2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.39 Sending announcements before an operation

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You will need access to a computer with internet connection to use as propaganda outlets before your operation. If you are a solo cell you will have to find a good work around (considering you won’t be able to distribute any ”announcements” during or after an operation). Consider using a laptop which you will hook up to an external network for this purpose (use the Tor network/Ipredator). Many metropolitan areas have LAN zones where you can simply go and connect to the internet (allowing you to distribute your announcements). Optimally, you will send your announcements only seconds before you initiate the operation. In addition, you should carry an announcement on a memory pin during the mission. However, this should not be the only means of distributing your message. The people who will find this pin are working for the enemy and thus they will use any means necessary to discredit or undermine the purpose of the mission (by f example falsely crediting it to another organisation). You should also consider semi-shady spam centrals as an alternative. F example, you can arrange and pay for online services which involve the distribution of files at a set time. The files sent can be encrypted or disguised as something else. The risk here though is that the company or individual sending the files may read or get access to the information and may alert authorities. However, the forwarding of these files (which is to be re-distributed by that company/individual) can be done seconds before the initiation of the operation.

The smartest method however is to download the announcement in your Iphone or similar mobile device. Just before you engage, send your announcement to f example 10-500 pre-organised email addresses from your Iphone. It might be a good idea to turn your phone off afterwards to prevent them from triangulating your position after engagement.


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