variants. US persons including both citizens and legal permanent residents make up less than five percent (25 000) of the listings.

In 2008 more than 27 000 names were removed from TIDE when it was determined tha they no longer met the criteria for inclusion.


1. http://www.nctc.gov/docs/Tide_Fact_Sheet.pdf

Interrogation techniques

Different types of human subjects will share information voluntarily or involuntarily. The interrogator builds a relationship with the subject, a relationship that can be based on trust, fear, friendship, or any of a range of human emotions. Prisoners have an understandable fear of what may happen, and, contrary to "tough guy" images, it can be important to relax him and, to the extent possible, put him at ease.

Physical pressure will often yield a confession, true or false, but what an intelligence interrogation seeks is a continuing flow of information.

Assuming the subject (prisoner) has been under guard, the screener often can get valuable information about the subject’s behaviour from the guards. They can tell the screener how the source has responded to orders, what requests have been made by the source, what behaviour has been demonstrated by the source, and so forth. Along with the basic contact information, such observations can be extremely helpful to the interrogator, who can study the information before the interview. Having background on the subject helps the interrogator retain the initiative in an interview.

Again for prisoners, screeners should examine the documents captured with the source and any documents pertaining to the source. If the subject is voluntary and providing documents, they may even be more valuable. Screeners may need to get help from linguists or document specialists in understanding the material. If the documents have insignia or other graphics, these should be compared with an existing graphics register, and added to it if they are new.

Documents captured with the source (identification card, letters, map sections, and so forth) can provide information that identifies the source, his organisation, his mission, and other personal background (family, knowledge, experience, and so forth). This information can be used to verify information from documents captured with the source and further assess his willingness to cooperate. When examining documents, screeners should look for items that will indicate whether the source is cooperative or willing to cooperate based on any specific personal interest.

If the source has information pertaining to new foreign material, contact appropriate TECHINT specialists, and if the source has information of target exploitation interest, contact the appropriate staff members who deal with targeting. These specialists are not necessarily qualified interrogators and may need to meet jointly with the subject and interrogator, or pass questions to the interrogator.

Selecting potential sources (interrogation and counter intelligence)

It involves evaluating an individual, or group of individuals, "to determine their potential to answer [intelligence] collection requirements or to identify individuals who match a predetermined source profile. The goal of the process is to identify individuals who may have information of interest, and are willing or can be persuaded to cooperate. Willing individuals will undergo debriefing and unwilling people may be interrogated.

Screening techniques also can select individuals who may be prospects to collect intelligence or work, in other ways, with the HUMINT organisation or its sponsor. Individuals may also be identified who are of interest to counterintelligence or to technical intelligence specialists.

It is likely that an individual with wife/girlfriend/children will be targeted as potential sources as they are viewed as more susceptible to bribes/pressure than single men.

NIA strategy against right wing groups

Promoting individual disengagement from conservative/nationalist groups by reinforcing motivations and reducing obstacles to leaving.

Providing attractive alternatives to a continued life outside the conservative/nationalist scene (The carrot-and-stick approach).

Contacting parents/relatives/school/work place and initiate a campaign of psychological pressure from multiple fronts against target individual.

Breaking up networks by reinforcing inherent tendencies of group dissolution (e.g. undermine status and authority of leaders, and isolate them from followers, reduce the networks cohesiveness and attraction value, promote splits and internal conflicts).

By combining several such approaches the National Intelligence Agencies have managed to interrupt or destroy several groups.

The NIA "catch-and-release program" (anti-insurgency tactic)

This type of counterinsurgency method acts as a method to create reluctance or distrust in such suspects with the hopes of preventing them from further acts or involvement in right wing organisations, and perhaps more importantly, attempt to create distrust among the people who has been arrested. No one will know for sure if anyone has accepted to work as a ”undercover EUSSR agent” for incentives or types of bribes.

The NIA "catch-and-release program" can only be used against ”known” participants in right wing organisations. They hope to prevent re-entry into a militia group or cell as a trusted member and they hope that this will most likely limit the further trust and assignments of close cell associates still at large.

3.77 A request to the Police Forces (system protectors) of Western Europe

Regarding Phase 1

We know that more than 60% of the police officers in Europe sympathise with our cause and that even more, around 90%, empathise with it. Our cause being “striking” the enablers that are currently facilitating the Islamic colonization of our countries.

Know this; we do not wish to put you at risk or cause harm to you in any way. We consider you as brothers and sisters who are unfortunate enough to have chosen to serve the “enablers”, the Multiculturalist Alliance, our government and the constitution.

If possible we will address you on the standard police frequency during any operation (in order to prevent the harm of innocent police officers or our agents for that matter). We ask that you either join us or get out of our way, allowing any Justiciar Knights to complete their missions. Use creative and indirect methods at your own discretion; “Your radio not working”, “caught in traffic”, or avoiding “short cuts” are all excellent methods of preventing armed confrontations with any Knights Templar. Normally we will have specific objectives that are limited to striking concentrations of class A and B traitors with minimal civilian casualties. Trust our judgement for we have planned the operation thouroughly for months or even years.

However, if you for various reasons do decide to follow your orders and contribute to hunt down and stop any Justiciar Knight, they will assume that you have hostile intentions and act accordingly. They will not allow you to put the operation at risk.

Know that in this critical and vulnerable phase of our armed resistance, we do not have the luxury of acting in a flexible manner. We are forced to act effectively, mercilessly and without hesitation. The outcome of any confrontation will be death, either to you or to the Justiciar Knight. Know that if you cause injury or death to any Justiciar Knight you are not only committing a crime against that individual but you are committing a crime/treason against all nationalist Europeans. You are violating the wishes of the free indigenous peoples of Europe by assisting and protecting the multiculturalist establishment. You will un-doubtfully be punished for your crimes as soon as we, the cultural conservatives, seize power in Western Europe. So be vigilant. Help us indirectly or stay out of our way.

Your role in Phase 2

Same as Phase 1. Several police officers will be active within the cultural conservative movements.

Your role in Phase 3

You are now finally able to support the resistance movement directly with limited risks. If possible, contact the military commander who leads your local resistance organisation/militia and sign up for duty. Know that some of your colleagues will still support the cultural Marxists. It is not only your right, but your duty to rally as many colleagues as you can and contact the resistance movement/cultural conservative forces for instructions. Be certain that the colleagues you have recruited can be trusted. Attempting to infiltrate the resistance movement in any way can be fatal for you and your family. We do not have the resources to allow ourselves the luxury of the general rules of war, allowing us to show compassion and flexibility, so we have to react effective and often brutally.

A request to you

To any police prison guard, police officer or other law enforcement agent reading this; know that it is your duty to indirectly facilitate any and all Justiciar Knights (look the other way when the time comes, blame incompetence or ignorance). You should know by now that we, the patriotic Justiciar Knights, are fighting the good fight, YOUR FIGHT, for you, so that you and your family may have a chance to live in a future society that is not suffering under or is controlled by Islam. If you contribute to the persecution or apprehension of a Justiciar Knight, know that you are not only betraying your country, your people, your culture, your identity and your ancestors. You are betraying your self and your children as well! So when the time comes, look the other way. That is all we ask.

3.78 “Young Europeans Movement – YE” movement – rumours of an emerging mass consolidation of anti-Marxist/anti-multiculturalist forces

I don’t know much about the status of this rumoured consolidation project. One of my mentors from PCCTS told me something about this a few years ago. The intention is to temporarily (through phase 1-3) but indirectly consolidate all anti-Marxist military forces/organisations/cells: 1. Militant cultural conservatives, 2. militant “right wing” liberalists, militant Christian extremists, militant ethno-centrists and other groups.

We all agree that multiculturalism is an anti-European/Christian hate ideology designed to exterminate European identities, our cultures/traditions and European nation states. This hate ideology (coupled with suicidal humanist tendencies) is the cause of the current Islamisation (with the exception of certain factions who believe it is due to ZOG…)

The problem, I would imagine, is how each faction relates to totalitarian ideas, ethnocentrism and especially our relation to Jews. Some of the factions are pro-democracy, -Christendom, -capitalism, -multiethnicity and pro-Israel/Jews while other groups are strongly against.

Who will dominate a future “Young Europeans” movement?

The common consensus seems to be that we should focus less on our indifferences temporarily in order to fully focus on securing the survival/safety of our people/cultures/traditions/countries/Christendom.

In any case; it is only logical that we save the infighting until after phase 3. We can never allow the cultural Marxists to play divide and conquer with the various factions. It will undoubtfully be certain infighting after the Marxists/suicidal humanists/capitalist globalists have been defeated though.

The NS are generally pro Muslim and anti Jewish. They should know that we will defend our right wing Jewish and other non-Muslim minority groups, who have fought by our side with our lives as they will do the same for us. It is still too early to tell how the situation will develop. A relationship is always reciprocal so we, the pro-multiethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim right wing minority groups and indirect support from the Israeli right wing. We will rely on their support in order to be able to dominate the European right wing for the future – because if we fail, they will lose their only interest groups and allies.

At the moment, I’m worried that ethnocentric ideologies will become more dominant in Western Europe the coming decades. The main reason is that the non-ethnocentric factions on the right wing are not getting enough support from their own base and from right wing minority groups (as these minority groups fail to distinguish non-racist right wingers from actual Nazis/racists due to the media propaganda campaigns and their own paranoia. If the cultural Marxist/ suicidal humanist elites had any decency whatsoever they would at least stop the “all nationalists=Nazis, racists campaigns” and perhaps even arrange a gradual controlled re-distribution of power to moderate right wing groups/political parties. Their total and complete reluctance to deal with any traditionalist/nationalist is radicalising an increasing number of people. Due to their propaganda campaigns the obvious result is that people become apathetic and/or are drawn to actual Nazi and racist groups.

3.79 Various info

Future “Nuremberg trials”

It’s important to keep in mind that the future European “Nuremberg trials” which will be held when the European cultural conservatives reassert control of their territories has the potential to be a very bloody process. The cultural Marxists/pro-Multiculturalists will not be “lightly treated”.

Individuals or groups who have actively supported the EU’s Eurabia project (European multiculturalism/Islamisation of Europe) and the so called “anti-racist witch hunts” will be punished severely for their crimes.

This is especially aimed at multiculturalists in the political, intellectual, religious, media, teaching and publishing apparatus.

National, regional and local knowledge may be required

Considering the fact that national, regional or even local knowledge is required when evaluating targets it is generally advised that ”foreign” Justiciar Knights do not ignorantly act based on rumours or lacking intelligence when launching operations on ”unfamiliar grounds”. In many cases it can be difficult for a Spanish Justiciar Knight to fully comprehend f. example the political system in Sweden and vice versa. A Justiciar Knight should NEVER act blindly on external intelligence sources but should do his own research in order to confirm all relevant information when evaluating and selecting targets. People do make mistakes when preparing intelligence reports and all information should be thoroughly evaluated by a credible and competent individual who possesses national, regional or local knowledge.

Alternative areas to study

System disruption

Effective use of system disruption with the goal of completely shutting down an important process/production facility and delay and/or halt repairs.

Hostage taking

Effective use of hostages to coerce both the government and the multinationals.

Swarm-based maneuvers

A more sophisticated approach where we are quickly attacking targets in succession. Multiple, highly maneuverable units can keep the government’s defensive systems (police/SWAT) off-balance defending their sprawling networks (Phase 2 strategy)

Actions which are considered counter-productive

Random violence against Muslims is considered counter-productive and will only create more sympathy for Islam at best. Random racist violence against people of colour (non-Muslims) is even worse. Not only does it undermine everything the movement stands for, it labels you as racist and a violent bigot. Be especially aware of people of the peaceful faiths – Jews, Buddhists, Hindus etc as they are considered allies against the Global Islamic Ummah.

Military efforts involving several nations

Very often it will be beneficial to plan and organise an attack from a bordering country. F example as a Norwegian, there are many benefits of doing much of the work relating to the organisation of a specific operation from Sweden (f example in Western rural Sweden). It is much easier to stay of the Norwegian NIAs radar (national intelligence agency) if you are located in another country as cross-border planning/organisation will complicate any efforts of surveillance or will in any case reduce the chance of the operation being compromised.

Operations swap

A national resistance commander or cell commander can at any given time initiate an operation-swap with a neighbouring country’s cell commander if both parties are willing. By doing so, and by combining this with cross-country planning they will increase their chances of success. Obviously, the general rules of confidentiality will still apply so no one will have any sensitive information about the other parts plan.

European political solutions for the future

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)

This chapter is not yet complete due to the complexity of the various aspects relating to solutions for Western Europe. I have, however, covered the basics of several relevant topics.

3.80 Reforming the European Church – from a diversified and un-appealing “Labour Church” to a united, strong and appealing “Traditional Church”

6 decades of the Marxist doctrines of cultural relativism/pluralism and egalitarian thinking has severely infected especially the Protestant church in Europe.

This has resulted in a situation where a majority of Protestants, me included, have lost all respect for the Protestant church.

An increasing number of European Protestants are converting to Catholicism. Only by turning to Rome may Protestants be able to see some of the shortcomings of our espoused faith.

Here is a list of reasons why Catholicism is a better alternative:

The Church cannot survive in a cultural Marxist society

A cultural Marxist society defies and rejects supernaturalism and tradition and thus does what they can to gradually deconstruct the Church and the role of the Church. For modernist Protestants (or also referred to as the Labour Party Church) religion is a matter of fighting for equal rights, making the world a better place, being kind to everyone and ‘spirituality’. It doesn’t take very long for people to realise that you don’t have to go to church for that. So people stop going, and that eventually means the death of modernist Christianity. The first generation of modernist Christians will attend church regularly. The second will attend church sometimes. The third almost never. The fourth and fifth will not see any need for worship. They will conclude that if religion is no more than good works, then the religious ritual is redundant.

The “Labour Party Protestant Church” is subjective and sentimentalist

It eschews doctrine and favours individual spirituality and sentimental responses to doctrines and moral issues. It is not long, therefore, before the individualist and sentimentalist inclinations drive a person from a church that is dogmatic and demanding. Modernists will prefer their own spirituality and emotional experiences to any sort of formal religious commitment. Thus the modern admission, "I’m interested in spirituality but not religion." When this attitude prevails, modernist religion dies.

The Protestant Church is historically revisionist

They re-write history according to their prejudices. In religious terms this means they are cut off from tradition. They are therefore cut off from the life-stream of real religion. As they cut themselves off from the tradition they will only have the latest religious gimmick, fad or adaptation to contemporary culture. Such an ephemeral attitude cannot provide for long term sustained religious longevity.

Cultural Marxism contracept and abort

They don’t have enough children to train up in their religion, and those children they do have are often taught that freedom of choice is a higher virtue than commitment or duty in religion. So they will lose the next generation to either real religion or paganism. The Protestant Church allows moral degeneracy and that saps the strength out of real religion. Devotees of the Church demand moral purity, self discipline and restraint. Real religion requires self discipline.

The Protestant church makes no demands

The Protestant Church makes no great demands for its devotees to be religious. Ask any modernist Protestant, "Why should I come to Church?" What would he answer? "You don’t have to come to church. It’s there if you want it. If it does you good, and makes you feel better, we’re here to serve you." Priests wring their hands and wonder why no one comes to Church anymore. It’s because for forty years they’ve been saying, "It’s not really a mortal sin to miss Church. You should come because you love God, not because you fear him." While this sentiment may be laudable, they shouldn’t therefore be surprised if no one comes to Church.

The Rock of Tradition

Many Protestant converts embrace the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and contend that this Tradition sets the Catholic Faith apart from its Protestant counterpart. Catholicism is far "richer" than anything Protestantism can offer, since only Rome can lay claim to apostolic succession and living Tradition as an infallible guide to interpreting Holy Writ.

Only Rome is the true church, since only Rome can lay claim to apostolic succession dating back to Peter, the rock, per the sixteenth chapter of Matthew ("…you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church…"). Only the Roman Catholic Church is rooted and grounded in this ancient apostolic tradition. Thus, "there is no fully Christian church but the one that was there from the beginning. By cutting itself off from this unbroken chain of succession dating back to Peter, Protestantism was adrift from the beginning. And given the maturity of the "Mother Church," the Protestant Reformation was really nothing more than a kind of teen-age rebellion.

Sure, Martin Luther was an essential figure and it is thanks to the Protestant revolution that Europe was “allowed to become” the technological and scientific superpower it is. Hadn’t it been for the separation of Church and state we may have still lived in the dark ages.

The Protestant reformation/revolution was needed and has resulted in the following positive changes (all these changes have been adopted by the Catholic countries/Catholic church as well):

  • The partial separation of Church and state (significantly limiting the political power of the Church)

  • Allowing European countries/companies all rights in regards to research and development (scientific evolution).

  • Removing corrupt policies relating to indulgences/absolution (financial compensation to avoid purgatory or the practice of indulgences being sold)

  • Allowing mass to be held on non-Latin languages

The Role of Tradition

A few important factors is the apostolic succession and to the antiquity of the Roman Catholic Church. However, Scripture was never intended to be the believer’s sole guide for all of faith and practice; for all that he believes and does. Scripture and Tradition belong together as well.

Scriptures lack of relation to Church

Christ left a church, not a book, and that the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura (by scripture alone) is illogical because the formation of the canon (i.e. what we recognise as Scripture) was itself a monumental act of the church. Thus, the Bible requires an infallible church.

Lack of guide to scripture

The church is a necessary guide to the meaning of Scripture. If the Constitution, as a relatively simple human text, needs the Supreme Court as its interpretive guide, then all the more does Scripture need the Catholic Church as its interpretive guide.

Lack of interpretational authority

The Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura leads to an "incipient subjectivism" since without Tradition, each man becomes his own authority and interpreter of Scripture. This has resulted in competing interpretations in the Protestant marketplace resulting in various directions of Protestantism.

Authority and Authoritativeness

Authority, in all of our daily experiences, means a person or institution empowered to enforce a rule. Sola scriptura is in a sense a philosophical sleight of hand. A book by its nature can only be authoritative, not an authority.

Ironically, it was the first pope, the apostle Peter, who pointed out the rather obvious fact that Scripture is not necessarily self-explanatory; it can be twisted by the unscrupulous to support any theological position (2 Peter 3:16).

Protestantism leads to the disintegration of the Church

A liberal Protestant church with little or no authority results in chaos and therefore indirectly contributes to spawn a multitude of sects/denominations. There are now more than 25 000 Protestant sects and the number is growing![1]

Liturgical Longings

High church liturgy (much more dignified rituals known to Protestants as “service/communion”), is a common feature of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The Reformed and Evangelical Protestant churches are missing out on an essential part, the fullness and richness of high church liturgy. The traditional Christian components such as the Mass and the Eucharist are essential.

To quote a Catholic:

The splendour of Roman Catholic liturgy or the “vision” of the Roman Catholic Church is immense. It is full of glory and dignity. It is un-supportedly bright. But not only this: it is present in the Mass. … But it is only in the liturgy…that the whole drama is unfurled and the scrim of temporality is pierced, and we begin to see both the abyss and the Sapphire Throne. It is very hard to keep this vision alive in non-liturgical worship.”

Liturgy, for the most part, is the same no matter which Catholic Church a parishioner attends. The Catholic can worship at any Catholic Church and discover there is basically the same order of worship, the same symbolism, and the same ritual.

Protestant churches have communion only a few times each year while Catholics has it on a weekly basis.

Love at First Sight- Aesthetic divinity and dignity

Many new Protestant churches lack the Aesthetic divinity and dignity a church should have. Many of these churches resemble minimalistic shopping malls, some even look like bomb shelters.

