2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.40 Applying deceptive means in urban guerrilla warfare

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1. Always mask your real goals, by using the ruse of a fake goal that everyone takes for granted, until the real goal is achieved. Tactically, this is known as an ‘open feint’; in front of everyone, you point west, when your goal is actually in the east. By the time everyone realised it, you have already achieved your goal.

Usage: In the Second World War, the Allies’ Operation Quicksilver created a phantom army in Kent complete with faked radio chatter which divided German attentions regarding the actual Allied armies and their intended objective of the Normandy landings.


a. Call in a fake threat on Building x, letting them know that you intend to blow up the building if they attempt to evacuate the people.

b. Give the impression to police authorities that you are after cash, a few million Euro. Tell them to prepare the funds and order them to make a delivery at a defined location and time. This may allow you to conceal your real objective for a while. If the Police believe you are just another criminal after cash they will generally avoid armed confrontation and instead attempt to arrest you at a later point. If you however, inform them that you have no intention of coming out of the situation alive they will throw everything at you immediately. Deceit is the best approach.

c. Another strategy would be to consider making use of a remote detonation, burning car, or other forms of arson to attract attention to one location. Ensure that the enemy forces are heading for this location. By then, you will be on the opposite side of town and in the middle of the process of finishing your primary goal. This strategy might prove to be counter-productive in compact European cities depending on the nature of the operation.

d. If you are being pursued, move to primary target building (concentration of A and B traitors) and during the assault, announce on the police band that you are demanding a ransom and safe passage for sparing the hostages. Demand a fixed amount and means of transportation from the area/country. All this, while you continue execution of A and B traitors with your side arm (silencer). This may buy you several seconds or even minutes while you continue your primary objective.

2. Chameleon

Mask yourself. Either leave flamboyant traits behind, thus going incognito; or just masquerade yourself and create an illusion to fit your goals and distract others.


a. Create and wear a police combat uniform replica. Make serious efforts in recreating credible insignias, ID and marks. Study media pics of SWAT agents from your country. This will create confusion and hesitation when engaging hostile agents and should buy you at least 1-2 extra seconds. These extra seconds will give you the edge you need in order to neutralise any potential threat (2 head shots). The police illusion will also act as a deterrent towards preventing potential civilian charges.

b. Vehicles (bomb trucks) – if needed, change the appearance of a vehicle in order to allow you to easier infiltrate hostile environments. It’s amazing what tape and some spray-paint can do. Easy and cheap solutions may fool someone from long range but not in close range.

c. Give the impression that your cell is larger by attempting to forward misinformation on the police band or by other means.

3. When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear. Know that he cannot be superior in all things. Somewhere there is a gap in the armour, a weakness that can be attacked instead.

Usage: The idea here is to avoid a head on battle with a strong enemy, and instead strike at his weakness elsewhere. The Prime Minister may have several armed body guards. This however is not the case with regular ministers. As for static objectives, it can be smarter to focus on less ”armoured” targets. Instead of the Parliament building or Royal Castle, other high value targets (with less security) should be targeted.

4. Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west

In any battle the element of surprise can provide an overwhelming advantage. Even when face to face with an enemy, surprise can still be employed by attacking where he least expects it. To do this you must create an expectation in the enemy’s mind through the use of a feint.

Usage: Same as 1. The idea here is to get the enemy to focus his forces in a location, and then attack elsewhere which would be weakly defended. This might prove to be counter-productive in compact European cities depending on the nature of the operation.

5. Hide a knife behind a smile

Charm and ingratiate yourself to your enemy. When you have gained his trust, move against him in secret.

Usage: For assassinations or for intelligence gathering prior to a mission. Infiltration of enemy organisations might prove an easy way to get close to otherwise impossible targets (prime minister or ministers) or to learn their programme. Getting a job at the youth camp connected to the largest political party is one way of doing this. The prime minister usually visits during summer season. Infiltration can take as long as 24 months.

6. Sacrifice the plum tree to preserve the peach tree

There are circumstances in which you must sacrifice short-term objectives in order to gain the long-term goal. This is the scapegoat strategy whereby someone else suffers the consequences so that the rest do not.

