2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.47 Avoiding apprehension/arrest and death

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Let us be perfectly clear; if you are unwilling to martyr yourself for the cause, then the PCCTS, Knights Templar is not for you. On the other hand; if you are too eager to die, then you will lack the patience required to succeed. A balance between long term commitment, thorough planning and willingness to sacrifice is the central aspect of our military order.

One of the great strengths of our enemies, the Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes is their vast resources and their advanced investigation/forensic capabilities. There are thousands of video cameras all over European major cities and you will always risk leaving behind dna, finger prints, witnesses or other evidence that will eventually lead to your arrest. They can also back trace your internet traffic in most cases and use infiltrators or informers. They are overwhelmingly superior in almost every aspect. But every 7 headed monster has an Achilles heel. This Achilles heel is their vulnerability against single/duo martyr cells.

The average chance of getting away with an execution of a category A traitor is less than 10% while being at aprox. 30% for a category B traitor. In other words, don’t count on getting away with your actions and act accordingly. Since we have no intention of getting away with our actions we emphasise on causing maximum impact until we are physically prevented from continuing.

The nature of our extremely distributed hierarchy through clandestine cells makes it very hard for them to stop these types of attacks, nearly impossible. The main problem however is that we are not likely to get away from it without being apprehended. There is currently no regime in the world who would accept our plea for political asylum after a devastating attack against a Western European regime. Serbia is partly under NATO occupation, Russia will not risk boycott at this stage, Armenia and Israel are too dependent on the West. No other regime would risk protecting or hiding us at this point in time as it would be as suicidal as harboring Osama himself. No one should therefore sign up as a Justiciar Knight unless he is prepared to sacrifice himself for the cause. If you are caught, you will not see freedom again until the current regime is replaced with a cultural conservative alternative. This will happen earliest in 2030 but can take as long as to 2070/80.

As a consequence of this reality, a Justiciar Knight does not put restraints on himself.

You put restraints on yourself because you think it’s still hope; hope to get out of it alive or free. This leads to hesitation, reluctance, confusion, delay and unnecessary danger and increases the risk of failure. The core strength of a Justiciar Knight is that we accept the fact that we’re already dead. In a way, this makes us partly immortal. How can we die when we are already dead? The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without hesitation, without compassion and without remorse. All war depends upon it. Fear is poison in combat, something everyone feels but try to suppress. If you allow fear to paralyze you, you will fail. You cannot allow this as it is destructive and even contagious.

Have no doubt about it; you will get caught or you will die. Just get used to that idea and you will finally be able to fully function as a fearless Knight, as a devastating tool of war. Because only a truly fearless soldier carries within him the ability to inflict massive ideological damage on any of the EUSSR regimes.


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