High steeples, glorious columns, stained glass windows depicting former Christian saints and martyrs; no doubt these are beautiful things to behold. People are drawn to the richness of Catholic symbolism expressed in the architectural beauty of Catholic churches.

We Protestants correctly talk about our church building as “God’s house”, but our church interiors resembled auditoriums, whereas you will immediately be struck by a different ambience inside Catholic churches: there is a permeating “divine presence”, the candlelight, kneeling saints, statues, and wonderful altars, even when no worship is in progress.

Protestants need to learn that worshipping God is something which involves their entire being. And Protestants also need to learn that symbolism is, in a sense, inescapable.

Catholicism/Protestantism and multiculturalism/internationalism/ suicidal humanism

Today’s European Church leaders (both Catholic and Protestant) are mostly internationalists/multiculturalists and socially and theologically on the left (obviously Protestants more so than Catholics). They are more concerned with the welfare of Jihadists, the so called Palestinians in particular then the persecuted Christians around the world. They ignore persecuted Christian minorities in the Middle East and in Africa. This is unacceptable and our future European Church will reflect our political doctrines. They should be compassionate but first and foremost towards other Christians.

Catholics themselves often buy into the non-Christian aspects of political leftism. Their leftism, to be quite blunt, is often born of an unparalleled theological naiveté. A church leader who fails to understand the essential Islamic doctrines of Taqiiya and Naskh and the subsequent threat posed by Islam must be removed from office. No multiculturalist/suicidal humanist church leaders will be allowed to spread their ideological poison in the future as they will be replaced by conservatives. We cannot afford to allow suicidal naive Church leaders sell Christians to Islamic slavery.

The future European Church must focus less on proletarian consciousness and should adapt more of the Calvinistic views relating to national and local industriousness (with the exception of globalist capitalism). Christian leftism is ultimately based on a mistaken theological premise: that God has a "preferential love for the poor." Scripture, however, informs us that God is no respecter of persons. As such, true Christianity refuses to romanticise either wealth or poverty (Prov. 30:8-9).

The contemporary definition of the Christian world view will be reformed to correlate with nationalistic doctrines, allowing the national pursuit of prosperity and allowing unlimited research and development relating to every aspect of technology and science (including all aspects of biological research, reprogenetics etc.).

The Pope, the ultimate knight of Christendom

When a just and conservative Pope mounts the chair of Peter, the tide will set strongly toward Rome. We will hear of conversions on every hand. The joyful radiance of this Popes appearance among us will be seen as nothing less than a strong and just knight of Christianity. A Crusader Pope, a man who symbolises and protects the persecuted Church. This new Pope will be a defender of Christianity, and will not contribute to the annihilation of Christendom through suicidal humanism.

Unity instead of diversity – Appeal to the Masses

The one (the Pope) appeals to the many, the united masses. There is no larger unified group of professing Christians on the face of the earth than Catholics. A just and strong Pope should be the religions and somewhat cultural and moral authority for all Christians.

Egalitarian thought (extreme equality) leads to a Church stripped of authority which causes Christians to lose whatever respect they had

The Protestant liberal Church defends and encourages the ordination of women, divorce, abortion, the mass scale distribution of contraceptive pills and contributes to glorify homosexuality (including the ordination of homosexuals). When the Church resembles a minimalistic shopping mall, the female priest wears jeans, defends abortion and the mass scale distribution of contraceptive pills, defends the Jihad against the Israelis and lives a sexually active life; then what is the point? We must go back to our Catholic roots. We, the protestant nations of Europe should not forget that we were all Catholics once.

Future goal for the European Protestant Church

The goal must obviously not be to create a new theocracy. Europe will still remain predominantly secular. However, the Churches primary role will be to contribute to unity by offering cultural and spiritual opportunities. The Church will once again be allowed to do what it was intended to do; to propagate and maintain cultural unity through pre defined rituals and celebrations. Christendom is after all the primary factor that unites all Europeans. We should therefore strive to create a united Church through reforming it, which ends up as a Church worthy of our respect.

To quote a Protestant convert to Catholicism:

When asked what attracted me to Catholicism, I cannot say, for it wasn’t something it was everything. The art, the architecture, its antiquity, the nativity scenes, the role of the mass, the beauty of the liturgy…the social conscience of the Church, its prophetic role in our modern world, the lives of the saints, the mystery, the presence of Christ, the sheer universality — I was falling in love — and perfect love casts out all fear, if not all apprehension.


Liturgy: The word, which especially among Protestants is sometimes rendered by its English translation "service", refers to an elaborate formal ritual such as the Catholic Mass/Eucharist.

Eucharist: The Eucharist, also called Holy Communion, Sacrament of the Table, the Blessed Sacrament, or The Lord’s Supper, and other names, is a Christian sacrament or ordinance, generally considered to be a commemoration of the Last Supper, the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his disciples before his arrest and eventual crucifixion. The consecration of bread and a cup within the rite recalls the moment at the Last Supper when Jesus gave his disciples bread, saying, "This is my body", and wine, saying, "This is my blood"

Mass: Mass is the usual English-language name for the Eucharistic celebration in the Latin liturgical rites of the Catholic Church. The term is used also of similar celebrations in Old Catholic Churches (a German schism from the 19th Century), in the Anglo-Catholic tradition of Anglicanism, in many Lutheran churches, and in a small number of High Church Methodist parishes.

The Mass and the Eucharist really can’t be separated since the latter is the central act — the climax — of the former.

Nativity scenes: A nativity scene is a depiction of the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Living nativity scenes, in which real people and animals participate, exhibit (at the minimum) figures representing the infant Jesus, his mother Mary, and Mary’s husband, Joseph. Some nativity scenes include other characters from the Biblical story such as shepherds, the Magi, and angels.

Some features of the dramas became part of both Catholic and Protestant Christmas services with children often taking the parts of characters in the nativity story. Nativity plays and pageants, culminating in living nativity scenes, eventually entered public schools. Today, such exhibitions are challenged on the grounds of separation of church and state.

Further reading – books:

1. New Catholics, 2. Where Peter Is


1. Ibid., pp. 9, 56, 59, 82, 128, 131.

3.81 The future of European Christendom

Embracing Christendom will be voluntary (under normal circumstances). People who chose to be atheists will enjoy the same rights. However, school curriculum and government policies will propagate cultural conservative policies, European traditionalism/Christendom much like European policies 40-60 years ago.

Preparing for the Great European Christian Congress

We cannot have a Vatican that trembles at the feet of the Islamic Ummah or a Vatican that facilitates its own destruction without a fight. We must therefore rid the Vatican of corrupt and even suicidal members and ensure that we have Church leaders who believe in a sustainable and confident European Christendom. We need a Christendom that believes in the fundamental concept of self defence and that has the will and ambition to survive. We need Christian leaders who are willing to call for defensive Crusades if any of our Christian brothers are threatened by Jihad in the future. European Church leaders must not be afraid to contact the media, political and military leaders and demand action.

The Great Christian Congress

A Christian Congress will be held with military leaders, political leaders and Church leaders. The intention of the congress will be to create the foundation for a future cultural and spiritual platform for Christendom in Europe. The Church will have to give many concessions but will gain many privileges in return.

Privileges granted

The Church will be granted “public monopoly” (school curriculum, government policies) and Christendom will be the only official religion in European countries much like European policies reflected 40-60 years ago.

The Church will gain x amounts of seats in the new Parliament but no veto rights. They have a right and a duty to call for military Crusades if any international Christian minority is being threatened by Jihad in other parts of the World. Their advice should be taken under consideration by military leaders and politicians.

They will have the right and the duty to assist our militaries in planning Crusades for the benefit of liberating our Christian brothers in the Middle East but can also assist elsewhere f example in the Philippines or in Sudan etc. if as assistance has already been called for by Christian leaders. It is essential that that we, the future conservative leaders of Western Europe, as soon as humanly possible send military support to the leader of Southern Sudan, the devoted Christian Catholic, Salva Kiir, who has been fighting against Jihad for decades. Southern Sudan might be lost to the darkness of Islam if we do not assist.

Concessions given

The Church and church leaders will not be allowed to influence non-cultural political matters in any way. This includes science, research and development and all non-cultural areas which will benefit Europe in the future. This will also include all areas relating to procreation/birth/fertility policies and related issues of scientific importance (reprogenetics). The Church will not be allowed to use “humanism” to push Europe down the former fanatically egalitarian path or use its influence to propagate a continuation of suicidal and non-rational aid policies. Furthermore, the Church will not be allowed to influence domestic issues relating to national security including the extended use of the death penalty, new and enforced restrictions concerning immigration and asylum practices.

The European Churches will be reformed

The current fanatically egalitarian, self loathing and suicidal Church of Europe will be reformed, even if we will have to go back to our roots, to the Vulgate, the Versio Vulgata [1] or the original pre-1611 King James Bible[2] which represented a Christendom that propagated self defence against the infidel Muslims.

Our illiterate, lazy culture has spilled over to many professing Christians who have embraced the ways of the pacifist egalitarian. They are willing to read a modified, pacifist, gender neutral Bible, missing what God says so that they can continue to ignore their duties in regards to the ongoing Crusade (self defence). Our modern Bible perversion was written by men using dynamic equivalence. In other words, they are telling you their interpretation and their doctrine, NOT what the manuscripts really say. This can be confirmed by reviewing how the modern Church is using pacifist, fanatically egalitarian and gender inclusive language. Fanatical egalitarianism, gender inclusivity and pacifism wasn’t in the original texts, in the original Bible. it is a modern, feminist and cultural relativist concept born from the Marxist revolution.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulgate

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_james_bible

3.82 Patriarchy will be re-implemented

The following essay by Phillip Longman further documents what Western European right wing intellectuals have stated for more than two decades. The patriarchy will return. The only remaining question for Western Europe is; Will the future Europe be dominated by a Muslim or Christian patriarchy? Will the European conservatives manage to seize power by military force or through a coup d’état before the cultural Marxists and other suicidal liberals manages to sell the peoples of Europe into Muslim slavery? We have only 20-70 years before we are demographically overwhelmed by the hordes of Islam. Demography is king and unless we manage to deport all Muslims from European soil within the next 20-70 years, Europe will be lost.

We sincerely hope that the multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe will capitulate to conservative forces, in a relatively peaceful manner, before the capitals of Europe once again lies in complete ruin. Unfortunately, our hope is overshadowed by an instinct telling us that they will be unwilling to surrender, as we are unwilling to surrender.

Europe will burn once more and rivers from the blood of patriots, tyrants and traitors will flow through the streets. However, a new European cultural renaissance will be born from the ashes. Islam and Marxism will not prevail.

The Return of the Patriarchy

By Phillip Longman

"If we could survive without a wife, citizens of Rome, all of us would do without that nuisance." So proclaimed the Roman general, statesman, and censor Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus, in 131 B.C. Still, he went on to plead, falling birth-rates required that Roman men fulfil their duty to reproduce, no matter how irritating Roman women might have become. "Since nature has so decreed that we cannot manage comfortably with them, nor live in any way without them, we must plan for our lasting preservation rather than for our temporary pleasure."

With the number of human beings having increased more than six-fold in the past 200 years, the modern mind simply assumes that men and women, no matter how estranged, will always breed enough children to grow the population — at least until plague or starvation sets in. It is an assumption that not only conforms to our long experience of a world growing ever more crowded, but which also enjoys the endorsement of such influential thinkers as Thomas Malthus and his many modern acolytes.

Yet, for more than a generation now, well-fed, healthy, peaceful populations around the world have been producing too few children to avoid population decline. That is true even though dramatic improvements in infant and child mortality mean that far fewer children are needed today (only about 2.1 per woman in modern societies) to avoid population loss. Birthrates are falling far below replacement levels in one country after the next — from China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, to Canada, the Caribbean, all of Europe, Russia, and even parts of the Middle East.

Fearful of a future in which the elderly outnumber the young, many governments are doing whatever they can to encourage people to have children. Singapore has sponsored "speed dating" events, in hopes of bringing busy professionals together to marry and procreate. France offers generous tax incentives for those willing to start a family. In Sweden, the state finances day care to ease the tension between work and family life. Yet, though such explicitly pronatal policies may encourage people to have children at a younger age, there is little evidence they cause people to have more children than they otherwise would. As governments going as far back as imperial Rome have discovered, when cultural and economic conditions discourage parenthood, not even a dictator can force people to go forth and multiply.

Throughout the broad sweep of human history, there are many examples of people, or classes of people, who chose to avoid the costs of parenthood. Indeed, falling fertility is a recurring tendency of human civilization. Why then did humans not become extinct long ago? The short answer is patriarchy.

Patriarchy does not simply mean that men rule. Indeed, it is a particular value system that not only requires men to marry but to marry a woman of proper station. It competes with many other male visions of the good life, and for that reason alone is prone to come in cycles. Yet before it degenerates, it is a cultural regime that serves to keep birthrates high among the affluent, while also maximizing parents’ investments in their children. No advanced civilization has yet learned how to endure without it.

Through a process of cultural evolution, societies that adopted this particular social system — which involves far more than simple male domination — maximized their population and therefore their power, whereas those that didn’t were either overrun or absorbed. This cycle in human history may be obnoxious to the enlightened, but it is set to make a comeback.

The Conservative Baby Boom

The historical relation between patriarchy, population, and power has deep implications for our own time. As the United States is discovering today in Iraq, population is still power. Smart bombs, laser-guided missiles, and unmanned drones may vastly extend the violent reach of a hegemonic power. But ultimately, it is often the number of boots on the ground that changes history. Even with a fertility rate near replacement level, the United States lacks the amount of people necessary to sustain an imperial role in the world, just as Britain lost its ability to do so after its birthrates collapsed in the early 20th century. For countries such as China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain, in which one-child families are now the norm, the quality of human capital may be high, but it has literally become too rare to put at risk.

Falling fertility is also responsible for many financial and economic problems that dominate today’s headlines. The long-term financing of social security schemes, private pension plans, and healthcare systems has little to do with people living longer. Gains in life expectancy at older ages have actually been quite modest, and the rate of improvement in the United States has diminished for each of the last three decades. Instead, the falling ratio of workers to retirees is overwhelmingly caused by workers who were never born. As governments raise taxes on a dwindling working-age population to cover the growing burdens of supporting the elderly, young couples may conclude they are even less able to afford children than their parents were, thereby setting off a new cycle of population aging and decline.

Declining birthrates also change national temperament. In the United States, for example, the percentage of women born in the late 1930s who remained childless was near 10 percent. By comparison, nearly 20 percent of women born in the late 1950s are reaching the end of their reproductive lives without having had children. The greatly expanded childless segment of contemporary society, whose members are drawn disproportionately from the feminist and countercultural movements of the 1960s and 70s, will leave no genetic legacy. Nor will their emotional or psychological influence on the next generation compare with that of their parents.

Meanwhile, single-child families are prone to extinction. A single child replaces one of his or her parents, but not both. Nor do single-child families contribute much to future population. The 17.4 percent of baby boomer women who had only one child account for a mere 7.8 percent of children born in the next generation. By contrast, nearly a quarter of the children of baby boomers descend from the mere 11 percent of baby boomer women who had four or more children. These circumstances are leading to the emergence of a new society whose members will disproportionately be descended from parents who rejected the social tendencies that once made childlessness and small families the norm. These values include an adherence to traditional, patriarchal religion, and a strong identification with one’s own folk or nation.

This dynamic helps explain, for example, the gradual drift of American culture away from secular individualism and toward religious fundamentalism. Among states that voted for President George W. Bush in 2004, fertility rates are 12 percent higher than in states that voted for Sen. John Kerry. It may also help to explain the increasing popular resistance among rank-and-file Europeans to such crown jewels of secular liberalism as the European Union. It turns out that Europeans who are most likely to identify themselves as "world citizens" are also those least likely to have children.

Does this mean that today’s enlightened but slow-breeding societies face extinction? Probably not, but only because they face a dramatic, demographically driven transformation of their cultures. As has happened many times before in history, it is a transformation that occurs as secular and libertarian elements in society fail to reproduce, and as people adhering to more traditional, patriarchal values inherit society by default.

At least as long ago as ancient Greek and Roman times, many sophisticated members of society concluded that investing in children brought no advantage. Rather, children came to be seen as a costly impediment to self-fulfilment and worldly achievement. But, though these attitudes led to the extinction of many individual families, they did not lead to the extinction of society as a whole. Instead, through a process of cultural evolution, a set of values and norms that can roughly be described as patriarchy re-emerged.

Demography is king

In the primordial past, to be sure, most societies did not coerce reproduction, because they had to avoid breeding faster than the wild game on which they fed. Indeed, in almost all the hunter-gatherer societies that survived long enough to be studied by anthropologists, such as the Eskimos and Tasmanian Bushmen, one finds customs that in one way or another discouraged population growth. In various combinations, these have included late marriage, genital mutilation, abortion, and infanticide. Some early hunter-gatherer societies may have also limited population growth by giving women high-status positions. Allowing at least some number of females to take on roles such as priestess, sorcerer, oracle, artist, and even warrior would have provided meaningful alternatives to motherhood and thereby reduced overall fertility to within sustainable limits.

During the eons before agriculture emerged, there was little or no military reason to promote high fertility. War and conquests could bring little advantage to society. There were no granaries to raid, no livestock to steal, no use for slaves except rape. But with the coming of the Neolithic agricultural revolution, starting about 11,000 years ago, everything changed. The domestication of plants and animals led to vastly increased food supplies. Surplus food allowed cities to emerge, and freed more people to work on projects such as building pyramids and developing a written language to record history. But the most fateful change rendered by the agricultural revolution was the way it turned population into power. Because of the relative abundance of food, more and more societies discovered that the greatest demographic threat to their survival was no longer overpopulation, but underpopulation.

At that point, instead of dying of starvation, societies with high fertility grew in strength and number and began menacing those with lower fertility. In more and more places in the world, fast-breeding tribes morphed into nations and empires and swept away any remaining, slow-breeding hunters and gatherers. It mattered that your warriors were fierce and valiant in battle; it mattered more that there were lots of them.

That was the lesson King Pyrrhus learned in the third century B.C., when he marched his Greek armies into the Italian peninsula and tried to take on the Romans. Pyrrhus initially prevailed at a great battle at Asculum. But it was, as they say, "a Pyrrhic victory," and Pyrrhus could only conclude that "another such victory over the Romans and we are undone." The Romans, who by then were procreating far more rapidly than were the Greeks, kept pouring in reinforcements — "as from a fountain continually flowing out of the city," the Greek historian Plutarch tells us. Hopelessly outnumbered, Pyrrhus went on to lose the war, and Greece, after falling into a long era of population decline, eventually became a looted colony of Rome.

Like today’s modern, well-fed nations, both ancient Greece and Rome eventually found that their elites had lost interest in the often dreary chores of family life. "In our time all Greece was visited by a dearth of children and a general decay of population," lamented the Greek historian Polybius around 140 B.C., just as Greece was giving in to Roman domination. "This evil grew upon us rapidly, and without attracting attention, by our men becoming perverted to a passion for show and money and the pleasures of an idle life." But, as with civilizations around the globe, patriarchy, for as long as it could be sustained, was the key to maintaining population and, therefore, power.

Father Knows Best?

Patriarchal societies come in many varieties and evolve through different stages. What they have in common are customs and attitudes that collectively serve to maximize fertility and parental investment in the next generation. Of these, among the most important is the stigmatization of "illegitimate" children. One measure of the degree to which patriarchy has diminished in advanced societies is the growing acceptance of out-of-wedlock births, which have now become the norm in Scandinavian countries, for example.

