2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.37 Using foreign “black markets” when acquiring equipment

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Travel to any Western or Eastern European major city. If you are a French citizen f example, keep in mind that you want to avoid any interaction with groups in your own city as your local police force might be able to identify you and cross reference you with watch lists. Your national police force has many informants among criminal networks and/or nationalist orgs so avoid your own country as base for acquiring equipment. You might consider avoiding your neighbouring country as well (depending on your country of origin ofc) as individuals can identify your nationality or identity. If your nationality is uncovered and the information passed on to the local police department, they can risk being identified (by using customs info/air line etc). If possible, purchase a fake id (passport, bank ID or drivers licence) in your own country and use it if you need to deceive anyone abroad. Never carry both id’s on you at the same time (during any arms transaction). Never travel by plane. Rent a car in your country and drive to your destination.

If you are unsuccessful in acquiring the desired equipment and are getting desperate you can try contacting Nationalist organisations in the following countries:




Using criminal networks

Approach criminal networks cautiously and try to locate a local black market arms dealer. Present yourself as a gun collector. You might want to use a middle man/straw man for the actual transaction (a local drug dealer or any suitable individual and compensate him with a fixed or percentage based fee. Attempt to complete a “test transaction”, in order to verify your intermediary’s level of trust. Be prepared for the worst, do not carry large cash amounts (many will have nothing to offer and will try to rob, scam you). Do not reveal your political convictions as many European criminals are Albanian Muslims. Criminal networks usually have better equipment for sale than nationalist orgs. Try to avoid Muslim criminal organisations if possible.

Make f example 4 separate transactions

  1. Glock 17 + silencer

  2. Assault rifle

  3. Special ammo (armour pen/dumdum)

  4. Splint grenades/shock grenade

Using nationalist organisations/individuals

Very often, one of these is willing to be an intermediary on behalf of you (if he partly or fully supports your political ideology). Obviously, don’t tell any potential NS that you are pro-Israel etc. as he might view you as a hostile.

Lodging and cover stories when travelling abroad

First of all, have a valid alibi (cover story) before visiting any specific European target city. Preferably attend a conference of some sort which might legitimise your stay (for post/present reasons).

Rent a hotel or apartment using your fake passport/id. Use your real id when approached by public agents (customs included).

Buying illegal accessories online

Never buy or order online using your real address or name. If customs stops a shipment, questions might be raised and you risk being put on a “security watch list” which can compromise you at a later stage.

Do not use email, mobile phones or any technological device in any of the transactions (as they are too easy to monitor). Use person to person approach or a middle man.

Acquiring explosives materials

It will be necessary to gather together demolition materials for the destruction of buildings or other static targets.

Large explosive devices (2000-5000kg) are made with high grade fertilisers (ammonium nitrate) mixed with diesel (or more potent fuel such as jet fuel or optimally nitromethane); today’s explosive of choice is semtex, dynamite, TNT, Petn rdx, PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetrabitrate), hydrogenperoksid, NM/HNO3, APAN.

NOTE: while writing this I have not yet initiated the research phase for explosives so the above info is speculative on my part and I am unable to provide details at this point.


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