2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.28 Anti-monitoring routines

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Quick list

  1. Mobile phone. Turn it off or they can triangulate your position anywhere. Certain phones are possible to monitor even when turned off even if you take out the battery (they have internal batteries for certain functions).

  1. Surfing/email. Treat it as if you know it will be monitored. It’s rarely a safe method to use if you want anonymity even if you use the draft box in your email account to communicate with someone. Alternatively, create a more secure email account (hushmail or any service which offer a greater degree of anonymity) while using Tor network (masking your IP). Alternatives to Tor are anonymize.net or Ipredator. It’s an annoying but necessary process as Tor makes your connection very slow, and you have to make sure it’s always on when you log in to your email or each time you research sensitive topics. I usually use Mozilla Firefox for Tor and Internet Explorer for normal surfing. Consider acquiring an unregistered laptop and surf while using LAN stations outside your home (many Mc Donald’s or other service shops offer free wireless LAN which you can tap into outside their premises while sitting in your car. Just remember that if you use an unregistered and anonymous laptop for this purpose then remember that you must never use it for purposes that may reveal your identity at a later point.

  1. Facebook, treat this channel as if you know it will be monitored.

  1. European toll stations. Many European countries/cities have toll stations where you pay a small fee to pass. Some of these will film/photograph your car and even the driver. This varies but in some cases this data will be archived for as long as 10 years allowing the intelligence agency to back trace activity and movement patterns.

  1. Travelling. Be sure to have a credible reason for travelling (memorise details about congresses, museums, names of certain institutions etc.) or bring brochures that you printed from the net. There are always plenty of congresses or exhibitions every week in European major cities. Consider joining specific Facebook groups – interest areas/congresses/exhibitions prior to trip to increase the credibility of your “alibi” f example.

  1. Never use credit cards while travelling abroad, always use cash. Ensure that you provide the correct currency before you leave and bring 20-30% more than your estimate using.

  1. Using your network. As a general rule. You will increase your chance of being apprehended by 100% for every person you involve. Don’t trust anyone unless you absolutely need to (which should never be the case). Do absolutely everything yourself.

  1. If you are in the middle of a WMD “acquiring phase” relating to components needed for a bomb (fertiliser etc), then divide the “acquiring phase into five sub phases in the following order:

  • Primary explosive phase

  • Fertiliser phase

  • Nitromethane/jet fuel/diesel phase

  • Remote detonator/timer detonator device phase

  • Transportation (renting trucks/vans – you don’t initiate this sub phase until 1 week before the operation)

You don’t start the separate phases until you are completely done with each sub-phase. You DO NOT initiate two or more phases at the same time! You always start with the hardest part – the acquisition of TNT/dynamite/semtex or similar substances, then move on to the next phase. The first sub-phase consists of acquiring TNT/dynamite. As soon as you have acquired f example 100-500 kg you secure it and bury it in an underground cache at a unique and remote location.

You can THEN initiate the fertiliser phase. When you are done acquiring enough fertiliser (2-5 tons) you secure it/seal it from moisture and bury it at a safe and DIFFERENT location (preferably in an underground cache). After that sub-phase is completed you can start on acquiring nitro or jet fuel. If you are unable to acquire these substances than just use diesel. If the intelligence agency receives intel about your activities during any of the sub-phases they will strike when they know there is an orgy of evidence available. By dividing the acquisition phase into sup-phases this will make it a lot more difficult for them should they ever receive any intel about you. Also, you should establish covers for each sub phase. F example, as you collect fertiliser you should have a business plan and a credible cover which will confirm that you are using the fertiliser for a harvest. You will need to create a business plan where you describe exactly how you are going to use the fertiliser (obviously, choose a type of crop for your cover that you know will require a maximum amount of fertiliser and acquire it during the beginning of the season not to avoid triggering “red flags”). Renting/leasing a small farm area (this farm house can also be used as your acquisition HQ) will strengthen the credibility of your cover for that sub phase. Equivalent covers should be established for each sub phase. F example, you should have a business plan for a small mineral exploration company (mineral exploration – blasting/drilling) before you start/attempt acquiring TNT. It is essential that your cover is credible enough to withstand potential scrutiny. Create and establish a company, create a business plan, create business cards, an internet site etc. Remember, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel here. Just cannibalise any available business plan on the topic as many are available on the field of “mineral exploration”. Rinse and repeat using these principles during the various sub phases relating to acquisition as it may be your “get out of jail free card” should someone ever receive any intel about you. Creating credible covers is an essential part of “acquisition management”.


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