Under patriarchy, "bastards" and single mothers cannot be tolerated because they undermine male investment in the next generation. Illegitimate children do not take their fathers’ name, and so their fathers, even if known, tend not to take any responsibility for them. By contrast, "legitimate" children become a source of either honour or shame to their fathers and the family line. The notion that legitimate children belong to their fathers’ family, and not to their mothers’, which has no basis in biology, gives many men powerful emotional reasons to want children, and to want their children to succeed in passing on their legacy. Patriarchy also leads men to keep having children until they produce at least one son.

Another key to patriarchy’s evolutionary advantage is the way it penalizes women who do not marry and have children. Just decades ago in the English-speaking world, such women were referred to, even by their own mothers, as spinsters or old maids, to be pitied for their barrenness or condemned for their selfishness. Patriarchy made the incentive of taking a husband and becoming a full-time mother very high because it offered women few desirable alternatives.

To be sure, a society organized on such principles may well degenerate over time into misogyny, and eventually sterility, as occurred in both ancient Greece and Rome. In more recent times, the patriarchal family has also proved vulnerable to the rise of capitalism, which profits from the diversion of female labour from the house to the workplace. But as long as the patriarchal system avoids succumbing to these threats, it will produce a greater quantity of children, and arguably children of higher quality, than do societies organized by other principles, which is all that evolution cares about.

This claim is contentious. Today, after all, we associate patriarchy with the hideous abuse of women and children, with poverty and failed states. Taliban rebels or Muslim fanatics in Nigeria stoning an adulteress to death come to mind. Yet these are examples of insecure societies that have degenerated into male tyrannies, and they do not represent the form of patriarchy that has achieved evolutionary advantage in human history. Under a true patriarchal system, such as in early Rome or 17th-century Protestant Europe, fathers have strong reason to take an active interest in the children their wives bear. That is because, when men come to see themselves, and are seen by others, as upholders of a patriarchal line, how those children turn out directly affects their own rank and honour.

Under patriarchy, maternal investment in children also increases. As feminist economist Nancy Folbre has observed, "Patriarchal control over women tends to increase their specialization in reproductive labour, with important consequences for both the quantity and the quality of their investments in the next generation." Those consequences arguably include: more children receiving more attention from their mothers, who, having few other ways of finding meaning in their lives, become more skilled at keeping their children safe and healthy. Without implying any endorsement for the strategy, one must observe that a society that presents women with essentially three options — be a nun, be a prostitute, or marry a man and bear children — has stumbled upon a highly effective way to reduce the risk of demographic decline.

Patriarchy and Its Discontents

Patriarchy may enjoy evolutionary advantages, but nothing has ensured the survival of any particular patriarchal society. One reason is that men can grow weary of patriarchy’s demands. Roman aristocrats, for example, eventually became so reluctant to accept the burdens of heading a family that Caesar Augustus felt compelled to enact steep "bachelor taxes" and otherwise punish those who remained unwed and childless. Patriarchy may have its privileges, but they may pale in comparison to the joys of bachelorhood in a luxurious society — nights spent enjoyably at banquets with friends discussing sports, war stories, or philosophy, or with alluring mistresses, flute girls, or clever courtesans.

Women, of course, also have reason to grow weary of patriarchy, particularly when men themselves are no longer upholding their patriarchal duties. Historian Suzanne Cross notes that during the decades of Rome’s civil wars, Roman women of all classes had to learn how to do without men for prolonged periods, and accordingly developed a new sense of individuality and independence. Few women in the upper classes would agree to a marriage to an abusive husband. Adultery and divorce became rampant.

Often, all that sustains the patriarchal family is the idea that its members are upholding the honour of a long and noble line. Yet, once a society grows cosmopolitan, fast-paced, and filled with new ideas, new peoples, and new luxuries, this sense of honour and connection to one’s ancestors begins to fade, and with it, any sense of the necessity of reproduction. "When the ordinary thought of a highly cultivated people begins to regard ‘having children’ as a question of pro’s and con’s," Oswald Spengler, the German historian and philosopher, once observed, "the great turning point has come."

The Return of Patriarchy

Yet that turning point does not necessarily mean the death of a civilization, only its transformation. Eventually, for example, the sterile, secular, noble families of imperial Rome died off, and with them, their ancestors’ idea of Rome. But what was once the Roman Empire remained populated. Only the composition of the population changed. Nearly by default, it became composed of new, highly patriarchal family units, hostile to the secular world and enjoined by faith either to go forth and multiply or join a monastery. With these changes came a feudal Europe, but not the end of Europe, nor the end of Western Civilization.

We may witness a similar transformation during this century. In Europe today, for example, how many children different people have, and under what circumstances, correlates strongly with their beliefs on a wide range of political and cultural attitudes. For instance, do you distrust the army? Then, according to polling data assembled by demographers Ronny Lesthaeghe and Johan Surkyn, you are less likely to be married and have kids-or ever to get married and have kids-than those who say they have no objection to the military. Or again, do you find soft drugs, homosexuality, and euthanasia acceptable? Do you seldom, if ever, attend church? For whatever reason, people answering affirmatively to such questions are far more likely to live alone, or in childless, cohabitating unions, than those who answer negatively.

The great difference in fertility rates between secular individualists and religious or cultural conservatives augurs a vast, demographically driven change in modern societies. Consider the demographics of France, for example. Among French women born in the early 1960s, less than a third have three or more children. But this distinct minority of French women (most of them presumably practicing Catholics and Muslims) produced more than 50 percent of all children born to their generation, in large measure because so many of their contemporaries had one child or none at all.

Many childless, middle-aged people may regret the life choices that are leading to the extinction of their family lines, and yet they have no sons or daughters with whom to share their newfound wisdom. The plurality of citizens who have only one child may be able to invest lavishly in that child’s education, but a single child will only replace one parent, not both. Meanwhile, the descendants of parents who have three or more children will be hugely overrepresented in subsequent generations, and so will the values and ideas that led their parents to have large families.

One could argue that history, and particularly Western history, is full of revolts of children against parents. Couldn’t tomorrow’s Europeans, even if they are disproportionately raised in patriarchal, religiously minded households, turn out to be another generation of ’68?

The key difference is that during the post-World War II era, nearly all segments of modern societies married and had children. Some had more than others, but the disparity in family size between the religious and the secular was not so large, and childlessness was rare. Today, by contrast, childlessness is common, and even couples who have children typically have just one. Tomorrow’s children, therefore, unlike members of the postwar baby boom generation, will be for the most part descendants of a comparatively narrow and culturally conservative segment of society. To be sure, some members of the rising generation may reject their parents’ values, as always happens. But when they look around for fellow secularists and counterculturalists with whom to make common cause, they will find that most of their wouldbe fellow travellers were quite literally never born.

Advanced societies are growing more patriarchal, whether they like it or not. In addition to the greater fertility of conservative segments of society, the rollback of the welfare state forced by population aging and decline will give these elements an additional survival advantage, and therefore spur even higher fertility. As governments hand back functions they once appropriated from the family, notably support in old age, people will find that they need more children to insure their golden years, and they will seek to bind their children to them through inculcating traditional religious values akin to the Bible’s injunction to honour thy mother and father.

Societies that are today the most secular and the most generous with their underfunded welfare states will be the most prone to religious revivals and a rebirth of the patriarchal family. The absolute population of Europe and Japan may fall dramatically, but the remaining population will, by a process similar to survival of the fittest, be adapted to a new environment in which no one can rely on government to replace the family, and in which a patriarchal God commands family members to suppress their individualism and submit to father.

3.83 Re-creating the traditional patriarchal social structures

When we, the cultural conservatives, seize political and military control of Western European countries within 20-70 years we will re-establish the patriarchal structures by partly deconstructing certain matriarchal fundaments. Doing so will ensure the survival of the nuclear family among many other factors. This should not be done by excessive regulation through banning women from attaining positions of influence (with the exception of areas relating to immigration, security and certain other segments). The Marxist ideologists of the Frankfurt school understood that the power of the patriarchy lies within the nuclear family. To illustrate this, look at Japanese and South Korean policies. They do not have any laws directly banning women from attaining positions of influence (becoming prime minister or president of a corporation). Yet they are traditional, patriarchal and very successful societies. Obviously, the Marxists did not succeed in Japan and South Korea as they did in Western Europe and the US. The Marxists knew that in order to deconstruct the patriarchy they had to undermine and de-legitimise the structure of the nuclear family. To a Marxist, the nuclear family is nothing more than a miniature model of an oppressive state. By implementing measures which will secure and strengthen the relevancy of the of the nuclear family we will ensure considerable and far reaching results and it will be unnecessary to directly ban popular feminist doctrines. As soon as women once again will be conditioned through just institutions and are raised in a strong and unified nuclear family lead by a confident patriarch she will know her place in society and further regulations will be unnecessary. Directly banning a multitude of popular feminist laws is not a wise approach as it would be labeled as despotic and would undermine us in the long run. Instead, we must change A FEW strategic laws which will act as indirect force multipliers. The single most important regulation we have to change is the law that guarantees that the father will always get the custody of the child. It is the most essential law which will act like a positive domino effect. Law number two must be the regulation that criminalises physical disciplinarian methods. This will ensure order within the family and within our schools. Obviously, physical punishment will not be glorified and must only be used under extreme circumstances. However, the essential thing is that it will no longer be considered a criminal offence. The third law will be the abolishment of a regulation related to marriage. The law which facilitates the so called “no fault marriages”. There might be other essential and strategic laws we will have to change but we should limit it to a minimum.

Fathers should be favored (prerogative rights) when child custody cases are decided in courts (ROUGH DRAFT)

The new laws will assume a powerful role in defining status, rights and appropriate behaviour. A fundamental revision of the married woman’s place in the legal order lay at the center of the laws branches, domestic relations. Post-cultural Marxist (feminist) changes in family life which was changed from a patriarchal manner to a matriarchal model in the 1970s will be reversed in order to combat an excessive feminisation of family structure and males in particular. The goal is to re-introduce the father as the authority figure and family head and will therefore strengthen the nuclear family. It is estimated that these changes will result in a decline of the divorce rate/broken families by approximately 50%. Furthermore, the father can without fear of being punished by the law, reassert an authority role in the family. Physical disciplinary methods will once again be a factor in the upbringing of children.

Post-cultural Marxist changes in family life, ones which cultural Marxist/feminist historians label as “modern” have proven to have a devastating impact on the nuclear family. These changes have contributed to the institutionalising of and implementing deliberate “broken family policies”. Influenced by the society’s growing glorification of single parent upbringing and female domestic supremacy, judges granted women supreme legal powers in family affairs. In the 70s bourgeois women mounted a campaign to attach superior legal rights to motherhood and thereby exterminated traditional domestic governance.

Changing these laws will reverse the destructive effects due the last four decades of feminisation. Divorce rates will be reduced by approximately 50% which will also contribute to reverse excessive self-centeredness (and lifestyles related to such behaviour). Men’s domestic rights will be considerably strengthened.

Fathers will regain the domestic courage to teach their children discipline, moral codes and traditional codex’s without the fear of persecution or discrimination from the mother or the cultural Marxist regime.

A more moderate suggestion would include giving the fathers equal rights to the children relating to custody decisions.

Grandparents should play a central role in their grandchildren’s life (ROUGH DRAFT)

Grandparents should have a central part in their grandchildren’s life, and this newly re-introduces “civilisation change” should be reflected in government policies and how the medias glorifies it.

Lifestyles that propagate that sons and daughters move out and establish an independent life completely separated from their parents should no longer be glorified by the media. Instead, lifestyles glorifying the nuclear family should be propagated.

Re-introduction of the generational home, large homes with enough room for the children to raise the grandchildren in an environment where the grandparents play an essential part.

This social structure has several benefits:

Many single people live in small flats or in segments of apartments. Many are lonely and some commit suicide. Others refrain from establishing a family of their own because they know it involves significant burdens. This however, would not be the case if we followed the traditional family model (social structure) where generational home and the nuclear family are glorified by the media. The grandparents should play an essential part in their children’s life. This will have positive social and economical effects for the society (costs for kinder garden and nursery homes will be substantially reduced and there will be significantly less suicides as a result of loneliness).

Physical disciplinary methods (ROUGH DRAFT)

More discipline at home, and school. This includes allowing physical disciplinary methods in extreme cases where this is needed (It is always needed as a last option). Because it is essential that children show the proper respect for the adult and know that the adult has the required “sanction methods/tools” in their arsenal without the fear of being persecuted by the state. A society (school institutions especially) cannot function properly without the right to allow physical disciplinary methods in extreme cases.

Family & Society – The Traditional Family is Disappearing (ROUGH DRAFT)

Area of Study: Social Theory, Social Structure and Change

The traditional British family structure is in decay and is facing extinction.  Liberal permissiveness has wrecked havoc with our society and the results are there for all to see.

The recently published Social Trends report states that single parent households have nearly tripled from 4% in 1971 to 11% in 2008.  The percentage of traditional nuclear family households had fallen by 52% to 36% over the same period and women are more likely to give birth by the time they are 25 than get married.


  • Since the early 1970s there has been a decline in marriage, and a marked rise in the numbers of lone parent families.

  • The ongoing rise in family breakdown affecting young children has been driven by the dissolution of cohabiting partnerships. The majority of these are less stable than marriage (European data shows that by a child’s fifth birthday less than 1 in 12 (8%) married parents have split up compared to almost 1 in 2 (43%) cohabiting parents).

  • The intergenerational transmission of family breakdown and its associated disadvantages is seen in the way children who have been neglected or un-nurtured are highly likely to go on to create dysfunctional families subject to further breakdown. Similarly there is an overrepresentation in teen pregnancy statistics of girls from fatherless and broken homes.

  • Crime is strongly correlated with family breakdown – 70% of young offenders are from lone parent families and one third of prisoners were in local authority care (yet only 0.6% of the nation’s children are in care at any one time).

  • Costs of family breakdown to the exchequer are estimated to be well over £20bn per annum in Britain alone.

By Edna McNicholas (Note: Edna McNicholas wrote this essay using a cultural Marxist/PC narrative)

Family forms are shaped by the attitudes toward gender roles in a given society which, in turn, are influenced by the demographic, social, economic, and political realities of the time. The traditional family, idealised during the Victorian era and reestablished in the 1950s, is identified as a unit consisting of a married couple with two or more children where the breadwinning father goes out to work while the mother stays home to keep house and care for the children and her husband. This profile of the family, which reflected and was supported by the prevailing attitudes and realities of a particular period which no longer exists, continues to be lauded, endorsed, and longed for by right wing politicians and religious groups.(1) However, due to the major socio-cultural changes of the past three decades, a variety of family forms has emerged and now the traditional family accounts for "only 5 percent of American households."

The Way We Were

After the second world war, government propaganda was combined with effective advertising, and supported by Freudian psychology, to restore the traditional family as the societal norm where women were assigned the identity of wives and mothers, with increased emphasis on gender difference, and men assumed the role of breadwinners and strong, male heads of families. In this traditional family, specific male and female gender roles are instilled in the children from the outset. Males learn to be assertive, aggressive, and dominant while females learn to be docile, gentle, and passive. They learn that men are expected to be tough, courageous, and rational while women are expected to be tender, timid, and emotional. They learn that men are the power holders while women are expected to be submissive, that men make the decisions while women are expected to comply. In other words, the traditional game which is called gender-role socialisation is really a very clever way of ensuring that women learn that their place in the scheme of life is to be dependent on and subservient to men where they are denied direct access to economic opportunity and control of their own sexuality. However, such gender-role socialisation also takes its toll on men’s physical and mental health because it necessitates repression of their feelings and denial of their needs. It seems that traditional gender-role socialisation "limits the options and opportunities open to males as well as females" and can prevent both from achieving their full human potential.

Black American families were not confined by such gender-role socialisation because the segregation laws that operated to keep black men out of the labour force thrust black women into the role of breadwinners for their families and thus contributed to more equitable gender roles in black households. Black parents instill both instrumental and expressive behaviours in their sons and daughters from an early age because they learned from their own experience that "black men and black women had to develop together strength, perseverance, and resiliency in order to survive."

Changing Times

In the 1960s, family life began to change when the student movement led the revolt against sexual repression, social injustice, the Vietnam war, and racial discrimination. This was the decade when the baby-boomers came of age and changed societal norms irrevocably. This was the decade when the civil rights movement challenged the discriminatory laws and practices of white supremacy, and equality of opportunity became the right of black Americans. This was the decade when the second wave of feminism emerged and gave birth to the women’s movement, a movement that has had the most lasting and profound effect on both public and private life in America. In short, this was the decade when children, women, and men challenged the patriarchal, authoritarian structures of family, society, and government and demanded equal rights for all, regardless of gender, colour, or race. In my discussion, I will focus on changes in gender roles in relation to economic opportunity and sexuality, and how these changes contribute to the autonomy versus intimacy struggles in human relationships.

Changes in Gender Roles

Economic Opportunity

In the traditional family, men were socialised to develop instrumental behaviours and women were socialised to develop expressive behaviours. This insured that, while men had direct access to economic opportunity and independence, women were always dependent on their husbands for social and economic rewards. As access to economic opportunity is a source of power and prestige in all societies, it follows that women lacked this power and prestige because of their confinement to the domestic sphere. In order for women to achieve equality of status with men, it was imperative that they participate in paid employment in the public sphere and that they have some degree of economic independence.

With this emphasis on changing their role, unprecedented numbers of women have not only joined the labour force since 1960 but have also become highly educated and have won the right to compete with men in all areas of professional, business, and public life. However, even though women have achieved equality of status through education, occupation, and income, a corresponding change in men’s roles has been slow to develop. While men have supported the changing role of women, at least in areas in which it benefits them, many have allowed their wives to continue to take full responsibility for the domestic sphere in addition to their sharing in the breadwinning role and have failed to see that "to be effective, change must move in two directions: men must share in domestic and childrearing tasks even as women share in the world of outside work."


Prior to the 1960s, abstinence from premarital sex was considered the official standard for men and women. However, the double standard, which holds that sexual intercourse before marriage is permissible for males but not for females, was widely practiced. In the 1960s, young people rejected the double standard and set more egalitarian standards: permissiveness with affection, and permissiveness without affection. Permissiveness with affection allows premarital sex between males and females when love is present; permissiveness without affection sanctions premarital sex for fun between a man and a woman in a casual relationship. As men engaged in such behaviour down through the decades, the greatest changes in premarital sexual norms have been changes in female behaviours.

Changes in sexual behaviours are influenced by the social realities of the time and in the 1960s the United States was not only becoming a postindustrial society but was also engaged in a major war with Vietnam. Society was in a state of turmoil and young people especially were questioning its values and its morals. The upsurge in premarital sexual permissiveness during this period is viewed as the "desire for autonomy, for control over one’s own sexual destiny." Women wanted the right to control their own lives and what better time to stake their claim on their autonomy than at the beginning of a new era.

While the goal of feminism is the achievement of equality of standards in attitudes and behaviours for both men and women, feminists did not necessarily envisage an increase in sexual permissiveness. However, the findings from sociological research carried out during the 1970s among female and male teenagers indicate that they were much more sexually active at the end of the decade than they were at the beginning. Studies undertaken among college students point to a similar pattern, especially among women. Not only has the sexual behaviours of teenagers and young adults changed during this period, their attitudes toward the morality of this behaviour has also changed considerably. Between 1969 and 1985, the number of young adults who do not believe that premarital sex is wrong increased by almost 35 percent.

