2083 A European Declaration of Independence

August 2, 2011

2.61 Kosovo – Just another step in the Islamisation of Europe

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Has the world gone crazy or is there a master plan that the super powers have in mind so intricate that the common people cannot comprehend? This is the question I have been asking myself during the last couple of weeks while following closely the development of the drama in Kosovo. The opinion that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence is illegal is shared by many countries in the world since it blatantly defies international agreements. For some inexplicable reason, the US and the big West European countries embraced the self proclaimed independence of this province in the Balkans inhabited by clans of ruthless terrorists. I am sure that many people are raising their eyebrows right now so I will provide some historical evidence to back my judgment since I know for a fact that many people not only in the US but also in Europe are grossly misinformed on this issue.

Tony Vladov from the Bulgarian daily newspaper Standard gives details on how the notorious Albanian organised crime originated from the traditional family clans. Since the fifteenth century those clans have used a system or rules called “kanun.” Similarly to the mafia, each of these families have been controlling and governing certain territory, which in many instances caused bloodsheds among clans. It’s suggested that even during the rule of the Albanian dictator Enver Hodja fifteen clans in Albania have been committing illegal contraband operations. Later these criminals expanded their operations and during the political turmoil of 1997 they establish total control of the organised crime in Albania. The same families created the Army for Liberation of Kosovo (AOK), with the simple agenda of making money from the financing of the war with Serbia and to conquer new territories inhabited by Albanians on the Balkans.

The war in Kosovo played a major role for the popularisation of Albanian criminal contractors throughout Europe. Moreover, this changed the route of heroin transportation from the East to the West. Before the war, the drugs used to go through the channel Turkey-Serbia-Croatia and Slovenia. During the war the Albanians guaranteed the safety of the cargos in the military zone and thus achieve total control of the traffic. Immediately after the war, the ethnic Albanians and their fellow relatives from Kosovo were granted a statute of refugees and quickly dispersed throughout Europe. The biggest Albanian colonies put roots in Germany and Switzerland creating a monopoly on the heroin trade. All of the Albanians have always highly respected the clans’ hierarchy. For example, the Albanian leader in Macedonia – Ali Ahmeti is a nephew of Fazly Veliu, one of the founders of Albanian Army for Libaration of Kosovo. Furthermore, the Veliu family is closely related to the Djashari clan, which member is Haim Tachi himself. This same person, Mr. Tachi (then leader of the AOK) killed many civilian Serbs during the AOK infiltrations of sovereign Serbian territory. It is also curious that this individual is a close friend of the foreign policy team of the Clinton Administration – Madeline Albright, Richard Holbrook and Wesley Clark.

Until today Albania has been ruled by the terror of the lawless criminal clans and any judge who dared to intervene has being executed. What the world doesn’t know is that the fix idea of the Albanians of creating Great Albania is still alive and they are working hard for achieving it. Most families procreate at large scales trying to conquer territories demographically and later through bloodshed. Moreover, Albanians are spread all over Europe and especially in the criminal underworld. They are notorious for their effectiveness, unpredictability and incredible cruelty. Their main advantage to the other organised crime is the fact that they speak language nobody understands, their organisation is based on family ties and if someone dares to speak out that person is being brutally murdered. In Europe, today the Albanian mafia is the main engine of traffic of drugs and humans, theft and falsification of passports, weapons and human organs trade, abductions, extortions and executions. In London these people control the entire network of prostitution, in Italy and Greece they deal with weapons and drugs’ smuggling. There are entire towns in Italy where the business is controlled by Albanians. In the US there are more than 150,000 Albanian immigrants from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.

Moreover, here is another interesting piece of information about the “unprivileged” Albanians. In 2002, soon after the invasion of Albanian terrorists in Macedonia, the local government presented a 79 page report to the CIA, which highlighted the collaboration of Albanians and Al Qaida on the Balkans. Since 1999 only in Kosovo there have been built 24 Wahabit mosques, 14 orphanages, and 24 elementary schools sponsored by the Wahabit network. The situation in Albania is similar where the religious leader is a disciple of the Wahabits of Saudi Arabia. Wahabism is a fundamentalist movement in the Islam and is the main inspiration for the terrorists from Al Qaida. Although this doesn’t mean that all Albanians will become terrorists, it poses a great danger to the world since there are conditions for the creation and spreading of terrorist cells in the Albanian society.

Why am I providing all this background information? I am just trying to explain why independent Kosovo is so dangerous for the cultural and social integrity of Europe. The Albanians and other Muslims for that matter have been refusing for years to integrate in the European society. The problems they have created in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, the Balkans and many other places are countless. The world saw what happened in Paris and Germany few years ago. Last year, Albanian refugees from Kosovo tried to commit a terrorist attack on an American military base in the US! In 2001 the AOK army invaded Macedonia and destroyed Christian monasteries from the 12th century. Thanks to these ‘peace” loving individuals we can’t bring liquids on the aeroplanes today. I can only hope that Turkey never gets to join the European Union or as Nicholas Sarkozy once said, one day we will have to explain to our children why Beirut and Damascus should be in Europe.

Based on all of the above facts I don’t understand why the US, France, Italy and Germany accepted the unilateral proclamation of independence of Kosovo. Is the memory of these nations so short or do they have a secret agenda? The US similarly to Russia actually has always tried to split countries and regions so it can have more power over them. The examples in history are many – the coup in Iran that brought to power the Ayatollahs, the war in Iraq, the bombing of Serbia in the 90’s. In the age we live in, however the time has come for the world powers to make a decision. Are they going to work together in order to promote and conserve western values, traditions and cultures and protect their people from the imminent threat of the dark force that is trying to undermine all things civil we believe in or are they going to use the Muslim card in the fight for power among themselves? Only time will show, but I truly hope that future generations in Europe don’t have to wake up every morning by the sounds of Muslim prayers and read re-written history books.



By American Diario de America (America’s Daily)


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