2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.49 Conventional shock attacks (non-WMD)

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Evaluating attack strategies: 1. Shock attacks, 2. Sabotage operations, 3. Manipulative proxy attacks

“We want peace, and we are prepared to fight the most terrible war to get it.”

Shock attacks

Shock attacks – Assassination

It is much more rational and pragmatical to focus on the easier unprotected targets instead of sacrificing good men on an impossible target.

The basis of our selection process is to choose the primary propagandists of cultural Marxism/multiculturalism. Instead of wasting good men on an impossible mission we should target unprotected category A and B traitors first and foremost.

One of these 12 good men who failed to assassinate the US president could have successfully managed to execute 5 or more unprotected primary targets doing substantial and irreparable ideological damage to our enemies.

The following category A and B traitors should be focus targeted:

Cultural Marxist professors, leading anchor men/women of the cultural Marxist MSM, NGO leader’s, professors/lecturers etc (see complete list under “charges 1-8”). The reason why we must choose wisely is because that there aren’t that many of them and very few category A and B traitors have substantial influence and make an incredible impact on how our societies are shaped. They are usually experts or related to the field of sociology and give “well meaning advice” to the MSM, which usually involves the deconstruction of everything we hold dear.

Multiple category B traitors assault operation – 5 targets within 2 hours

The operational goal should be to execute 5 category B traitors within 2 hours.

Plan ahead so you are prepared to assault 5 targets in succession. You will usually always be caught so instead of going home and waiting for someone to knock on your door move swiftly to your second target, then the third etc. Prior to operation; create and wear a police SWAT uniform with visible and credible IDs/insignias as this will allow you to travel with armour/weapons without arousing suspicion. An operation consisting of 5 hits of primary category B traitors should be completed within a pre-defined geographical area and you should travel by car or motor cycle. The hit is performed using your secondary weapon, gun with silencer. Your primary weapon is used against any system protectors (police) trying to stop you after your first hit. 5 hits should take no longer than 2 hours. If you still have the capacity/opportunity you can do a bonus hit on a cultural Marxist HQ – media, NGO or a political party HQ where there are high concentrations of category A, B and C traitors. A successful operation (best case) would result in the execution of the pre-defined 5 category B traitors in addition to 10-20 “bonus targets” – a variation of category A, B and C targets. Professors/lecturers are usually easy targets and there is minimal security at universities/colleges. Just make sure you research your targets thoroughly and know approximately where they are at any given time.

The challenge will be actually reaching and localising all 5 targets during this 2 hour window. Alternatively, you should consider arranging the hits after 18.00 when you know the targets are home with their families. This will also ensure that significantly fewer individuals in the police reaction force are on duty. For many European countries, depending on the location you select, the reaction force may take as much as 30-40 minutes to reach your destination as they have to arm themselves and travel to your location (at this point you will be at a different location and should be working on your third target). Use your creativity. When you ring their speaker phone outside the building of the target; tell them that you are from the police intelligence agency and that you have learned that they might be in danger and that you are there to escort them to safety. You can f example choose a day when you know of a congress/meeting where concentrations of category A, B and C traitors will attend. This should be your bonus mission after your 5 hits. The essence in target management is to achieve a scenario where you don’t sell your life cheaply, a scenario where you inflict a maximum of damage on the criminal multiculturalist regime.

Include flame thrower/assault rifle/grenade attacks on party meetings, Annual central party meeting,

Don’t go for the prime category A if the chances for success is slim or if the security measures are overwhelming.

Annual political party meeting Barbeque

A prioritised target is the annual party meeting of the socialist/social democrat party in your country. This is held once a year usually in a relatively large conference centre. The annual political party meeting will consist of delegate representatives from all counties in the country. The number of participants will range from 100-400 depending on country and will usually be held in the capital or close to it. The national intelligence agency/police force will have from 2-50 armed guards at this annual meeting assuming the party leader is the prime minister/president/chancellor. (I would assume 2-6 armed guards for a small country like Norway and up to 50 for the UK, France and Germany). I’m really not sure about specific numbers for the UK, France and Germany. It might be considerably less – 5-10. The good thing is that the body guards usually have limited armour (usually a vest only) and is therefore vulnerable to head shots. An entry strategy has to be planned thoroughly and the Justiciar Knight has to be properly equipped with solid body armour covering all limbs.

An efficient plan will involve a flame thrower/assault rifle assault strategy (an alternative primary weapon to the flame thrower would be to use a sub-machine gun integrated into a shield). You should consider integrating the flamethrower into a bullet proof shield. This will protect you completely from all incoming projectiles from one direction (90-180 degrees depending on your position). As soon as you enter the main conference room with all the delegates, immediately initiate with throwing multiple grenades in various directions to start a panic and follow up with flaming your targets in a 180 degree cone. Be prepared for melee attacks from the individuals close to you when you first enter the room (an agent is usually close to each entrance and may assault you). The party delegates will flee like rats from the fire and will make it very hard for the armed agents to get a lock on you for the first 10-20 seconds. They may even panic themselves and run. Nevertheless, be prepared for incoming bullet barrages and ensure that you keep a lookout for these agents’ position so you can adjust your shield radius. You will not have a lot of fuel (only 20-40 litres’) so use it wisely and ensure that you hit as many delegates as possible.