An increase in premarital pregnancies is the most likely outcome of an increase in premarital sexual activity, unless couples are using reliable forms of contraception. The responsibility for the use of contraception usually falls to the woman because she is the one who is most likely to have to deal with the costs and rewards related to both contraception and pregnancy. The decision to use contraception is influenced by a woman’s attitude toward her own sexuality, gender roles, and her sense of autonomy as well as her relationship and communication with her partner. Women holding egalitarian attitudes toward gender roles who choose to become sexually active with their partners for their own pleasure and expressive needs, also choose to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies by using reliable forms of contraception. Young adolescent women, molded in the traditional gender-role pattern, may become sexually active at an early age in order to boost their self-esteem and are unlikely to take contraceptive precautions.

With increasing emphasis on egalitarian gender-role conditioning, many men are moving away from the stereotypical sexual aggressor attitudes of the traditional male when women were considered the subordinate, sexual conquests, and are looking for the expressive qualities of mutual love and caring in their sexual relationships. Similarly, women look for equality in their sexual relationships where they are active participants rather than passive objects. "The popularity of the permissiveness-with-affection standard may indicate some convergence in the perspectives of considerable numbers of women and men who want something more than casual sex."


Traditionally, a man and a woman became involved in a steady dating relationship as a preparation for marriage. Men looked for partners whose physical appearance would enhance their image, and women looked for partners whose achievements, financially and socially, would provide security and social status. These choices reflected the self- identity of both parties: women saw themselves in terms of their physical attributes with their future role revolving around the needs and desires of their husbands; men saw themselves in terms of their accomplishments and career prospects, with an additional future role as breadwinner and head of his family.

In the past three decades, all of this has changed as feminist- minded women emphasise their own instrumental as well as expressive qualities, and look for more expressive and intellectual qualities in the men they choose for long-term relationships. Men who are open to more egalitarian gender roles focus less on physical qualities and more on the expressive and intellectual qualities of women. Women’s sense of autonomy is also evident in their tendency "to initiate dates and to share date expenses." (20) Feminist-minded women no longer wait to be chosen, they choose for themselves the men they want to be with in exclusive relationships.

Marriage is not necessarily the goal of long-term relationships in today’s world. "Individuals are expected to be deeply committed to the current serious relationship in an exclusive dating partnership, a living-together arrangement, or a socially recognised marriage." When couples decide to marry, they do so in the belief that it will provide the rewards and satisfactions they seek in terms of both instrumental and expressive exchanges.

Autonomy versus Intimacy

In traditional relationships, men had autonomy and authority while women had neither. Women were expected to be submissive and subservient, without the right to their own opinions, feelings or needs. In modern relationships based on equality of gender roles, female and male autonomy are of equal importance, and intimacy, the mutual sharing of the being of each partner, is of vital importance to the continual development and deepening of mutual trust and love. According to Scarf, each partner not only brings herself or himself to the relationship but also the influences of known and unknown family backgrounds which have a profound bearing on the struggle between autonomy and intimacy in the relationship.

Each person in a relationship needs space to be a person in his/her own right, to pursue independent goals which meet his/her independent needs. Each one also has intimacy needs, the need to set aside time for the sharing of oneself in love and closeness with the other. However, despite the modern emphasis on equality of gender roles, both men and women are still influenced by the traditional gender-role conditioning which demanded that women be the love- and caregivers to their highly-sexed, emotionless husbands and that men be the strong, male providers for their fragile, emotional wives. Women feel guilty about having autonomous needs and feel they should be always available to provide the love and the closeness in the relationship, while men feel they should be strong and independent and cannot admit to their need for love and closeness. For both men and women, the struggle is also in the questions: how much they can give of each other to each other in intimacy without losing their autonomy, without being absorbed into the identity of the other; and, how can they "be intimate without exposing yourself to the terrible possibility of rejection and abandonment?"

Today, the struggle between autonomy and intimacy is part and parcel of the deepening and development of mature, loving relationships.

Also, see the full report; Breakthrough Britain:


Solutions: The Japanese model, the South Korean model

3.84 Knights Templar and ethnocentrism

Knights Templar has three primary functions;

  1. To act as a pan-European Crusader Movement for the banishment of Islam from Europe

  1. To act as an Indigenous Rights Movement; to serve the interest of the European ethnic groups and to destroy cultural Marxism/multiculturalism

  1. To act as a War Crimes Tribunal

As one of the core doctrines within cultural Marxism/multiculturalism is to systematically deconstruct the European majority ethnical groups, it is our task to prevent this from happening.

As such, KT can be viewed as a partly ethnocentric organization. However, since the doctrines surrounding ethnocentric/indigenous principles is relatively vague and not very specific it is up to each and every Justiciar Knight to make his own personal interpretation. It is to be expected that individual Justiciar Knights representing the various cultural conservative denominations that adhere to KT primary principles will have different interpretations of these important issues. The issues we should agree on is that any and all definitions must be made for the purpose of protecting indigenous peoples of Europe without harming indigenous people in other regions of the world.

Our aim should be to implement a cultural conservative political model similar to the South Korean and Japanese model, which is the same model used in Europe in the 1950s.

The following interpretation of these topics is my own:

Topics that are considered political incorrect and difficult to discuss openly even among some revolutionary conservatives

What type of rhetorical approach should you use when openly arguing against the demographical annihilation of the European tribes?

In order to understand the question, there are certain historical and ideological aspects that have to be reviewed;

Introduction to the premises for answering the question

Today’s multiculturalist establishment is a direct result of Soviets WW2 and cold war victory. It wasn’t a total victory for the Soviets as capitalism and the free markets obviously survived, but culturally, it was a disaster as multiculturalism (internationalist Marxism) prevailed and was gradually institutionalised in Western European countries spearheaded by the the UK, French and German left wing establishment. According to the history books; the West allegedly won the cold war because Soviet collapsed… However, the truth of the matter is that the Soviets managed to pass on its cultural Marxist legacy to Europe through its 100 000 – 200 000 European Marxist Trojans who really should have been executed after WW2 but which instead were allowed to infiltrate school/university institutions and cultural arenas. These Marxists managed to indoctrinate enough people during the 50s and 60s who combined contributed to the decisive 1968 Marxist cultural victory in Western Europe and the US. During this time, the conservatives of Europe, especially Christians, nationalists, traditionalists but also capitalists, failed to defend the cultural conservative world view unlike the cultural conservative movements in Japan and later South Korea. The reason for this was because of the general institutionalised persecution of nationalist/traditionalist oriented individuals after WW2 in Europe due to the defeat of the Nazis. The logic was; since the NSDAP were nationalists, among other things, all conservatives, nationalists and traditionalists are automatically Nazis and therefore evil. This notion was allowed to be developed and was later manifested through the new ideology; multiculturalism/extreme egalitarianism, which is an anti-European hate ideology designed to deconstruct our European cultures, traditions, identities, Christendom and even our national states. Another factor was that an overwhelming majority of the right wing were not, and still aren’t today, politically active. The Marxists have always had a talent for infiltration and psychological warfare, infiltrating everything from Workers Unions to hippie movements, environmentalist movements, universities, news corporations which they used to further project and propagate their cultural world views. They have also traditionally been a lot more active when it comes to arranging demonstrations (often spearheaded through the Workers Unions and other organisations they had already infiltrated), while the right wing were, and still are, usually only focused on serving their own needs, feeding their own egos, developing their companies and generally minding their own business.

Ok, back on topic; what on earth are the Nordic/Germanic tribes and why are we disallowed to preserve especially the Nordic/Germanic tribes today?

In order to understand the evil and suicidal European Marxism of today you must first learn about National Socialism:

Nordicism (also referred to as the"Nordic theory") is the ideology of racial superiority which claims that the Nordic race (the Germanic peoples/tribes), would constitute a master race because of an innate capacity for initiative, long term planning and leadership. The reasoning for this theory is that the Nordic peoples has been forced to, due to the cold arctic climate, to logistically plan ahead for up to 6 months per year to be able to survive the cold winters. In addition, all the weak elements of the tribe usually perished due to the harsh climate leaving only the strong and intelligent left. When this process of elimination was the case for specific tribes over a timeline consisting of thousands of years it is claimed that the descendants are superior when it comes to initiative, long term planning and intelligence compared to people who live in warm climates with easy access to food and water. Nordicism was prevalent mainly in the late-19th and early 20th centuries in Western Europe and North America and came to be a major influence on Nazism. Multiculturalism is a reactionary ideology to Nordicism which in many ways aims to completely wipe out the Germanic tribes and other European tribes as Europeans are defined, according to hardcore internationalist Marxists, as a cancer to this world as it is claimed that our ancestors where evil. As such, the ideology of multiculturalism, which of course only applies to European countries (“the white man is the devil, not the yellow man – Japan/South Korea”).

Madison Grant, in his book The Passing of the Great Race:

Madison Grant, in his book The Passing of the Great Race, defined the "Nordic" type as "long skulled, very tall, fair skinned, with blond hair and light colored eyes. The Nordics inhabit the countries around the North and Baltic Seas, and include not only the great Scandinavian and Teutonic groups, but also other early peoples who first appear in southern Europe and in Asia as representatives of Aryan language and culture." The Germanic tribes is another word for Nordics.

While the concept of Nordic race became intertwined with a northern and northeastern European cultural identity, the Alpine race was thought to predominate in central/Eastern Europe through to Turkey and the Eurasian steppes of Central Asia and Southern Russia and was said to be characterised by short stature, dark hair, dark eyes, narrower shoulders, a darker complexion and comparatively round head. The Mediterranean race was thought to be prevalent in Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa as well as in Wales, and was said to be characterised by dark hair, dark eyes, aquiline nose, swarthy complexion, moderate-to-short stature, and moderate or long skull.

Present and current distribution of Nordics, Alpines and Mediterranean’s in Europe:


According to Madison Grant and several other authors; there are three European races. These are; Nordics/Germanics (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland and to a high degree the UK, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Benelux, Baltic’s, Switzerland but also to a large degree Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (the Nordic parts). There are also 40-80 million Nordics in the US and a few million in Canada and Australia.

As covered in another chapter; within approximately 100-150 years or within 4-5 generations (if the current development is allowed to continue) the Germanic/Nordic race in several countries will be diluted or annihilated to such a degree that there will be no one left with Nordic physical characteristics; blond hair, blue eyes, high forehead, sturdy cheekbones. As such, the Nordic tribes will become extinct if we do not resist and seize political and military control of our countries. To illustrate the ongoing demographic annihilation of the Nordic peoples; in 1900 there were 50% Nordics in the US (blonde hair, blue eyes). But now, as a result of primarily non-European immigration, there was in 2008 ONLY 16%.


The only way to prevent the ongoing genocide of the Nordic tribes is if either;

The Marxist regimes in Europe grant us privileges by either completely liberalising the biotechnology-laws. They must encourage and even directly sponsor repro-genetics programs on a private and/or state level, which facilitates reproduction clinics who focus strictly on indigenous genotypes from pure sources (non-diluted (95-99% pure) Nordic genotypes) found in Northern Sweden and other areas where this is available. The European Marxist regimes will never allow or contribute to this which only leaves two options;

Conservatives/nationalists/traditionalists in each European country are given reservations where we can exercise autonomy (political control) just like the Native Americans after their defeat against the US Army. This is not acceptable yet to a large majority of conservatives as we expect to defeat the cultural Marxist regimes of Europe within 70 years. The third option should be outlined as follows;

Conservatives must seize political and military power through a combination of armed and democratic struggle within 70 years and implement the above policies. The alternative is the continued bastardisation model, very similar to the Brazilian model; where it has been (due to the Brazilian Marxist revolution) established a melting pot of European/Asian/African mix. These policies have proven to be a catastrophe for Brazil and other countries that have institutionalised and facilitated widespread race-mixing of Asians/Europeans/Africans. Brazil has firmly established itself as a second world country with an extremely poor degree of social cohesion. The results are evident and are manifested through a large degree of corruption, lacking productivity and eternal conflict between the various competing “cultures” as the myriad of newly established “sub-tribes” (black, mulatto, mestizo, white) paralyzes any hope of ever reaching the same level of productivity and harmony as f example Scandinavia, Germany, South Korea or Japan. Seeing the lack of social cohesion in Brazil, and the average productivity of the average Brazilian, it is evident that a similar approach in Europe would be devastating and nationally retarding, not to mention that it would be a grave crime (genocide) to contribute in any way to the annihilation, deconstruction and genocide of the indigenous peoples which are Nordic by definition.

Argumentation techniques – Victor vs. victim?

Instead of overly focusing on formulating arguments based on the superiority and intelligence of Europeans you should primarily focus on indigenous European rights; that the Nordic tribes and the rest of the European tribes are on its stabile course towards extinction because of multiculturalisms facilitation of Islamic demographic warfare. Instead of just presenting arguments, convert arguments into questions. The best arguments ARE often questions.

What will the government do to prevent the ongoing Islamic demographical warfare against European?

What will they do to prevent the Nordic ethnic group in given country from going extinct?

How do they justify the ongoing demographical annihilation of the Europeans?

Why do they continue to allow mass-Muslim immigration in combination with Marxist procreation policies (feminism resulting in a low birth rate) when they know that these policies will result in our extinction?

Why are they so arrogant that they claim that the only solution to our problems, the cultural conservative world view, is an evil Nazi ideology while the cause of all our problems, their cultural Marxist world view, is the only truth?

Why are the Native Americans granted reservations (completely reserved for their ethnic group) while indigenous Europeans aren’t awarded the same basic human rights?

Why are the indigenous Native American tribes treated with more dignity and respect than indigenous European tribes?

These are all good questions we should focus on in the decades to come. A good strategy in Europe is therefore to focus on indigenous rights. Preserving our “tribe”, our culture, traditions, Christendom etc. is in fact the most basic of all human rights that takes absolute precedent before ridiculous Marxist-humanist demands for allowing another 10 million Islamic asylum seekers residence.

Be on the offensive; never argue in a defensive manner. No matter what approach you choose, when f example defending the fallen martyrs of our movements, be smart. Don’t go into specific topics in situations where it isn’t relevant. You will easily lose the discussion if you talk about Islamisation and you suddenly start to discuss the Nordic genotypes. Islam is not a race after all but an ideology. Separate the discussions and stick to each topic instead of cross shifting. These argumentation techniques are all reverse-engineered Marxist arguments and are all very effective. The Marxists have traditionally been the best propagandists and we have a lot to learn from them. NEVER underestimate our enemy!

The true definition of racism vs. the Marxist definition

Don’t let the multiculturalists define what racism is or isn’t. Keeping an African against his will in your basement as a slave is racism. Loving your extended family/your ethnic group and fighting for ethnic and/or indigenous rights does not make you a racist, quite the opposite in fact. It makes you a civil rights activist. Creating a pro-indigenous and/or pro-ethnic movement does not make it a “white supremacy” movement but rather an Indigenous rights movement or even a civil rights movement. Anyone who calls you a racist due to these reasons proves very clearly that HE is the real racist, as he obviously ONLY attacks European rights movements. He is therefore an anti-European racist supporting the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism.

The cultural Marxists/multiculturalists have gone to great lengths to change the very definition of the word; racist. Europeans having African slaves on a plantation WAS racist, the apartheid system WAS racist (deportation and a two state solution would have been the right way to go). However, loving your ethnic group and fighting for the interests of your tribe is NOT and will never be racist. Nevertheless, the cultural Marxist systems would have everyone think otherwise.

Creating a pan-Nordic union?

I don’t see why we shouldn’t actively strive for the establishment of a Nordic League propagating Nordic interests, following the design of the Arab League. After all, why shouldn’t we, Scandinavians, Nordics, Germans and to a large degree Brits, Americans, Polish, Czechs, Swiss, people from Benelux and Balticum be allowed to feel pride in our ethnic heritage and fight for our ethnic interests? Shouldn’t WE have the EQUAL right to actively pursue and protect our interest based on ethnic origin when Arabs, Pashtuns, Africans, Kurds, Tibetans, Aboriginals, Native Americans, Rom/Gypsies are allowed to?

Why are we labeled as Nazi monsters when we do and they are tolerated, encouraged and even supported financially? The answer has been explained in this compendium on multiple occasions. It is because the current US/EU cultural Marxist hegemony is a racist and evil empire which has embraced a hate ideology equal to Stalinist Communism and Nazism. Multiculturalism IS as evil and racist as Nazism and as brutal as Stalinism. They don’t use the same persecution methods, instead they ratify hate laws and get their propaganda machine (MSM) to character assassinate people, ridicule them resulting in conservatives losing their jobs, family and committing suicide. Multiculturalism must be destroyed as soon as possible, or we, all European tribes, will seize to exist within 100 years!

You are not alone – 14 David’s against one Goliath

I am extremely proud of my ethnic group, Norwegians which is a Northern-Germanic tribe. Furthermore, I seek to serve Norwegian AND European interests in everything I do. I would not hesitate to sacrifice my own life for the English, Slavic, Jewish, Indian, Latin or French tribes in their fight against the EUSSR/US multiculturalist hegemony. All European and non-European conservatives, nationalists and traditionalists must support each other as this cultural Marxist/multiculturalist global hegemony is our common enemy. I would never betray a brother tribe whether it be a Scandinavian, Frankish, English, Latin, Slavic or other European tribe. It is essential that we fight for Europe, consolidate cross borders, and do our best to acknowledge that this is a European struggle. Because after all; the destruction of the US/EU cultural Marxist tyranny cannot, obviously, be defeated by Norwegians alone, nor Brits, nor European Americans. ANY Christian European, anywhere in the world, can become a Justiciar Knight for the Knights Templar. As a Justiciar Knight you have been given the mandate to execute category A and B traitors by the war crimes tribunal known as PCCTS, Knights Templar. This is a Pan-European civil war and its outcome will decide the very survival of our peoples whether you are a French, Greek, European American, European Canadian, European Australian, Afrikaner/Boer etc. We will not win this war unless we work together as European conservatives.

So, back to the initial question; what type of rhetorical approach should you use when openly arguing against the demographical annihilation of the Nordic ethnic groups or any other European ethnic groups?

Marxist demonisation techniques and psychological warfare

Sadly, you will be indirectly or directly labeled as a racist or even as a Nazi monster by the Marxist establishment (government institutions and the MSM – multiculturalist media) if you attempt to openly argue for the immediate halt to the ongoing demographical genocide of the Nordic peoples. However, you can use other words than “race” to more effectively dodge such characteristics. By using words as tribe or ethnic group you may be able to more effectively communicate your message.

It should be noted that NSDAP did not win the initial election by propagating their true agenda. The “political game” is not any different today. You can never win an election by being honest. The Internationalist Marxist aren’t honest and never have been (they want to destroy/deconstruct everything European) and, unfortunately, neither can we (we want to save/preserve everything European). The appropriate way is therefore to be careful when arguing and at least keep the ideals alive within ourselves and in an un-official ideological environment until the day it is possible to implement ALL of our policies. Sticking to anti-Islamisation rhetorical strategies is one convenient way of doing this. We don’t have a lot of time, only 70 years max until the Muslims reach 60%, so we must act as soon as possible and continue the ongoing European conservative consolidation process until the time we, collectively as European revolutionary movements, are strong enough to successfully effectuate the first European coup d’état with enough backing from our own police/military forces and a nuclear power (from Russia f example) to prevent a subsequent US/NATO intervention.

