2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.25 Funding your operation

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Certain individuals will already have enough capital to fund an operation. 10 000–20 000 Euro would be sufficient for assassinations/executions of key category A or B traitors. The range of funds needed varies from 10 000 – 200 000 Euro (depending on the nature of the operation). Here are a few guidelines if you are completely broke or even indebted:

12 months of hard work (sales and marketing) would allow you to save approximately 30 000-50 000 Euro in many Western European countries. Furthermore, you will be able to apply for various credit and loan arrangements (credit cards or other long term/short term credit solutions) netting you from 20 000-100 000 Euro. This should be sufficient for any low to medium scale operation. Keep in mind that additional funds would give you more leeway and allow for more operational flexibility.

The 9/11 operations cells (12 individuals) were reported to have required somewhere between $400 000 and $500 000 in operating funds.

If criminal activities is the only available option for you, know this; It is politically and strategically justifiable to ”expropriate” resources if it finances the armed struggle. This the primary factor that separates urban guerrillas from common criminals. Criminals rob for their own benefit while an urban resistance guerrilla expropriate in order to serve his people and country.

Be creative

You can also attempt to get funding from financially privileged sympathisers in your country. Present related projects (a book project or your plan to create a youth movement related to Cultural Conservatism, anti-Jihad movement). Create a business plan. Be very clear about your non-violent means while at the same time sending the necessary signals. An alternative would be to organise a fund raiser against global Jihad (to the victims of Jihad etc). The point of this façade is to have proper justification to collect funds from sympathisers and at the same time send the correct signals (we want your financial aid to the resistance movement) without incriminating him/her/them in any way by revealing too much. If he is a sympathiser he will support your “peaceful project”, or he will reject it. At least 10% of capitalists sympathise with the cause to a degree where they will agree to fund/contribute financially to your project/fund raiser. It may be required to organise a fund raising organisation by creating a company in a tax haven. Research various tax havens that offer the required security and anonymity. There are more than 100 tax havens around the world, although it’s critical to understand that only 7 of them are actually secure enough (and the list is shrinking from year to year).

A short guide to maximising your credit (credit cards, loans)

I must admit I was quite concerned when starting on this aspect of the planning phase. How can I apply for various credit cards if I have spent the last three years writing a book with no steady income whatsoever?

After some research into this issue I concluded that getting normal loans was out of the question as I did not fulfil the minimum required demands (official tax records from previous year indicating a high income, real estate etc). This would be an option for individuals who have real estate or people who can document at least a stable income. Getting credit cards seemed to be the only alternative for me and I would have to be creative as these requirements are also quite strict. I had 60 000 Euro but wanted an additional reserve credit of at least 20 000 Euro as a safety buffer. On May 2009 I started a company and transferred the first “salary to myself” and created documentation on behalf of the company supporting this. My intention was to create the necessary documentation to get at least a minimum of credit.

Step 1 – create a foundation if required: Create a company – transfer funds from your personal account to your business account – transfer the first monthly amount (say 3000 Euro on May 15th) according to the Norwegian system you deduct the tax (35-50%) and vacation funds (aprox 10%) before transferring the rest of the amount (the actual salary) to the individual).

June 15th – transfer second amount

July 15th – third payment

August 15th – fourth payment

You now have supporting data (verifiable bank transactions) to create the required documentation (salary documentation for four months). You’re now ready to start the application process to various companies.

Step 2 – mapping: By now you should have already created an overview of various providers of credit cards in your country. I identified aprox 20 various companies. Identify who these companies are using as their primary bank. F example Bank x might use several different sub companies to market different cards, but they will have the same credit department. Avoid sending multiple applications to the same company (credit department) as this will cause suspicion and may have all your applications rejected.

Out of the 25 different credit cards I managed to trace them back to twelve actual providers.

The problem now was that a great majority of them only had online procedure forms. These online application templates would most certainly result in little success as they use data from last year as the main criteria.

Step 3 – application process: I applied online to twelve and sent physical applications with supporting documentation to four providers.

As anticipated, ten of the online applications were rejected as many of them didn’t even have a comment field. However, all you have to do is contact the credit department of the various companies and forward the supporting documentation.

Overview result: 16 applications sent, 7 decline (even after the supporting documentation was provided) – 9 approved.

Total credit gained (including the credit card I already had): 26 000 Euro.

It was more than I expected to get considering the fact that I had a weak platform to acquire from. This credit will serve as a buffer amount/emergency funds in the later phase of the operation if needed.

A person who can verify a stable salary of f example 70 000 Euro can get up to 240 000 Euro in credit/loans based on this level of salary alone, even more if you have real estate.

As a general rule, aprox 15-50% of operational funds should be credit, not more. This should be used if needed as a last recourse as you only have around 30-60 days before they (the companies) will start to implement various measures to acquire their funds back if you miss payments. You can of course max your limit on the various cards and administrate the payments so that it is somewhat financially synchronised with the final operation date. Also, be sure to double check the legislation concerning credit card debt in your country and ensure that it will not be transferred to your loved ones (wife, kids) in case of death or incarceration.

Estimated funds required for high quality equipment

Armour, weapons and ammo: 7 000 – 30 000 Euro

Explosives materials: 5 000 – 100 000 Euro

Other logistics/transport/lodging: 3 000 – 20 000 Euro

Total amount spent in the planning + creation of book

Aprox 240 000 Euro, 140 000 for the creation of the compendium and approximately 140 000 Euro for the operation.


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