Usage: Just like Jihadi warriors are the plum tree of the Ummah, we will be the plum tree for Europe and for Christianity. The European people are the peach tree. We are sacrificing ourselves so that future generations of Europeans may continue to live in freedom.

7. Take the opportunity to pilfer a goat

While carrying out your plans be flexible enough to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself, however small, and avail yourself of any profit, however slight.

Usage: Expropriate cars and/or use Muslim or cultural Marxist/multiculturalist human shields if needed.

8. Do not startle the snake by hitting the grass around it

Usage: Do not break any laws which will lead to a pursuit before initiating your primary mission. An imprudent act might give up your position or intentions away to the enemy.

9. Borrow a corpse to resurrect the soul

Usage: Take an institution, a technology, or a method that has been forgotten or discarded and appropriate it for your own purpose. Revive something from the past by giving it a new purpose or bring to life old ideas, customs, or traditions and reinterpret them to fit your purposes. Solo-cell systems in combination with martyrdom is the most efficient and deadly form of modern warfare. This strategy was adapted by Jihadist groups. And now we will be using it as well. It is even more valuable to us as we enjoy more ”invisibility” than individuals who have Arabic/Asian appearance and customs.

10. In order to capture, one must let loose

Cornered prey will often mount a final desperate attack. To prevent this you let the enemy believe he still has a chance for freedom. His will to fight is thus dampened by his desire to escape. When in the end the freedom is proven a falsehood the enemy’s morale will be defeated and he will surrender without a fight.

Usage: A system protector who raises a gun against you must be shown no mercy. You can be assured that he will regroup with other agents as soon as you let him go. He will believe you may spare him and lower his gun if you defeat his unit (2 other individuals). Use this opportunity to neutralise him.

11. Avoid the servant forces and go for the neck of their chiefs

Usage: Very few of the servant forces (police/system protectors) are willing to sacrifice their life for multiculturalism or for the continuation of the Islamisation of Europe. In fact most of them sympathise with our goals (just not our means). Therefore, avoid the servant forces at all costs and focus only on high value targets. Many system protectors will falter or hesitate when pursuing you (if they are aware of your intentions). They might even deliberately let you proceed to your target.

12. Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbour

It is known that nations that border each other become enemies while nations separated by distance and obstacles make better allies. When you are the strongest in one field, your greatest threat is from the second strongest in your field, not the strongest from another field.

Otto von Bismarck made the League of the Three Emperors and treaties with the British Empire and Italy in order to isolate France, from which he feared an attack.

Usage: Phase 3 strategy for creating European conservative hegemony.

13. Replace the beams with rotten timbers

Disrupt the enemy’s formations, interfere with their methods of operations, and change the rules in which they are used to follow, go contrary to their standard training. In this way you remove the supporting pillar, the common link that makes a group of men an effective fighting force.

Usage: Phase 1 urban warfare. You are wearing a police uniform and hand signalling to “a fellow system protector”, then use ”Thrust of the Martyr” and neutralise them without hesitation.

14. Make the host and the guest exchange roles

Usurp leadership in a situation where you are normally subordinate. Infiltrate your target. Initially, pretend to be a guest to be accepted, but develop from inside and become the owner later.

Usage: This is the basic strategy of Islamic Demographic Warfare currently being waged by the Global Islamic Ummah.

15. The Empty fort strategy

When the enemy is superior in numbers and your situation is such that you expect to be overrun at any moment, then drop all presence of military preparedness, act calmly and appear disrespect of the enemy, so that the enemy will think you have hidden huge power and you want to trap them into the fort with your calm and easiness. This has to be used when in most of the cases, you do have huge power hidden under the disguise and you only play the real empty rarely. Use this against people who are really smart

Usage: If you are being pursued, move to primary target building (concentration of A and B traitors) and during the assault, announce on the police band that you want the police force to storm the building immediately (they will assume you have rigged the place and hesitate). This may buy you several seconds or even minutes while you continue your duties. All this, while you continue execution of A and B traitors with your side arm (silencer).

16. If unable to retreat or to complete your mission, move on to the last objective – die honourably in combat

Usage: If it becomes obvious that your current course of action will lead to certain capture, then assault their weakest flank (TotM). If completely surrounded, take a hostage. If you are badly hurt and unable to make a last push, then use your cyanide capsule.


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