2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.46 Killing women on the field of battle – directly or indirectly

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Every female category A, B, C traitor or system protector out there is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister or mother. But then again, so are the victims of the current systems, f example the girl who committed suicide after being gang-raped by Muslims.

War isn’t pretty. It never has been. It is essential to know that approximately 60-70% of all cultural Marxists or suicidal humanist are female and up to 20% of police officers and military personnel (system protectors). Being a Justiciar Knight will involve killing our targets, or any system protector trying to stop us, indiscriminately. You will face women in battle and they will not hesitate to kill you. To them, you are just another armed criminal nut case as they will not know your true political agenda until after you have been slain or are apprehended. If you hesitate as much as a second due to the fact that your opponent is female you will fail. You must therefore embrace and familiarise yourself with the concept of killing women, even very attractive women.

It is not a secret that the average cultural conservative is a lot more chivalrous than the average person. After all, extreme feminism is a Marxist concept. As such, anti-Marxists usually have more traditional values and have been taught to revere women as they are the ones who will carry our offspring, the next generations. While being chivalrous is a good thing in ordinary day-to-day life, it will undoubtfully be fatal in any armed confrontation. If you are unable to think and act pragmatically and cynically you will most likely get yourself killed or arrested. Hesitation and doubt will lead to confusion which will severely endanger yourself and your operation. You have no choice but to use logical cynicism on the field of battle.

If you are unwilling or incapable of killing women due to the principles of chivalry you should probably steer away completely from the armed resistance movements and should probably consider creating yet another right wing blog instead.

On a personal level though; had it been up to me, women would not be encouraged to become system protectors at all – police officers nor military personnel. Females on average (of course; there are always exceptions) are physically and mentally inferior (aprox 20-30%) on a field of battle. I am not comfortable with the concept of killing females as they are simply too valuable to be put in harm’s way. However, we have little choice under the current regimes as they are encouraged and even positively discriminated against when applying to become system protectors in many countries.

In any case, all armed resistance fighters really have no choice but to get used to the idea.


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