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August 1, 2011

3.29 How to stay motivated for longer periods – perform a daily mental check

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A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality. “

Winston Churchill

Being a Justiciar Knight is not for everyone. You are normally required to plan absolutely everything alone; fight alone to see your mission through and you are likely to die alone with half of your city’s system protectors hunting you. However, I have never in my life felt that I have done anything more meaningful than what I am doing now regardless of the lack of moral support from my founding brothers or other armed resistance fighters. Support from our extremely distributed and anonymous “non-hierarchy” out there would be nice but I have managed to cope through mental discipline to become what I am today; a self driven and highly effective manifestation of an independent resistance cell. I have managed to stay focused and highly motivated for a duration of more than 9 years now. I feel really happy about my current course. In fact, I have never been happier than I am today and I do not find it problematical hide my true ideological agenda from everyone else. To all I know I am a moderate right-winger and not a resistance fighter. It isn’t easy to reach this level of mental comfort and focus while at the same time working on something so important and serious. You have to overcome difficult initial psychological challenges and perform a slight subsequent mental check every single day until the operation is complete. This shouldn’t be underestimated as it is perhaps the most important aspect of being a part of an “open-source resistance network” where you rely on being able to motivate yourself. Embracing martyrdom is not something you suddenly decide to do, but it is a process that takes time and requires effort and self contemplation. This is a factor that a majority of resistance fighters ignore and is why a majority of novices become de-motivated after a certain period. They are not doing what is required of them due to lack of training, knowledge and eventually lose the will to fight due to lack of motivation. I do a mental check almost every day through meditation and philosophising. I simulate/meditate while I go for a walk, playing my Ipod in my neighbourhood. This consists of a daily 40 minute walk while at the same time philosophising ideologically/performing self indoctrination and the mental simulation of the operation while listening to motivational and inspiring music. I simulate various future scenarios relating to resistance efforts, confrontations with police, future interrogation scenarios, future court appearances, future media interviews etc. or I philosophise about certain articles in the book. This daily mental exercise or ritual keeps me fully motivated and charges my batteries. And I’m sure it can work for other people as well.

Learning the ability/rituals to motivate yourself and being able to follow this ritual on a daily basis is perhaps the most essential aspect of our armed resistance effort in phase 1. One of the reasons why Muslims are so effective at guerrilla warfare is that they keep themselves motivated by praying five times a day and reciting motivational Suras from the Quran.

This might sound appalling and outrageous to especially some Christian religious members of the revolutionary conservative resistance fighters but certain measures can and should be taken to balance/revitalise your psychological state of mind in situations when you feel completely de-motivated and down during the various planning phases. At the end of the day; you are your own worst enemy, and de-motivation leading to psychological breakdown and eventually to a scenario where a resistance fighter chooses to abandon the ideological cause is one of the most recurrent causes for individuals who lacks competence in revitalising and balancing his psychological state of mind.

It is absolutely essential that you, as a conservative revolutionary learn and practice efficient rituals and various methods to maintain high moral and motivation. It is permitted and even encouraged that you seek whatever solutions that works for you including enjoying good food, sexual stimuli, meditation and any and all methods that will contribute to keep your moral and motivation up.

From a pragmatical point of view; these methods are considered as a quite efficient psychological stimulus which has the potency to boost your serotonin production and help you overcome any situation where you feel drained, scared, insecure, confused or de-motivated. As overcoming continuous and often daily personal psychological barriers is at the very core of our challenges, using these tactical psychological methods and similar approaches should be considered an integral part of the planning phases to ensure that you remain in a balanced state of mind. A balanced state of mind (especially for single or duo cells) is required for any military operation which last over a longer period. You may be prevented from communicating and receiving a much needed “pat on the back” or encouraging comments from other cell members as you may be in a single or duo cell, relying on your own self-encouraging measures. Ensuring that you maintain a stable, motivated and focused mind is anything but absurd. Yes, for certain religious members, certain measures are obviously in violation to biblical teachings but the amount of grace and divine goodwill generated at the point where you sacrifice everything (in the martyrdom operation) will provide you with an abundance of it, which will more than nullify any minor or serious sins committed prior to operation.