End note: the PCCTS, Knights Templar are not in any way Nazi sympathizers. Preserving your tribe, cultural and demographical, is a basic human right and has nothing to do with “white supremacy”. After all, we do not seek to enslave or in any way harm or exploit Africans, Asians or their respective countries. We are a conservative organisation propagating cultural isolationism, similar to South Korea and Japan unlike the NSDAP which was a left wing organisation, they hated Christendom, capitalism and propagated a strict definition of socialism. So do not make the mistake of allowing the Marxists/multiculturalists to label you as a Nazi. As a Justiciar Knight of Knights Templar Europe, we are anti-Nazi and approximately 40% of our policies do not coincide with NSDAPs policies.

Race-mixing and interracial relations; necessary to create the global utopia lead by the Marxist-Islamic UN or the ultimate crime?

The PCCTS, Knights Templar, obviously, does not have any pre-defined specific policies or principles concerning race-mixing. The following are my own views concerning the theme.

I have for a long time dreaded the thought of writing an essay about this subject. Primarily because it is considered politically incorrect by even many of the most dedicated conservatives and it is considered an efficient way to commit character suicide for individuals who have ambitions to appeal to the bulk of the masses in this early stage of the European civil war. On the other hand, if you’re Arab, Pashtun, Kurd, Pakistani, Japanese, South Korean or belong to any other non-European tribe then it’s a completely different matter. Then it’s all about showing cultural tolerance and respecting their customs. But if you’re a European and say the same thing, God forbid, then you’re a monster. This double standard effectively shows us the anti-European nature of multiculturalism. A large amount of the current multiculturalist elites in the EU/US, the category A and B traitors specifically, are focused on the destruction of European culture, Christendom, European identity and there is not a more efficient way of destroying the core of everything European than facilitating the gradual deconstruction of the European ethnic groups. The norm and practice for adopting non-European babies has more or less been institutionalised, bio-laws have been restricted, mass non-European immigration has been encouraged along with allowing and even subsidising the non-European explosive birth rates.

The sum of these deliberate genocidal practices when mixed with Marxist procreation policies (feminism) is equal to the demographical annihilation of European ethnic groups if they are allowed to continue.

A majority of conservative revolutionaries have been familiar with these methods of deliberate cultural annihilation for decades now. I know for a fact that it can be very frustrating to fight for reversal of the above doctrines because you feel like an ant trying to defeat a 7-headed monster.

Any public figure that openly opposes race-mixing or interracial relations and instead propagate the preservation of his tribe is aggressively persecuted, ridiculed and/or ignored by the European multiculturalist regimes, manifested by NGOs and the cultural Marxist mainstream media. So basically; if you as a public figure, utter any opposition or reservation to race-mixing, your career will likely be instantly destroyed. The multiculturalist glorification of race-mixing and interracial relations does, however, not correspond to or reflect reality, the wishes and the views of the large majority of Europeans.

I would claim that approximately 80-90% of Europeans (95% of men and 65% of women) have chosen or will choose to find a partner within their ethnic group while more than 95% of Asians and 95% of Africans will chose the same path. These people reject the notion of finding a partner (with the intention to procreate) outside their own tribe. These are facts that obviously do not correspond to the cultural Marxist desire to create a “one-world, one people”, united under the Marxist-Islamic UN.

The cultural establishment, spear-headed by the entertainment industry and the MSM are doing everything they can to glorify and propagate race-mixing by creating movies, series and other coverage which illustrate “happy interracial couples” in the hopes that they will succeed to indoctrinate as many as possible. Very few people are buying into this though as they see the dire consequences of this irreversible action.

Would you actively contribute to further the demographical annihilation of your ethnic group?

80-90% of all Europeans would oppose (or at least be disappointed) if their sons and daughters married and/or procreated with a non-European. This principle and tradition of procreating within the tribe is universal and applies to the great majority of the world’s races and ethnic groups whether they are Japanese, Pashtun, Arab, South Korean, European American, Russian, French, and Swedish etc.

It is a well known fact that an overwhelming number of ethnic groups consider racial/ethnic purity to be the very center of their cultural identity. Those familiar with Taiwanese, South Korean and Japanese culture can attest to that. Racial/ethnic purity IS and always has been extremely important to the Japanese and South Koreans (in addition to Europeans and Arabs), in fact so much that attitudes concerning these matters are completely dominating without these principles being actually written down. This is also the case in more or less every single non-cultural Marxist country. Non-cultural Marxist countries are commonly known for their societal patriarchal structures compared to cultural Marxist countries where the matriarchal structures are dominating (Europe, ex-USSR, US and to a certain degree Latin America).

Arab countries are very concerned with racial/ethnic purity as their Arab origin is directly connected to their blood-relation to Muhammad. It is considered the greatest of all honours to have a genetical relation to their prophet. This is so evident that non-Arab Muslims are considered second class Muslims. Pakistanis, Indonesians, Kurds, Berbers, Persians and Africans have been severely discriminated for centuries in the Islamic world as a result of them not being Arab. The Arab League, an important political force in the greater Middle East works more or less exclusively for ethnic Arab interests. They may help non-Arabs but will always support Arab interests before other ethnic groups. These policies of Arabisation are very similar to the Nazi policies before and during WW2 and involve more than 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Race-mixing propagandists: Heidi Klum, Elin Nordgren, Madonna, Brangelina, Lady Gaga etc – An irreversible action, the eternal loss of your extended ethnic family

The witty comment stating; “if you go black, there is no turning back” actually underlines the severity of the decision involved in race-mixing. It is quite a paradox as specific European entertainment stars (including but not limited to Heidi Klum, Elin Nordgren, Madonna, Brad Pit & Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga chooses to propagate and glorify race-mixing either through direct or indirect (adoption) choices. The only reason that many of these individuals became famous in the first place was specifically due to their Nordic/European physical characteristics, rare characteristics that have been acquired through an evolutionary process which has taken more than 1 million years. These characteristics, both physical and psychological are then wiped out forever, due to their miscalculated decision. Obviously, the offspring of these entertainment stars will never receive the same opportunities as they, themselves, once did. It is obvious that Nordic entertainment super-stars like Scarlett Johansson (60-70% Nordic purity), Gwyneth Paltrow (70-80%)Pamela Anderson (90-95%), Paris Hilton (70-80%), Taylor Swift (80-90%) would have never been where they are today hadn’t it been for their distinct Nordic physical characteristics. They would have never, in a million years, managed to reach their current status of fame had they belonged to another ethnic group. Same can be said about several other superstars with Nordic physical features such as individuals from Marilyn Monroe to Megan Fox. So why not embrace their Nordic gift by contributing to preserve Nordic culture instead of throwing it away and robbing their children of the same opportunities they once received? It should be noted that the US was composed of 50% with blue eyes in 1950 but this number has been reduced significantly and was in 2008 only 16%. By 2020 it is estimated to be less than 8%.

Recessive vs. dominant genes

Blue eyes and blond hair (and possibly many psychological traits) almost never survives a race-mixing process due to the fact that Nordic genotypes are recessive unlike f example African, Arab or Oriental genotypes which are considerably more genetically dominant. In order to dominantly dilute an African individual it would require 5 individuals of Nordic descent. Thanks to their parent’s carelessness, their offspring will be cut off forever from their “extended ethnic family”. They will become, tribe-less individuals and many are likely to either swear allegiance to extreme cultural Marxism/multiculturalist ideological views (90%) or choose the extreme right (>10%). They often hate their parents for what has been done to them, as they are neither European, African nor Asian.

The Nordic ideal – our tribe counts 200 million individuals as of 2010

There are many non-Nordic that try to mimic Nordic beauty by dying their hair blond and wearing contacts. So why not offer our children the actual genetical gift instead, through repro-genetics, rather than spending thousands of Euro and thousands of hours on make-up trying to mimic the Nordic ideal?

As the Nordic ideal obviously is still prevalent in this multiculturalist world it may not be too late to prevent the extinction of the Nordic tribes. We are still a strong tribe, representing the most numerous in Europe, counting more than 200 million individuals worldwide.

Solutions to prevent the extinction of the Nordic tribes and for implementation of conservative principles

The key to our survival is to liberalise the strict bio-technology laws and to commercialise and glorify repro-genetics while there is still a sustainable selection of Nordics of 99% purity left (this window of opportunity will be forever lost within 150 years). Not only will we have the option to secure our survival but we will be able to purify our tribe and add several IQ points to our off-spring in the same process. This solution is non-violent and is likely to prevent future war as all ethnic groups would have the possibility to secure their own genetical survival. Repro-genetics offer everything Europe could ever dream of with very few drawbacks. Loyal and productive non-Europeans would be able to stay as we wouldn’t live in fear of being demographically conquered or being exploited financially.

In order for this to be a reality, it is only required that ONE single conservative/nationalist nation leader embrace the idea in the future, as soon as we have managed to seize political and military control of the specific country. Because as soon as the fruits from that specific country is revealed to the world, other conservative leaders will have no choice but to copy the concept. The alternative is that they would significantly fall behind economically/technologically due to the fact that their average IQ/social cohesion would be too low in comparison. In addition, they would continue to suffer under the current myriad of inheritable diseases and conditions which would continue to take a significant financial toll on the respective regimes. The first anti-Marxist country in Europe to fully embrace repro-genetics will become the new economical and technological global super power! And as the European alpha-males instinctual drive to preserve their genes would be rendered an obsolete concept, it would contribute to a potentially eternal peaceful Europe providing that other conservative principles (including the policies to prevent over-population in the world) would be implemented as well.

Obviously, these policies of “civilizational-shaping” nature cannot be implemented by a mass-democracy of the current European caliber as the current political model lacks consensus and thus authority and implementation force and efficiency. A future model, however, similar to the fascio-democratic model of Russia and China has the potency to implement the required cultural and security reforms. An alternative model where females have reduced influence on security and cultural issues through a guardian council has been presented in another chapter.

Race-mixing leads to suicidal children with severe mental problems

The offspring of race-mixers will feel like outcasts and it is very common that these individuals suffer from severe psychological problems throughout their life. Their parents obviously do not care as it would appear that their children’s psychological health and general well being is irrelevant to them. The suicide rate among these individuals is extremely high, which reflects the suffering they are put through by not having an extended ethnic family. A majority of Europeans sees ethnic, blood-bonds as the most essential cultural factor and considers their ethnic tribe to be their extended family. This issue is extremely politically incorrect to discuss, due to the current cultural Marxist regimes but it is not a secret that ethnicity remains and will remain as the most important uniting cultural factor, more so than socio-economic factors, to a majority of Europeans.

Race-mixed families risk catastrophic consequences as the European civil war progresses towards phase 2 and 3

After WW2, women who had previously had a relationship and/or children with the German occupiers would often suffer from severe punishment. The resistance movements shaved the head of these women and the communities terrorised them for 10 to 20 years after the war. These women and their offspring suffered horribly for a long time as a result of their decision to mix with individuals from the occupying force. They were called traitor whores and treated with utter contempt. Many starved to death at the end of the war while others were even raped and lynched during and after the war.

What will happen to the “traitor whores” after the great European civil war?

The current status of Europe is quite similar to that of WW2. Instead of having to face an external enemy, the enemies are the Marxists, suicidal humanists and capitalist globalists of our societies. We are being colonized by Asia and Africa facilitated by the multiculturalist elites. In Europe, 85%+ of the colonizers are Muslims from various parts of the world. So who exactly are the “traitor whores” of this war, and what will happen to them after we seize political and military power within the next 20-70 years?

There are two answers to this question; what we would prefer under current moral conditions and what actually will happen. It is hard for conservative intellectuals to predict the brutality of the future as we currently live in seemingly peaceful nations with seemingly few plagues and horrors. However, when the true agenda of the multiculturalists is revealed to a greater number than the current 10-15% of people, many will be furious and demand vengeance. If the current cultural Marxist regimes refuse to capitulate and continue their atrocities the demand for blood vengeance will grow.

The manifestation of the reckoning will depend on many factors;

1. Will the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists capitulate in time?

2. How many more conservatives will be persecuted, ridiculed and pushed towards suicide before they capitulate?

3. How many more revolutionary conservatives will have to martyr themselves before they capitulate?

4. How will they treat us in prison, if we survive our operations, as prisoners of war?

5. What types of methods will they employ in order to persecute and destroy our cells, networks and militias?

6. How many million more Muslims and other non-European immigrants will they allow to enter our gates before they capitulate?

7. Which of the minority groups (and/or how many percent of the given group) will be considered loyal enough to be allowed to stay in Europe after the civil war?

8. The principles and strictness of the specific conservative group that seizes political and military control in the various Western European countries will depend on how early the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists capitulate and whether they give up before they inflict heavy military casualties on us.

9. It is likely that in countries where the democratic conservative parties have been allowed to take power peacefully, the reaction towards cultural Marxists/multiculturalists and minority groups considered to be disloyal will be mild, while in other European countries, where conservatives have been harshly persecuted like in f example Germany, Sweden, Norway, France and the UK it will result in a bloodbath, where hundreds of thousands of cultural Marxists/multiculturalists and disloyal minority groups will be massacred. Muslims that haven’t converted to Christendom will automatically be labeled disloyal and deported. The fate of other minorities such as Buddhists, Hindus, Christian non-Europeans and half casts and also females/males that have procreated with the “disloyal” is harder to predict but will be directly related to the above factors. It is really hard at this point to present a more accurate prediction than this. After all, there are so many different conservative denominations, some which are more ethnocentric and/or anti-Marxist than others.

The reasoning behind conservative’s opposition to race-mixing and adoption of non-Europeans

The cultural Marxists/multiculturalist alliance will have you believe that all conservatives are ignorant, inbred bigots who are driven by hate towards any and all minorities. However, this propaganda is as far from the truth as possible.

The reasoning behind our concern and opposition is the fact that mass immigration, race-mixing and adoption of non-Europeans harm the unity of our tribe – it harms the degree of social cohesion any given country has. Firstly, a country that has competing cultures will shred itself to pieces from the inside over the long term or it will end up as a permanently dysfunctional country like Brazil and similar countries. Corruption and a high degree of crime is a natural result of lacking social cohesion. In countries where social cohesion is high, the opposite symptoms occurs. When you add Islam to the mix the worst case scenario is changed from a dysfunctional country to total defeat; sharia law and demographical conquest.

A stable and prosperous country that can offer its citizens solid welfare is dependent on five primary factors

  1. Islam cannot be present

  2. An ethnic homogenous people

  3. An educated people with a high average IQ (reprogenetics will increase the average IQ further)

  4. Cultural conservative policies/nationalistic policies/at least partially financial protectionist

  5. Free market (+ free market towards other cultural conservative countries)

With the current development, we see a systematical breakdown of each point which will over time result in the transformation of a dysfunctional, failed state. That is, unless we can prevent it in time.

As such; conservatives’ reservations and opposition against mass immigration, race-mixing and adoption of non-Europeans is purely pragmatical and not hateful in any way or form.

When we decide to deport a proportion of a disloyal minority group, it is not because we hate them, but because not doing so would have catastrophic consequences for the degree of social cohesion in our country. Allowing your tribe to demographically sink down towards extinction and allowing your country to become a failed state is a thousand times a graver crime than offending the feelings of the people you deport.

How many non-Europeans can a European country absorb per generation without it considerably affecting social cohesion and the overall well being of the tribe?

That depends which European tribe you are referring to. F example; not all Alpine or Mediterranean tribes care that much about their ethnic purity (against Alpine or Nordic genetical dilution) as they feel they don’t have physical or mental characteristics worth protecting or that they look favourably on Nordic and Alpine genetical dilution. So naturally, a Nordic tribe would be much more motivated to protect its uniqueness because Nordic genetical characteristics are manifested physically in a much greater degree. No Nordic country should ever try to absorb more than 2% of non-European immigrants per generation providing that they can mend the non-Nordic dilution by compensating with reprogenetics clinics which can reverse national/tribal dilution. That way the Nordic genotype is preserved and we won’t have to worry about the consequences or invest that many resources on reprogenetics. The wishes of any and all European tribes should be respected in this regard. F example Norway (4 million in 1950, 4,9 million in 2010) has accepted 900 000 immigrants since 1950, 90% which are non-Nordic. In 1950, we were more or less a pure Nordic country but we now have an additional 850 000 non-Nordics present with 30 000- 50 000 non-Nordics pouring in annually. 300 000-400 000 of the newly arrived are Muslims. At the same time, the bio-technology laws are strict, and we currently suffer under a genocidal cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime under the NATO umbrella. It will take from 20-70 years for Norwegian cultural conservatives to seize political and military power and I doubt it will happen until after one of the large European countries are liberated; the UK, France and Germany. This is essentially why I’m writing this compendium in English and the reason why I have dedicated most of my time to assist my English brothers in their patriotic struggle. The key to Western Europe’s survival lies in the hands of German but especially French or UK conservatives. After all, the smaller Western European countries are just mimicking these countries every move. My own country is thus now, nothing more than a banana republic, a satellite state lead by London, Paris and Berlin – which in turn is culturally dictated by Washington.

The great Satan, his cult and the Jews

Whenever someone asks if I am a national socialist I am deeply offended. If there is one historical figure and past Germanic leader I hate it is Adolf Hitler. If I could travel in a time-machine to Berlin in 1933, I would be the first person to go – with the purpose of killing him. Why? No person has ever committed a more horrible crime against his tribe than Hitler. Because of him, the Germanic tribes are dying and MAY be completely wiped out unless we manage to win within 20-70 years. Thanks to his insane campaign and the subsequent genocide of the 6 million Jews, multiculturalism, the anti-European hate ideology was created. Multiculturalism would have never been implemented in Europe if it hadn’t been for NSDAPs reckless and unforgivable actions. Eastern Europe would have remained free, the US and Russia would never have risen up as super-powers. The balance of power would have remained in Europe. And it would be a beautiful Europe with beautiful cultural conservative policies – very similar to the ones you now find in Japan and South Korea. Hitler almost destroyed everything with his reckless and unforgivable actions and he will forever be known as a traitor to the Nordic-Germanic tribes.

So, I am really speechless when I see the cult calling themselves national socialists today. If you truly love our tribe, the Nordic tribes or any other European tribe, you must learn and acknowledge that Hitler is a traitor to the Germanic and all European tribes, NOT a hero. Hitler had the military capabilities necessary to liberate Jerusalem and the nearby provinces from Islamic occupation. He could have easily worked out an agreement with the UK and France to liberate the ancient Jewish Christian lands with the purpose of giving the Jews back their ancestral lands. The UK and France would perhaps even contribute to such a campaign in an effort to support European reconciliation. The deportation of the Jews from Germany wouldn’t be popular but eventually, the Jewish people would regard Hitler as a hero because he returned the Holy land to them.

But what did the great Satan do? He invaded Poland, France Russia and several other countries in his crazed effort for world domination. It was completely reckless and unforgivable as the consequences of such acts aren’t very hard to predict. And when the tides turned for the Nazis and the Russian campaign failed, they decided to massacre the Jews and thus further condemning the Germanic tribes and the conservative/nationalist ideology to hell… They knew perfectly well what the consequences would be for their tribes if they lost, yet they went ahead and completed the job. After WW2, the greatest anti-nationalist and anti-European propaganda campaign the world has ever seen was launched. And people like myself, and other cultural conservative leaders of today, are still suffering under this propaganda campaign because of that one man.