An entry strategy might be to use fireman’s clothing when entering the building. This allows you to conceal your armour and weapons under the fireman’s coat and you may conceal your bulletproof vizier by partly cloaking it to mimic a fireman’s helmet. You will probably have to neutralise 1-2 agents on the way in so ensure to have a hand gun with silencer with you. You cannot take the chance of risking detection prematurely by allowing non-silenced shots.

If you’re going for the fireman entry strategy you may get away with bringing a considerably larger fuel tank/torching mechanism (50-300 litre) on wheels disguised as a mobile “fire extinguisher with hose” (obviously, this doesn’t actually exist but most people do not know that).

Note – entry strategy: integrating defensive knives into your arm/shoulder armour and a couple of other strategic places on your body armour may prevent you from getting jumped initially (deterrent factor) or may at least contribute to neutralise the first incoming attack before more individuals get a chance to overwhelm you.

Note – target selection: if you know for sure that the ruling multiculturalist party has many armed guards you can always target another party (second largest party that supports multiculturalism). It is usually only the ruling party that has any form of effective defensive measures while other party’s annual political party meetings are often completely defenceless. If you notice that the intelligence agencies are increasing the security substantially during annual party meetings then consider other targets, such as the annual party meeting on a city level.

Alternative approaches

An alternative approach would be to deploy mobile bombs at strategic places outside the main entrance (perhaps even a car loaded with explosives) and then trigger the fire alarm (block the other fire exits just in case). Just after the bomb detonates, wiping out multiple delegates, you will finish the job with a sub machine gun or flame thrower to ensure a maximum amount of casualties and thus cause the most efficient terror effect.

Equipment, secondary weapons, armour and flame thrower

  • You must be able to hit targets 10 + metres away so you need an appropriate flame thrower with a 10-200 litre tank. You can either get the blueprints for a modern flamethrower and build one from scratch with the assistance from a machine shop, or rebuild another apparatus (high pressure gun, or similar civilian utility tools), or acquire an antique and make modifications. There are several alternatives.

  • Full body armour with vizier

  • Consider bringing a bullet proof shield and perhaps even integrate it around your flame thrower/sub machine gun.

  • Hand gun and assault rifle with enough ammunition.

  • Splint/shock grenades

  • Explosive devices rigged at exits prior to operation or a car loaded with explosives.

  • Consider creating defensive devices/knives integrated/attached to your armour (on your arms/shoulders/back) to avoid being jumped or to help neutralise any individual that might jump you.

Preparations prior to the operation

You need to be familiar with the conference centre prior to the operation. Therefore, you need to scout the premises a few months ahead. Create a fake front (business/organisation/business plan) and contact the administration of the conference centre. Use a fake profile as the intelligence agency may cross reference previous visitors at a later point. F example say that you want to rent the conference centre for a gaming convention and require a tour. In that case, research what you need to know about the gaming community in your capital etc. before you book the meeting with the conference centre employee. When you are visiting the centre, memorise all exits/fire exits and doors, material and closing mechanisms of doors (how can you close of the exit later on to limit the exit opportunities for political delegates or how you can most efficiently rig up mobile explosive devices in or close to these exits?).

End note

A severely burned category A or B traitor will in reality become a living symbol of what awaits individuals guilty of trying to sell their own people into Islamic slavery. They will act as a deterrent and contribute to spread fear in the hearts of the rest of the traitors and will thus cause more ideological damage than that of a dead body. He or she will become a living testament to what will happen to any and all category A and B traitors and everyone will learn that high treason is not without risks.

Category A, B and C traitors’ concentrations

Annual gatherings for journalists

There are annual gatherings for journalists in all Western European countries. These gatherings are considered THE MOST attractive targets for large scale shock attacks due to the amount and quality of category B traitors. To illustrate; in Norway, there is an annual gathering called the SKUP conference (the organization for critical and investigative press) where the most notable journalists/editors from all the nations media/news companies attend (500 delegates – 98% of them are considered “quality category B traitor targets”. The conference lasts for 2 days and is usually organized at a larger hotel/conference center. Security is light or non-existent making the conference a perfect target.


  • Targets: a concentration of 500 category B traitors

  • Primary/initial assualt method: 1-3 source detonation (vehicle based “barrack buster” covered with several layers of projectiles for maximum damage, f example small steel projectiles)

  • Goal: collapse of building causing maximum casualties coupled with secondary assault method

  • Secondary assault method: flame thrower, assault rifles, grenades, executing the survivors of the initial blast(s).

Literature conferences and festivals

This is where many cultural Marxist/PC authors (the disgusting cultural Marxist and traitorous bourgeois elite – the Marxist-Leninists’ of the 68 generation (or sympathisers of this group) meet and socialise.

Prioritised target groups make out the bulk of the participants who attend certain literature conferences and festivals:

  • Writers (90%+ of these individuals support multiculturalism and usually portray their world view through their works)

  • Editors and journalists in cultural Marxist/multiculturalist publications

  • A majority of individuals related to various “cultural Marxist/politically correct” cultural settings and organisations.


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