How to sustain your high morale and motivation for years through music

Becoming and maintaining the position as a self sufficient Justiciar Knight sleeper cell involves the capability to motivate/indoctrinate yourself over a prolonged period of time. Self-financed and self-indoctrinated single individual attack cells, is the backbone of the Knights Templar Europe. The importance of the ability for single cell commanders to be able to keep their spirits and morale up through self-indoctrination and motivation by using specific motivational techniques has been stressed on multiple occasions.

I have previously stated that taking long walks/work out while listening to select music is a very efficient way of sustaining your needs in this regard. 3-5, 40-90 min walks/workouts per week has sustained my high morale, confidence and motivation for several years. When you combine this “ritual” with reading the occasional resistance blog you gain all the motivation you will ever need. Repeat these routines on a weekly basis and you will sustain your motivation and moral for as long as is needed. Keep in mind that from the initial planning of your operation to the actual effectuation of it, the time passed can exceed 2 years. The key to stay focused and motivated without taking the unacceptable risk of communicating with other revolutionary conservatives, is to employ successful motivational techniques on your own.

I will now show you several music tracks you should acquire as soon as possible which are ideal for the purpose of maintaining a high level of motivation and confidence:

Motivational music tracks, artist: Saga

Saga is a courageous, Swedish, female nationalist-oriented musician who creates pop-music with patriotic texts. She is, as far as I know, the best and most talented patriotic musician in the English speaking world. And for those of you, like myself, who hates “metal”, Saga is one of the few sources available that offers quality patriotic pop-music with brilliant texts. Most of the tracks are in English and some are in Swedish.

Marxist and multiculturalist character-assassins will claim that Saga is an evil, national-socialist monsterband from hell, due to her success. However, this characteristic couldn’t be anywhere further from the truth. Although the environment surrounding Saga, the former NSF – National Sosialistisk Forening (a former Swedish Indigenous Rights Movement demonised as “evil Nazi monsters”), used to be self-proclaimed national socialists; it has become evident that most of them now has embraced a more national conservative ideological denomination of conservatism, very similar to that of Knights Templar Europe. Saga has created several pop-tracks with nationalist-oriented texts that will appeal to all conservatives, and especially revolutionary conservatives of all conservative ideological denominations.

Saga has the credibility to use the texts presented vocally as she has been a Swedish and European conservative resistance fighter for more than 10 years, working for the political and cultural interests of Sweden and the interests of all Swedes, Scandinavians and Europeans. Saga and similar patriotic heroes and heroines of Scandinavia, who unlike individuals like myself who has yet to come out of the “revolutionary conservative closet”, has had to face political persecution and demonisation for years. Yet they continue their brave struggle to prevent the demographical and cultural genocide of the Scandinavian and European tribes. Instead of “physical” revolutionary or democratic resistance, she fights through her music by inspiring the best in us.

I discovered Sagas music relatively late, in 2008, but have enjoyed it ever since. I have listened to many of the tracks several hundred times and I don’t seem to get tired of them. I would HIGHLY recommend that all Justiciar Knights of Europe and other revolutionary conservatives use these tracks for self-motivating purposes. Don’t just listen to the tracks but learn the texts as well. It has worked brilliantly for me and it will likely work just as well for you. However, “soon-to-become conservative martyrs” should be careful when acquiring the tracks (use anonymizer software and take other necessary precautions) as it is likely that the distribution of the music is monitored by the Swedish intelligence agency, under directive of the Swedish multiculturalist regime.

Below are the best tracks with comment from the albums: Pro Patria III (PP) and: On My Own (OMO). Some lyrics are created

The best vocal English tracks:

One Nation Arise (OMO)

Life is a struggle in these changing times

Thoughts once natural now classed as hate crimes

Those now in power they fear no one but one

a man with open eyes and a sober mind so strong

It’s been said before – but still we do not heed…no!