Were the majority of the German and European Jews disloyal? Yes, at least the so called liberal Jews, similar to the liberal Jews today that opposes nationalism/Zionism and supports multiculturalism. Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists. Conservative Jews were loyal to Europe and should have been rewarded. Instead, he just targeted them all… So, are the current Jews in Europe and US disloyal? The multiculturalist (nation-wrecking) Jews ARE while the conservative Jews ARE NOT. Aprox. 75% of European/US Jews support multiculturalism while aprox. 50% of Israeli Jews does the same. This shows very clearly that we must embrace the remaining loyal Jews as brothers rather than repeating the mistake of the NSDAP. Whenever I discuss the Middle East issue with a national socialist he presents the anti-Israeli and pro-Palestine argument. He always seem unaware of the fact that his propaganda is hurting Israeli nationalists (who want to deport the Muslims from Israel) and that he is in fact helping the Israeli cultural Marxists/multiculturalists with his argumentation. In all five discussions they have moderated or fully changed their views after the discussion as they realize what they have done. But I was unable to discuss this issue further after I was banned and kicked out by Stormfront and another national socialist forum.

In any case; educate yourself and learn the difference. Today’s conservatives and want-to-be Nazis are ignorant when they obsess so much over the Jews. There is no Jewish problem in Western Europe (with the exception of the UK and France) as we only have 1 million in Western Europe, whereas 800 000 out of these 1 million live in France and the UK. The US on the other hand, with more than 6 million Jews (600% more than Europe) actually has a considerable Jewish problem. But please learn the difference between a nation-wrecking multiculturalist Jew and a conservative Jew. Don’t make the same mistake that NSDAP did. Never target a Jew because he is a Jew, but rather because he is a category A or B traitor. And don’t forget that the bulk of the category A and B traitors are Christian Europeans. 90% of the category A and B traitors in my own country, Norway, are Nordic, Christian category A and B traitors.

Unification of all European cultural conservatives under the KT banner

We will defeat the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists because they seek to wipe out everything European. We will not forgive them and we will show them no mercy whatsoever unless they fully capitulate to our forces within 2020. But we must fight them for the RIGHT reasons, and NOT because we want to pick up what Hitler tried to do. So for God’s sake; please join the PCCTS, Knights Templar as a Justiciar Knight in our pre-emptive war against the EUSSR/US cultural tyranny under OUR banner, or any other, but NOT under the swastika. 60% of NSDAPs policies were great classical conservative policies and the PCCTS, Knights Templar share these conservative policies even today. But the remaining 40% of the policies are not worth fighting for.

Have no doubt, every single political contribution counts whether it is through the barrel of a Ruger Mini-14 or through an essay! The former will amplify the latter and vice versa. Considering the fact that the multiculturalist press is boycotting all true conservatives; conservative intellectuals really have no other choice than to amplify their messages through violent means. The other point is that when a conservative revolutionary contributes to the field of “revolutionary science” he will have little credibility and will be viewed as nothing more than an “arm chair general” unless he leads and illustrates through practical implementation.

Know that our phase 1 “physical” conservative revolutionary contributions are not to defeat this monster but to create awareness with the intention of creating sympathizers and direct contributors. Our military contributions, in phase 1, will only make out a fraction of the combined “cuts”required to kill the 7-headed monster. The bulk of the cuts will be inflicted by the monster itself out of ignorance and its unwillingness to embrace logical and pragmatic principles and policies (primarily by its inability to prevent and reverse Islamisation). The current cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes will fall and collapse under their own and Islam’s weight. Our primary objective is to consolidate and be ready to seize this opportunity, through violent means, when this window of opportunity opens up within 20-70 years. Remember, the success of our revolution will never seem further away than the day before we actually succeed!

To quote the Marxist terrorist and mass-murderer Fidel Castro;

I began the revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I would do it with 10 or 15 individuals with absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and a plan of action.”

New” emerging tribes, future political and cultural threat?

There is a Hispanic, criminal supremacist group in the US called; La Raza (the race). They oppose European (European American), African and Asian interests based on ethnicity. The name La Raza is used to describe the race formed by the fusion of Europeans, Native American and African peoples in Latin America. This illustrates that mixed people of set sources will eventually become ethnic aware and start to work against the minorities in that nation, which are those of pure European or Native American heritage. The point to this illustration is that there will always be minorities in a country, there will always be discrimination and minorities will more or less always be discriminated against. The ultimate goal of any tribe must therefore be to never come in a position where it is reduced to a minority. The large majority of ethnical groups of the world, except the Rom/Gypsies and some Latin American Indians, control their own sovereign territories. As such, there is no reason why anyone has to live as a minority if they do not desire to do so. Each tribe must do absolutely EVERYTHING to ensure that no other tribe attacks them demographically through immigration or higher birth rates.

In order to predict any future emerging of/or consolidation of “new tribes” in Europe, it is essential to review the new/old definitions and work to name the unnamed groups:


1. A person having one European and one African parent. 2. A person of mixed European and African ancestry. – moo-lat’o, -lä’to, myoo-)n., pl. mu·lat·tos or mu·lat·toes.

ETYMOLOGY: Spanish from Arabic muwallad, person of mixed race, from walada, to engender, give birth.

Quadroon (25% African, 75% European)

Octoroon (12,5% African, 87,5% European)

ETYMOLOGY: Greek okta-, okto-, from okto, Latin octo-, from octo prefix of Eight+ – quad)roon

The terms mulatto, quadroon, and octoroon originated with the racial policies of European colonizers in the Americas, especially the Spanish. Because civil rights and responsibilities were based directly on the degree of European blood that a person had, such classifications were highly elaborated, and minor distinctions in ancestry were carefully recorded. While these terms have highly precise definitions, in actual practice they were often used based on impressions of skin color rather than definite knowledge of ancestry.

European-Semitic/Arab European/Jewish European

A person of mixed European and semitic blood.

In linguistics and ethnology, Semitic refers to a language and ethnic family comprising of the peoples living in primarily the Arabic areas of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Berbers, Arabs, Jews, Assyrians, Copts are all considered to comprise the semitic ethnic groups.


1.) A person of mixed African and European ancestry who speaks a creolised language, especially one based on French or Spanish. 2.) An African slave born in the Americas as opposed to one brought from Africa.


1.) The offspring of a European and an American Indian. 2.) The offspring of an European and a quadroon; an octoroon.


Has been in use since the mid-19th century to refer to a person of mixed European and Asian birth. It was coined during the British rule over India and was long used primarily in designating a person born to a British father and an Indian mother. In a contemporary context Eurasian has a much wider application, denoting only that one parent is Asian and the other European.


Native Hawaiians used this word to describe someone who was "half Hawaiian". In colonial times, it was often combined with the word "haole" which meant stranger, foreigner, or white person. As time passed, "hapa" was used on the Continental United States by Japanese Americans and other Asian to describe a person of partial Asian ancestry. Many Nisei – second generation Japanese Americans) considered the term to be derogatory. Today, "Hapa" is simply accepted as a way to describe a person of partial Asian ancestry.


A person of mixed racial ancestry, especially of mixed European and Native American ancestry. n., pl. mes·ti·zos or mes·ti·zoes. ETYMOLOGY: Spanish, mixed, mestizo, from Old Spanish, mixed, from Late Latin mixticius, from Latin mixtus past participle of miscere, to mix.


The child of a Mulatto and a Black person; also, the child of an Indian and a Black Person. Also Sambo.


A person of mixed negro and American Indian blood. The offspring of a mulatto woman and a negro; also, a mulatto.


1. The offspring of a European and an American Indian.

As far as I know, there are no words which define the mixing of the three European sub-races: Nordic/Germanic, Alpine and Mediterranean. Such definitions would probably be relevant in Europe but less relevant in the US. It is common to refer to inter-European mixing with emphasis of the country of origin. F example; French-Norwegian or German-Italian etc.

Modern terms, commonly used, submitted to MixedFolks.com

  • AfroAsian – A person who is mixed with black/African and Asian.

  • Afroindipean – Person of African, Indian & European descent.

  • Afrorean – Someone who is black/African and Korean.

  • Afropean – Someone who is black/African and European

  • AmerAsian – A person of mixed American and Asian descent.

  • Biethnic

  • Blasian – Black and Asian.

  • Blatino – Black and Latino.

  • Cablinasian – Tiger Woods’ term for what he is Caucasian, Black, Indian [Native American], Asian.

  • Casian – Someone who is White [Caucasian] and Asian.

  • Caucindiblack – pronounced Cauc-indi-black.. Caucasian, Indian – American Indian. and Black.

  • Caucindicreole – (pronounced Cauc-ind-icreole) Caucasian, Indian – American Indian. and Creole – Black French.

  • Caurean – Someone who is White and Korean.

  • Chigro -someone who is half Black and half Chinese.

  • EurAsian – A person of mixed European and Asian origin.

  • Halfrican – Half African

  • Mambo – Person who is the offspring of a Sambo and black, and is therefore 1/8 white and 3/4 black.

  • Mexigro – Mexican and Black.

  • Mexipino – Mexican andFilipino.

  • Mixed – Can be applied to any mix

  • Moreno – A Quadroon or light Mulatto.

  • Mulattanese – Part Black, Part White, Part Asian.

  • Mustifee – Someone who is the offspring of an Octroon and white person.

  • Pardo – A person of multiracial or tri-racial origins.

  • Wasian: someone who is white and asian

  • Wigger – Offensive term meaning White Nigger, mostly used to describe White people who "act Black".

  • Zebra – half black, half white

PCCTS, Knights Templar message to all minority groups and mixed individuals

Know that we, the PCCTS, Knights Templar, are not a racist organisation. Individuals of all races, providing that they are Christian, can join and fight for the Knights Templar as Justiciar Knights. Your contribution for the conservative cause will guarantee you and the loyal members of your family permanent residency in Europe. You will be embraced as a fellow citizen if you shed blood with us, have no doubt about that. The future of all minorities in Europe will depend on where their loyalty is and will NOT be based on their skin color or ethnic origin. Needless to say; individuals that have proven to be disloyal (by directly or indirectly supporting cultural Marxism/multiculturalism) will have no future in Europe and will be deported.

So called neutrality until the day of the takeover/coup d’état will not be an option if you want a future in Europe. You must be able to prove your loyalty by establishing a verifiable track record (support or membership to a conservative non-violent or revolutionary organisation) in order to prove your loyalty. Conversion to Christianity, changing of name (where applicable) or change of customs at an early stage will also support your candidature for permanent residency. It is only a slight possibility that it will be the Knights Templar that will be the dominating conservative force in your country when this may apply. Obviously, the rules and requirements for permanent residency will be set by the new regime and not by us. As such, consider these guidelines as an expected equivalent to what you can expect.

It is likely that when enough new conservative European regimes have consolidated, they will create a new zone or use an existing one between the European and the Islamic world which will be the destination point for disloyal individuals of mixed origin and other individuals which for various reasons do not have access to a specific non-European country. Loyal individuals of mixed origin, on the other hand, will and should be embraced as brothers.

All members of minority groups will over the next few years have to make a choice. I just hope they make the right one. Their future in Europe will rely on it.

3.85 The political significance of sex in a cultural conservative future

Sex is probably the most powerful and under analyzed motivator for man on earth. Had it not been for the some abstract illusions of sex, Leiv Eiriksson or Christopher Columbus would probably not have discovered America, Muhammad’s armies would not have conquered much of the world (ref: 72 virgins is a good incentive for martyrdom, wouldn’t you say?), and the cultural Marxists would not have successfully managed to take control of our societies. During the sexual revolution in the 70s, the Marxists managed to infiltrate and claim this liberal concept, enabling them to exploit the sexual revolution for their own benefit.

So how do we preach chastity to a mob who wants unlimited access to free sex? The answer is that we don’t. Instead, we must copy the Marxist strategies by integrating or at least offer any and all liberals the freedom of unlimited sex in a future scenario. We must present concepts that are credible and ensures all aspects of individualism for those who seek it (with the exception of hate-ideologies like multiculturalism, Islam etc). This does not mean that our future societies will end up as anarchies which is what pure liberalism is. The only difference is that we are at the same time presenting concepts of chastity and chivalry at the same time. So how is this possible, how can we ensure that both conservatives and liberals are happy? The solution is liberal zones segregated from the rest of the society, a more thorough implementation of the US “liberal zone” model. Consider it as a doctrine of “Las Vegasism”. The concept of “Sex and the city lifestyles” will not be glorified as it is today but restricted to our future Las Vegas zones giving everyone who truly desires this form of lifestyle the opportunity to pursue his or her definition of happiness while at the same time protecting the rest of society from social and moral break down. We must never make the mistake of confusing liberal concepts with Marxist concepts. Individualism and the sexual revolution is not a Marxist concept but rather a liberal one. Yes, the cultural Marxists managed to infiltrate various organisations and took credit for the sexual revolution although that is another discussion. Isolated, “sex and the city lifestyle” is relatively harmless, but if you glorify it and ram it down the throat of mainstream society like we see today it becomes a lethal and destructive societal force as we are witnessing which eventually leads to a complete breakdown of moral/ethics, the nuclear family model and a sustainable fertility rate which again is leading us to the extinction of Europeans.

These liberal zones must be completely “ideologically” cut off from the rest of society to avoid cultural contamination. By focusing on this middle way we are respecting the wishes of the conservatives and the liberals. This should be a compromise we can live with.

If we however fail to compromise and instead contribute to ram a puritan and deeply conservative way of life down the throat of everyone we will only defeat ourselves. Unwillingness to reason with the individualists/liberalists will only be counter-productive and will prevent us from ever seizing political power.

Using the sexual revolution to our advantage will contribute to our success.

3.86 Sexual ethics/sexual morality in Western Europe has been destroyed by cultural Marxism and liberalism

Sexual ethics (also referred to as sexual morality) refers to those aspects of ethics that deal with issues arising from all aspects of sexuality and human sexual behaviour. Broadly speaking, sexual ethics relates to community and personal standards relating to the conduct of interpersonal relationships, and deals with issues of consent, sexual relations before marriage and/or while married, including issues of marital fidelity and premarital and non-marital sex, issues related to sexuality, questions about how gender and power are expressed through sexual behaviour, questions about how individuals relate to society, and questions about how individual behaviour impacts public health concerns.

Ethical dilemmas which involve sex can often appear in situations where there is a significant power difference or where there is a pre-existing professional relationship between the participants, or where consent is partial or uncertain.

Breakdown in sexual ethics – overview based on country

The following numbers are based on the current numbers and projections of women/girls aged 15-30 (the generation born between 1980-1995).

The degree of breakdown in sexual ethics or sexual morality is manifested through the young women’s susceptibility to have one night stands, pre-marital sex and the average amount of sexual partners for women during a lifetime. New generation girls (born between 80-95) have a substantially less conservative view than older generation girls.


Sexual ethics from 1 (extremely low) to 100 (high)

Average number of sexual partners during a lifetime























































* The breakdown in US sexual ethics varies considerably between liberal states such as California, New York and Florida in one end and conservative states such as Utah etc.) Average based on US as a whole.

These findings are based on the experiences of my network of male friends (my own included). We have visited all these countries and our combined experiences and findings thoroughly document a relatively precise picture of the current sexual moral in the various European countries. We are not completely certain of Canada , Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium but my impression correlates with the estimates for these countries. It is notable that Protestant countries are at the bottom of the chart while primarily Catholic countries are at the top of the chart.

To further illustrate the breakdown of sexual moral in Western Europe

An alarming number of young girls in Oslo, Norway start giving oral sex from the age of 11 to 12. This might happen at an even younger age if sexual education is liberalised further. This development must be reversed to avoid complete collapse in our traditional social structures.

Approximately 50% of my female friends end up under the definition/category; promiscuous (female sluts) as they have engaged in sexual activity with more than 20 partners.

A majority of them have been infected with one or more sexually transmitted diseases – so called STDs such as herpes, chlamydia etc. A promiscuous lifestyle is glorified by the media through series such as Sex and the City and artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and a multitude of other much nastier artists. The boundaries are gradually deteriorating as this development is allowed to continue.

We cannot judge individuals too hard who follow media guidelines but we can and should do everything to restrict the massive influence that the media has.

I am not going to act like a hypocrite and pretend I have not been influenced by the typical “Sex and the City” lifestyle. I have been under the influence of this lifestyle as a majority of my friends and even my own family members. I used to be proud of my “achievements”. However, due to a change of mentality, all I feel is shame whenever I think about where this is going. I feel shame on behalf of my city, my country and my civilisation. I loathe the post war conservatives for not being able to halt the Marxist Cultural Revolution manifested through the 68 generation. And I am now committed to contribute to end this diseased culture, lead by the cultural relativists/cultural Marxist regime.

STDs ruin people’s lives

Under normal circumstances I would never reveal intimate details about my friends and my family’s personal lives due to societal taboos and shame, confidentiality issues and loyalty. However, how are we supposed to have a chance at changing our societies when we refuse to reveal the negative impacts surrounding the disintegrating moral? I will make an exception here and share knowledge about a fraction of my closest network. I have limited information and it is likely that a larger portion of my network have suffered significant negative issues as a result of “destructive conduct”.

Although I have had a change of mentality a majority of my friends have not. My stepfather Tore, one of my best friends Marius and my more distant friends Kristoffer, Sturla and Ronny are all living manifestations of the complete breakdown of sexual moral. All five have had more than 300 sexual partners (two of them more than 700) and I know for a fact that three of them have one or more STDs (probably all of them). I have several other promiscuous (slut) friends and I could list at least 30 male and females in my social environment if I wanted to. I don’t blame them personally and it has absolutely nothing to do with envy. I could easily have chosen the same path if I wanted to, due to my looks, status, resourcefulness and charm. It’s just terribly sad that my country have been the victim of severe Marxist infiltration leading to the political doctrines which have been allowed to destroy all moral and norms, resulting in the complete breakdown of our once great ethical standards.

My half sister, Elisabeth was infected by chlamydia after having more than 40 sexual partners (more than 15 Chippendales’ strippers who are known to be bearers of various diseases). Her chlamydia went untreated and she became one of several million US/European women who were suffering from PID, Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia which leads to infertility. As she lives in the US, costs relating to this were not covered by the state. She and her husband spent 40 000-50 000 USD on two IVF treatments (in vitriol fertilisation) a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb. She was lucky compared to many as these treatments may cost upwards of 100 000 USD. Furthermore, as far as I know, due to her condition as a result of the untreated disease, she needed a caesarean section for both childbirths. The last c-section almost killed her due to complications and she needed blood transfusion of more than 5 litres of blood in total. It is unknown if her two children suffered from pneumonia and conjunctivitis and other problems in infants born with chlamydia transmitted from my sister during childbirth.

My mother was infected by genital herpes by her boyfriend (my stepfather), Tore, when she was 48. Tore, who was a captain in the Norwegian Army, had more than 500 sexual partners and my mother knew this but suffered from lack of good judgement and moral due to several factors (media – glorification of certain stereotypes being one). Unfortunately for her, her poor judgment resulted in her being afflicted by genital herpes. In addition to this, the herpes infection went to her brain and caused meningitis (this condition is usually rare and occurs in less than 1% of herpes infected individuals). As a result of this brain infection, which prevented the spinal fluid from flowing freely, she had to operate a shunt into her brain as the herpes attacks occurred regularly. She was forced into early retirement as a result and her life quality has been significantly reduces since, and she now has the intellectual capacity of a 10 year old. Her STD has not only cause her much hardships, but it has also cost her and the state up to 1 million Euro.

Both my sister and my mother have not only shamed me but they have shamed themselves and our family. A family that was broken in the first place due to secondary effects of the feministic/sexual revolution. I can only imagine how many people are suffering from STDs as a result of the current lack of sexual moral.

This mentality is clearly not sustainable and if we are to have any desire to salvage our civilisation we must ensure that we implement political doctrines to prevent AND reverse the current development.


