2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 1, 2011

3.52 Fertilizer WMDs and arms bans

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In the early 1990s the manufacture of a large truck bomb (500-2000 kg) was a challenging and quite difficult venture, but was in fact an achievable task for the cleverest and most motivated individuals among us who had taken the required precautions not to be blacklisted with the system protector intelligence agency.

Times are changing and the possibilities which were available to us during the time of Mr. Timothy McVeigh are no longer present. The US/EUSSR cultural Marxist hegemony has adapted so we must continuously adapt. The EU has since the 1990s made the manufacture of explosives considerably harder. They have achieved this by regulating and banning substances and compounds required for creating explosives. To illustrate; since the 1990s, the EU has banned hundreds of fertilizers, insecticides and other widely available chemicals and they have neutralized many substances by instructing the producers to add neutralizing chemical agents making hundreds of compounds inert. Furthermore, they have created a system very similar to that of the former Soviet Union, using retail desk clerks as intelligence agents.

Many of the bomb-making guides available through the internet are now quite useless as most of the chemicals required in these guides are very hard or even impossible to acquire for most people. 20 years ago you could easily just walk into grocery stores, garden centers and apothecaries and just buy most of these materials over the desk. It was possible to acquire materials to make 70-100 different types of explosives, while the number is now reduced to 10-20 types of explosives. It is now quite difficult to buy ammonium nitrate (AN) fertilizer for civilians in many countries. And in the countries where AN is still sold, they have regulated the distribution limiting it to 600 kg bags. So be prepared with a solid cover story when you decide to buy a bag. In addition; ammonium nitrate fertilizer is in the process of being replaced with Urea fertilizer, which requires a purification process (to urea nitrate) before use and the end product has a much more unstable chemical composition. Urea nitrate decomposes rapidly and usually within 30 days which requires the operator to plan accordingly.

There are of course alternative sources for the production of AN. You may create it from simple household products or buy ice packs. This is appropriate when creating smaller bombs >50 kg. I’m sure they will soon replace AN based icepacks with a different inert compound as well. But there are still many opportunities and there will always be a few methods available to create effective explosives. As for conventional arms, gun laws will continue to be restricted to a degree where it will be quite difficult to acquire fire arms the legal way.

The Party” demands: The people must be disarmed!

The EUSSR and especially the Western European countries are now deliberately implementing measures to prevent the European peoples from defending themselves through pre-emptive strikes against our multiculturalist dictatorships. Unfortunately for them, Europeans were born with a free will and with creativity beyond comparison. So I say to them; If they take away our AN-fertilizer, we will use AN from Ice packs! IF they take away our ice packs; we will hi-jack propane trucks and use them as secondary explosive charges! If they take away our propane trucks; we will fight them with conventional weapons! If they ban the sale of weapons; we will smuggle in AK-47s from the Balkans and the Middle East!

They cannot prevent us, the European conservatives from eventually seizing political and military power. We will succeed even if we have to create our very own improvised guns.

A tyrant dictatorship is characterized first and foremost by its efforts to disarm the people.

The multiculturalist EUSSR regimes efforts to disarm its own peoples come with a very high price. As the regime loses its confidence in those they swore to serve, the people will lose its confidence in the regime. Mistrust breeds mistrust which directly influences loyalty, unity and productivity. The Western European regimes continuous campaign to disarm its people will result in a climate where it will be easier for the Revolutionary Conservative Movements to continue consolidation. Because people will simply not accept that the multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe continue these disarmament policies.

So we say; instead of justifying the chemical and arms bans by blaming our brave revolutionary conservative martyrs for their pre-emptive strikes, you should look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why we are defending ourselves in the first place. If you feel a need to disarm your people you should instead change your ways. If you refuse to change your ways then you must expect to be destroyed.

New chemical- and arms-bans means new opportunities

Conservatives must never blame fellow revolutionary conservatives for the arms bans. All conservatives should instead welcome the new opportunities presented with such a ban. In a country where it was possible to legally buy semi-automatic rifles, there was simply little or no market for illegal assault rifles. The ban of semi-automatic rifles will result in the establishment of a black market for such items. This newly established market will even include full-auto rifles and even grenades and rocket launchers. The EUSSR will never be able to eliminate this black market as they are controlled by the criminal drug organisations. And as we know; both drugs and guns are widely available from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. The EUSSR will never succeed to defeat the drug/arms smugglers because Europe simply has too many bordering countries with lacking security. So, what we, the revolutionary conservatives, initially see as crippling weapons bans can and will in fact result in an even more attractive arms market than the previous one.


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