2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.14 PCCTS, the Knights Templar ranks – Phase 1

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There are currently four different ranks military ranks and three different civilian ranks:

Justiciar Knight Commander or Justiciar Knight Operative; military cell commander or operative (solo or multi cell) of the PCCTS, Knights Templar

The rank "Commander" is generally applied to a person who is accountable for and holds authority over a group or the attempts of a group to achieve a common goal. The Justiciar Knight Commander rank is the highest rank (during phase 1) in the PCCTS, Knights Templar and is held by the cell leader. Other members of the cell go by the rank of Justiciar Knight Operatives. In a one man cell, the individual in charge carries the Commander rank. He may take command of and lead militant, non-KT patriots should the situation allow for it.

National Grand Master Knight Commander;

future military leader in phase 2/3

Pan-European Grand Master Knight Commander;

future international military leader in phase 2/3

Our former Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. He was burned on the stake by King Philip IV of France

Civillian ranks

Grand Master Overseer; non-military administrator for the PCCTS, Knights Templar (future rank)

Master Overseer; non-military leader under the authority of the Grand Master Overseer (future rank)

Overseer; non-military operative under the command of the Master Overseer


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