2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.50 Creation of a secondary strategy (plan b) in case of exposure

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There is always a chance that you are exposed and arrested during the planning process if you fail to take certain precautions. Even if you do take all precautions you might you just get unlucky and make a mistake at one point.

If you are arrested, you will still have much of your equipment and funds (national or foreign currency) stored at several safe locations. It will be very hard for the state to provide sufficient evidence in order to charge you for violating the terrorist laws of your country especially if you don’t have a criminal record already. With insufficient evidence they will have no choice but to release you.

The problem then arises as you will be flagged and thus monitored thoroughly for years to come and will be unable to plan an operation involving WMD explosive devices. The first thing you should do is to leave the country and get off the ”radar” for a while. A good secondary strategy will be the assassination of a “category A” traitor, not related to your country. If you play your cards right it will be extremely difficult for the European authorities to monitor you in other countries if you avoid electronic devices (communication devices, credit cards, travel methods involving your ID etc). Go ”off radar” for as long as necessary and plan your move. Extract the necessary equipment from your caches or get new equipment (vehicle included) from the criminal networks in any major European city. Plan secondary targets and simulate the operation mentally again and again. You should attempt to take out not only one but up to three high value targets if possible. Surrender should not be an option and you should be mentally prepared to fight to the death. Even though your ”secondary” plan will not yield the same results it will still do extensive damage if successful.

If the WMD acquirement phase fail, go with a basic shock operation.

Always acquire weaponry and armour first, and secure it in a cache. Only after you are done will you start on acquiring the components for the WMD. The reason is the following: should the WMD acquirement phase fail, leading to your apprehension, you may be incarcerated for a short period based on the evidence available. Once you get out you will be under heavy monitoring and will have a very hard time acquiring the necessary components for any WMD. At this point in time you will still have access to your weaponry/armour cache and will therefore be able to execute a smaller shock attack, not involving WMDs. Estimated number of executed may still be as high as 50 individuals based on several factors.

Assassinations – Preparations and equipment

Creating a hidden mobile sentry point with overview of target residence. This will allow you to monitor targets movements without raising suspicion from neighbours. A sentry point will allow you to map the individuals movement patterns and thus enable you to anticipate an appropriate attack window. Purchase a water/moist-proof camera with live feed to a nearby receiver/monitor. Your base will usually be a truck a distance away to avoid detection or any unwanted attention. Lurking around the residence is a good way to get caught as you will alarm the neighbours’.


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