To free the enslaved minds of the sleeping mass

We must cast away the yokes ignore status and class

Barriers were built to make us forget blood ties

And now we aren’t as one and egos benefits on lies

It’s been said before – but still we do not heed!

Folk and Nation first – and blood not personal greed.

And it’s been said before – but still we do not heed.

Free your enslaved minds and open up your eyes and see!

The strength of your people – one Nation arise!

It is good versus evil it’s the eternal fight

To overcome the darkness we must spreed the light

It’s been said before – but still we do not heed!


Life is a struggle in these changing times

Thoughts once natural now classed as hate crimes.

It’s been said before – but still we do not heed!

Chorus: repeat x3

Hypocrite (OMO)

Too many people spend their time spreading gozzips and complaints

They seek someone to hang, they seek someone to blame

In their search for a scapegoat they forgot to look in the mirror

Apathy of weak people is what caused this daily horror

You’re the one the one to blame oh

People like you cause us pain oh

You’re the one the one to blame

Start to act but use your brain

People like you who haven’t got the guts to stand up for your views

You forget the simple fact it’s people like you who makes us loose

You complain about the politicians but still you vote them in

You’ve lost your soul you coward to sell your pride is a sin


You complain about the immigration you really make me sick

It was your vote that opened the border you filthy hypocrite

You say one thing but do another just how weak can one man be

You’re the reason for our misery so blame yourself and don’t blame me

Chorus x2

Black Bannered Legion (OMO)

Raise the flag of solid black to keep the memory alive

Of black clad legions who fought and died for our folk in forty-five

Black is the colour of mourning for the martyrs of Vinland too

Mathews and Kirk and Singer and Rockwell and Kahl stood true

Raise the flag of destiny as black as the wing of a raven

And change it not nor raise another ‘til we have a folkish haven

Raise the flag of destiny…the flag of destiny!

Black is the colour of midnight which the tyrant shall learn to dread

As we honour fallen martyrs with steel and fire and lead

The ancient Aryan symbol is also drawn in black

So underneath that colour we will take our nations back


And when we have that land of our own then on that holy ground

We’ll plant our flag of raven black upon a sacred mound

Chorus x2

Ode To A Dying People (OMO, the most popular of the tracks)

Eyes shining bright with unspilled tears

Thinking about all those waisted years,

When everything worth living for is gone,

And brother I find it hard to keep fighting on

Falling down towards the abyss, the abyss

The reaper embraces me with his kiss

It makes me want to refuse to care, refuse to care

To watch this all unfold to much to bare

If this is the way it ends, if this is the way my race ends

If this is the way it ends, I can’t bare to witness

If this is the way it ends, if this is the way my race ends

If this is the way it ends, I can’t bare to witness-oh!

Disease encroaching on all I hold dear

Somehow I gotta get my soul outta here

Heart of agony, faint burning hope

I’m finding it hard to try to cope

The cause liars own the world with conquering poise, conquering poise

In a wasteland of meaningless noise

We don’t stand a chance with the dormant pride, with the dormant pride

The heroes of our race have already died


To imagine it has all come down to this

Apathy and suicidal bliss

It’s all over except for the cryin’

With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion

The greatest race to ever walk the earth, walk the earth

Dying a slow death with insane mirth

The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed, our race betrayed

White man, fight the flight towards the grave

Choru x2

Don’t let it end this way, don’t let it end this way

Don’t let it end this way, I can’t bare to witness

The Nation’s Fate (OMO)

The best are condemned to useless lives

When chaos regimes and the merchant thrieves

The basest sort then make sport

Of those who die with anguished cry

Because they told the nation’s fate

Gods of the rabble are greed and lust

Love and honour turned to dust

Patriots in cages and liars as sages

The tyrants rage in every age

Black is white and evil is good

And nothing pure is understood

Emotions grow cold and the future is sold

The senses are sated and the prophets are hated

Because they told the nation’s fate


The state and the press and the church are a tool

An honest man is labled a fool

Every man must abase

Every kin and every race

Or face the fearsome despots plan

To destroy every man

The whores of merchant pave the road to hell

Twisting words to weave a spell

Master deceivers making believers

Misleading men with a cunning pen

To hate those who tell the Nations Fate


Tomorrow Belongs To Me

The sun on the meadow is summery warm.