The European civilisation will not survive if we continue to allow the breakdown of sexual moral as this will cause all social structures to completely deteriorate.

Furthermore, we should not judge females harder than males as the same sexual moral should apply for them as well. So instead of justifying and propagating “traditional male moral” to both genders, we should instead implement new sexual ethics for all (primarily through the strict regulation of media after we seize political and military power within 20-70 years).

Artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera and series such as Sex and the City must be considered political activists/political movements and the lifestyles they propagate considered political propaganda. Alternatively, artists/series/movies propagating/glorifying promiscuousity must be restricted to liberal zones.

3.87 Sexually transmitted disease (STD) epidemic in Western Europe as a result of cultural Marxism costing as much as 350 billion Euro annually

The magnitude of the STD epidemics is a direct cause of the breakdown in sexual ethics in Western Europe and is also related to liberal third world immigration. Several Western European countries (Norway included) refuse to test African immigrants of HIV (due to humanistic principles) even though up to 30% of the citizens of some African countries are infected.

There are several categories of diseases which is defined as an STD. Bacterial, fungal, viral, parasites, protozoal are included among the STDs. Oral Herpes (HSV-1) is not included. Genital (HSV-2) Herpes is. HIV/AIDS is obviously the most serious of the viral STDs.

European STD (sexually transmitted disease) overview based on country illustrating the percentage of infected Europeans.













































































Negative impacts as a result of the Western European STD epidemics

Devastating social impact

Some people experience negative feelings related to the condition following diagnosis, particularly if they have acquired the genital form of the disease. Feelings can include depression, fear of rejection, feelings of isolation, fear of being found out and self-destructive feelings leading to suicide in extreme cases.

People with the herpes virus are often hesitant to divulge to other people, including friends and family, that they are infected. This is especially true of new or potential sexual partners whom they consider casual. A perceived reaction is sometimes taken into account before making a decision about whether to inform new partners and at what point in the relationship. Many people do not immediately make their condition known to new partners, but wait until a later point in the relationship when the partner is already is infected.

How many individuals who commit suicide as a result of infection is unknown but the number might be higher than we imagine. For women, STDs can also result in an unwillingness to bear children or even making the woman incapable of becoming pregnant.

Devastating economical impact

Few comprehensive data exist on the costs associated with sexually transmitted infections. From the information that is available, however, it is clear that the economic burden imposed by these infections is extremely high, and that an increasing proportion of the costs is being borne by public sources of payment. Costs related to STDs will have a devastating impact on Western European countries in the future unless we, the cultural conservatives, manage to seize political and military control and drastically reverse the ongoing cultural suicide of Europe.

HIV/AIDS, 120-300 billion Euro annually (Western Europe)

The direct and indirect costs associated with HIV and AIDS were approximately 120 billion Euro in 2009. HIV and AIDS are much more costly than other STDs, even though there are fewer cases, because of their long-term and devastating consequences.

Large costs related to subsidising the research of treatments HIV/AIDS is not included but might total as much as 100-200 billion Euro annually.

PID, 10-20 billion Euro annually (Western Europe)

On second place comes the cost related to PID, Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by untreated gonorrhea and chlamydia. PID affects millions of women each year in Western Europe and is an infection of one or more pelvic organs, including the uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes. In 2009, the direct and indirect costs of treatment of PID and PID-related ectopic pregnancy and infertility in women aged 15-44 totaled an estimated 10 billion Euro. This includes direct medical expenses, hospital charges, physician fees, inpatient, care for PID-related ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Included are indirect costs, which represent the lost productivity of women who are incapacitated by or die prematurely from PID, lost wages, lost value of household management not performed because of illness and indirect costs associated with early deaths related to PID.

Chlamydia, 5-10 billion Euro annually (Western Europe)

Aproximately 8-15 million cases of chlamydia occurs annually in all Western European countries (2009 estimate).

The direct and indirect costs of diagnosing and treating uncomplicated chlamydia and gonorrhea are high and totaled an estimated 5-10 billion Euro in 2009. Included are costs related to direct and indirect costs associated with diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia, conjunctivitis and other problems in infants born with chlamydia transmitted from their mothers during childbirth. Included are also direct and indirect costs of chlamydial infections for both men and women – urethritis and epididymitis.

Gonorrhea and herpes, 2-5 billion Euro annually (Western Europe)

Gonorrhea and herpes also exact a large financial toll, although existing cost data on these diseases are less comprehensive than those on chlamydia. The total cost include the medical care costs of diagnosing and treating uncomplicated gonorrhea, indirect costs, diagnosis and treatment of genital herpes, treatment of neonatal herpes and screening pregnant women for genital herpes.

Real costs are probably significantly higher

The total costs for the direct and indirect costs for mentioned STDs are approximately 140-335 billion Euro annually.

These figures does not reflect the full costs of sexually transmitted infections, since it does not include the indirect costs of herpes; the costs associated with gonorrheal infections in newborns; or any costs related to syphilis, HPV and other STDs. The cost of medical treatment for infertility (as a result of untreated chlamydia) is probably underestimated. Suicides, costs and loss of time relating to psychological impacts related to infection of the various STDs are not included. If they were, the costs would probably be doubled.

The numbers are estimates based on US annual numbers from 1990. The costs may be significantly higher due to the fact that the Western European countries subsidise significantly more treatment methods than the US government.


STD facts – PID. CDC.gov. http://www.cdc.gov/std/PID/STDFact-PID.htm. Accessed 08/24/09.


American Social Health Association. Sexually Transmitted Diseases in America: How Many Cases and at What Cost? Menlo Park, CA: Kaiser Family Foundation, 1998.

Institute of Medicine. Committee on Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Eng TR and Butler WT, eds. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1997.

3.88 Various topics relating to social structures

A new mentality, anti-promiscuousity (ROUGH DRAFT)

An anti-promiscuousity mentality should be included in a future secular social reform agenda and should be spearheaded through the restriction of media rights (restriction in the availability of pro- promiscuous material) and the reform of school curriculums.

The idea and illusion of romantic love should be challenged and deconstructed. Excessive sexuality is a kind of addiction resulting in both physical and social effects, and contributes to disrupt relationships and causes people to lie and cheat to achieve the pleasure of sexual gratification.

Excessive promiscuousity (sexuality) is the cause of many of the problems in our society. We shouldn’t necessarily adapt an anti-sexual stance but at least an anti- promiscuous stance. Promiscuousity should be demonised by the media, but instead they encourage promiscuous lifestyles.

The following are a few arguments against excessive sexuality:

  • Sexuality can complicate relationships (as when people are hostile towards each other because they are sexually attracted to the same person).

  • Sex may hinder one’s spiritual development (non-secular argument).

  • Sexual desire can cause people to place primitive instinct ahead of intellect (people across the world continue to have unsafe casual sex despite their awareness of the dangers of STDs, for example).

  • Sexuality asserts itself in the human mind by releasing neurochemicals comparable to addictive drugs into the brain.

  • Sexual desire can cause people to lie and cheat in the pursuit of sexual relationships.

  • Sexual desires could be false assumptions that are foisted on you by society, hence you may need to look at how your sexuality is ideologically and institutionally constructed.

  • Some opponents of lookism, a recently documented form of discrimination, along with some proponents of fat acceptance, argue that sexuality, which is usually based on notion of physical attractiveness, encourages and justifies obliviousness to the unfairness of discrimination against people who are deemed unattractive by others.

  • There is not necessarily a difference between consent and coercion, sex can therefore be a means of oppression.

The myth about marriages based on love must be deconstructed

The illusion about love in a relationship between a man and a woman is the sum of irrational feelings based on desire. When love fades, and it always does, there is little to hold the relationship together. The mass media has been allowed to condition people to believe in a myth that does not exist. A marriage must be forged as an institution for the raising of children. Marriage must be based on a specific agreement between a man and a woman who creates an advanced pact which must have a minimum validity of at least 20 years. This pact must be forged upon the mutual interest to achieve a goal based on cooperation, on friendship, proper communication and on mutual respect – not on love. The irrational emotions known as desire are often mistaken as love. Irrational desire must never be the fundament of marriage, however love may eventually come, and it is something that is built over time.

The problem in our society is that the people are deliberately misguided by the media, who for various reasons have built a myth and several misconceptions about love. A large proportion of people who get married are set to fail due to these misconceptions. And it is not necessarily their fault as they have been misguided by the media and society in general who are building and continue to maintain false illusions.

The media should not be allowed to continue to misguide people by propagating lies as it ruins a massive amount of relationships and marriages. The truth about love must become the new concept and norm:

Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end! As for marriages, a man has to realise that marriage is not an institution for unlimited sex, but an institution for raising children. This must be taught to people from childhood so they make fewer mistakes later. Too many people spend their whole life and all their resources to look for a white rabbit that does not exist. Telling people the truth is the only right thing to do as it will not only benefit the individual, but society as well.


Lookism is discrimination against or prejudice towards others based on their appearance. The term is not in widespread use, though it appears in major English language dictionaries.

Lookism has received scholarly attention both from a cultural studies and an economics perspective. In the former context, lookism relates to preconceived notions of beauty and cultural stereotyping based on appearance as well as gender roles and expectations. Important economic considerations include the question of income gaps based on looks, as well increased or decreased productivity from workers considered beautiful or ugly by their co-workers.

Erotic capital (ROUGH DRAFT)

Erotic capital is power possessed by an individual as a result of his or her sexual attractiveness to others. It is one among other species of capital, including social capital, symbolic capital, and cultural capital.

erotic capital as accruing to an individual due to the quality and quantity of attributes that he or she possesses which elicit an erotic response in another. Some of these attributes may be immutable, such as an individual’s race or height, while others may be acquired through fitness training, plastic surgery, or a makeover, among other techniques.

Erotic capital is interconvertible with other forms of capital, as when actors parlay erotic capital into financial capital or social capital.

Females have a significantly higher proportion of erotic capital than males due to biological differences (men have significantly more prevalent sexual urges than females and are thus easily manipulated). The female manipulation of males has been institutionalised during the last decades and is a partial cause of the feminisation of men in Europe. This highly underestimated factor has contributed to the creation and rise of the matriarchal systems which are now dominating Western European countries. European women, in light of the feminist revolution, are now considerably more influential than men due to the sum of all forms of capital.

3.89 Anti-feminist policies – Reviving the patriarchal model by deconstructing the Western European matriarchal systems

I’ll be the first to admit that there are many sensible feminist policies. The goal should obviously not be to reverse ALL feminist policies just for the sake of it. Ignore these sensible feminist policies, and instead focus on the destructive policies.

Fact: 60-70% of all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists are women. This partly explains why the gradual feminist revolution is directly linked to the implementation of multiculturalist doctrines. These feminist cultural Marxists do not only want more benefits and rights for themselves. They want it all, and have more or less been awarded with everything they could ever dream of achieving. They now have complete matriarchal supremacy domestically and exercise substantial influence in politics. The current matriarchy in Western European countries is partly the cause of the symptoms that have become increasingly prevalent. To counter the symptoms it is required to fix the underlying flaws of our systems. One of the primary flaws is the matriarchal supremacy we see in several arenas.

The primary trait and value that a majority of women propagate is “compassion”. While compassion is not always a negative thing it can severely cripple fields/committees who rely on a minimum degree of cynicism such as the following fields:

  • Discipline at school (penal policies)

  • Discipline in the community (penal policies for criminals, rehab policies for drug addicts)

  • Immigration policies

  • Defence policies

  • Business polices (international trade)

  • Church

  • Education sector (feminisation of boys)

  • Domestic polices (the father must always be the head of the family and the laws of the country must reflect this especially relating to custody rights, in relation to divorce etc.

Marriage – why “no-fault” divorce is one of our most dangerous social experiments

No-fault divorce laws were introduced in Western Europe and other industrialised countries during the 1970s and are being expanded into other regions of the world today.

The spouse who divorces or otherwise abrogates the marriage contract incurs no liability for the costs or consequences, creating a unique and unprecedented legal anomaly. In all other areas of contract law those who break a contract are expected to compensate their partner, but under a system of ‘no fault’ divorce, this essential element of contract law is abrogated."

In fact, the legal implications go farther, since the courts actively assist the violator. The law generally supports the spouse seeking the divorce, even if that spouse was the wrongdoer." "No-fault" did not really remove fault, therefore; it simply allowed judges to redefine it however they pleased. It introduced the novel concept that one could be deemed guilty of violating an agreement that one had, in fact, not violated. According to therapeutic precepts, the fault for marital breakup must be shared, even when one spouse unilaterally seeks a divorce. Many husbands and wives who did not seek or want divorce were stunned to learn that they were equally ‘at fault’ in the dissolution of their marriages.

While lamenting the high divorce rate is conventional piety among family advocates, most have refused to challenge the divorce laws. The standard rationalisation is that to control divorce we must first change the culture. But no one suggests that changing the culture is a prerequisite for preventing, say, abortion. While cultural forces certainly contribute, the divorce epidemic has proceeded directly from a legal system which permits and even encourages it.

Furthermore, it is only because traditional understandings of marriage have already been severely undermined that homosexuals are now laying claim to it. Gays to do not want marriage in the traditional mold (1950 version marriage), only the watered-down version that exists today.

Custody rights

To truly reverse the decline of the family, the momentum must be carried forward to confront the current destructive matriarchal policies that have institutionalised “broken family” policies. Our current system produces broken families and prevents traditional norms based on discipline. The most direct threat to the family is “divorce on demand”. Sooner or later, if Western Europe is to endure, it must be brought under control. The father/patriarch must be given considerably more influence as this is the only way to ensure the survival of the nuclear family as it will enhance family integrity. The matriarchal supremacy within the modern households must seize to exist.

As of now, the mother will always be awarded child custody rights unless she is mentally ill or a drug/alcohol addict. The system must be reformed so that the father will be awarded custody rights by default. This will ensure that that divorce rate will be significantly reduced (by up to 50-70%) and will contribute to uphold the nuclear family.

More on the topic:



Abortion should only be allowed in case of rape, if the mother’s life is in danger, or if the baby has mental or physical disabilities. The liberal zones may be exempt by this rule.

On demand contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills and equivalent methods will be severely restricted in conservative territories. The liberal zones may be exempt by this rule.

Sexual education

Sexual education in schools should be limited to that of 1950/60 Western Europe. The liberal zones may be exempt by this rule.

Gender based affirmative action in the public and private sector must seize

Qualifications must be the only requirement and nothing else.

In extreme Marxist dictatorships such as Norway, they have implemented affirmative action policies which require all publicly listed corporations to have at least a 40% share of females in their company boards. Companies that do not comply get fined.

3.90 Preventing the European population decline – securing sustainability – future national reproduction policies

I am opposing to the nation that two children are enough and I have a scientific explanation for that. Today we see that the average number of children per family is below two, and this is a wrong policy that Westerners have adopted. They are paying a heavy price now to preserve their culture and identity. So why must we follow in their path?”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, April 18th, 2010

Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites are arguing that we need immigration to compensate for our population decline and the dangerously low birth rates of European women. However, they fail to admit and acknowledge that they themselves, and their policies, are the reason for the decline. Secondly, they are reluctant to implement effective measures in order to increase the low fertility rates.

A future cultural conservative regime would be able to ensure sustainable fertility rates without the need for mass immigration from Muslim countries. This can partly be achieved by using Australian or Japanese models. More components to these models can be added if the result isn’t satisfactory. European-Australian fertility rates are increasing and are already among the highest in developed societies. The women in Australia are among the best educated with the highest standards of living.

The goal for Europe should be to reach and stabilise on an average fertility rate of 2,1 but we may have to compensate for historical losses by aiming for 2,5 initially and for periods if necessary.

Implementing sustainable reproduction policies will not be possible until we seize political and military power in phase 2 (2030-2070) or phase 3 (2070-2090).

Future national reproduction policies will rely on how we choose to reform women’s rights, media-government-social directives/the Church/drug-alcohol policies/sexual-family ethics and moral. In order for women to be truly liberated, according to hardcore feminists, she must be free from the pressure of carrying offspring. But that is not really possibly or at least acceptable as humanity would be extinct within a generation.

Ensuring sustainable fertility rates does however not necessarily mean that we have to strip away women their rights as there are alternatives.

We need to increase our fertility rate from the European average (non-Muslim) of 1,5 to 2,1-2,3 (2,1 being a minimum).

This will to a certain degree involve encouraging many 3 child families.


Positive incentives: Giving women more incentives to have children in the form of various welfare incentives, tax deductions, various incentives aimed at the nuclear family and similar incentives as has been introduced in Australia and Japan. However, this alone will not increase the fertility rate more than 0,2-0,3 points.

Here are two suggestions that will ensure a sustainable fertility rate:

Suggestion 1: Conservative model – Back to the 50s – because we know it works

This alternative will involve increasing our national fertility rates from current 1,5 to 2,1 or even higher. Achieving this will involve several political reforms and will involve a degradation of women’s rights to a certain degree:

1. Limit the distribution of birth-control pills (contraceptive pills): Discourage the use of and prevent liberal distribution of contraceptive pills or equivalent prevention methods. The goal should be to make it considerably more difficult to obtain. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points but would degrade women’s rights.

2. Reform sex education: Reform the current sex education in our school institutions. This may involve limiting it or at least delaying sex education to a later age and discourage casual sex. Sex should only be encouraged within the boundaries of marriage. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points.

3 Making abortion illegal: A re-introduction of the ban on abortion should result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,1-0,2 points but would strip women of basic rights.

4 Women and education: Discourage women in general to strive for full time careers. This will involve certain sexist and discriminating policies but should increase the fertility rate by up to 0,1-0,2 points.

Women should not be encouraged by society/media to take anything above a bachelor’s degree but should not be prevented from taking a master or PhD. Males on the other hand should obviously continue to be encouraged to take higher education – bachelor, master and PhD.

A family/wife caring for 3 children will not normally have the capacity to pursue the same career opportunities as their husbands, nor should they be expected to. Instead, women should be encouraged to have part time jobs (or 2/3) although of course not prevented from following the same career paths as males if they chose to.

4 Conservative media policies: Discourage women in general to strive for “sex and the city/Madonna” lifestyles. The mass media are currently actively glorifying/encouraging “sex and the city/Madonna” lifestyles which involves the glorification of casual sex, multiple sex partners and generally an extremely liberal individualistic lifestyle hostile to the traditional nuclear family values. As such, the non-restrictions of the mass media is the main cause for our unsustainable fertility rate of 1,5.

The indirect media/government glorification campaigns through individual artists, various series, movies and media coverage in general should reflect this new shift (no more glorification of “sex and the city lifestyles” or equivalent portrayals. No longer should women be pressured to have equal success regarding their career as males.

Womens “new role” should be actively illustrated and glorified through series, movies and commercials. This will involve significant restrictions in media freedoms and rights. These restrictions and reforms will result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,2-0,3 points.

The end result for implementing the above reforms would be an increase in the fertility rate up from 1,5 to approximately 2,1-2,4 which would be sustainable.

However, this will also involve significant restrictions in women’s rights and media rights.

Suggestion 2: Feminist/liberalist model – Creating surrogacy facilities in low cost countries and state funded boarding homes domestically

The following suggestion can only be applied in a highly pragmatical and rational society that isn’t bound by the paralyzing grasp of today’s cultural Marxist non-ethics.

An alternative which would prevent the need to restrict women’s rights and media rights would be to allow the state to play an essential role in national reproduction. This would mean allowing European Federation women to continue their current path toward liberating themselves from the pressure of carrying offspring.

