2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.45 Added or diminished emphasis on flagged targets

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This term can be used internally within any conservative military order (not that any cell in Phase 1 should be larger than 2 individuals).

Temporary Immunity (diminished emphasis)

”Temporary immunity” is abbreviated TI and the level of significance ranges from 1-3. F example: TI1 indicates insignificant anti-Islamisation principles implemented, and where TI3 indicates considerable anti-Islamisation principles implemented. This type of temporary immunity can be ”awarded” to cultural Marxist/multiculturalist political parties, organisations and individuals who have shown indications of policy shift.

  • TI1 Insignificant anti-Islamisation principles implemented (TI declined)

  • TI2 Some but minimal anti-Islamisation principles implemented (TI declined)

  • TI3 Considerable anti-Islamisation principles implemented (TI granted)

No attacks should occur on TI3 candidates in phase 1. As for TI1-2 candidates, even though immunity has not been granted, any Justiciar Knight should consider other targets if possible. If there aren’t any equivalent targets which would yield the desired result, then TI-1-2 targets would still be the logical choice.

If the policy shift is significant enough over a long period permanent status change may be applied.

Focus Target (added emphasis)

”Focus Target” is abbreviated FT and indicates targets who will yield added results (high value targets) or can be used to flag ”unforgivable” political parties, organisations or individuals who has or still are committing grave crimes.

  • FT1 Above average crimes or above average target/value

  • FT2 Higher…

  • FT3 Highest…


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