The stag in the forest runs free.

But gather together to greet the storm.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

The branch of the linden is leafy and


The Rhine gives its gold to the sea.

But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes

The blossom embraces the bee.

But soon, says a whisper;

"Arise, arise,

Tomorrow belongs to me"

Oh Fatherland, Fatherland,

Show us the sign

Your children have waited to see.

The morning will come

When the world is mine.

Tomorrow belongs to me!

The Snow Fell

He sat in a room

in a square of the color of blood.

He’d rule the whole world

if there was a way that he could.

He’d sit and he’d stare

at the minarets on top of the towers.

For he was a beast

as he hatched his new plans to gain power.


And the snow fell

covering the dreams and ideals.

And the snow fell

freezing the blood and the wheels.

And the snow fell

they had to keep up for survival.

And the snow fell

defeating the beast’s only rival.

They took the old roads

that Napoleon had taken before.

They fought as a force as a light

against the darkness in a holy war.

One day they were looking around

and the sun was shining on the cold flowers.

The next day they were freezing to death

in the sleet and the ice cold showers.


Then came the deadly roads

back from the stairs of their retreat.

The cold racked their bodies

but worse was the pain of defeat.

Many people who had hailed them once

now turned and looked away.

These people now knew

that the beast was on its way.


You finally came back

to the borders of your fatherland.

Now enemies came

traitors everywhere at hand.

Many people who had fought and died

knowing that they had to win.

It still sickens my heart

to see the picture of the red flag in Berlin.


The best vocal Swedish tracks (For Norwegians, Swedes and Danes):

Valkyrian (PP)

Där själar krigar, där själar faller

Av vikingar som lystrade till kallet

Fallen är nu krigaren, vikingen från Nord

Marken färgas röd av hans spillda blod

Fallen är nu krigaren, vikingen från Nord

Marken färgas röd av hans spillda blod

Jag är Valkyrian som ska ta dig hem

Krigare, skänk din styrka till de som kämpar än

Jag flyger över Skandinavien, dag som natt

Tar hem de krigare som faller döda ner

Ingen smärta känner dom någonsin mer


Yttrandefrihet (PP)

Att få säga fritt sin mening

Vad den än må vara

Att få tänka fria tankar

Och att själv få svara

Sverige vakna upp nu!

Kampen ska ta vid

För yttrandefriheten

Blåser vi nu till strid!

Hets mot folkgrupp kallas

Den lag ni slår oss med

Då ni smider oss med hammaren,

Mot mångkulturens städ

Grundlagen förnekas

Och väger mycket lätt,

Då ockupanter och förrädare

I Sverige skipar rätt

Chorus x3

Krigarens Själ (PP)

Hans kropp är trött och hungrig men han får aldrig ro

Han har vigt sitt liv åt kampen, kampen som är hans tro

Törsten efter frihet tänder eldar i hans själ

Ty krigaren söker frihet och vägrar att bli träl

Tapper – med hundra lejons mod

Svensk – med det renaste blod

Stolt – Aldrig bli en träl

Krigare – med en själ

Han kämpar för sanning, och frihet åt hans folk

Aldrig ger han upp, utan står för evigt stolt

Fienden är mäktiga, men ändå står han kvar

Modet är hans säkrade tron i hjältarnas sal

Svenskars land och folk är vad han strider för

Han vägrar se på hur sanningen sakta dör

Chorus x2

Han ger allt för sin kamp, för blod och ära

Aldrig skall han på förlustens tunga ok bära

Viker aldrig av som en feg hund från sina led

Hans namn ristas i runor, svensken som alltid stred

Chorus x2

Frihetens Fana (PP)