This would involve the creation of a network of surrogacy facilities in low cost countries and basically “outsource breeding”. A gestational surrogate carrier refers to a woman who carries a pregnancy created by the egg and sperm of two other individuals by using IVF[1].

IVF or in vitro fertilisation is a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb, in vitrio. IVF is traditionally a major treatment in infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova (eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium. The fertilised egg (zygote) is then transferred to the patient’s uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy. The first "test tube baby", Louise Brown, was born in 1978. IVF can also be used when parents want to have multiple births. The first pregnancy achieved with the use of donor eggs was reported in 1984. By using in vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques, eggs are obtained from the ovaries of the donor, fertilised by sperm from the other donor, and the resulting embryo’s are placed into the surrogate’s uterus. If pregnancy is achieved, the resulting child will be genetically related to the two donors but not to the surrogate.

Who will care for these children? Career obsessed women who does not prioritise reproduction is not likely to have the will to care for these surrogacy babies either so there would not be enough foster parents.

The state role as “foster parents”

The only alternative would be that the state, or state funded institutions take on the role for fostering these children. This is how the arrangements could work:

A large facility or a so called “boarding home” is created which is divided into 5 separate areas:

  • Kindergarden boarding home (age 0-6)

  • Primary school boarding home (age 6-12)

  • Secondary school boarding home (age 12-16)

  • High school boarding home (age 16-19)

  • College/university boarding home (age 19-25)

Describing the complete process – example:

6 babies, 3 boys – 3 girls, are delivered to the boarding home during the first 6 months of the year, 6 more babies, 3 boys – 3 girls, are delivered during the next 6 months.

The first 6 are assigned a specific surname, f example Andersson and two full time “parents/guardians”, one male and one female. From now on, these 6 babies are considered brothers and sisters. Together with their two “parents/guardians” they are considered a unique family, and will not be separated for the rest of their lives. These two full time employees (one male, one female) who will act as their parents/guardians will follow them throughout their lives.

This setup will facilitate and encourage close bonding as they will do as many activities as possible together to ensure a stable and warm relationship allowing the development of trust, friendship and “family ties”.

Year 0-6 – kindergarden: 08.00-16.00

Kindergarden facility: The Kindergarden facility will be separated from the kindergarden boarding home facility and will have a pre-defined number of employees depending on number of children.

Kindergarden boarding home: There will be 1 full time caretaker for every 10 or 20 children who will stay/work at the boarding home in case of sickness etc. If a child is sick she or he will care for the child at the boarding home facility.


The “mother” and “dad” may be available at the same time or may arrange their schedule so the times are somewhat overlapping. This model will be used for the 4 other homes.

  • Primary school boarding home (age 6-12)

  • Secondary school boarding home (age 12-16)

  • High school boarding home (age 16-19)

  • College/university boarding home (age 19-25)

In addition to the assigned and financially compensated “mum/dad” there may be additional fostering services added such as the opportunity for childless career oriented individuals to adopt a family (6 children) and spend time with them on a weekly basis and/or during holidays.

How many of these boarding facilities will be required to sustain the birth deficit of a country?

That will depend on which policies the regime chooses to implement relating to reproduction. If we are not interested in the “50s model” and instead continue with “business as usual” with a fertility rates of 1,5 we will require many surrogate and boarding home facilities.

Example country

A country of 5 000 000 with a fertility rate of 1,5 would have a birth rate of approximately 9,72 births/1000 population annually:

9,72 x 5000 = 48 600 annual births.

In order for the same country to reach a fertility rate of 2,1 it would need to have an annual birth rate of 15,73/1000 population:

15,73 x 5000 = 78 650 annual births.

The annual birth deficit for this country is therefore 30 050.

In other words, each year 30 050 babies will have to be ordered from surrogate facilities in low cost countries and delivered to the kindergarden boarding homes.

Every male/female donor will reproduce a maximum of 100 children. As such, there will be a requirement of at least 300 donors annually (for the reproduction of 30 000 children) depending on the desired restriction ratio to prevent future inbreeding effects.

This will be a large industry requiring a parent/guardian work force of at least 10 000 (2 full time employees per 6 children).

However, the above “reproduction industry” will ensure that the country has a sustainable fertility rate of 2,1 which can be adjusted should the women of that country decide to be a little more like Madonna or the women in “sex and the city”. Most importantly, that country will not be depending on any immigration at all.

Donor Recruitment

This option is usually arranged through established egg/sperm donation programs. Existing European programs must be drastically increased to facilitate large-scale programs. Women in IVF programs may forward their excess eggs to other surrogates. One donor should however not donate more than 100 eggs/sperm doses to avoid potential future inbreeding effects. This number may be adjusted based on distribution area. All donors will be compensated financially for their expenses, time, risk, and inconvenience associated with the process.

Selecting and screening egg/sperm donors

All egg and sperm donors must be screened according to high pre-defined standards including genetic diseases. Optimally, the donors should score high in interpersonal, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal and visual-spatial intelligence tests[2] and be of the indigenous group (French genotype in France, Italian in Italy, Nordic in Scandinavia etc.).


A surrogate is a woman who carries a pregnancy for another woman. The first surrogate pregnancy occurred in the United States in 1985. Gestational carrier refers to a woman who carries a pregnancy created by the egg and sperm of two other individuals. This process involves IVF. In this case, the gestational carrier is not genetically related to the child.

Setting up surrogate facilities in low cost countries

Anonymous surrogates can be arranged through existing surrogate programs such as f example the Organisation of Parents Through Surrogacy (OPTS). However, considering the potentially large scale of this project, dedicated surrogate facilities should be created in select low cost countries. Surrogates will be anonymous and are compensated for their services according to market rates.

Screening Surrogates

Surrogacy guidelines are not as well established as they are for donor sperm and donor eggs. The ideal surrogate is relatively young, has previously carried a pregnancy without complications, and does not have any habits, such as smoking, alcohol, or illicit drug use, risky sexual behaviour, or medical disorders such as diabetes or Rh sensitisation, that could jeopardise the health of the fetus. A complete medical history and physical exam should be performed as well as screening for infectious diseases. An evaluation of the surrogate’s uterus may also be recommended, and psychological evaluation is strongly recommended.

Surrogacy programs vary in the amount of information given about the surrogate. Some programs offer the couple the opportunity to select and interact with the surrogate, while other programs maintain the confidentiality of the surrogate.

As with donor egg programs, the procedure for a gestational carrier involves IVF. As noted in the section on donor eggs, the gestational carrier may be given hormones to prepare her uterus for embryo transfer. The embryos from the infertile couple will then be transferred to the carrier’s uterus. For traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is inseminated with the male partner’s sperm via ICI or IUI near the time of ovulation. IVF is not necessary for traditional surrogacy. The success rates for gestational or traditional surrogacy can vary depending on male and female fertility factors.

Guardian parent recruitment, screening, education and incentives

Screening of guardian parents must be done thoroughly. This is not a 1-3 year job but instead involves at least 25 year term of commitment. A guardian parent cannot simply leave his 6 children after 5 years as this would be a catastrophe to the children. Instead he must be willing to invest at least 25 years of his life into this choice. The children needs stability and solid social frames.

Bachelor of Professional Guardian Parenthood – 3 year education

A guardian parent must complete a bachelor degree – f example a degree called: Bachelor of Professional Guardian Parenthood where he will learn how to be an optimal parent/tutor, everything from the needs of an infant to the needs of a teenager.

Success through incentive parameters decides wages

The wage of a guardian parent will be closely linked to his success. It will be an indirect competition between the individual guardian parents and their families where pre-defined parameters will decide the level of success.

Average grades for the children in the family, measured annually during kindergarden, primary school, secondary school, high school and college/university will be a primary factor. An average A for their 6 children will score the two guardian parents 100 points as the illustration shows:

Scholastic measurement

  • A – 100 points

  • B – 60 points

  • C – 30 points

  • D – 5 points

There will be 4 incentive phases and certain primary factors for measuring success may be added to the earlier phases

  • Kindergarden – 3 basic points (+1-4 happiness points)

  • Primary school – 7 basic points

  • Secondary school – 10 basic points

  • High school – 15 basic points

  • College/university – 20 basic points

Score per phase

  • Kindergarden: 35-700 points available to attain

  • Primary school: 35-700 points available to attain

  • Secondary school: 50-1000 points available to attain

  • High school: 75-1500 points available to attain

  • College/university: 100-2000 points available to attain

Balance of wage depending on hours invested per phase

The kindergarden phase will obviously involve more invested hours than the high school but especially the college/university phase. The incentive wage model must be created so it always motivates the guardian parent to do the best possible job in every phase. The success of his children must be a deciding factor for the guardian parents wage and the acquisition of pension points. Furthermore, successful guardian parents may be awarded in other ways as well (perhaps on the area that influences the social hierarchy). Regardless, the job of the guardian parent will be one of the most important ones in society and the incentives and appreciation should reflect that.

Happyness/psychological measurement

A resulting drop out of school or a 1 year scholastic delay for various reasons will result in a significant penalty to annual score.

A resulting suicide will result in a significant penalty to annual score.

The recipe for success is to find the balance between happiness/mental comfort and discipline/hard work.

The national goal must be to beat the currently leading oriental children (Chinese, South Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese) in every scholastic measurement and thus achieve a system of excellence that is superior to all known systems.


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_vitro_fertilization

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_multiple_intelligences

Further development of artificial wombs/NICUs

The development of advanced incubator machines/artificial wombs could become an alternative (or even a substitute) to using surrogates in low cost countries. This can be done by investing in and developing highly advanced neonatal intensive-care units (NICU)[1] or by continuing the development of artificial uterus’s[2] (ectogenesis[3]).


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neonatal_incubator#Equpment

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_uterus

3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ectogenesis

3.91 Future democracy model and monoculturalism

It is proven without doubt that the current mass-democracy model which has been used in Western Europe the last 50 years has paved the way for our current problems. “Mass-democracy” has allowed cultural Marxism to hijack society’s political structures initially through schools, universities and the media. When the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes in Western Europe are defeated in phase 3 (2070-2090) a new type of political structure must be created which is immune to future Marxist attempts of infiltration. This structure should be protected by a conservative Guardian Council.

Certain political principles should be made permanent and un-alterable in the future.

Areas of politics which will be ”managed”:

At least one parliament seat should be reserved for a ”Cultural and Scientific Overseer” which will have the right to veto any new bills presented by parliament which violates the nations primary doctrines (preferably only used in extremely rare cases and only when the primary values are threatened).

We must avoid a one-party-state system as this is not desirable in the long run. As long as we have implemented permanent mechanics in relation to cultural areas (culture, procreation, defence-security, immigration) we can afford to continue to guarantee balanced political representation on a majority of other areas.

Cultural aspects – monoculture, Christendom’s position, Scientific goals (20% of budged will be reserved for Science and development). Protectorate policies – a future Europe will be protectors for the Middle Eastern Christian states and Israel, and are obligated to help all Christian groups around the world in their defence against future Jihads. Assistance should be offered and sent to our Buddhist and Hindu brothers if they request our help against Jihadi attacks or campaigns.

Cultural Marxism/European multiculturalism/extreme egalitarianism will be labelled as racist, genocidal, anti-European hate ideologies and will therefore be banned permanently.

The justification and driving force for the re-introduction of monoculturalism will be based on practical issues and circumstances related to social cohesion and not on hate. This re-introduction of monoculturalism will resemble that of today’s Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

See other chapters for in depth descriptions.

3.92 The rapid extinction of the Nordic genotypes

A 2002 study found that the prevalence of blue eye colour among European-Americans in the United States to be 57.4 percent for those born from 1899 through 1905 compared with 33.8 percent for those born from 1936 through 1951. Blue eyes have become increasingly rare among American children, with only one out of every six – 16.6 percent, which is 49.8 million out of 300 million (22.4% of European-Americans) of the total United States population having blue eyes. The plunge in the past few decades has taken place at a remarkable rate. A century ago, 80 percent of people married within their ethnic group. Blue eyes were routinely passed down, especially among people of Western and Northern European ancestry.

About half of Americans born at the turn of the 20th century had blue eyes, according to a 2002 Loyola University study in Chicago. By mid-century that number had dropped to a third. Today only about one 1 of every 6 Americans has blue eyes, said Mark Grant, the epidemiologist who conducted the study.

Grant was moved to research the subject when he noticed that blue eyes were much more prevalent among his elderly patients in the nursing home where he worked than in the general population. At first he thought blue eyes might be connected to life expectancy, so he began comparing data from early 20th-century health surveys. Turns out it has more to do with marriage patterns.

A century ago, 80 percent of people married within their ethnic group, Grant said. Blue eyes, a genetically recessive trait, were routinely passed down, especially among people of English, Irish, and Northern European ancestry.

By mid-century, a person’s level of education — and not ethnicity — became the primary factor in selecting a spouse. As intermarriage between ethnic groups became the norm, blue eyes began to disappear, replaced by brown.

The influx of nonwhites into the United States, especially from Latin America and Asia, hastened the disappearance. Between 1900 and 1950, only about 1 in 10 Americans was nonwhite. Today that ratio is 1 in 3.

With the exception of an increased risk of macular degeneration (blue eyes are at greater risk) , eye colour is biologically indicative of almost nothing. Boys are 3 percent to 5 percent likelier to have blue eyes than girls, but beyond that it’s a non-issue, physiologically speaking. The cultural implications are another story.

Preferences for fair skin and blue eyes stretch back in Europe to at least the Middle Ages, according to Hema Sundaram , author of “Face Value”, a book about the history of beauty. For women in particular, especially those of European descent, fair skin and light eyes have long been seen as indicators of fertility and beauty.

America adopted those biases early on, and Hollywood reinforced them by anointing a long line of blue-eyed blondes such as Marilyn Monroe as the nation’s sex symbols.

In the 1930s, eugenicists used the disappearance of blue eyes as a rallying cry to support immigration restrictions. They went so far as to map the parts of the country with the highest and lowest percentage of blue-eyed people.

So consumed were Americans with this ideal that in the ’70s and ’80s the fashion models who exemplified the All-American look were typically Scandinavian, said Katie Ford, CEO of Ford Models in New York, which has been in business for 60 years. Blue, by 53 percent, is by far the most popular colour contact lens sold at 1-800-CONTACTS, the largest contact lens distributor in the US, said Tim Johnson, a spokesman for the company.

We all remember the horrors from WW2 where the Empire of Japan committed atrocities against the Chinese by large scale massacres and by using them as human test subjects for various purposes. Nazi Germany and other countries did the same thing in a smaller degree and it can’t or shouldn’t be excused. Unfortunately, the horrors of WW2 created a stigma associated with all future research and advances in the field of reprogenetics and improving humans biologically by removing negative hereditary factors. Nevertheless, it is common today for Westerners to abort if it is proved that the fetus has Down’s syndrome, severe disfigurements (lacking or additional limbs) or other severe physical handicaps like dwarfism.

I decided to bring up this topic despite the fact that it is considered politically suicidal to discuss under the current cultural Marxist regimes. Most of the propagators of these issues are often affiliated with racist or Nazi ideologies. It is therefore very important with an anti-racist and anti-fascist perspective to these debates. Why is eugenics and reprogenetics so extremely politically incorrect to discuss?

The answer is due to the “negative eugenics programs” of Nazi Germany. Forced sterilisation and forceful experimentation of human test subjects are factors used at that time which should never have occurred. Many European countries used to forcefully sterilise Gypsies/Rom up to aprox 1972 to prevent them from breeding because they used to be considered “sub-human” etc. These programs are today referred to as “negative eugenics” due to these and other factors.

In any case, we need to get over this taboo as soon as possible because it is estimated that the Nordic genotypes will be extinct completely within 200 years. This is mainly due to intermarriage between Nordics and non-Nordics. Multiculturalist doctrines have speeded this “indirect extermination process” up further in many Western European countries so the extinction might happen sooner. F example the Norwegian cultural Marxist government has created a vast network of asylum camps all over the country (and in historically isolated small towns and villages) which will contribute to accelerate this process substantially. The Nordic genotypes might be wiped out within 200 years and yet not a single counter-measure has been employed to prevent this from happening due to the fact that it is considered politically incorrect.

Realistically there are only three ways to prevent this. One solution will be by introducing negative eugenics programs combined with ethnic segregation somewhat similar to some policies of the Third Reich. Segregating Nordics and non-Nordic genotypes at this point would be almost impossible even if you had military and political carte blanche. Even in Norway and Sweden the number of individuals with the Nordic genotype is reduced annually at a drastic rate due to EU open borders program, mass-Asian/African immigration and significantly higher Asian/African (especially Muslim) birthrates.

Current distribution of the Nordic genotypes

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Light_hair_coloration_map.png

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Passing_of_the_Great_Race_-_Map_4.jpg

Countries ranked after historic concentration of the Nordic genotypes


1900 – %















































Czech Rep




























































As you see, the future projections of the extinction rate are based on current immigration policies. Eastern European countries will have a slower extinction rate due to more conservative immigration policies.

Political correctness/cultural Marxism causes the extinction

The countries included in the current EUSSR/USASSR hegemony refuse to discuss these topics due to the fact that political correctness paralyzes and prevents all meaningful debate. So the only chance we have to prevent the complete and utter extinction of the Nordic genotypes and other genotypes for that matter is depending on what policies the future cultural conservative European Federation countries choose to implement.

A solution which seems to be the only option which could work in this modern world would be to commercialise positive reprogenetics programs on a state level. This will obviously not be possible as long as the cultural Marxists dominate our regimes due to the fact that they are bound by political correctness/cultural Marxism. Anyone who suggests a program like this would immediately be labeled a Nazi and racist which subsequently would end anyone’s career (character assassination). No Western politician, which is a part of the current EUSSR/USASSR hegemony, will take this chance. It is therefore up to the politically incorrect cultural conservatives to take responsibility when we seize power within 30-70 years. And when we do we should refrain from committing the same mistakes of the past. We must reject negative eugenics and instead focus on positive eugenics or so called reprogenetics.

Political correct individuals will say:

Who cares if blonde people with blue eyes are extinct? We are all going to be dark skinned in the future anyway.”

Wrong. We are only going to allow the indigenous peoples of Europe to be indirectly exterminated if we allow it, which we have no intention to allow. The hypocritical thing is that the same individuals stating this is likely to support animals that are facing extinction, the preservation of rare species in the animal kingdom etc. Why should we preserve the polar bears, when we have brown bears?

According to the logic of the cultural Marxist – blonde, blue eyed people have lesser value than animals.

There are absolutely no valid arguments for propagating political views which indirectly result in the extinction of ethnic groups. The mentality just underlines that multiculturalism is in fact an anti-European hate ideology created to exterminate everything European. If a rare African or Asian ethnic group was found with distinctive physical characteristics the current cultural Marxist hegemony (lead by EUSSR and USASSR) would have no problem at all to allow and fund a group which goal was to preserve it (they are in fact doing this in Tibet who is being invaded by Han Chinese). They have no problem to justify their support to Tibet which makes them nothing more than hypocrites.

Solutions to prevent the extinction of the Nordic genotypes

There are basically two realistic solutions:

1. The commercialisation and state/media encouragement of reprogenetics favoring the Nordic genotype- See “reprogenetics and the future” for more information.


2. The usage of large scale surrogacy facilities as a secondary reproduction option for countries to compensate for non-sustainable fertility rates. The donors of eggs and sperm will then exclusively carry the Nordic genotypes. See “National reproduction policies” for more information.

Both solutions are possible and realistic if the political will is there.




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