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August 1, 2011

3.30 Diversify risk by dividing the operation into 4 phases

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1. Research phase

Storing certain information electronically in shorter or longer periods is unavoidable during the research phase (logistical strategies and bomb/weapon schematics etc). This information is usually stored on the individuals PC while doing research. Keep in mind that the planning of military operations/attacks (under terrorism laws) is illegal. A schematic or vague indications of a plan are not considered solid evidence unless backed by either witness testimony or either weapons or explosive components together with verifiable affiliations to terror groups.

2. Logistics

Before you start the logistics phase you need to store all relevant research/information on a memory stick and get rid of it (bury it in a moist proof sealed container far away from your home, you will acquire it again in phase 3). The reason is that any written plans combined with weapons or explosives are considered solid evidence. Also, you need to replace (get rid of or destroy) your physical PC hard drive. Deleting the information is not sufficient. You need physically destroy it, submerge it in liquid and dump it on the other side of town. You are now set to start the logistics phase. Acquire the necessary weapons, ammo, body armour and explosives. As the “shopping phase” can last up to 12 months you should divide the total list into 4 batches. As soon as you have bought 25 or 33% of the list, seal it in a container and bury far from your home/base. Find separate locations for the next caches. The essence is to avoid having weapons/armour (evidence) in your base/home as it will incriminate you.

3. Assembly phase

Before you start this phase, you should keep in mind that phase 4 will be executed shortly after assembly. You should therefore ensure that you have completed all practical assignments (or private issues) before you start phase 3. This is the most risky phase. You are vulnerable as you will have all the equipment (evidence) you have acquired readily available. Ensure that the assembly phase does not last longer than it should (7 days maximum).

4. Implementation/execution of operation

Assembly phase completed. You are now ready to start on your final mission. Good luck and give them hell!

End note: I divided my operational phases into the following sub phases:

  1. Armour research phase

  2. Armour acquirement phase

Purge harddrive, purge evidence, bury armour crate

  1. Weapons research phase

  2. Weapons acquirement phase

Purge harddrive, evidence, did not bury weapons crate

  1. Explosives research phase

  2. Explosives acquirement phase

Purge harddrive, purge evidence

  1. Explosives manufacturing phase

  2. Execution

Creating your mining/agriculture cover before an acquisition phase

Personally, I downloaded Foxit PDF Editor w. serial which allows you to completely rewrite/modify any existing PDF Prospectus with all rights. Thanks to this software or any equivalent you can easily rewrite professional looking prospectuses to suit your specific needs. I first researched the mining industry, through financial/stock channels, especially looking for old mining related prospectuses in relation to small companies which went public (IPO or Initial Public Offering when being listed on a stock exchange) or which had undergone equity/share issue, a process for acquiring capital. I reviewed a total of 14 various mining related prospectuses for small sized companies before I found a suitable prospectus. Optimally, the company should be relatively unknown and in a start up phase as it is essential that the cover is credible (an English prospectus is preferable).

I spent two to three weeks rewriting the prospectus and setting up the correlating website with business card. I may use this cover when I approach suppliers or in a worst case scenario; this cover may create a reasonable doubt during a future trial as it will strongly indicate that I intend to use any future explosives acquired in a commercial manner (surface mining in Nordland and Finnmark), should I ever get arrested. The prospectus and accompanying mining related resources may contribute to create a reasonable doubt in any future terror trial considering the fact that it looks very professional/credible with inclusion of specific blasting sites. Optimally, I should photo-document multiple blast sites (f example 50-100) in order to add to the credibility but I am uncertain that I will have the resources to do that at this point (Nordland and Finnmark is 700-1000 km from Oslo).

As for creating an agriculture cover relating to the acquisition of substantial amounts of nitro-fertilizer; I originally had planned to create yet another agriculture prospectus and website etc. for use in the fertilizer-acquirement phase. However, I will instead just educate myself concerning a realistic case study involving growing sugarbeets on 5-20 acres (fertilizer intensive crop) in either my own country or my neighbouring country. This study will involve insights into related routines and methods for growing sugarbeets, so that I may potentially pass the scrutiny for any fertilizer-store clerk.

End note. Foxit PDF works but is a semi-crappy and relatively unstable software. However, I was unwilling to budget more time to research better “PDF Rewriter software”.


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