Se nu svenskar mot framtiden så ny

Se nu svenskar när morgondagen åter gry

Vårt land reser sig ännu en gång

Svenskar ska åter sjunga frihetens sång

Frihetens fana, svenska ungdomen nu bär

Frihetens fana, för en nation vi håller kär

Ungdomen tar täten mot en ny horisont

Den blågula fanan skall leda vår front

Den vajar i vinden, så fritt och stolt

Svea Rikes fana, symbolen för vårt folk

Chorus x2

Vårt älskade land, vår älskade fosterjord

Där förfäder en gång spillde sitt blod

Deras namn är evigt ristade i frihetens sten

De kämpade och dog för att hålla marken ren

Chorus x4

Drömmarnas Stig (PP) – my personal favourite

Tvungen att vandra i pinande motvind

Dömd att leva i samhällets skugga

Ständigt förljugen av maktens språkrör

Och föraktad av gemene man

Vore det inte simpelt att bara blunda

Att avvika från våra drömmars stig?

Vore det inte en befrielse att glömma

Att avsvära sig folksjälens plikt?

När folk du litat på vänder dig ryggen

Och ansluter sig till massans slummer

När män från början bundna av lojalitet

Splittras och förblindas av guldets makt


Detta skall ses som en prövningarnas fas

Ödets verktyg att sålla bort veklingar

Kampens styrka kommer av offervilja

Vår urgrund står på övertygelse


Tvungen att vandra i pinande motvind

Dömd att leva i samhällets skugga

Ständigt förljugen av maktens språkrör

Och föraktad av gemene man


Känner du dig då manad till strid?

Låt dig själv aldrig tvivla på seger!

Låt aldrig den nationella lågan fallna

Må den sätta Svea Rikes själar i brand

The above are the best tracks from Saga. I ignored the tracks I consider lacking or due to them being unavailable.

From site: thisissaga.com

Other artists:

Lux Aeterna by the English composer and musician Clint Mansell

Comment: I love this work. Lux Aeterna means “eternal light” and it really is an appropriate title. I’ve listened to this track several hundred times and I never seem to get tired of it. The track is very inspiring and invokes a type of passionate rage within you. In Lord of the Rings – a good version of this track (Requiem for a Tower version which I think is the best) is performed during the most intense fighting of one of the central battles. Since it has worked for me, it is likely that it will work for you. An invigorating piece of art.

Motivational music tracks, artist: Helene Bøksle

The following is Helene Bøksle`s – Age of Conan theme music. Three of the tracks surpass almost anything I’ve heard before. The tracks are in old Norse tongue (old Norwegian), truly epic, very powerful and motivational and even worthy of playing during a martyrdom operation (in addition to Saga and Clint Mansell).

Track 1: The Dreaming – Ere the World Crumbles


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g5KYv2oqXk (live version)

Track 2: Nighttime journey through the Eiglophian mountains (Ascending Cimmeria)


Track 3: The Dreaming Anew – Memories of Cimmeria


Imagine the following; at the end of your mission, when you have completed your primary objectives – imagine fighting for your life against a pursuing pack of system protectors (or as I like to call them: armed defenders of the multiculturalist system, also referred to as the police). You try to avoid confrontation but they eventually manage to surround you. You hear this song as you push forward to annihilate one of their flanks, head shotting two of your foes in bloody fervor trying to survive. This angelic voice sings to you from the heavens, strengthening your resolve in a hopeless battle. Your last desperate thrust kills another two of your enemies. But it isn’t enough as you are now completely surrounded; your time is now. This voice is all you hear as your light turns to darkness and you enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. This must surely be the most glorious way to claim the honour of martyrdom in battle.

The following is also decent track for maintaining a high morale during a limited battle confrontation although it lacks vocal:

The Awakening – Hyborian Adventures



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